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    There's nothing in here that isn't already in CC, but it should work fine if you play it alongside CC/MM. It should just create duplicate toolbars.
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    I play the game on Steam and I had the same error. By default Steam updated to v1.0.7 when the game launched, so I manually installed CC:Journey 1.7.5. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling the game multiple times, clearing hkey registries associated with the game, adjusted all video settings (by the way, my game had crash errors on launch if vsync is not enabled so you might want to check on that)- anyway, nothing seemed to work, except vanilla. After toying with it for hours, I didn't have any success until until I today went into the Steam settings and OPTED IN for the 1.0.7 beta, even though Steam already auto-updated the game on launch, I verified on Banished's main menu that it was v1.0.7 before selecting the beta option. Everything I had read for error on launch said to opt OUT of the beta but that may have been outdated information. I know you're using GOG version and unfortunately I'm not familiar with GOG, but if there any settings regarding a beta version, try to opt in. If not, try a clean install of the game and mod. Check video settings, try toggling vsync if it's not on by default. You could also try clearing hkey registry by windows search > regedit > hkey_current_user > software > shining rock software > banished but this didn't help in my case. Good luck to you!
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    Hmm, Good idea. I'll try that. Start small a gradually add more mods.
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    after you've activated each mod and reloaded the game, exit the game completely, then restart. That should fix the crash issue usually... Do that each time you add a new mod...
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    MegaMod .07 should be played using the non-Beta version of Banished - 1.0.6 because it doesn't use the new flags. If you decide to add CC 1.75, THEN you need to switch to the Beta version of Banished (1.0.7) and add the Compatibility mod (goes 1st). Try it and see if that fixes the problem.