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    let me give you an example. you have a mod that make cotton. and then you have another mod that take this cotton and will make a cloth with it.... to be able to compile you absolutely need to put the cotton files in both mod. since each mod affect each other, and they both have some cotton files... bang! they turn RED. but that doesnt mean this = conflict , this = crash and this = bad !! the thing in this game is missing... is an hash tag verification : if both files inside both mods are exactly the same, exactly the same hashtag ... then = green = ok. thats what the game is missing. a double proof system.
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    Well, we'd better do something about this, it's only a matter of time before bannies start fall through the floor... or the whole thing topples over. I feel it would be funny to make an actual leaning tower though, hehe.
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    Hi Kralyerg. I've tested the new version now and it is working Fine. Thanks a lot. cheers