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    So many new things you guys are putting out, you guys rock. Thx a lot. I wish i had the time to play
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    ermagerd.... thank you @Kralyerg
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    There's nothing we can do about the Debug tool itself to fix it. It's magic abilities are hidden from us. Since the Materials (in Banished 1.0.6) or the Minerals (in Banished 1.0.7) kind of steals the Coal flag, what you described is exactly what will happen. The debug tool isn't really adding a specific item to your inventory, but a category. Since in vanilla, Coal was the only resource in that category, it worked like you would expect. But when you add multiple things to a category that used to be single, little weird things happen.
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    It should. Just place this above MegaMod on your modlist and it should work. Previous versions of CC shouldn't not be loaded with MegaMod, but this version should work fine.
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    Hooray - no more primecuts sitting in the dust! The one says thank you, much appreciated
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    A suggestion for the mega mod. I know that the megamod comes with CC: Journey, but stay with me here! It would be nice if all original Banished building have a section to themselves. In such a way that on the tool bar they are in their own button preserved. I would like this for two reasons: The megamod is HUGE, and the content, once mixed in makes it hard to see what is original. Also, Megamod uses the names "old building" but these refer to old version of building not original Banished game parts. Its just one way I think people can keep their mods straight. Thanks!
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    Ok thank you I will give it a go. Thank you it worked!
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    @rosemarykw Both CC mods and MM mods are designed to be played together, both will show as red, this is normal, there are normally bits of shared code, files, so the red is normal. To have them work most effectively please list them in the following order, if you don't have all the mods listed, then do the best you can. So, from top down in your mods list it will have the above order. If you run other mods they will need to either go above or below these 4 files, it will depend on the mods you are using. The best way of enabling and running the game: Load the game Enable the mods List the mods in the preferred order Press OK Wait for the screen to reload EXIT the game (not quit) Wait for a few secs for it to completely shut down Load Banished Check mods are still correctly enabled Play your game It takes a few extra minutes but it is crucial for stable game time that you do make sure you EXIT completely after changing the mods around.
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    updated for 1.74. Can I already use this, or shall I wait for CC 1.74?
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    @Johntodd I think we got confused here, we're both reporting two separate bugs. Nothing I posted is directed at fixing your issue, but towards the Black Liquid Team.
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    To make it less abstract... two different seeds, hemp and hemp plant. Hemp seeds produce "hemp 1", Hemp plant seeds produce "hemp 2". Hemp 1 works with the ropery, hemp 2 does not. Here is a pic of the two different hemps in the inventory menu. Notice, similar icon, but different item id. If they had the same item id, there would only be a single stack of hemp in my inventory, rather than two. Screenshot15.bmp
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    CC and Maritimes hemp are the same thing (apart from visuals) so it makes no difference as to which mod is on top as one will override the other but produce the same hemp resource which will be used in all buildings. I don't know where cannabis comes from though, I've never heard of that as a mod before. Where did you download it from?
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    I'm not sure. Everything looks good. I don't know why it wouldn't be getting stored in the Tithe Barn. Does it get stored anywhere else?
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    Well, to figure out which version of Banished you have, just load it up. Your main screen should look something like this: If you look all the way at the bottom, it says "Version 1.0.7 Beta - Build 170212". That's what version you have.
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    i didnt add anything to replace the iron (and the iron thats spawn on the ground) i only put RawMaterialIronOre.rsc in my template folder and add a new choice in the menu to take 2 IronOre into 1 iron. thats all. i didnt played anything with the map generation or the NaturalResourceOre.rsc
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    The Pine Set - Read Me. Introducing the newest additon of the Maritimes Collection - The Pine Set. The pine set breaks from the norm with the Maritimes Collection so far, because it has no specific source of inspiration. Intead, I needed some resources (pitch, turpentine, flax, etc.) for the dock themes to come, and so had to expand into the forest to get them. Well, one thing lead to another, and once I had a forester and some production methods for certain things, I needed to add more to support those, a blacksmith, lumber cutter etc. Once I had those, I though well, may as well do a pine version of the rest of the vanilla buildings to round the set off. Then, I decided to add a few more things Canadian such as a maple syrup chain, a maple whiskey chain etc. etc. A long story short, this set snow balled, and here we have it. You will find a range of buildings, mostly suited to making a small forest outpost/small hamlet scenario. Most buildings are slow at producing, only house one or two workers, and have low capacity. Ideal for a small forest town supplying your larger towns. Read on for some specific instructions for various buildings... Forest Resources. The main addition of this set are three chains for forestry outputs. Each chain has a specific tree set, spawned resources, and it's own version of certain buildings. The buildings from these chains need to be built together in order to work. Let me explain... Pine Forest. In the resources tab, you will find a 'Pine Forester'. This building is a 1x1 tower, and employs up to two foresters. Your foresters will go out and plant three new trees: Spruce, Fir, and White Pine. These new trees spawn the following resources; Pine Boughs - A material used to make Pine Pitch and Charcoal in the Pine Pitch Kiln. Pine Resin - A material used to make Turpentine when stilled using Charcoal for the fire in the Turpentine Still. Flax - This wild flax is harvested as standard flax, which will be used in linen chains. Chanterelles - A mushroom common in spruce forests in Nova Scotia. All of these resources are gathered by the 'Pine Harvester', a small cache which employes up to 2 gatherers. Warning - To not overpower these buildings, the Pine Forester will only plant pine/fir/spruce trees, which only spawn the above mentioned resources. The Pine Harvester only harvests these four resources. For maximum use, it is probably best to clear at least some of the area within the radius of these buildings when you place them. Maple Forest. How can we be in Canada without some good old maple syrup? In the resources tab, you will find a 'Maple Forester'. This building is a 1x1 tower, and employs up to two foresters. Your foresters will go out and plant two new trees: Maple and Aspen, along with vanilla Oaks and Apple. These trees spawn the following resources; Maple Sap - A material used to make Maple Syrup when boiled in the Maple Boiler using Charcoal. Blueberry - Apparently a super berry. A cash crop in Nova Scotia. Cranberry - Also a super berry. Another crop in Nova Scotia. Wild Apples - Apple trees are everywhere around here. While not technically wild, they were introduced by European settlers, they were not planted in orchards as much as one in every garden, lining roads, basically everywhere they could. Now, down the most deserted forest track you will usually come across a heavily laden apple tree. When harvested, wild apples produce vanilla apples, which can be eaten or used in making hard cider when pressed with maple syrup in the Cider Press. All of these resources are gathered by the 'Maple Forager', a small cache which employes up to 2 gatherers. Warning - To not overpower these buildings, the Maple Forester will only plant maple/apple/oak/aspen trees, which only spawn the above mentioned resources. The Maple Forager only harvests these four resources. For maximum use, it is probably best to clear at least some of the area within the radius of these buildings when you place them. Pine Versions of Vanilla Buildings. A hunter, forester, and gatherer, all using vanilla resources, have been added in the pine style. Also, a herbalist has been added. All tree sets also spawn herbs, so it can be used in any combination above. The Trapper and Skinner. The trapper and skinner are new additions and are designed to work together to start off your quest for furs. All tree sets spawn at least one natural resource, which will be harvested for this chain. But how does it work? There are currently three models being spawned by various tree sets. One is a grouse nest, one a trapped coyote, and one a beaver lodge. Your trapper will go out into the wilderness and harvest these resources. Once harvested, these resources produce a 'Wild Animal' resource which is stored as a Textile. This is where the skinner comes in. The Skinner building is a simple wooden shelf that is designed to be placed where the trapper overhangs, giving the appearence of one whole building. The skinner takes this 'Wild Animal' resource, skins it, and produces a random amount of Fur, Feather, Game (meat), and Eggs. This is a trial! It is the best way of incorporating furs into the game that I could come up with, so give it a go and let me know what you think. It can be expaned in the future with more animals and more outputs.
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    Oh boy... time to start up my addiction again
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    First comment! WOO!! Thank you guys so much!!!
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    I can't seem to get this working. I put the .pkm file into the windata file, then I launch the game and enable it in the list but when I start up a village I don't have any of the new buildings. I also notice that in my mod list I only have the icon and version number, the name and description do not appear.
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    Thanks so much for the hard work that must have went into this modpack! I can see this was a labor of love and you guys have built up a lot of good karma for this. May the Banished community never forget your contribution to the experience! Cheers