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    Hello, first of all a big thank you to all modders ! My name is Julien aka VXL, I live in sunny south of France and I'm an avid fan of city builders. I played nearly all of them since the first of the genre : SimCity in 1989, but I keep going back to Banished. I played vanilla on and off for quite a long time and recently found myself in need of a change. I still have to give a try to Colonial Charter hence the reason why I'm here today. Edit : my english is not very good so don't be surprised if you see me editing all my messages, most of the time it's simply to correct my bad grammar and spelling (plus I'm a perfectionist).
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    Hello all, My name is Roger and I played Banished for some time, I really love i!t and i was so excited when I discovered Colonial Charter Mod too! You guys have done a really god job Right now i'm trying to figure out how to mod, so I guess i'll be reading this forum for some time since it seems so useful. If I ever manage to do one, even a small modification, will be because you insperd me! Thanks to all who worked in this amazing Mod! Cheers
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    Hey everyone, I'm usually not very talkative and mostly just creep around forums and read stuff, but I thought, since I'm new here and for a fresh start, I'd introduce myself. I'm an Informatics student from Germany and I love many different games from Banished (of course) over Elder Scrolls and Fallout to Serious Sam, Command & Conquer and back to the ANNO series. With Banished I started back in the days of 2014, but it didn't last long. Some months ago I gave it another go and now I'm somewhat addicted. As I knew that there are Mods for this game, I decided to lurk the Nexus sites a bit. Eventually, I stumbled upon CC and the MegaMod and I wanted to know more aaaaand that's basically how I ended here. Now I'm playing with MegaMod and I'm still a bit overwhelmed sometimes, so you may expect some questions from me in the future. I might try modding myself one day (already got experiences with modding Gothic and The Elder Scrolls games as well as general programming knowhow due to my studies and hobbies).
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    Hello! I am from Delaware and have been playing this game for about a year. I joined to hopefully learn more about the game.
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    Hello! Im a west-coast Canadian who wants to build digital homes in digital woods while i live in a real home it the real woods to simulate the life I already enjoy. I like dogs, scones, and villagers who don't dawdle. IT PUTS THE DAWDLERS IN THE QUARRY. Now to install the megamod and watch this semester drain away.
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    I had that one last week, had never seen it before
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    Hello, I live in Texas with my 4 dogs and my son. I am not what you would call an avid gamer, but do enjoy the relaxing escape from reality on occasion. I typically find one game I like and stay with it for years. I played RuneScape for 15 years. Now I am into Banished and hope to stick with it. Things got a bit boring after a while, so I am trying to spice things up with this Mega Mod, but it isn't proving to be relaxing. I joined this forum to get some help.
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    Hello New Forum! I live in Piemonte, ITALY with my five cats pet and I am single mam.I love all kinds of games, especially management.
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    Hi, my name's Christina. I'm a stay-at-home mum and retired teacher. Loved Banished but never really looked into the mods until recently. I have some problems with CC so I looked for a place to find the answers and stumbled in here. Pleased to meet you all.
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    Welcome to the mayhem everyone!
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    Hi everyone! I've been a fan of strategy and city/base/empire building games since the good old days of the very first Civilization, Dungeon Keeper, and Master of Orion. I still have Cesar IV and Evil Genius installed on my computer. I picked up Banished right at release, and I've been greatly enjoying CC and the various other mods by folks in this community over the years. I recently returned to Banished after (once again) getting bored with other games, and I joined this site in order to download the latest version of MM (I used to just get my mods directly through Steam). I'm not much on socializing, even online, but I wanted to take a moment and say how impressed I am with all the work that has gone into these mods. Thank you!
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    Hi everyone! My name is Andy & I live near London UK. long-time user of city build/strategy games with various mods although not clever/tech savvy enough to produce my own. Really impressed with Banished mods that give the game such immersive entertainment value over original.
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    Good morning. I come from the middle of Germany and recently reinstalled Banished after neglecting it for a few years. Found Colonial Charter on the Steam Workshop and followed the trail here. As a gamer, there is interest in a wide variety of games - simulation games (Pharaoh was one of my first games), games with well-written stories (Mass Effect 2 and Witcher 3 come to mind, for examples) and, for something completely different, also not-so-serious games like Serious Sam (also for nostalgic reasons).
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    JDTucker a father of 3 and still just wanna game.
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    hey guys, sorry i missed this until yesterday. my name is Scot (yes only 1 t ). i'm 42 going on 15 & i'm from nottingham, uk. i've been 'into' computers longer than some of you on here have been alive but didn't really get into the gaming side until i upgraded my spectrum+2a to an amiga 600 when i was about 16. it was at this point that i discovered the world of settlers3 & was instantly hooked. i stumbled on sid meiers colonization a couple of years later & found my latest addiction. i bought myself a copy of sid's civ:beyond earth when that was released in 2014 & introduced my sister to it not long after. we played together online until late last year when she decided that we needed a new game to play & started scouring steam for something we could play, which is how she stumbled upon & introduced me to banished & well........ game installed 13/1/18, at the time of writing this post (24/2/18) im upto 482 hours of game time & doubt it'll stop climbing anytime soon my only other 2 major addictions (games wise at least ) are sensible soccer 2006, another amiga kickback, & i'm also a massive GTA nut (3/vice/san andreas/4+liberty city & 5). i hate to think of how much of my life has been "wasted" running around the various citys doing absolutely nothing fyi, if i seem to ramble on (which i feel sure i do sometimes) then feel free to skip read through what i've written & just pick out the pertinent facts, or just ignore me totally if you prefer. i tend to do this because my use of the english language isn't always the best despite it being my 1st language, my brain works far too logically for grey areas of which there's far too many in this language of ours!! give me numbers to play with, i'm much happier i'm going to stop writing now (see comment above ) & i'm starting to get banished withdrawals. saf p.s. if my posts make no sense to you then feel free to say so. offending me isn't something that happens often.
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    I think that most of us mod-addicts already fill our need for new shiny things both here and on WoB. Welcome to all the new faces!
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    did you all check out WORLD OF BANISHED as well? they have lots of mods and info there. http://worldofbanished.com/index.php
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    Howdy, I have been watching this game for a while and picked it up during the steam sale. I was curious about the modding community, so I came here!
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    I second this motion. No matter how much I tell myself I'm going to build a big, sophisticated city with expensive looking streets and rich homes, I always end up covering all my lakes in shanties instead. I love building over the water and I don't even know why. More options, more decor, more productions would be super amazing!
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    Hi everyone My name is Krasi and I am from Sofia, Bulgaria. I like to build my towns as efficient as possible.
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    My Antilles map gets filled with açaí/blue berries and palm trees die off.