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    So I been playing alot of mount and blade: Viking conquest lately, and I thought.. hey.. would it not be awesome if I could build my viking survivors in banished? viking style houses farms and decor items, simple Iron age stuff? The Viking conquest have alot of 3d models one could use as insperation, I am not a modder so I have no idea how much work it would be to just reskin houses and barns and stuff like this into a mod? obviously we have the Mega mod and I love it, but it can be very overwhelming, how about a small viking mod with like just a few farms, few animals, but more focus on hunt and fishing? last thing you build is a viking port at the rivier, once every year it comes back with treasure, gold or what not that can be used for trade.. I dont know, I just really like the viking look.
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    Gatherers eating poisonous mushrooms
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    Now this one I liked **spoiler** haha, it is a new one I found, so if you want to wait and see if it ever pops up for you, don't read it @BuildHappy that has been a topic of conversation of on World of Banished the 'nondescript' deaths. It's a Vanilla based bug. http://worldofbanished.com/index.php?topic=1669.msg32606#msg32606
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    One of my builders - right after they started work - instantly died. They fell from a ladder… while building a bridge. xP
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    If you are having large die-offs, it's because you are building too many houses at one time. That results in a bunch of kids being born at one time, then a spike in kids going to school, then a bunch of graduates needing houses again. Try building just 3 or so houses a year - or at least just a few each season. If you are accepting Nomads, leave them in the Boarding House as you add just a few houses at a time. When you see a bunch of old people are getting up there in age, stop building more houses since you know some will soon be available. All those old people are still productive workers. More kids isn't the only thing a town needs.
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    From what I can gather from trying to edit this part of the UI... not likely. For DSSV I tried to make the Terrain Type drop-down prompt a text tip like the Starting Conditions do, but the code that makes this happen does not seem to be visible to us. ... unless we can set a sprite image... needs further investigation. But a possible option, that can be done is to display a small banner with all the pictures of the different Terrains/ground textures.
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    Hi @Jafar_the_Barmecide ! I wish I could say that I will make an update to The Mission... More of everything is nice and I understand you want to build in the same style. It will land on the to-do-list. I don't know where to begin. It's too large for me now.
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    Now that @Discrepancy has added some housing to his DS Jetty and Bridge mod, the options for overwater towns have increased quite a bit. I decided to do a large overwater settlement for the start area of my current game. In the following image, I have jetties and buildings from the dock themed set from CC along with jetties and buildings from Discrepany's Jetty and Bridge set (along with some buildings from @Ketchup). Edit: Forgot to mention that I also make use of @Necora's Maritimes set for some fishing buildings Edit again: Not the best picture to show off the village, I made this to illustrate a problem I was having with some trade posts on the CC Lake Waters maps.
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    As far as I'm aware, there's no way to add any kind of new statistics into the game. The "best" that you can get is the number of families and homes from the Townhall, and I'm pretty sure you can't isolate those 2 numbers, you must have that whole first tab of statistics as a whole. So it is possible to add that "general stats" to the immigration office" on top of the "allow nomads yes/no" page, but that's about it.
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    new one: Ward the Joiner fell on his hammer and saw. ouch!
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    a fire station is can act as a well ... yes it is possible. but the game doesnt allow a profession/worker assigned to it though, it would conflict a special "hard coded" feature which turn the citizens into "firemen" when a fire appears in game.
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    i've seen this a couple times, and i've always kind of enjoyed the idea of my little game folks getting 'banished from Banished.' the irony of a town founded by banished folks banishing in turn...
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    [name] was murdered! yikes...
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    So sad. Wonder if he had been skimming products off some of the orders and got caught. (Somehow, it just seemed wrong to click on the "like" button.)
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    Another new one on me, suicide! Kind of took me by surprise...
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    No. Can't make new disasters with the modkit or create any type of conflict. Luke would need to modify the game and to quote Ghostbusters "that's about as likely as a bus full of nuns going to Hooters.
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    @estherhbTry this: IncreasedCC.pkm It should do the exact same thing as the one you posted about, with the addition of increasing Iron Ore too.
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    Prompted by this thread, I'd like to ask if anyone would be interested in making some more buildings that can be placed over water. While there are quite a few buildings that can be built over the water when you combine CC, Discrepancy's DS Jetty & Bridge set and Necora's Inshore Fisheries mods, there are still a few buildings that are stictly land based e.g. the hospital and townhall. Any attempt at a sustainable village with the minimum use of land is always going to need land for the hospital, town hall, boarding house, fruit & vegetable growing and the blacksmith (so the more advanced tools like steel tools can be made). There is a specific need for those buildings mentioned in the paragraph above but I'd also like to ask @Ketchup and @kid1293 if they might consider making over-water versions of their greenhouses so some fruit & vegetables can be grown without needing a cropfield or orchard (specifically the greenhouse from the Garden Walls: Utility set and the greenhouse from the Tequila Addon set)
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    I think if I had a wish list it would be for "Nomad" to expand the Mission Theme. I tend to play on the red desert Mediterranean climate because it suits where I live and I can't stand the snow-time in game. There is a monastery near me called New Norcia that was founded by Benedictine Monks from Spain Heres a few images- https://www.google.com.au/search?safe=off&biw=1094&bih=486&tbm=isch&sa=1&q=new+norcia+Western+australia&oq=new+norcia+Western+australia&gs_l=img.3..0.37637.46500.0.48184. I would love more options in this theme, upgradable homes, edge walls, and joins that can fit tall walls to low walls, markets etc I already always wall off an area to do Llamas, Chilies, Agave & Tequila, peppers, tomatoes, potatoes and corn, i just really like the look of this mod!
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    hi ! Suggestion for the next Mega Mod/Mega Mod Deco update : The Discrepancy's "Better Stock Piles" mod. I think it's a good mod to put in. The stock piles appearance is really good, more realistic, I totally like it I suggest this mod 'cause I don't see it on the Mega Mod list (has no list for MMDeco). Voilà !
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    @Goblin Girl let me know how it goes, and if you get any other problems. It has been a while since I looked at these mods and I can't remember how far I was with bug fixing etc. although I think I sorted everything that as broken/not compatible with other sets.
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    @Jafar_the_Barmecide fantastic images And Nomad is known as @kid1293 here Also where he spends most of his modding time, over at World of Banished http://worldofbanished.com/index.php?action=profile;u=2582
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    The "modkit" is a set of tools (a comprehensively vague term) that allow people to create add-ons or change various features of a game. Modders do not have direct access to all of the features/code in the game - there's stuff that can't be modified or eliminated. So, in Banished, there can't be groups of various races nor can there be a dragon disaster (I've asked about this before). It's difficult to make new animals (one reason why there isn't more variety of animals roaming the forests). Can't make the sails on a windmill turn, change the appearance of the merchant boats or create combat (I would love small groups of barbarians or thieves too). No Zombies either
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    And don't forget that @Discrepancy has a Viking Storage Vault in his DS Storage mod http://worldofbanished.com/index.php?action=downloads;sa=view;down=216 And he has some stone & thatch round houses in his DS Celtic Houses mod that would not look out of place in a Norse settlement of the viking era http://worldofbanished.com/index.php?action=downloads;sa=view;down=244 There has been some talk of other celtic buildings in various discussions, hopefully some of the modders will have the time to make some more
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    See Shock Puppet's recent post HERE Right now everyone is busy implementing the new flags allowed by Banished 1.0.7 beta. The inventory windows need to be modified, new stockpiles created and all mods where flags change need to be updated as a start. Your request has been added to the to-do list so it won't be forgotten.
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    I play the game on Steam and I had the same error. By default Steam updated to v1.0.7 when the game launched, so I manually installed CC:Journey 1.7.5. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling the game multiple times, clearing hkey registries associated with the game, adjusted all video settings (by the way, my game had crash errors on launch if vsync is not enabled so you might want to check on that)- anyway, nothing seemed to work, except vanilla. After toying with it for hours, I didn't have any success until until I today went into the Steam settings and OPTED IN for the 1.0.7 beta, even though Steam already auto-updated the game on launch, I verified on Banished's main menu that it was v1.0.7 before selecting the beta option. Everything I had read for error on launch said to opt OUT of the beta but that may have been outdated information. I know you're using GOG version and unfortunately I'm not familiar with GOG, but if there any settings regarding a beta version, try to opt in. If not, try a clean install of the game and mod. Check video settings, try toggling vsync if it's not on by default. You could also try clearing hkey registry by windows search > regedit > hkey_current_user > software > shining rock software > banished but this didn't help in my case. Good luck to you!
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    I think one of the ways to make this happen is to keep in mind that "size matters" when it comes to storage. You can build a small specialized stockpile - each square holds 250 (all storage numbers based on weight). Or use a fuel cellar can be attached to a building and stores 500. A Fuel Market Cart holds 600 and has the advantage of being staffed by a Vendor who will make sure the cart is stocked.
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    Is there any information about when the next mega mod will come out? It would be great if it contained redketchup's and other's new creations and have all the decorations as ghost objects (so they can actually be used).
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    ok i think i get the concept.what do you want the reward to be?the way RED coded the trains should work to do as you are asking in that it would take the goods. i do think,i have not tested any,there are buildings now that require "x"amount of a item to function every so often.NECORA built a fishing spot that needs boats to work. it has to be upgraded every so often i belive. i think Ds also developed a similar chain.that idea would work with your ship construction idea.all those modders i mentioned are busy at the moment so this idea may take time.yopur idea does make sence with the fort pieces and functions. so far noone has cracked the game code enough to give seeds without it being a merchant boat.i do not think nomads has been cracked enough to give you "x"number of nomads as an option either.not sure what we could import as a reward.it is an interesting idea.
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    A few days ago Luke released the new beta. One of its features is allowing buildings with more than 3 resources for construction. Because of that, I suggest the Building Supplier get another output: Advanced Building Supplies. Recipe would be Bricks + Joists + Glass and have a higher trade value. That way more advanced buildings could require Building Supplies and Advanced Building Supplies. While you're at it, why not Fine Building Supplies too? It could be made from Hardwood Planks (made from hardwood at sawmills but not saw pits), Stone, and Copper Pipes. With those two new construction materials, my most advanced row houses could be made with Advanced Building Supplies, Fine Building Supplies, Housewares (fancy for final tier), and Lamp Oil or Candles (or Lighting fixtures made from lamp oil + glass + iron or candles + brass).
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    The problem could also be that the ghosted tree is on the well's "property"... try to find the "neuralgic" spot for the tree removal - click the tree all the way up to the tip, often it can be selected once you find a spot outside of the neighboring "box" (here: the well). Rotate the screen also, to avoid clicking the barn behind, etc...
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    When I get back to updating DS Storage I will keep this in mind.
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    I believe the Town Tithe Barn is part of Discrepancy's DS Storage mod. When mods are included in MegaMod, they are generally taken "as is" and not edited to "fit in" with Colonial Charter or any other mod; that would really mess with the modder's intention.
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    It's not a bad idea... I just have no idea if it's possible...
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    Alas, my favorite cheat mod "Increased Resources Combined" causes CC 1.74+ to crash (back to the game main menu) sometimes several times in a row. According to the description: "Increases the amount of stone, iron and wood produced. Stone and iron are both increased to 3 and 5 produced by uneducated and educated workers respectively, while wood is increased to 5 and 7 by uneducated and educated workers respectively. The weight of stone and iron are both decreased to allow workers to carry the larger piles of each, which also increases how much of each you can store." No idea if it has been increasing Iron Ore, but it was happily increasing Logs and Stone. Can a compatible mod like this be made?
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    The new city wall segments in CC 1.7 is nothing short of amazing. The only thing I miss, is a diagonal piece and diagonal corner pieces like the palisade walls got. That addition alone will bring out the potential in the City Walls. Another minor re-request would be the "Under building quay wall inside piece". The rounded corner of the quay wall, but able to place it under buildings And finally, if the awesome shipwreck you start with on the shipwreck starts would be buildable, I would be forever happy! Is this possible? Another donation might come your way *bribe*
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    I sort of figured you would say that.
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    That's strange. I can't think of a reason that it would cause your games to crash.
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    No. Things affecting how the citizens act (where they live, which job they have, where they decide to put storage) aren't moddable by the modkit.