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    Welcome, Please post in the introduction section first. We are a community afterall. As a community there are no restrictions on downloads for members, we believe in freedom. To download files simply log in and browse the downloads section. The wiki is community run, and we appreciate edits and additions by anyone. We would love to see the towns you have built. Feel free to make suggestions of any kind. We always try our best to accommodate. Mods are in active development, I'd recommend hitting the "Follow" button on files or around the forum to get the latest updates. I'm keeping an eye out on a number of games that have modding potential, not just banished. Some of us are actively involved in game development. Any details will be posted to announcements. The forums are here for everyone to use as they like, but please keep it civil. Thanks for stopping by.
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    Hey everyone! My name is Don and live in Kansas. I've traveled extensively throughout the U.S., partly because of my jobs and because I wanted to get out. I grew up in a time when traveling outside America was a luxury which is why I didn't take trips like so many do now. I also love to read and am a new student to American History which makes me love this game too. My other hobbies include baking, cooking, bird watching and doing jigsaw puzzles. I've played many types of games but the original SimCity (the old one) got me hooked in city building and simulations. Thanks so much to all the modders who have made Banished into what it is today.