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    Hi @Antiligent @malcg60 and @Gardenof I'm sorry I didn't reply sooner, I didn't see the comments here! The Complete Maritimes Mod is not longer compatible with the new game build and the new developments over the last couple of mods, and is being replaced by the individual collection downloads. If you have downloaded the other Maritimes Mods (crystal cliffs, pine set, PEI etc.) then you don't need this one as it is all released in those, and much more content added . I will disable this one for now, but do plan in the future to put them all back together again once all of the individual collections are complete. Sorry for the inconvenience!
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    That's true. I think someone suggested that on the old site. I'll take a look at the numbers before the next version of MegaMod, and update this and that at the same time.
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    the maritimes pine mod.it is processed by stuff collected in the pine forest.
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    great mod btw love it a lot hope you'll make more in near future
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    ok i made it to work but i dont really know how exactly it works but just to try follow me. i have only solution to steam users like me. So after i switched banished to 1.07 beta it created somehow mirror files or at least thats how i understand it. So when i install new mods for this version i need to place them in the windata folder that i enter through steam (right click on banished -> setting -> local files -> etc. ). not directly via my computer -> program files -> etc. And same thing when i try to lanch game i do it through steam not app on desktop. So thats how I got it to work this mod and other that require beta version. Good luck i hope you understood and it worked for you.
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    Yes @KikeRivers25, the turning red is normal, it just means that is shares resources files with another file, normally done by the same authors, or by group of authors. You're good to go on this. Place above or below (there are no instructions, so you may need to test it out). There are other mods that use Hemp now for rope and clothing, so you may find that you are getting different hemp if you run those mods (If you are running CC only, then this isn't a problem) you will need to put this higher than those other ones so this hemp is the highest in the game. ( )
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    Thanks Thanks and Thanks again
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    Thanks very much. You have all worked very hard. I do appreciate all of the good work
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    Please help. I have downloaded MegaMod.0.07 and MegaModDekoPack.0.07. I have open this with 7zip and copied both of .pkm file in the windata - folder of banished. But in the menu of banished only exist the MegaModDekoPack.0.07. I don`t know what i make false, that the MegaMod.0.07 is not to seem in the mod-list!? I should like play with this mod. Banished is my favourite Game, therefore its important for me. Sorry for this english (its not my first language). Please help me anyone. Thanks.