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    another new part is made NMT3.0Series: LittleHousing for 1.0.6 and 1.0.7 This is a mod that adds a NMT Little Housing Set to your game that will match the textures of your NMT3.0Series Canal system. 5 different models "F" alternate. 8 different textures, same as NMT3.0Series: Canal system (Classic, Old Stones, Red Bricks, Sand Bricks, Fire Set Bricks, Old Church Stones, Dark Stones Foundations, Old Wood). The houses are 4x4 +1 road and will cost or 24stones+8wood, or 24bricks+8wood, or 24wood+8stones depending the texture chosen. These new houses use the new " Transparency Glass Technology" ™ from Bartender. the heat fuel is slightly better than vanilla counterparts. Wood one has 70 (instead of 60), stone and bricks ones have 98 (instead of 90) The difference between version 1.0.7 and 1.0.6 is : in 1.0.7 bricks is "custom5 flag", while in 1.0.6 it use "stone flag". 1.0.6 : http://worldofbanished.com/index.php?topic=1851.0 1.0.7 : http://worldofbanished.com/index.php?topic=1850.0 Enjoy !!
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    Loving the smuggler's cave so much! It is absolutely glorious! Best used right next to a bunch of taverns, to make a loop. Pirates smuggle ale, i.e. for pear, brewers make ale from pears. Brewers use 30 fruit for 10 ale, pirates use 7 ale (21 fruit) to smuggle for 65 fruit. So a loop uses 21 fruits and yields 44 fruit extra. 200% return.
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    The clerics life is full of dangers!
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    I am new here. Just joined.I am Going to try to see if i can do some modding.Wish me luck
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    Hello, I'm new here. Long time strategy game player and Steam has been advertising Banished to me for a long time now. I wish I'd known about this game sooner. It's sooo addictive!
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    Hello to everyone. I live in Texas with my husband. He just looks amused and shakes his head at me when I tell him I'm building towns! lol I've been playing Banished for a couple of months now. I was about to give up the original game when I stumbled on this amazing thing called "mods"! So, looked up what mods were (not much of a gamer I guess!) and now the game is so much more entertaining! Love the Colonial Charter.
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    Hi folks. Posted previously to the boards because I thought the long load time of CC meant I'd broken my game. Fortunately not the case, as board posters were able to tell me. Now I'm addicted to CC like so many others here. Nice to meet you all.
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    it is . maybe a typo ? i have the exact same files from [CC] provided to me by Kralyerg i gone back to edit the strawberries and watermelon, they both are fruit
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    Had these two deaths in the last couple of days. I found them amusing because like the earlier one I posted about Arling the Physician taking the wrong medicine, these two deaths are also by people who died as a result of screwing up something in their particular profession. You would think that they would be more aware of the dangers of their job! Ignore the first one, death due to old age is kind of expected... And again, death due to old age is to be expected but seriously Olli, a Gatherer not knowing which berries are safe to eat, shame on you!
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    Welcome @mistibreault to the site and to "Banished reimagined". The mods add so much extra content that I found it was like playing an entirely different game. I tried to go back and play it without any mods... I didn't last long!
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    Hello to all the new members (and lurkers who decided to come in out of the cold!)
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    the horror, the horror i remember the starvation and freezing how's it been for you so far...?
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    He is very clever and talented man. I use a lot of mods @ Redketchup, are well developed and make the players a lot of fun. My heart rejoices greatly for each new mod release fantastic @ RedKetchup. Thank you for the beautiful mods
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    Very much so, indeed. 50 years, 1000 pop into a new map and still the running beautifully. Just wishing my pc was better, as 10x ain't no more fun
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    As an afterthought, it's worth mentioning that if you have crop fields or orchards with no open land around them, you won't get any wilding plants from those fields/orchards. For example I have a crop field that is bordered by other fields and by a river and a stream and none of the plants from that particular field have been able to "cross the border" and take advantage of the Rebellious Crops mechanic and escape into the wild - because there is no open land for them to escape to!
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    For the curious, I've added a few more images to my Poyens album to highlight particular mods plus I've added an image of the map.
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    Hiya & welcome to all the new members It's a pleasure to see you all here. I'm @QueryEverything, Query, QE - I will answer to most things, and whilst I am not your hostess, I am someone you can ask information from. I check the boards on a regular basis and help out where I can. Sometimes I don't know an answer, but I will say so - other times, I'll happily troubleshoot with you. I'm not a member of the BL team, but I am avid gamer, and I love the MM & CC mods that BL have produced, so I spend a lot of my time here and on 1 other Banished based forum, so you will see quite a few posts from me - feel free to tag me, to do so, it's easy: @ QueryEverything, but no space. As soon as you start typing the @ a little drop down box will happen, so as you start typing the @ Qu etc the name will just pop up, click on that, and voila, I am tagged and I get a notification I'm needed. Please post screenshots - not an official request, just a general curiosity - the players here love seeing other villages, I know I do, and if you take screenshots of your village, please post them, don't be shy There are so many different ways players play the game, and we learn so much from each other, and screenshots show that. Or - lurk. That's ok too We have quite a few people here that are 'long time lurkers', or, as a lot of them say when they post: "First-time post, long time lurker", and that's quite ok too @Shigakuru_Z have you managed to get anywhere with your modding? There are quite a few excellent modders around, and they are all exceptional and have an abundance of patience if you have questions. If you have, and you've already posted, I'm sorry. I'll catch up, hahaha! Enjoy the forums all & again, welcome!!
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    Welcome to the forums and good luck for your modding. There are people here who are happy to answer questions about modding if you ever need and assistance. Don't hesitate to ask for help if you need it
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    Hi Dalcyone, welcome to the site. Yeah the long load times were a source of concern for a few of us as we added more and more mods to the load order, particularly with all the extra material that CC was adding. Glad to see you've found the workaround because it makes such a difference to the loading time. I just wish I could use the Alt+Tab trick on Cities: Skylines to get that to load faster (unfortunately it seems to load every mod one after the other or something like that so the load time can be 20=30 minutes if you have too many mods... which, of course, I do!)
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    @grammycat can you please post your Video settings as well? I have PMed @Bartender & @despo20 with some info (as I mentioned, I got it done, phew ) but any other corroborating info with screenshots of settings would be helpful. I'll post mine when I get my game running a bit later. I won't make y'all do all the hard work alone @KevinTheCynic 100%
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    Hiya everyone. In regards to my Poyens album, it was essentially created to allow QueryEveryone to take a peek at my town so I had no concerns for including stats or even the usual info bars available from the UI. It was to highlight the over-water buildings more than anything else although I did wander off into other areas for screenshots. I have every intention of adding tags and descriptions to the images but I am relying on good weather before attempting that - it's winter here in Australia and in my part of the country we are getting a lot of rain... which happens to collect in the underground telephone cable box at the bottom of my front yard... which happens to screw up the old cabling... which is due to be replaced in the next year or two... so rain = poor net connection. My first attempt to post the album was lost when my connection had a major slow down while I was trying to upload the album and download some software updates. Anyway... ah I just love using "..." so in regards to the blueberry problem... (or overusing it as the case may be... ) In regards to the blueberry problem - it's a problem with MY setup and NOT a problem with NatDiv2 & Rebellious Crops. I can say this with confidence because a lot of other people are using NatDiv2 and are not having the problem that I am having. After viewing the feedback/bug report comments on both WoB and BlackLiquid, it seems I am the ONLY person with this problem. All the plants that I have observed spreading into the wlld as a result of Rebellious Crops have been plants that I had to place into a crop field or an orchard first. At the time of the blueberry invasion I didn't have blueberries as a crop seed. None of the crop seeds I did have, spread into the wild in the early years. None of them have spread with anything approaching the rate that the blueberries spread and the blueberries started spawning in areas away from the settlement in the early years of the map so it would seem to me that they were running on some script that influences wild plant grow and not crop plants. Rebellious Crops doesn't influence wild plant growth in that manner, it causes crop/orchard plants to spread beyond the field they are planted in. So for example, I do not have wilding pumpkins growing in other areas of the map, they are only growing in areas right next to the cropfield they were initially planted in. I have two cropfields with pumpkins and only one of them has wilding pumpkins growing. The other thing to keep in mind is that I have not yet attempted to replicate the problem (because I am too devoted to Poyens to try another map) and so far nobody else has been able to replicate my blueberry problem. That all indicates that the problem is most likely unique to my mod setup. In scientific/technical methodology, you need to be able to replicate a certain result to be able to prove that it is indeed occurring. So far the evidence (circumstantial although some of it may be) indicates that my blueberry problem is a unique result. Unless other people can replicate the same problem with a different mod setup to mine, then there is no support for the theory that Rebellious Crops by itself is causing the problem that I am having.
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    I also have the disappearing grass when zoomed out.
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    @KevinTheCynic thank you for those screenshots, I love the Poyens story In a few days I hope to be able to leave some comments on your screenshots, but for now, please know, I have seen them, I love your village, I love that battle that you are winning via your pumpkins, I thank you for your sharing and your valiant pumpkins service! Salute!
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    Actually @stiles it doesn't have anything to do with the Rebellious Crop addin, that part of the code only spawns what is planted from the Vanilla seeds into the wild. So, no, I don't think it is the reason, and if it were, I believe it's due to a load order or boost from another mod, which @KevinTheCynic and I are now working on. For now, it's more a 'running' joke about those "damned Blueberries", no one else has them, it seems that poor 'ole (youngen) Kevin over there (points haphazardly West) seems to have an invasion. I asked Kevin for the screenshots, not as a running summary for reading, but for looking, just to have some sort of 'tour', not sure his "Valiant Wilding Pumpkins Prepare to Defend Poyens from the Blueberry Invaders!" needed an explanation I'll let Kevin speak for himself, but I did ask the questions, which he answered marvellously ... *puppetry out