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    Sorry, I'm out - I cannot help any further, morally or technically. Please get a licensed copy.
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    Thanks to everyone! I'm glad you like my little houses I've released the version 1.1 with the new large storage and some fixes
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    Thank you! Finally got this squared away so I can play these mods during the summer.
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    Thank you @estherhb now it works
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    Thank you guys! @Jafar_the_Barmecide I'm not a youtuber, my videos are definitely boring I follow Keralis on youtube. He has a natural talent for building games and has just started a series on Banished
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    If you have made sure that you are using Banished 1.0.7 Beta - Build 170320 and the following mods/versions in this order (and no other mods) than I don't know what else to recommend except to delete everything Banished, including save files, buying your own copy of Banished and starting over: Compatibility Mod 1.0.7 Colonial Charter 1.75 MegaMod .07 MegaMod .07 Deco
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    Hi @MrFestis It depends on how @Kralyerg / @ShockPuppet coded the original mod - they may have coded the mod to affect an internal list of the buildings available (at the time) in MM etc. It may be that they had a list of X buildings, so the mod affects those that are in the list. If the mod affects a code string in buildings (say - "this building generates happiness / unhappiness") then that may be different as well, some buildings may not have a happiness/unhappiness radius. If it is looking for code in the buildings themselves, it may be that those buildings do not have a radius. I noticed some do, some don't. Yeah, sorry, I know it's not a definitive answer, sorry - but I don't know how the mod was coded initially. I've tagged the devs, see if they can check it when they have some time.
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    MM .07 was designed for 1.0.6; that's why you need the Compatibility Mod. Note that MM .07 is now two files; if you want all of the decorations, you should also load MM Deco .07 after MM (Ignore that they turn red - they do that because the affect the same code; not because they're incompatible.) Enjoy!
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    Hopefully these suggestions will fix the problem: MegaMod includes CC 1.71 which includes everything CC New Frontier has and more - so get rid of CC: New Frontier. MegaMod also includes Renewable Resources so get rid of that too (you're using an old version BTW.) Note that MegaMod version 7 indicates "(1.0.6)" after the name. That means that you need Banished 1.0.6 for it to run. At the bottom of the screen, it shows you are running 1.0.4. Upgrade to 1.0.6. There is a second file that contains all of the decorations that you should load if you want those: Megamod .07 Deco. Never heard of Season FX, but it indicates it's for Banished 1.0.4 - it may not work with 1.0.6 and could cause problems. It probably isn't doing anything since you've placed it under MegaMod. (There is a newer CC - 1.75 that can be played with MegaMod. It requires a Compatibility Mod and Banished 1.0.7 Beta. Let me know if you want instructions for loading this.)
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    Nope. Sorry english isn't my language... I meant: "My videos would be definitely boring". Yes, Keralis is very hilarious
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    Hahahaha, at about 11:52 ... "Dang it" ... I just about snorted my drink!! https://youtu.be/SsSU46Ft38o?t=11m50s He's hilarious, I have subscribed But, @despo20 do you have a channel??
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    You should see a bunch of changes since there's 100+ mods included in MM in addition to CC 1.71!!! So, are you using MM .07 and MM .07 Deco? May sound obvious, but does it show on the list of mods in-game and did you check the boxes? Did you start a new game?
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    Very nice work here! Great looking models, the texture choices are excellent. Really well done!
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    I have added these houses, I really like the look of them and they do fit in well with Ketchup's stuff, I am mid game now but next time I will add Necora's stuff too. I can't wait for some playthroughs on you tube with the latest, I tend to watch and play repeat, learning as i go. I would definitely watch you play @despo20.
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    Here's the oversimplified explanation: Kralyerg is given the most recent code for each mod by the modders who want to be included (can't just use the .pkm files). He assembles them into one large "mod", combines all of the tables and resolves any conflicts. In some cases, he makes sure certain types of production buildings use the same "recipes" to produce items. Then he creates a set of toolbars to include all of the items. In the next version of MegaMod, he'll especially need to look at consistency of how the new flags are being used. In the next version, he wants to create the same type of toolbar he has been making (by building type) and also include the community toolbar used by many modders that keeps their mods all together in one place. There's a lot of work to be done and no estimated timeframe yet.
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    Great job .Nice medieval models
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    Hi @Antiligent @malcg60 and @Gardenof I'm sorry I didn't reply sooner, I didn't see the comments here! The Complete Maritimes Mod is not longer compatible with the new game build and the new developments over the last couple of mods, and is being replaced by the individual collection downloads. If you have downloaded the other Maritimes Mods (crystal cliffs, pine set, PEI etc.) then you don't need this one as it is all released in those, and much more content added . I will disable this one for now, but do plan in the future to put them all back together again once all of the individual collections are complete. Sorry for the inconvenience!
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    @Freedom I believe the issues there is due to the feathers. For some reason they had a very high weight, which means they took up a lot of storage space. So when you add Crystal Cliffs on top, the feathers over ride and cause that issue. I'm just putting up a new update now... feathers have been removed from the mod now so there should not be this problem anymore. Cheers!
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    thanks very much! been struggling to find it, thought it may had something with climate and that
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    Yeah, unfortunately you are not using a legit copy. Skidrow Games hacks the original games so that people can get them free but in the process they often screw up other functions. I am willing to bet that if you're having this trouble with MM then any other large mod is probably going to have the same problems - the cracked version of the game has screwed up the support for mods.
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    MegaMod is free, Banished itself is not. Evaluate plain Banished for a couple of days, and if you like it, go pay for the legit version. Please don't come back until you've purchased the legit version.