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    Hi I'm just getting started. I'm a 70 year young grandmother and love doing new things with my kids and husband. this seemed to be a fun game so here I am.
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    Hello! I also am from Orlando. I started with King's Quest II. I purchased and played banished a few years ago but got bored and went back to Dwarf Fortress. I'm trying Banished again and am just starting with CC. Thanks for your work! Soupcan
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    Hello all. Here from Orlando, FL. 45 years old. Been a gamer since Pong. PC gamer since King's Quest I. Registered here in order to understand Megamod. I have lots of annoying questions to ask
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    Hey all. Been playing Banished for a bit now, after a few games thought I'd check out the Colonial Charter mod. I enjoy Banished, but I play most anything but Call of Duty type shooters and sports games. Just finished the original God of War's trophy list on my Playstation, for instance. I have three cats, they're all adorable little jerks.
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    *waves* Hello all! Long time gamer, and lurker. I have been gaming for some time now, everything from MMO's to first person shooters, PC to console. My all time faves are builder games such as Cities Skylines and Banished. I just wanted to send out a thanks to all of the modders out there who have added so much to this wonderful game, and thanks muchly to the wonderful people who provide a place to share ideas and a simple love of gaming.
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    Hi. New to banished. Still playing the vanilla version. But loved the diversity in this mod seen in some YouTube videos. Will download this mod soon.
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    Hello everybody. I live in Alabama, USA. I enjoy city building and turn based strategy games. I have been in Banished for a few years and thanks to many great modders am still enjoying the game. Would like to take a moment to say thanks to all of the people that take time to create mods for game so we all can enjoy them more.
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    Hello everyone, here from Spain, 36 years old. I love Banished, and I love megamod.
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    Hello everyone, Black jack here from Brazil, 36 years old, playing all kinds of games, but mainly RTS, builders of cities and strategy in general.
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    I started with King's Quest myself!
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    Hey everyone! My name is Don and live in Kansas. I've traveled extensively throughout the U.S., partly because of my jobs and because I wanted to get out. I grew up in a time when traveling outside America was a luxury which is why I didn't take trips like so many do now. I also love to read and am a new student to American History which makes me love this game too. My other hobbies include baking, cooking, bird watching and doing jigsaw puzzles. I've played many types of games but the original SimCity (the old one) got me hooked in city building and simulations. Thanks so much to all the modders who have made Banished into what it is today.
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    Well, nice to meet you and respect!
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    that mean nothing they "conflict" or "turn red" thats normal. that only mean they share data between them. thats all. thats totally normal. https://old.reddit.com/r/Banished/comments/9q21pw/banished_megamod_8_question/
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    Hi, I live in Queensland, Australia, am new to banished but love city building games and resource collecting games eg Kingdom and Castles, Stronghold, RTS base building games eg starcraft, age of empires. I was wondering is there campaign or scenarios to banished; or is it like kingdom and castles where the aim is to build the largest town possible?
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    hello. first off, frances you forgot to tell us what you eat for breakfast. i eat lunch for breakfast. i'm 99% sure i bought banished the week of release. after a couple false starts, in the last week i've gotten 83% of the acheivements. just wanna finish up the hard ones before i dig in to colonial charter. i like to listen to otava yo, falkenbach, and skalmold while i play banished, hexcells infinite, they are billions, yadda yadda yadda. also, i'm dying to know where you pulled my avatar from. kinda happy i don't have to dig through old hard drives to find it again.
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    Thank you all for kind welcome. I enjoy Banished - modded - even with its trial and error approach to learning to play well. @Banished: Play Colonial Charter 175 (now 176) with minor mods added, mainly additional bridges, and the larger families mod. Most recently I came across Red Ketchup's Editor's Choice - trying the FULL version (loaded before CC) as I am enthralled with the canal options and green houses. One question: is there a summary anywhere of the new buildings, production chains introduced by Editor's Choice? I've looked - nada. @ me: Just retired from helping professional career. Upstate NY, (Canadian border), considering moving to NYC, as I am finally (finally!! yea!!) doing what I love, writing screen plays. Five done so far. One screen play is a sequel - novel and episodic versions also partially done. @ other games I play and/or mod (fairly often): Children of the Nile (sandbox like Banished). Like the H.O.R.U.S graphic mod. Elder Scroll games: Morrowind - Cyrodiil ("typically called "Oblivion") - Skyrim. Fallout: 2, 3, New Vegas, 4 (took my graduate degree in Boston - so 4 is quite nostalgic). Universe. Fallen Enchantress. Europa Universalis. Two older games I played that I feel were (are) outstanding: Torment. Mask of the Betrayer. I hope this is sufficient for an introduction to these forums.
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    Hi all, Uni student from NZ, always been interested in military strategy games. Got gifted Banished and have been loving it. Recently realised that there are mods and that they are awesome (looking at you, colonial charter... nice job guys). Interested in learning how to make mods for banished, I have some ideas of things I'd like to try... Only on 100hr game time so still learning heaps 😂
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    Hello. I live in California. I love Banished! I look forward to trying out all your mods!
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    Hi, how's it going! I'm LamentedGuide (tl;dr just call me Guide). I played Banished like a year ago and got all the mileage I could out of it, then put it down for a while. Just tried Life is Feudal: Forest Village and found it FAR inferior to Banished, so I'm here to see what all the fuss about MM and CC is about I also love other city-building/civ games like Civilization, Stellaris, and Rimworld.
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    I don't actually have anything to add to this particular discussion except to say a big Thank You to @estherhb for continually answering questions with patience and grace, we don't show appreciation of the moderators very often (on any forum not just this one). I also wanted to say that this level of interaction with growing cycles and temperature variations for various crops is something that really makes Colonial Charter such a wonderful mod - sophisticated enough to be a challenge but not so complex to make it frustrating.
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    Hey Kevin, long time no chat! Love this map despite not really liking water worlds. Finding it a real challenge but I'm seeing a number of ways to make a good living on it for the few settlers you start with. And ... I now have my daughter hooked on it, too! Not that it really matters but last time we talked I was at about the 1000 hour mark, then I quit for a while. I came back determined to get the Mountain Men achievement in vanilla, and once I did that I got hooked again. I'm approaching 1700 hours now. Banished really is one of those games that gets under your skin and won't let go. Glad to see that you are still playing!
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    Hello! Spent a good deal of time playing banished (remember quantity does not equal quality) and am very excited to have found a group of people who also really appreciate the game! I live in Michigan of the United States, with my fiance and four cats. All our cats are named after FFX characters because that's the kind of people we are. I play Colonial Charter, but I do it for the objects and resources, rather than the starting options. My favorite podcast is Lore, my favorite book is Alias Grace by Margaret Atwood, and my favorite movie is IT (2017) even though I'm a big scaredy baby. Also, big thank you to the developers and admins. Ya'll are the real MVPs that make places like this possible!
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    Welcome to the Banishing madness
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    This is one of most frequent questions asked. It's too bad that the developer chose to use the color red to indicate that mods share data between them; it makes it really confusing. I also want to mention that you should not be using the Deco Mod with MegaMod 8.01 as all of those decorations are included.
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    Hi, To introduce myself I'm Norwalker. I live in the U.S. in California. Strategy, simulation, and specifically city builders are my favorites I've been playing Banished since it first went live. I admit I'm not much of poster because I use my time on the game. Usually someone else has already posted what I want to say and said it better. I will say however my interest in Banished without the addition of mods to the game. Especially CC and all of Black Liquid's mods. Thanks for the great work y'all have put in!
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    Hello long time Banished player. Can't wait to try The Journey 1.76. Have all the previous CC Mods. Love them. Thanks to the Team for making these! Big Thumbs Up!
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    Happy Banishing! No campaign, no mission, no unlocking of tech trees or anything like that in Banished. Everything is available right from the start, IF you have the right materials to build it. Mods add some an artificial feeling of progress by making building stuff have requirements produced by a chain of other buildings, so you need to build them in order (unless you are lucky and traders bring you just whatyou need, when you need it).
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    Hi guy's I'm a newbay just got the CC:1.75 and MegaMod 8 but not sure what other mods work best so any help would be greatfully appreciated
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    Welcome to the madness everyone!