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    Yes. I added it to the next version of MM (just because that what I'm working on right now).
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    @ Kralyerg When testing MM8 beta 2, I detected errors or crashes - the game freezes when building buildings: 1.Tequila Distillery - Kid 2.Fantasy Castle -Kid 3.Library -RK 4.Little Chapel -RK - attention! I played with a beetle - a dead building has no interface and a circle of luck, you can not remove the building without a beetle - workers put on fundamets and at this stage the end of building, the building can be removed. is the wheel of happiness 5. Shift windows on the bar - black breaks - but they do not cause any errors - graphic design "Narrow Storade Warehouses" and "General Storage Warehouses - DS I will continue to test. Cheers!
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    Did you extract the files from the .rar file, and take the resulting 3 .pkm files out of the folder and put them in your Banished > WinData Folder? Did you go into Banished and make sure the 3 mods are listed in order and check them? Then did you exit completely? Then go back in and start a new game?
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    Adam and Eve works for all other version as well I start by harvesting 20 - 30 wood or so and 5 rocks, while they are getting those I set down a stock pile on bare ground close to what they are all working on as soon as the first tree falls I set down a small CC Shack of 10 wood and 2 stone and set two of them to building. Then I draw in a road to the storage cart past the home they are building, they will ignore the road and grab the food and fire wood out of the cart if any. If something is missing from the cart, I'm sure to queue that up immediately after the home, and set one on it. rather its food or firewood, I always get it in time.. even in the harsh starts.. this means you need to be sure to have the 30 wood from your start. After they start on the road, I then queue up the fishing docks and hunter lodge both from Mini Buidling Mod a Black Liquid mod.. after the the wood is chopped for firewood or food collected, when they are an issue. I place the correct buildings down before I mark the road. and let them build them prior to making the road. after that it is pretty much up to you what you choose to do.. or you Bani's as they are called above.. The reason for the house first is clearly because in harsh start early spring freezes are an issue. I once lost an entire colony, save one young girl, who lived to the ripe old age of 64, I earn my zero's. That playthru was one of the funnest and sadest times I've had in banished, I cried when she died.. who says they are just numbers of data on a sheet.. hasn't played banished..