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    There is a separate Butcher Stall for each type of livestock except Chickens, Ducks or Leghorns. They all produce specific cuts of meat for their livestock, tallow and sausage or bacon: The Cow Butcher uses Beef to produce Beef Cuts, Tallow and Sausage The Bison Butcher uses Bison Meat to produce Bison Cuts, Tallow and Sausage The Deer Butcher uses Venison to produce Venison Cuts, Tallow and Sausage The Horse Butcher uses Cheval to produce Cheval Cuts, Tallow and Sausage The Llama Butcher uses Charki to produce Charki Cuts, Tallow and Sausage The Pig Butcher uses Pork to produce Pork Cuts, Tallow and Bacon The Sheep Butcher uses Mutton to produce Mutton Cuts, Tallow and Sausage We are often asked if we can make just one butcher stall where you select which type of livestock. Unfortunately because the butchers produce multiple products, the mod kit will not accommodate this. To build: 22 log, 2 stone, 4 iron, 30 work. Size: 4 by 4 Profession: Butcher Number: 1 max. Work time: 25 View full article