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    Version 1.1


    Despo20 Medieval - D20 Medieval Houses "Large and nice medieval houses with optional accessory buildings" The Mod includes: - New 2 story Medieval House that accommodates one family of six. 2 F key variants; - New 3 story Medieval House that accommodates one family of seven; - New Accessory Storage with 2 F key variants; - New Large Accessory Storage; - Compiled using the new Community Mod Tool Bar. Coming soon: - Other types of accessory buildings; - More F key variants. The Accessory Storage is designed to be integrated with the 2 story house, but it was modeled to be used also alone. In the same way the Accessory Storage Large can be integrated with the 3 story house. Acknowledgements I would not be able to realize this Mod without the help of this magnificent community! Thanks @Discrepancy, @Ketchup, @Kralyerg, @Necora for sharing your knowledge with me. Thanks also go out to all who have supported me during the development of this first Mod (I hope this will be the first of many ).
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    Version 0.07


    Brought to you by the creators of Colonial Charter. Download: After clicking Download you will be redirected to google drive files and see this icon at the top right corner of a new page. Click it to download. This download is a .RAR file. You will need a program like 7zip or WinRar to open them. Don't put the .RAR file into your WinData folder. You need to extract the .PKM and put it in WinData. About: Have you ever wished you could download all of the most popular Banished mods compiled into one comprehensive package? Welcome to the mother of all Banished mods. The MegaMod - the ultimate Banished mod experience. 120 mods and counting. Thanks to the hard work of all the modders who have contributed. RedKetchup, Kid, Discrepancy, embx61, tanypredator, TomSawyer, Wintin, Maal, Elfecutioner. This is a completely standalone mod. All of the listed mods are completely included. Do not use any of the included mods alongside MegaMod. You're welcome to use your choice of Aging mods, Storage mods, Resource quantity mods, or other mods of these types, as they are not included. There is no guarantee that future versions will be save game compatible with this beta version. Things happen. Toolbar entries are color coded by which modder made them. Toolbar buttons with a colored border will open another toolbar. The color of the border indicated which modder made all of the entries inside that toolbar. There will be periodic updates to this, as mods are updated, and work is done to continue to make them all cohesive. It's going to take a long time to load a mod this large. Be prepared for a black screen for several minutes while it loads.
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    Version v2


    Requires Banished 1.0.7 Did you upgrade Banished to 1.0.7 and upgrade CC to 1.72 but still want to use MegaMod? Well this is your lucky day. This little mod should allow you to use MegaMod 0.07 with CC 1.72 and Banished 1.0.7. (I say should, because this is extremely untested. ) It will let the items with new flags be processed at the old production buildings that would otherwise have issues with them. It does not change the little limit spinners on each of the buildings, and this little mod never will. There's may still be some weird incompatibilities between CC and MM, but hopefully this should smooth a few of them out. Load this above CC and MM. And load CC above MM. Like so: 1.0.7 Compatibility CC 1.72 MM 0.07 MM 0.07 Deco Pack Let me know how buggy it is, because again, it's extremely untested. Thanks estherhb for doing the boring parts while I was at work so I could get this done faster. And if you complain that it turns everything red, I may just slap you.
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    Version 1.0.1


    Welcome to 17th century New England. In the decades after the arrival of the Pilgrims at Plimouth Plantation, tens of thousands of settlers arrived from England. Struggling through bitterly cold winters, war with the indigenous Algonquian population and internal conflict, the colonists forged a new world. Encompassing what we today know as Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Maine, Rhode Island, Connecticut and Vermont, New Englanders created a distinct culture and architecture. This first set of homes are base houses and several lean-to additions meant to be build directly abutting the houses. Further updates will include more options for additions as well as cottage industries, more homes and several freestanding buildings. Special thanks to (in no particular order..) @AzemOcram for turning my 2d designs into 3d models, @ShockPuppet for his exquisite texturing, and @Kralyerg for coding and packaging. Enjoy!
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    Version 1.1


    compiled with Banished ModKit107, but works on 106 also. Better Stock Piles v1.1 This mod alters the resource stockpile models of the vanilla Coal, Firewood, Iron, Logs & Stone. Place above other mods that reference the model code of these RawMaterials. Download & Installation: - Download from above the latest version of the file. - Extract/Unzip the contents of the .zip folder, - place BetterStockPiles.pkm inside your Banished/WinData folder. - enable the mod on the Main Menu and also enable through the Pause Menu when loading into a previous save. - Place above other mods that reference the model code of these RawMaterials. Change Log: BetterStockPiles.pkm - v1.1 -- 15April2017 --- file size: .pkm 12.3MB (12,650KB) / .zip 3.91MB (4,005KB) - added replacement models for Coal & Iron stock pile models. - optimized Firewood, Logs & Stone models for poly reduction. - v1.0 -- 14April2017 - Initial release, replaces the vanilla Firewood, Logs & Stone stock pile models.
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    Version 4


    Allows your Bakery to produce the following: Hardtack [Flour] Bread [Flour] Fruit Cake [Flour + Apricot] Nut Bread [Flour + Walnut] Cheese Bread [Flour + Cheese] Sugar Cookies [Flour + Sugar] Croissant [Flour + Butter] Donut [Flour + Vegetable Oil] Flatbread [Flour + Salt] Garlic Bread [Flour + Herbs] Bagel [Flour + Egg] Muffin [Flour + Blueberries] Cake [Flour + Honey] (from NMT) Apple Pie [Flour + Honey + Apple] (from NMT) Cherry Pie [Flour + Honey + Cherry] (from NMT) Pecan Pie [Flour + Honey + Pecan] (from NMT) Affects CC and NMT Bakeries. Place ABOVE CC or NMT to use.
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    Version 1.0.0


    An expansion based on the Tiered Houses found in CC. This space-saving mod allows you to build residences above various types of businesses. You can also build single or multiple-family residences of 1-3 stories.
  8. 7 likes

    Version 1


    The Jade Quarry lets you excavate Jade. When it runs dry, you can upgrade it for more resources. After upgrading it twice, it will not run out again.
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    Version 1


    This will make your toolbar shorter, to accommodate games that have very long toolbars, but small screen resolutions, to prevent the toolbar (hopefully) from running off the side of the screen.
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    Version 1


    This is a standalone compilation of only the Terrain options included in Colonial Charter. The Terrain option only changes what the ground looks like (color of the land, number of rivers/lakes). Valleys Mountains Flat Plains Lake Waters Marsh Swamp Valleys Bleak Mountains Verdant Plains Sand Lakes Desert Red Desert Swamp Lakes Water World Jungle Rivers Cold Valleys
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    Version 6


    Place ABOVE CC and the other listed mods for this to work. Allows your Blacksmiths to produce a wider array of tools, including Wood, Stone, Rough, Iron, Steel, Bronze, and Carbon Steel Tools. Borrowing files shamelessly from NMT for cross compatibility. Affects Vanilla, CC 1.6, NMT 2.0, Mini Buildings Blacksmiths, Small Town Blacksmith, Old Blacksmith . The only tool producer this doesn't affect is the Dock Workshop. Here's the individual breakdown of which Blacksmith building can produce what. Blacksmith Wood, Stone, Rough, Iron Large Smithy Country Smithy Wood, Stone, Rough, Iron, Steel, Bronze, Carbon Steel, Gemstone Mini Workshop Wood, Stone, Rough, Iron Medieval Blacksmith Wood, Stone, Rough, Iron Medieval Blacksmith Upgrade 1 Medieval Blacksmith Upgrade 2 Medieval Blacksmith Upgrade 3 Wood, Stone, Rough, Iron, Steel, Bronze, Carbon Steel, Gemstone Small Town Blacksmith Wood, Stone, Rough, Iron, Steel, Bronze, Carbon Steel, Gemstone And down here, for informations sake, is the breakdown of tool use quality. Wood Tool 50 Stone Tool 75 Rough Tool 40 Iron Tool 100 Steel Tool 200 Bronze Tool 265 Carbon Steel 400 Gemstone 1000 These are the original numbers from CC and/or NMT and were not changed for this addon. Some of the numbers may seem odd when compared to the others in this list, and that's because they were balanced independently of each other. This mod also includes the mod called "Blacksmith Storage", so you don't need to use that one if you're using this one. Let me know if there is any problems. As always, I don't really test things too thoroughly.
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    Version 1


    Some nice tasty foods for your people. Yum. Requires CC to use. Place BELOW CC, or things will crash.
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    Version 3.0.0


    NMT3.0Series: Clay Chain 1.0.7 The first upcomming part of the famous New Medieval Town 3.0 Series. this mod adds and fixes all the Clay chain production with the new 1.0.7 limits : Claypit will use stonecutters and produce 1 to 2 clay. 24 wood to build. Kiln will use 10 clay and will produce 10 bricks or 10 rooftiles. 20 stones to build. Pottery makers will use 3 clay and produce 2 to 3 pottery. It can be upgraded for better production. 48 wood, 4 stone, 4 iron to build (upgrade: 16 wood, 32 bricks, 16 rooftiles) Clay is now a material limit. Bricks and Rooftiles are now construction limit. Pottery are now Misc. NB.: if you put CC ontop: the kiln will only produce 3 bricks from 10 clay instead.
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    Version 2


    By request Puts the Priority Tool, Remove Structures Tool, and Flatten Terrain Tool on the main toolbar.
  15. 5 likes

    Version 1


    By request, changes the season names to months and adapts them for the southern hemisphere weather. Farmers will begin planting in September and harvest in March. It will start snowing around July. Place anywhere on your mod list.
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    Version 1


    Enables the Debug toolbar option.
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    Version 1.0.0


    A series of Forester buildings that will exclusively plant and grow the orchard tree that is chosen. These orchard trees will then grow the fruit or nut that is associated with your selection. Then you can build a special Gatherer building that will automatically go around and collect these foods. You know how the regular Forester plants regular trees, and those trees will grow Berries and Roots and stuff, and then your Gatherer collects them? Exactly the same concept. Plant some trees. Grow some fruit. Collect with the Gatherer. The Orchard Gatherer is the first icon on the list you see below. It is special in that it is the only one that will automatically collect these orchard foods. The Orchard Gatherer will also act like a normal Gatherer if you place it in a normal forest. Because these are still Forester buildings, when the trees reach maturity, they will be cut down for Wood and a new tree will be planted in its place.
  18. 4 likes

    Version 1


    Gives you the toolbar option to build the Golden Llama or Ceremonial Grounds. Place Below CC.
  19. 4 likes

    Version 2


    Give the Pirates some alcohol and they might show you where their buried treasure is.
  20. 4 likes

    Version 3


    Fix weird crop stuff that happens when mods and game mismatched versions occur. If a mod was made that uses custom Materials, and used the 1.0.4 modkit to create it, when that mod is used by the 1.0.5/1.0.6 game, it will show up as invisible, or possibly as a shadow on the ground. This mod was made to counteract that effect, and force the old mods to use the new Materials that Luke created in the updated game. It includes fixes for: Colonial Charter 1.5x NMT 2.0 Slinks Cotton and Cotton Tunic <- New to version 3 Wasabi Crop <- New to version 3 Most mods have been updated to make use of the new Materials, but in some cases, the modder has moved on and isn't around to update it. You may have download this previously, but version 3 now has two more fixes, as listed above. Place this mod above the listed mods.
  21. 4 likes

    Version 3


    Let's your Firebundler also have the option to create Firewood at the Bundling Shed. Place ABOVE CC to use.
  22. 4 likes

    Version 1


    A stable will take feed in the form of Oats or Barley or Corn, and will generate your very own Domesticated Animal resources. Requires CC to run. Place BELOW CC.
  23. 3 likes

    Version 1.0.0


    Welcome to the Final Frontier... No, not space. As your civilization pushes into the unknown, build a Fort to protect them, or barter with the Natives for a more peaceful route. Included is the themed Fort Set and Native Buildings from Colonial Charter, as well as a few new buildings. There are no terrains included, but there are a series of themed Starting Conditions that come from Colonial Charter. As with the other sets, this uses the "Community Mod Toolbar".
  24. 3 likes

    Version 1


    Adds "Trade" versions of all of the livestock. Instead of meat, all of your livestock will produced Trade livestock versions that you can then take to the Trading Post. No additional resources (eggs/milk/wool) are produced. Place Above CC.
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    Version 1


    By request. A Tunnel that uses bricks to build. There's no new model. It's the vanilla tunnel model. It just uses Bricks instead of Stone to build. Place BELOW CC to use.
  26. 3 likes

    Version 2


    By request. Edits the Fish Farm mod. No more blue roof. Place this above the Fish Farm mod to use. V2 - Citizens shouldn't idle inside the building anymore. V3 - Change the color of the water, because some people are never satisfied. Before: After: Just as a side note. I had never used the fish farm mod before. The mapping is all weird in it. People walk through the walls. You can download the Fish Farm HERE if you can't get it to work from Steam.
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    Version 1


    Here is the Llama Livestock standalone.
  28. 2 likes

    Version 1


    Here is the Pigs Livestock standalone.
  29. 2 likes

    Version 1


    Here is the Friesian Cows Livestock standalone. When you use this mod, the Friesian Cows will produce Milk periodically, but will grow and reproduce slower than the Cattle Livestock, giving you less Beef.
  30. 2 likes

    Version 1


    Here is the Duck Livestock standalone.
  31. 2 likes

    Version 1


    Here is the Bison Livestock standalone.
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    Version 1


    Just for fun. You can buy Steak Seeds and grow Steak in your crop field.
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    Version v5


    Requires Banished 1.0.7 For those that don't like the challenge of the Trading Post lottery, here is a Super Easy Trading override. It makes every trader able to carry every item, and will accept any item for trade. It will conflict with CC and other mods that also affect trading. Put this on top of the conflicted mods to override. V2 Fix small bug, and slightly lower time between traders in early game. V3 Makes it so traders will bring many different items, even in the early game. Quantities will still be low and grow as your population grows. V4 Updated for CC 1.6 and Mini Buildings and NMT 2.0
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    Version 8


    This should allow all of your crops to grow in any of the Climates from CC 1.6. They will grow in temperatures up to 130 degrees, and die when it's freezing. If your climate choice never gets freezing, the crops won't die in the field. Place this ABOVE CC for it to work. V3 Updated for CC 1.6 V4 Forgot Tulips V5 Added crops from other mods V6 Added Sweet Potato crop. V7 Added Agave and Brussel Sprouts V8 Added Carrots by Discrepancy
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    Version 1


    Instead of the stone gravestones, your cemeteries will be populated by simple white wooden crosses. Will affect all cemeteries. Probably will only work with new cemeteries if you try and put this in an existing game.
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    Version 1


    The existing decorative statues will give you many different variations by pressing the F key. For example, the Wooden Horse Statue can now be built as a Marble variant. All the existing statues are used, as well as the statues from RedKetchup's Decorative Items mod. Place Above CC to use. This just shows the one Jade line, but all the different types of statues have the same variations.
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    Version 1


    Here is the Horses Livestock standalone.
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    Version 1


    This is a slight modification to the normal Leghorn mod. In this mod, the regular brown Chickens will produce more eggs, but the Leghorn (White Chickens) will grow faster and produce more meat.