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    If anyone sees StainlessSteelCynic on Discord, it's me. I started using Discord for the Heliborne game. For anyone wondering about the name StainlessSteelCynic, yes it is directly inspired by the Harry Harrison "Stainless Steel Rat" series of sci-fi novels.
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    Each version of Colonial Charter contains everything and just adds more. You definitely don't want to use the current version with an older version. When you add or delete mods, be sure to exit the game completely before trying to start a new game. This helps prevent crashes.
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    So I did a search on the web re "Banished Road Speed". According to a post from Kralyerg on Reddit from 3 years ago: According to the (unmodded) code: float _slowSpeed = 0.75; float _fastSpeed = 1.2; float _fastestSpeed = 1.4; Slowspeed is walking on normal grassy ground, fastspeed is dirt road and fastestspeed is stone road You can only have the 3 speeds, so in CC, brick road is the same speed as stone road. In CC, we did bump up the road speeds a little bit float _slowSpeed = 0.75; float _fastSpeed = 1.4; float _fastestSpeed = 2.0; I'm guessing this hasn't changed since then. In MM, I would assume that all roads, including those from other modders, use these speeds rather than the slower vanilla speeds. But Kralyerg will need to verify that for us.
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    There's no tunnel, but you can use Red Ketchup's Canals to connect lakes to the main river - works really well. The Canals are included in MegaMod, or you can download the mod from WorldofBanished.com.