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    One of the reasons I agreed to including this effect is because it is indeed something that happens often in reality . As the article describes, it's often very harmful. Our crops usually come from other places in the world, so if they start occupying space in the new area they might disrupt the balance in the native ecosystems. Now the crops in Banished all die in winter, so you won't be having that problem . The fruit trees on the other hand would be able to spread if you don't cut them, though it would take them quite some time.
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    Like @QueryEverything, I really enjoyed the old Pesky Produce mod and it was a small disappointment to have to remove it because it caused problems with newer mods. So I am very happy that @Bartender & @despo20 were able to make a new version for NatDiv. I'm enjoying looking around the crop fields to see what plants have escaped to the wilds! The only problem I seem to be having is the blueberry invaders but we know that is not a problem from NatDiv - blueberries have become a completely invasive crop, they have spread over almost the entire map (and I'm using the CC Very Large map) displacing any other plant life. So in regards to seeing how some other aspects of NatDiv are working, I was able to watch some things in the early years of my town but it's not possible now except in the areas where I have established foresters. What this all means is that I can't provide a lot of feedback in regards to how NatDiv2 is working in regard to plants spawning in the wild now that several years have passed on my map and the blueberries have taken over. However the other aspects are working well, like the reaper and wild grains etc. etc. I do believe that it would be working fine in the areas of the map that I haven't used for my town... if not for all those damned blueberries! I'm at the stage with Banished now that I typically always pick the Medium start with a map that's either Large or CC Very Large but I also include NatDiv2 in my mod order. I like the extra challenge from having to provide thatch for many of the buildings. The models despo20 provided are very, very nice and I am really happy that the collaboration between Bartender and despo has worked so well. Based on how happy I am with NatDiv2 I'm looking forward to any future projects from the two of you. I mentioned before about the reeds from NatDiv2 and CC not matching up with each other but I still think this is a very minor problem and I believe it's the only problem that exists now. It's certainly the only NatDiv problem that I have seen after running my town for a few decades.
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    That's great , thank you for all the testing Kevin!
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    Just a small update regarding Rebellious Crops. As we all know my settlement has been invaded by blueberries However where I can keep the invaders out of an area, the other plants have a chance to grow. Specifically regarding Rebellious Crops, if they have a chance (i.e. some ground free of blueberries for the seeds to establish themselves), they can start to escape the confines of their fields and "grow in the wild". I've noticed this with a Plum orchard but I've also just found a cropfield of Squash that has sent out a few plants to grow in the wild. So yes, Rebellious Crops appears to be working as intended in NatDiv2 without any problems In the image below, the woman walking on the mossy stone road has just harvested one plant from the Squash that was growing wild next to the Oats field. I had someone harvest just one of the plants to confirm it was Squash
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    Great question With the BL team's permission I have been working (slowly) on the wiki, I sent a list of ideas via PM the other day and will work with @estherhb and the moderators on the articles. 1 of the first things I mentioned in a new category was Professions as I find a new profession I can add to the wiki and so on. Using a sheet, if 1 existed would be excellent, if you're wanting to help, and if @estherhb or @Kralyerg don't already have one, I'm sure you could ask them if it's something you can help with. I know I'd be happy to use it