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    this is normal in my original mod the list is shorter, i dont "add" things from the other mod like CC or else because some people use this mod so when Kralyerg added choochoo to megamod, he had to add all CC things and stuff from other modders. maybe perhaps he forgot some resources. there are thousands of buildings in this megamod, people need to give a break to this poor Kralyerg! he is not a robot ^^. he is human. the best, your finding need to be put on a to do list. and personally, myself, one day, i need to update my original Choo Choo mod with my own things i did in the famous RK Editor Choice mod to it.
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    Wow and i haven't even looked passed the houses yet. fantastic and breathe taking. just needed to say you guys are the bomb you blow my mind. thank you.
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    the first picture is Material Export and you compare it with Utility Export... and the other buildings ? because there are 3 or 4 of these and they dont export the same things...