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    I used the white house from red ketchup in this city, so the name for the map was easy. only thing wich is imported on this map is tequila....the billboard did the job I used the upgraded version of the boarding house and coverings to make something that had to look like a train station in a city
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    The MegaMod v0.07 is available here: http://blackliquidsoftware.com/index.php?/files/file/72-megamod/ The MegaMod Deco Pack for v0.07 is available here: http://blackliquidsoftware.com/index.php?/files/file/160-megamod-deco-pack/ To get *everything* you need both. But each file will run perfectly fine on it's own. (Although in the Deco Pack alone you may not have some of the buildings required to produce required resources.) These downloads are .RAR files. You will need a program like 7zip or WinRar to open them. Don't put the .RAR file into your WinData folder. You need to extract the .PKM and put it in WinData. Why is there a separate download? As I was building this version of MegaMod, I came across a little problem. Whenever I would compile a mod that was larger than 2GB, the game wouldn't load. I could load several mods that, combined, are more than 2GB, but it would never load a single pkm file that was larger than 2GB. It would give a memory allocation error during the game load every time. So, it needed to be split up somehow. The general idea behind MegaMod was to have it all combined, so this wasn't an easy decision. But until Luke can address this (which he may be working on already), a split version will have to suffice. What is in the second mod? The entire MegaMod Decorations Toolbar is included in this mod. It is not in the mod titled MegaMod. To get everything, you need both of these MegaMod mods. Oh, and a little changelog: Changelog 0.07 Added Smuggler's Cave v1.0 by RedKetchup Added Plymouth House v1.0 by RedKetchup Added Christmas Mod v1.0 by Kid & Discrepancy (this mod includes Christmas Tree by Discrepancy) Added Styth Tower v2.1 by Discrepancy Added Red Looking Creamery v1.1 by RedKetchup Added Washing Mod v1.0 by Kid Added Vegetable Garden v1.0 by Kid Added Mexican Fantasy v1.0 by Kid Added Decorative Crates v1.0 by Kid Added Gift Shop v1.0 by Kid Added Violet Crop 1.0 by Idle Work Team Added Camellia Crop 1.0 by Idle Work Team Added Jatropha Integerrima Crop 1.0 by Idle Work Team Added Rose Crop 1.0 by Idle Work Team Added Wood Butcher v1.0 by RedKetchup Added Wild Bees 1.0 by tanypredator Added iSeeFire 1.0 by RedKetchup Added Storage Crates 1.0 by Kid Added Small Port 1.0 by Kid Added Large Port 1.0 by Kid Added Plimoth Plantation 1.0 by Kid Added Mother Tree 1.0 by Kid Added Decoration Wreaths 1.0 by Kid Added Decorative Plants v4.1 by Kid Added Narrow Row Houses 1.0 by AzemOcram Added Firewood Storage v1.0 by RedKetchup Added Water And Other Decorations v1 by tanypredator Added Training Camp v1.0 by RedKetchup Added Wood Butcher v1.0 by RedKetchup Added Work Place v1.0 by Kid Added Creepy Cemetery v1.0 by RedKetchup Updated DS Tunnel Mine to v2.1 Updated Exotic Plants to v2 Updated Tiny to v1.1 Updated DS Small Village to "pre_v2_beta11" Updated Colonial Houses to v5.3 Updated MarketBBQ to v3.1 Updated MarketSoup to v1.1 Updated Choo Choo to v2.0
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    Below are links to the Production, Construction and Storage spreadsheets for CC 1.75. To print, make sure you specify Landscape and Fit Columns on One Page. (Best to print preview before printing so there are no surprises.) CC 1.75 Construction Spreadsheet: HERE CC 1.75 Production Spreadsheet: HERE CC 1.75 Storage Spreadsheet: HERE
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    Hi, I'm Kedryn. I lived in Kansas until a week ago when my landlord evicted me 3 hours after my best friend and roommate of 23 years died (please, no condolences, they just make me more sad); now I live in Nebraska with my Mom. I don't normally overshare like this but I'm still angry and bewildered. I bought the game when it first came out and played it for many hours; I started playing again about a week before Chris died and now I'm trying to create the 'perfect little village' that he would have loved to live in. I like to tinker with other people mods for personal use (although this personal tinkering once led to me creating a bunch of 32bit tiles for a rogue-like game. It's a little harder to tinker with these mods because a lot of the things are inaccessible but I did manage to modify the bloom time for (Red)Ketchup's wonderful Garden Walls Utility:
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    These last few weeks were pretty crazy... Banished updates followed by a host of new mods, new modding discoveries and techniques... No time to do a "proper" journal - so here a little collection of things I played with in recent days, many centered on water... I tried to peel out most of my personal highlights, but I'm quite sure I missed some - such is the nature of beta-play... Enjoy! The Big Dig - real Canals with real Water The Mission revisited, away from the southern hemisphere Fodder, Flowers, Perfume, Irrigation, Salt Sunset At Weaver's Village Nomad Settlement European Village... kinda Jetty System, Housing, Markets Herbalist, Apothecary, Glassmaker Turbulence Moonlit Rapids * Well, this last one actually is an old SC4 shot... but it fits all the water themes
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    For those here that aren't members of Word of Banished, I'd strongly recommend joining that group. There's a small but interesting collection of mods there that aren't found elsewhere and Red Ketchup has released two more that are rather impressive The first is Training Camp and it has wood palisade sections to make defensive walls, hunters watchtowers for collecting food and skins (including some new types not found elsewhere and work with Red's Wood Butcher mod), some deco pieces of armour stands, archery targets, training dummies and banners, new mouses... err, houses (tents) and ghost sheds (that will fit over small stockpiles), a field hospital (large tent) and some others. Found here http://worldofbanished.com/index.php?action=downloads;sa=view;down=178 The second is Creepy Cemetery and is essentially a collection of wall pieces to surround the fenceless cemeteries found in CC. It also has a small crypt as a ghost deco. Obviously the wall sections can be used anywhere and they'll look great in any "upper class" part of town for example. Can be found here http://worldofbanished.com/index.php?action=downloads;sa=view;down=179
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    Came across a YouTube of this game that's in development. Can but hope that it will turn out as good as the video suggest it will be: Ancient Cities Video on YouTube
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    Sneak Peek 6b As promised, here's an update on the berry bushes, as well as the reveal of a new wild resource as a little extra . A while ago, we showed the first new berry bush variant, which was the Northern Highbush Blueberry. The second variant that will be added, is a slightly smaller species, the Black Huckleberry. To refresh the memory, or to create a new one if you haven't read the earlier post; these bushes drop berries on the ground, which can be harvested by the vanilla gatherer. The bushes themselves can be harvested for a small amount of firewood when in dire need. Falling leaves We concider the work on these bushes as somewhat of a test, before we start on their larger cousins in an overhaul of the trees. As part of this, I've played around with a longstanding wish of mine regarding the seasonal behaviour. In the vanilla situation, when the deciduous trees lose their leaves, these simply disappear. As you may observe in the video below, the leaves that fall from these bushes will stay on the ground at their base, and get snowed over as winter comes. They then disappear again when spring arrives and the bushes make new leaves. https://webmshare.com/play/AdYxQ Falling branches Another addition that we did in preparation for when we head into the forest, are these branches that will occasionally spawn below the trees. The can be gathered manually for a small amount of firewood too, but will not have a specific gatherer associated with them. Our aim is to have these, together with the bushes, compensate for the smaller amount of trees on the map with our mod. At the same time, we do not want to make it too easy to build a supply of fuel, so these will not spawn very frequently. The balance we want to create is one where it's simply not worth it to have a worker permanently roaming the forests in search of firewood, but where sending some out to harvest in a time of need can just make the difference between surviving the winter cold or finding a frosty grave.
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    It has been well over a week since our last update, so Sneak Peek #6 is long overdue! The crowd: “You’re late!” Me: “A coding wizard is never late, nor is he early, he arrives precisely when he means to.” Due to real life activities I am personally a bit short on time at the moment, but for the past two weeks @despo20 and I have been working hard on several parts of the mod. We will present these to you, and we have an announcement to make, so bear with us! The completion of the basic Grasses & Reeds Production Chain The last new building of our production chain, the fish trap, has been completed. It can be constructed on small streams, and requires wood and reed to be built. It is meant as a cheap fishing option that doesn’t require thatch. It also has a durability tied to the amount of fish caught, after which the trap breaks and needs to be rebuilt. As @despo20 has designed so many wonderful new buildings for this chain, we felt that my old model for the Thatcher didn’t quite fit in anymore. Therefore, it has received a completely new design, in the same style as the Reaper’s Shed that we’ve shown before. This updated version will utilize grass bales or reed bundles to produce thatch. And with that, our basic chain is completed! We already have quite a few plans for expansion, but this is what we’ll be releasing first. Here’s a complete flowchart of the chain: Rebellious Crops Based on an excellent suggestion by @QueryEverything, we have decided to revive an outdated mod made by OwlChemist, who is unfortunately no longer active as a modder for Banished. His ‘Pesky Produce’ mod made crops and orchard trees have a slight chance of seeding outside of their fields. This is highly realistic behaviour (plants tend not to care about artificial boundaries), and therefore fits perfectly with our goal of Natural Diversity. The crops growing outside of the fields can be harvested with a new ‘clear foods’ and the regular ‘clear trees’ toolbar buttons. Version 1.1 release With our basic production chain finished, we have decided to start moving towards the release of NatDiv version 1.1! Everything we’ve shown so far will be included in the new version, along with some other tiny things we didn’t show yet. A full list of all the new and updated features will follow. The coming week(s) we will focus on polishing and testing, after which we will release an open Beta to let you have a taste and for us to gather your highly valuable feedback!
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    Hi Everyone I have used the site for a couple of months now and never introduced myself. Im Malc from the Midlands here in England. Love Banished, and similar ilk. Like it better than the likes of Cities Skylines as you can build the exact building you want, rather than just zoning. If I could take one thing from Cities and put it into Banished, it would be curving paths or at least angled paths. Would make the game more realistic than hrizontal/vertical paths.
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    I see that Banished is on sale on Steam for 75% off - just $4.99!! No reason to still use a bootleg copy or to refuse to buy your spouse and kids their own copy
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    looking great @Bartender& @despo20a masterpiece in the making. and a shameless plug for myself... I have made a Patch for my own DS mods to utilize 'Thatch' in construction when playing with NatDiv, it can be downloaded here.
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    The models are amazing. So much attention to detail.
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    Guess I should say hi, since I just made my profile. Long time lurker here as well, on the old site and on a couple of other Banished sites. I've played city builders since the original SimCity, and I was thrilled when Banished came out. It was a completely different experience, and I was sucked in immediately. I started playing CC on, I think, the New Frontier? Possibly the version before that. Every time a new version comes out, I get giddy and my husband doesn't see me for a few days. Thanks to all the modders for everything you do to bring added enjoyment to the game!
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    Game purchased, just need to finish work so I can get home and play.... cheers will go kill all my peeps in vanilla first
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    Hi there I'm Aaliyah from the UK, I play all sorts of games, Fallout 4, The Sims, Mass Effect, Call of Duty, Need for Speed and Dragon Age and so many more. got into watching playthroughs of Banished on YouTube, so I bought the game, and played the vanilla version of banished for a while then I got the Colonial Charter mod, and now finally the MegaMod, which is amazing. So thats me.
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    Hi I'm new here and french (so, please, be indulgent with my not totally good english but you can correct me, I'm in an english community to learn, too ) I like the Banished game since his release but I'm not a big player. I play one hour a day, one hour a week, or not at all for a long time. So, I often do a new game, lol ! And, I never finish a CC mod But I really like CC mods I'm not a modder, just a totally fan of Black Liquid Team work on Banished game. So, nice to meet you all
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    Quick update to mention that Red's Creepy Cemetery mod includes a fenceless cemetery as well as the normal fenced cemetery (although obviously using his new fence!) Note the location of the mod in the toolbar (under Town Services)
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    You know how you can build a Stone Road directly on top of a Dirt Road, but not the other way around? That's because roads have a hierarchy system where some roads can be built on top of others. It's a numbered system, where the lower numbered roads can be built directly on top of higher numbered roads. Here's some numbers. CC AND VANILLA ROADS Red Brick Road 4 Brick Road 5 Quay Road 6 Moss Road 9 Stone Road 10 Sandstone 11 Gravel Road 12 Soil Road 14 Country Road 19 Dirt Road 20 COLOR ROAD MOD White Road 22 Black Road 23 Brown Road 24 Purple Road 25 Blue Road 26 Green Road 27 Yellow Road 28 Orange Road 29 Red Road 30 GRASSY ROAD MOD Gravel Road 38 Sandy Road 39 Sand Road 40 Desert Road 41 Plantation Road 42 Pasture Road 43 Crop Road 44 Swamp Road 45 Marsh Road 46 Verdant Road 47 Grass Road 3 48 Grass Road 2 49 Grass Road 50 Transparent 51 DS ROADS MOD by Discrepancy Wood Roads 110-115 Stone Roads 120-139 Gravel Roads 150-154 Wood Chip Roads 160-161 Dirt Roads 170-177 Grass Roads 190-192 Garden Patch Road 195 End of Roads Mod by WinTin Dirt Road 900-914 Stone Roads 930-944 Earth Roads 960-974 So remember. The lower the numbers can be built right on top of higher numbers. Side note: If two different roads accidentally have the exact same numbers (which has happened), then when you build a single square of the second road, every square of the first road will instantly turn in to the second road. It's a weird thing the game does when it gets confused about which road you're laying because of the hierarchy numbers.
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    @Banished&Used try this, as a quick fix. Some notes (if you're using my screenshots): - Where you don't have a mod (say, the Flax & New Flora mods, ignore them - the other mods, NatDiv & Maritimes, still are in that same order) - Disregard version numbers, these are screenshots from last month, the version numbers are outdated, however, the load order is still correct. - Make sure that the files are downloaded completely - check the file size - Once you have got the mods in the order that you would like, then make sure you press OK, let the game reload itself, but then you EXIT completely, then load again. ------------- - Beginning of 'game editing mods' - mods that change the way the game looks (UI) or handles - Banished UI: Mod - RK Minimized Status for 1.0.7 - Busy Pastures - Bigger Wheelbarrows for 1.0.7 - FastRoad75 - Better Stock Piles - Blacksmith Tools - Increased CC ** Insert the Rain mods here (as a test) - Quiet CC ------------- - Beginning of 'map start' mods - NatDiv, Pine etc (any in the NatDiv, NewFlora, Pine - would go here, in the order nominated by the modder) - Pine Set - Natural Diversity v1.0.1 ------------- - Beginning of 'game play' mods - themes, buildings, general etc These are only in the remaining copy/paste by modder list, no real order otherwise. Check each modder for special notes. Sometimes Necora, Kid, Embx & Red have notes on which mod needs to be higher due to icons etc, if you have odd icons showing, just changing your load order, put one of their other mods higher than another will help etc, you won't need to alter the whole mod list!! Just 1 or 2 in each modder group. - Maritimes Riffle - Maritimes Storage Collection v100 - Sherbrooke Village - Maritimes Dock Set - Maritimes PEI Shore - NS Inshore Fisheries - Crystal Cliffs - EB Natural Irrigation System - Kid - House Boat V1.3 - Kid - Alotofseeds Trader 1.4 - Kid - Broadway Tower V1.1 - Forest Deep V3 - Tree House V3 - RK StoneWalls Kit1 for 1.0.7 - NMT3.0Series: LittleHousing - NMT3.1Series: Canal Set 1.0.7 - NMT3.0Series: Clay Chain 1.0.7 - Garden Walls: Utility for 1.0.7 - I See Fire v1.0 for 1.0.7 - Inedible (Beef, Bison Meat, Charge, Cheval, Milk, Mutton, Pork, Venison, Rye, Wheat) (just bundled them here for convenience, they are listed in that order from top to bottom) * You could put these up the top, I normally do, before the regular mods, between the - Beginning of 'game editing mods' - mods that change the way the game looks (UI) or handles and the - Beginning of 'map start' mods - NatDiv, Pine etc mods. It makes sure it covers all mods that may otherwise alter the foods, this is an 'umbrella', I'd move them up ----- - 1.0.7 Compaibility - CC: 1.75 Journey - MegaMod 0.07 - MegaMod DecoPack 0.07 ------ - Below, only if they stipulate Below CC- I think only a couple do. If you don't get answers, then save the mods with them above CC, and try the game, see if it works - Cathedral - CC: Light Rain (check, I thought that was above CC for some reason, the quieter mods need to be above, so I thought this did too) - Better Rain sound (again, check if it needs to be above) -- I think you need to put these 2 above the CC/MM chain - Grass Guardian - Time Is Money (Alternative) Remember to help stop crashing: 1) Load Banished 2) Navigate to mods screen 3) Arrange mods into required order 4) Press OK 5) Wait for game to 'enable' the new order 6) Back to main screen 7) EXIT game entirely 8) Load Banished 9) Check mod load order, make sure all is ok 10) Load a new map If you are loading into an existing map, go through 1-9, then for 10: 10) Load existing map 11) Go to mods menu, scroll down until you find the new mod, enable it 12) Go to main menu - SAVE the map, in a new save space 13) Personal preference: I will EXIT & LOAD Banished again, just to be sure, others have said they don't need to - this comes down to personal preference. There you go. I hope this information help you. Please let me know if you have any problems.
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    another new part is made NMT3.0Series: LittleHousing for 1.0.6 and 1.0.7 This is a mod that adds a NMT Little Housing Set to your game that will match the textures of your NMT3.0Series Canal system. 5 different models "F" alternate. 8 different textures, same as NMT3.0Series: Canal system (Classic, Old Stones, Red Bricks, Sand Bricks, Fire Set Bricks, Old Church Stones, Dark Stones Foundations, Old Wood). The houses are 4x4 +1 road and will cost or 24stones+8wood, or 24bricks+8wood, or 24wood+8stones depending the texture chosen. These new houses use the new " Transparency Glass Technology" ™ from Bartender. the heat fuel is slightly better than vanilla counterparts. Wood one has 70 (instead of 60), stone and bricks ones have 98 (instead of 90) The difference between version 1.0.7 and 1.0.6 is : in 1.0.7 bricks is "custom5 flag", while in 1.0.6 it use "stone flag". 1.0.6 : http://worldofbanished.com/index.php?topic=1851.0 1.0.7 : http://worldofbanished.com/index.php?topic=1850.0 Enjoy !!
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    One of the reasons I agreed to including this effect is because it is indeed something that happens often in reality . As the article describes, it's often very harmful. Our crops usually come from other places in the world, so if they start occupying space in the new area they might disrupt the balance in the native ecosystems. Now the crops in Banished all die in winter, so you won't be having that problem . The fruit trees on the other hand would be able to spread if you don't cut them, though it would take them quite some time.
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    Loving the smuggler's cave so much! It is absolutely glorious! Best used right next to a bunch of taverns, to make a loop. Pirates smuggle ale, i.e. for pear, brewers make ale from pears. Brewers use 30 fruit for 10 ale, pirates use 7 ale (21 fruit) to smuggle for 65 fruit. So a loop uses 21 fruits and yields 44 fruit extra. 200% return.
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    hahahaha Exactly @Ketchup! In a convenient wooden box
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    Unfortunately the tree never survived the next stage of development ....
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    Natural Diversity 1.1 Beta release (for Banished 1.0.7) After months of work, several weeks of testing, some more days of adjusting things, and a few hours of wondering how we should start this sentence, our work has finally come to an end! @despo20 and @Bartender proudly present the Natural Diversity update 1.1 Beta. As it is a beta version, bugs will be likely to occur. If you encounter any, please kindly let us know in this thread or through a PM to either of us, preferably including screenshots. Sightings of real life bugs are unfortunately not of any relevance, and we would not appreciate receiving pictures of those. The file can be downloaded here. Below is a summary of the content of this update. A detailed explanation of each feature will be provided upon full release. Thatch Production Chain The production of thatch is now a two step production chain, introducing four new materials and five completely new buildings. The old thatcher building has been removed from the mod. The reed farm and fish trap can be placed on small rivers, introducing a new utility for these. Natural Resources Two new resources are added into the game, Reeds and Branches. Reeds spawn on the waters edge and give reed bundles (CC compatible), while branches occasionally fall from trees and give firewood. The Blueberries recieved an overhaul, now occurring as bushes that drop harvestable berries in summer. The bushes themselves give firewood when cut. Lastly, the rocks received new meshes and new textures, greatly increasing their diversity. Rebellious Crops All vanilla crops and orchard trees have a small chance of spawning seedlings outside their fields. This functionality was requested by @QueryEverything and is based on the currently obsolete Pesky Produce mod by OwlChemist. Aesthetics Rocks have been added to the rivers, to give them a more natural look. These rocks are purely cosmetic; the cannot be harvested, nor will they block construction over the water. Harvest wild foods & herbs Toolbar Buttons Along with new toolbar buttons for the introduced buildings and resources, toolbar buttons have been added for the collection of wild foods and herbs. Start Conditions The vanilla start conditions have recieved a [NatDiv] prefix, to signify that these include the resources introduced in this mod. Furthermore, the easy condition has 100 Thatch added to the stockpile on start. Updates to existing content All natural resources included in version 1.0 have received a visual update. Parts of the models will sway in the wind, and the winter behaviour has been changed to provide a more accurate winter landscape.
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    The only time I've eaten quince was in a home-baked apple pie, it tasted OK EDIT: @BuildHappy after saying I'd only ever tried Quince in a apple pie, I was at the local craft market today and on the Jams and Preserves stand they were selling Quince Jelly (Jam) so got a jar to try, its a lovely ruby red colour and very sweet, the closest I could come to describing it .... is it very much tastes like the Rose-hip syrup my Mum used to give me when I had a cold as a kid.
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    I found an interesting one. My first thought was using the castle & fort stuff in those mountain bowls at the bottom.
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    I use CC 1.75 plus any mod that is 1.0.7-ready and "certified"... and only those (new limits, community toolbar etc.)... See a listing here - http://banishedpeople.freeforums.org/new-editor-s-choice-banished-1-0-7beta-t395.html @CaptVader The MinMaxer's Disease... just kidding... Efficiency is nice... in the first few decades. Once I got plenty enough food, clothes, tools etc - I don't care if they run circles around themselves once in a while
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    I just released today a new 3.1 version of those canals. I redid completly all the pieces with the knowleadge i have today in 3D moddling. Those original pieces were made a year or + ago and they were extremly wrongly made. i redid them all and i saved so much place.... so much bits, and Kbits and MBits lol..... that with the space used by 2 different textures back in time... now it has 8 different textures !! and the size of the file is about the same ^^ Description : All the canal pieces have been 100% remade shrinking the file so much, now you have 8 different skins for your canal system. Depending the texture you will use, it will cost you stones, bricks, or wood to build those.Textures:CL: Classic Stones (NMT).Use stones as primary material required.OS: Old Stones (CC). Use stones as primary material required.RB: Red Bricks (NMT). Use bricks as primary material required.SB: Sand Bricks (NMT). Use bricks as primary material required.FB: Fire Bricks (GW). Use bricks as primary material required.OC: Old Church Stones (GW). Use stones as primary material required.DS: Dark Stones (New). Use stones as primary material required.OW: Old Wood (New). Use wood logs as primary material required.all costs are harmonized thru the 3 different sizes now (4x 6x 8x). it will cost you the same to build any different size.Many pieces cost a bit more than before, but some like the trading posts cost extremly less than before (rougly 40% initial cost).When you are building your canal system in game, i strongly suggest you to pause your game and check what you are doing. all the footprints have a blue arrow on the ground which will tell you the direction of the flow. The Clay pit and the Kiln to make bricks are not provided with this mod but they will still available thru traders. ------------------ and also , there was a problem with some Radeon/Intel graphic cards making some pink color artefact appearing in the water. So now we have a version for Nvidia users, and a version for Radeon users. I also managed to make both in a 1.0.7 version with new limits custom flags, and a 1.0.6 old stone limit/flags as stated in NMT 2.04 for 1.0.6. You will find all 4 versions on World of Banished download section NMT3.1Series: Canal Set - Nvidia for 1.0.7 http://worldofbanished.com/index.php?topic=1763.0 NMT3.1Series: Canal Set - Nvidia for 1.0.6 http://worldofbanished.com/index.php?topic=1762.0 NMT3.1Series: Canal Set - Radeon for 1.0.7 http://worldofbanished.com/index.php?topic=1769.0 NMT3.1Series: Canal Set - Radeon for 1.0.6 http://worldofbanished.com/index.php?topic=1768.0
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    Rose is a cute name ! But for a boy… Meh.
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    I have always been a Cash, not an Elvis. I was raised on Boy Named Sue, et al. And turnabout is fair play, but Dean? not lyrical at all...
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    Thank you !! Excellent news @Bartender & @despo20 The buildings look excellent, the concept is wonderful (yes, more uses for the reeds!), and I'm thoroughly happy that you picked up Pesky, and created your own "Rebellious Crops" Love the name! Those little suckers were definitely rebellious I look forward to seeing the mod in the Download section ... Coming to a File near you ... hahaha Oh, and the modders here are all Wizards :D
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    good gods ! you are always working like a real game professional ! keep it up !
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    I've fallen into the trap of The Long Dark, getting devoured by wolves or freezing in the snow several times a day...
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    Here are 2 seeds I found. Both are Lake Waters on the Large map. First one is 104197789 Second one is 931471263
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    i would say .... . Proliferation of algae :P
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    I'm a disabled navy vet with a traumatic brain injury I love to play building games it helps and I live in malibu ca and I think you guys make the best add-ons for this game
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    I made a video on AO and Banished. Some important information: AO needs to use UVW channel 2 Make sure your textures are not applied to your mesh, and that you are using just a basic light grey material. The default material in 3d studio max is fine. I am using 3D studio Max, but the principle is the same for all 3d editing software Because im using Nvidia Mental Ray renderer, I choose "Ambient Occlusion (MR)" in the video for the "Output". You will choose "Diffuse" or "Lighting Map" if you dont have an AO selection in your software. It works just the same as long as you put a white (255) light in your scene.
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    Gatherers eating poisonous mushrooms
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    I played a short session with the training camp, see some images here...
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    Well, not goofy... but one of my favorites -
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    [name]was boiled to death in the boiling pan [name]fell into an oil press and got mashed [name]burnt to a crisp (note to the one that wrote this: shouldn't this be "burned"?)
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    Wow, that's a lot of things to reply to ! Thank you for I'm sorry that we haven't been that active currently. @despo20 is having a very busy time at his job, and I'm spending my summer trying to find a new one. Essentialy we're both a bit caught up in this game called Real Life. Ultimately it's the one that beats all other games, so please forgive us for neglecting the modding a tiny bit these days. I'm sure we'll be back in full strength soon, though probably after the summer . This is an issue I'm aware of, and unfortunately, it's the best I could do given the circumstances. The problem is that the grass needs to be detailed enough at the closest zoom level in order to look good. If you zoom out however, it becomes smaller and ultimately dissappears. This was the case in v1.0 of the mod. From a visual perspective this wasn't that bad, you wouldn't be able to see every single blade of grass when looking from an aeroplane either. Gameplay wise I found it a problem however, since it's quite important to see what resources are available in a certain area without having to zoom in. *This next paragraph gets a bit technical, my apologies.* My solution was to create several detail levels for the grass textures. There is only one way in which this 'MipMap' type of solution can be made to work in Banished as far as I am aware, which is to assign them to specific LOD (Limit of Detail) models. This is what you see when the grass suddenly reappears: at that point it transitions to a new LOD model with a less detailed texture so that it shows again in the game. Ideally, I would make enough LODs so that these transitions would go smoothly and unnoticable. However, Banished only supports a maximum of three detail levels. If you look closely, you will see that the grass goes through a transition twice, from one to two and from two to three. I tried to make these transitions go a bit more smoothly by making different instances of the grass that shift at different zoom distances, so that the change is not too abrupt. Unfortunately, there isn't really any perfect solution that I see at the moment. I chose for the current approach because I feel that gameplay quality should be more important than visual quality. If the general opinion however would be that the grass fading out after some distance is not a problem, then I wouldn't mind changing it back. Another possibility would be a complete redesign of the grass, for example in the way that Red made his grasses. This would add a lot of polygons to the models however, and would probably make the already existing performance issues much, much bigger. As Query correctly pointed out, there is no link between the berries and the rebellious crops mechanic. We've already determined before that the Berries are caused by a conflict with Necora's Pine mod (the berry bushes you see in his screenshots are from that mod, not from NatDiv). This will be fixed in the final release of NatDiv.
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    The clerics life is full of dangers!
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    Hello, I'm new here. Long time strategy game player and Steam has been advertising Banished to me for a long time now. I wish I'd known about this game sooner. It's sooo addictive!
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    the canals with merchants using it are so awesome
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    I believe that is a crack in space-time. Look out for prisoner 0
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    the banished triangle haunts many.