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  1. 3 likes
    Predator is very upset!! Waitied for black screen, started a game, and forgot to enable the one mod I wanted enabled. Waiting for black screen again.
  2. 2 likes
    When you are applying a particle system and accidentally type 50000 instead of 500, might be a while before my computer responds again.
  3. 1 like
    http://banishedinfo.com/mods/view/267-SeasonFX Wish somebody might make newer version or something.
  4. 1 like
    you modders are the best Thankyou I remember when getting deer as livestock was exciting look how far you all have
  5. 1 like
    Ya ya thankyou so much been putting off getting into a new game ..coming to the forum every day hoping to see the release of 1.7 all you mod makers thank you (very happy)