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    Version v2


    Requires Banished 1.0.7 Did you upgrade Banished to 1.0.7 and upgrade CC to 1.72 but still want to use MegaMod? Well this is your lucky day. This little mod should allow you to use MegaMod 0.07 with CC 1.72 and Banished 1.0.7. (I say should, because this is extremely untested. ) It will let the items with new flags be processed at the old production buildings that would otherwise have issues with them. It does not change the little limit spinners on each of the buildings, and this little mod never will. There's may still be some weird incompatibilities between CC and MM, but hopefully this should smooth a few of them out. Load this above CC and MM. And load CC above MM. Like so: 1.0.7 Compatibility CC 1.72 MM 0.07 MM 0.07 Deco Pack Let me know how buggy it is, because again, it's extremely untested. Thanks estherhb for doing the boring parts while I was at work so I could get this done faster. And if you complain that it turns everything red, I may just slap you.
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    Here is the newest update, MegaMod 8. Hopefully, most of the bugs have been worked out in the beta versions. The download is a single 1.31 GB .RAR file, but you need to extract the .PKM files into your games WinData folder. There are 3 (three) pkm files that you need. If you don't have all 3, many things will be missing. MegaMod1.pkm (1.64 GB) MegaMod2.pkm (1.72 GB) MegaMod3.pkm (0.98 GB) (These file names subject to future changes) Remember, the maximum file size of a single PKM file is 2 GB, so splitting it in 3 parts is the only way to get everything. I can't guarantee that saves made with this version will be compatible with future updates. Feel free to post bug reports. Depending on the volume, I may not respond to every single post, but I will read them all. If you do post a bug report, please make a note of any other mods that you are using, with special care paid to the ones that you load above MM. I have attempted to include every mod that I can. I'm still waiting on a few modders to get back to me, but I wanted to post this in the meantime. So just because your favorite mod isn't included doesn't mean that it won't be in the future. That being said, this mod doesn't, and won't, include certain optional mods that change the way the game looks or behaves. Aging mods; Storage mods; Texture changing mods; Inedible food mods. Mods like this won't be included because those kinds of mods are best left up to individual player discretion. A list of mods that are included in MM8 can be found HERE This set of mods includes everything you need. You are free to remove or disable any standalone version of the mods that are included in MM. You are free to remove or disable the pair of mods of MM7. Non-comprehensive changelog of fixes: The Stable that produces Domesticated Animals (KKKK version) is using the wrong flag Medieval Salt Mine using wrong flag (textile) IGhost Trees: 3rd tree from left (one of the Town Pines) cannot be deleted Kid1293's Medieval Grace Monastery does not take on students. Re kid1293's Stone Addon - Some of the pieces of the multi floor house do not align. Embx61's Bakery not taking on Sugar so can't make Sugar Cookies. Game, using DSSV starts, sometimes crashes when orchards, crop fields or pastures selected. The Stranded with Seeds start does not have a cart with initial supplies. The Small Crafted Barn - Crafted is misspelled Kid's Forest Outpost Workshop is not taking on Flax to make Linen Clothing RK's Choo-Choo is not accepting Coins Duplicate tabs for Wintin's End of Roads Two vanilla Woodcutters under Fuel Production ICanal Bridge need to fix appearance Kid1293's Fish Farm only in Community Toolbar Cozy House 3rd story will sometimes be wrong size Coal Shack has wrong limit displayed
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    Here's the discussion for the newest RC4 where you can list all the thousands of bugs that you find. RC4 is probably savegame compatible with RC3 games. Discrepancy has indicated that DS Jetty And Bridge 2.0 is not savegame compatible with earlier versions of DS Jetty And Bridge. So if you have made heavy use of those pieces, it may affect updating MegaMod midgame as well. Here's a short list of the known bugs. If it's listed here, you don' need to post about it. New entries will be placed at the top of the list. Issue: Status Issue: I can build a vanilla wood bridge successfully but not the other bridges because the Bannies cross the river and get stuck on the opposite side with a homeless tag. They can die from starvation or the cold if the workers don't hurry up and construct the bridge. Status: Tested several bridges. For us, the Draw Bridge and the Stone Bridge were OK, but a few workers for the Covered Bridge became homeless for a while. Builders went to both ends of the Stone and Wood Bridge but no one became homeless. Problem appears to occur intermittently, making it more difficult to isolate the cause. The code for all of the bridges are the same as that for the vanilla Wood Bridge. We will research this further. Issue: The stone building small school description reads "small school for 14 students" when it appears to educate 24. Status: The Small Stone School has been fixed so it educates 14 students so it matches the description for the next release. Issue: When choosing the medium DSSV start, the storage barn was built strange. Status: The barn has been fixed for the next release. Issue: Kid1293's Medieval Grace Monastery does not take on students; it produces goods. The Education Center however is not taking on students and should. Status: The code for the Education Center has been fixed for the next release so it will take students. Issue: Game crashes when the easy (DSSV) start is selected /The rest of the starts DSSV without crashing the game, although not all were tested. Status: This issue could not be duplicated. Issue: Kid's Tiny Workshop (the one that comes in red, blue, or green) won't take on Flax to make linen clothing. Status: When combining mods into MM8, there were two types of flax and the plan was to make them both the same. Wild flax and the crop grown flax are now the same flax. But the Workshop is asking for the other type (which you can only get from a Merchant). In the next version, the Workshop, Wild Flax and the Flax Crop will all be one kind. Issue: I noticed the gatherers also picking flowers. Is this normal? Status: This is normal. Issue: The Herb Garden is using the logs counter instead of herbs. Status: It is creating Herbs; however, the typo that caused it to count as Logs has been fixed in the next release. Issue: A few of the latest DS mods were inadvertently left out of RC4, even though they are indicated as being included. Status: Fixed for next release and those responsible have been sacked.
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    @Reino The code related to marriage and education has not been changed from vanilla Banished. There are some things where I avoid looking at it too closely to try to understand the developer's intent. However, I believe he really didn't consider all of the issues you've brought up.
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    Thank you for all your hard work. I strolled over here this morning to see if RC4 was available yet, and here you are! Again, thanks.