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    Hey all. Been playing Banished for a bit now, after a few games thought I'd check out the Colonial Charter mod. I enjoy Banished, but I play most anything but Call of Duty type shooters and sports games. Just finished the original God of War's trophy list on my Playstation, for instance. I have three cats, they're all adorable little jerks.
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    Hello, first of all a big thank you to all modders ! My name is Julien aka VXL, I live in sunny south of France and I'm an avid fan of city builders. I played nearly all of them since the first of the genre : SimCity in 1989, but I keep going back to Banished. I played vanilla on and off for quite a long time and recently found myself in need of a change. I still have to give a try to Colonial Charter hence the reason why I'm here today. Edit : my english is not very good so don't be surprised if you see me editing all my messages, most of the time it's simply to correct my bad grammar and spelling (plus I'm a perfectionist).