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    About PlanetBase you just need to do all the challenges for a great time both the ones that come with the game and one made by modders.. Woot it is a blast! learn where to choose your landing sites so they are more interesting then the majority of places.. When you find your self snaking up the coast crushed my mountians and the sea waiting to sink you to its depeths it becomes an interesting game, I've pointed several people to the challenges and they've all said thank you!.. You can even make your own!
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    A worker is simply a person that does any thing that is concidered to not need a person of skill to do the work, who can hold positions of a skilled laboror at reduced output like choppng logs for fire wood a person who is skilled in this can work faster and create more product from the same amount and unskilled person would get some but not much..
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    Personally and it is only me, i rather would like more wild west, colonial, asian settings for Banished. I know there is Chinese mod with asian setting, but is not working with CC i've heard.