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    So before the holidays I started playing Banished again after over a year of not playing. I updated CC but didn't do much exploring after that and started a town. Then I found Maritime's dock system and added that mod, then I found the Sherbrooke and then the Pinetree set and added that. (First image) then I found a whole slew of "modular" mods I didn't know about and before corrupted my save completely I decided to start over from scratch. I have a 2 toned town going here. A wild pinetreeing, mushroom house living rustic side across the bridge is the spread out big country land folk and then by the canals a colorful mix of the two in townhomes. It has been a fun town to make but it can pretty much run without my intervention now so I am getting bored of it. Is that bad? Do you guys do that too and then start over? I am thinking of starting over with a new theme or different challenge. This challenge was how much I could fill out the map and our stores and people without being tremendously behind on one thing. I didn't fill out the map quite enough but ya bored.
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    I'll confess to being a Serial Restarter too... My towns almost never go over 500 citizens... Oops!
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    i love to start over. i usually play a new town up to population 800-1200 then get bored and start over. i love the forest of a new map, waiting to be developed, filling with homes and crops, becoming productive. i love designing neighborhoods and planning layouts for efficient production. i love it when growth is steady and food/fuel are plentiful and stable, and the town reaches that "runs itself" point. it means i have balanced and managed nicely and i can move on to the next one. adding a theme or challenge is a great idea. i once went through as many maps as i could, starting with 1. (i think i got to 600+ before that got old.) then i went through a phase of trying to create only water worlds. (that one didn't last long i admit) now i'm going for a "district" idea, pockets of specialized neighborhoods: heavy industry (mining), art (sculpture), agriculture, etc. and trying to decorate carefully to match my ideas. that's the thing about banished and colonial charter, it can be about as endless as your own imagination. i take breaks too, and go off to sims3 or some cities skylines, but since it was released, i have always come back to banished - over and over.
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    that is one of the great things about banished.there is no right or wrong way and everyone can make their own game and rules. i've heard of players taking an adam and eve start and run without nomads a long ways. i know IRRELEVANT has the longest map ever and he still plays it.there is a player who made a bakery for each different bakery item using the bakery plus mod.so many options makes the game fun and different. though i don't use the MM,i do have over 115 mods and adding to it constantly.each time i try to weed my files and clear my registry and old saves. i have played different ways over the years. i think everyone's playstyle developes and changes over time. lately i have been doing a"settling of america series". i started with some mods and built a landing fort area as a base to send out other settlers from. went on to build other towns or maps. been almost a month since i blogged any towns. i've been sick since before the holidays. finally i am feeling better and hope to continue the series soon. you can check it out at WOB: http://worldofbanished.com/index.php?topic=1730.0
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    Exactly! Black Liquid folks are the best, and Banished wouldn't be half so great without the Colonial Charter mod, every iteration has only gotten better (I started with CC in early 2015, maybe New Frontier? I forget some of the old names, The Forge Awakens, The Golden Llama, etc.) Then there's Mega Mod, I mean just look at the list of goodies, and they're all free - it's amazing. Plus the folks here are so supportive and generous. Wouldn't be half so enjoyable without them...
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    Love your screenshots. I love the idea too of how the town is going to develop and what am I going to focus on trading. I think for the next town I am going to for some districts like that idea and some more old english looking vibe. Same I always come back to it. I don't think I would have though if CC and the modding community didn't exist. The vanilla version got old real quick for me.