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    Oh boy... time to start up my addiction again
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    Oh.. love the new site btw.
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    OMG I would see this when I'm about to head in to work. I know what I'm doing later. :-)
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    First comment! WOO!! Thank you guys so much!!!
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    i tried all of them but the only thing i didn't think of which you mentioned was my banished version haha stupid of me not to think of that, i'm going to check now, thanks for the reply
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    Thank you! If you weren't aware, the nomad well crashes the game when demolished.
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    Kralyerg will need to fix this. Apparently when he added CC 1.71 to MM, it overwrote the code needed to make this work.
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    There are zero production buildings in here. It is only decorations. What I meant was: You can use this mod all by itself, but the production buildings are not here (they're in the main MegaMod), so some things will be hard to build since you have no way of making some of the resources without the other mod (or by trading for them).
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    Woot Thank you @Kralyerg and team
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    this is 1 of those mods to place way at the top of the mod order as it can affect all buildings that have smoke.
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    Excellent, excellent, excellent.... Can not wait to get into this.... stoked. Cheers BlackLiquid team etal.
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    @QueryEverything It's still separate. No additional mods were added into CC this time around
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    CC1.7 is fantastic, working with "Mega Modem 0.6". Thanks to all for your hard work, "Banished" Thanks to you, the moderators - develops like a wonderful flower.
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    Hoping for an update for 1.7, so that beautiful new bakery can start baking some yummy carbs.
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    Yipeeeeee!!! You all rock!
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    Nice! Downloading now. I haven't played for a long time, might do a plain CC game again.
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    Find your Steam folder (this will depend on where you installed Steam, for me it's on a secondary drive and not in the Program Files folder i.e. E:\Steam\SteamApps\common\Banished\WinData You install any non-Steam mods into the WinData folder. Once you have done that you use the ingame menu to locate the Mods list. From the Mods list you activate the mod you want to use. Load order is important if you have more than one mod installed. The following link has some specific details http://banishedinfo.com/mods/resources/installingmods There's also this video guide
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    Is anyone else having problems with this mod? I've downloaded it three times and get the same file size every time (7801 kb) but activating the mod causes a fatal access violation. The telecommunications cable in my neighbourhood is old and due for replacement soon. Because of this I've had these problems before when downloading from here and some other mod sites. So can anyone tell me what kilobyte size the file is when they download it (so I can compare to my download and see if I'm getting any packet loss)? EDIT: Downloaded the mod again during a more stable time of the day and appear to have the full file, it now works fine. File size is 7830 kb so my net connection was dying with just 29 kb left to download, that annoys the hell outta me!
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    I read "Inedible" as "incredible" in title and got really confused about what's so great about not being able to eat Wheat! Lol