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    Choose Decorative Items > Decorative Animals These are decorative livestock, domesticated animals and exotic animals you can place around your town. You can place a fox next to your chickens, add a pony for the kids next to a house, add frogs by your Shore house or even create a zoo. These animals are not animated and do not produce meat, eggs, leather, etc. There is no cost to ""build"" these items. Decorative Animals are also available as Ghost Decorations (choose Decorative Items > Ghost Decorations > Decorative Animals). Livestock: Beef Cow Friesian Cow Sheep Chicken Leghorn Llama Bison Pig Horse Duck Deer Other Animals: Alsatian (German Shepherd) Bear Boar Crab Cat Deer 1 Deer 2 Donkey Colt (brown and white) Donkey (gray) European Bison Fallow Deer Farm Cow (gray) Fluffy Sheep Fox Frog Gemsbock Antelope Giraffe 1 Giraffe 2 Goat 1 Goat 1 Goat - Black Hare Horse 1 (bay) Horse 2 (gray) Impala Kudu Antelope Lamb Leopard Little Pig Pig 2 Plains Wolf Rabbit 1 Rabbit 2 Ram Rhino Red Fox Rooster Sheep 1 Sheep 2 Shetland Pony Amber (chocolate with flaxen mane and tail) Shetland Pony Dinky (palomino) Shetland Pony Zeta (black) Snow Wolf (white) Tiger Walrus Wildebeest Wolf Zebra