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    * Housing by Despo, Turbulence is a WiP by Necora
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    View File MegaMod Brought to you by the creators of Colonial Charter. Download: After clicking Download you will be redirected to google drive files and see this icon at the top right corner of a new page. Click it to download. About: Have you ever wished you could download all of the most popular Banished mods compiled into one comprehensive package? Welcome to the mother of all Banished mods. The MegaMod - the ultimate Banished mod experience. 95 mods and counting. Thanks to the hard work of all the modders who have contributed. RedKetchup, Kid, Discrepancy, embx61, tanypredator, TomSawyer, Wintin, Maal, Elfecutioner. This is a completely standalone mod. All of the listed mods are completely included. Do not use any of the included mods alongside MegaMod. You're welcome to use your choice of Aging mods, Storage mods, Resource quantity mods, or other mods of these types, as they are not included. There is no guarantee that future versions will be save game compatible with this beta version. Things happen. Toolbar entries are color coded by which modder made them. Toolbar buttons with a colored border will open another toolbar. The color of the border indicated which modder made all of the entries inside that toolbar. There will be periodic updates to this, as mods are updated, and work is done to continue to make them all cohesive. It's going to take a long time to load a mod this large. Be prepared for a black screen for several minutes while it loads. Submitter Kralyerg Submitted 11/26/2016 Category MegaMod  
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    The MegaMod v0.07 is available here: http://blackliquidsoftware.com/index.php?/files/file/72-megamod/ The MegaMod Deco Pack for v0.07 is available here: http://blackliquidsoftware.com/index.php?/files/file/160-megamod-deco-pack/ To get *everything* you need both. But each file will run perfectly fine on it's own. (Although in the Deco Pack alone you may not have some of the buildings required to produce required resources.) These downloads are .RAR files. You will need a program like 7zip or WinRar to open them. Don't put the .RAR file into your WinData folder. You need to extract the .PKM and put it in WinData. Why is there a separate download? As I was building this version of MegaMod, I came across a little problem. Whenever I would compile a mod that was larger than 2GB, the game wouldn't load. I could load several mods that, combined, are more than 2GB, but it would never load a single pkm file that was larger than 2GB. It would give a memory allocation error during the game load every time. So, it needed to be split up somehow. The general idea behind MegaMod was to have it all combined, so this wasn't an easy decision. But until Luke can address this (which he may be working on already), a split version will have to suffice. What is in the second mod? The entire MegaMod Decorations Toolbar is included in this mod. It is not in the mod titled MegaMod. To get everything, you need both of these MegaMod mods. Oh, and a little changelog: Changelog 0.07 Added Smuggler's Cave v1.0 by RedKetchup Added Plymouth House v1.0 by RedKetchup Added Christmas Mod v1.0 by Kid & Discrepancy (this mod includes Christmas Tree by Discrepancy) Added Styth Tower v2.1 by Discrepancy Added Red Looking Creamery v1.1 by RedKetchup Added Washing Mod v1.0 by Kid Added Vegetable Garden v1.0 by Kid Added Mexican Fantasy v1.0 by Kid Added Decorative Crates v1.0 by Kid Added Gift Shop v1.0 by Kid Added Violet Crop 1.0 by Idle Work Team Added Camellia Crop 1.0 by Idle Work Team Added Jatropha Integerrima Crop 1.0 by Idle Work Team Added Rose Crop 1.0 by Idle Work Team Added Wood Butcher v1.0 by RedKetchup Added Wild Bees 1.0 by tanypredator Added iSeeFire 1.0 by RedKetchup Added Storage Crates 1.0 by Kid Added Small Port 1.0 by Kid Added Large Port 1.0 by Kid Added Plimoth Plantation 1.0 by Kid Added Mother Tree 1.0 by Kid Added Decoration Wreaths 1.0 by Kid Added Decorative Plants v4.1 by Kid Added Narrow Row Houses 1.0 by AzemOcram Added Firewood Storage v1.0 by RedKetchup Added Water And Other Decorations v1 by tanypredator Added Training Camp v1.0 by RedKetchup Added Wood Butcher v1.0 by RedKetchup Added Work Place v1.0 by Kid Added Creepy Cemetery v1.0 by RedKetchup Updated DS Tunnel Mine to v2.1 Updated Exotic Plants to v2 Updated Tiny to v1.1 Updated DS Small Village to "pre_v2_beta11" Updated Colonial Houses to v5.3 Updated MarketBBQ to v3.1 Updated MarketSoup to v1.1 Updated Choo Choo to v2.0
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    Hello there! New members please take a moment to introduce yourself. If you're an existing member perhaps you can spare a moment to give us an update I live in Australia with my pet doggo Stevie. I enjoy city building and base building games. I also enjoy turn based strategy of all kinds.
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    Attached is a list of the mods included in MegaMod 8 RC5 (as of 7/26/18). If you notice any "bugs" or have any difficulties, please let us know! Mods Included in MegaMod 8.01.pdf
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    View File MegaMod 8.01 MegaMod 8.01 The download is a single 1.49 GB .RAR file, but you need to extract the .PKM files into your games WinData folder. There are 3 (three) pkm files that you need. If you don't have all 3, many things will be missing. Remember, the maximum file size of a single PKM file is 2 GB, so splitting it in 3 parts is the only way to get everything. I can't guarantee that saves made with this version will be compatible with future updates. Feel free to post bug reports. Depending on the volume, I may not respond to every single post, but I will read them all. If you do post a bug report, please make a note of any other mods that you are using, with special care paid to the ones that you load above MM. I have attempted to include every mod that I can. I'm still waiting on a few modders to get back to me, but I wanted to post this in the meantime. So just because your favorite mod isn't included doesn't mean that it won't be in the future. That being said, this mod doesn't, and won't, include certain optional mods that change the way the game looks or behaves. Aging mods; Storage mods; Texture changing mods; Inedible food mods. Mods like this won't be included because those kinds of mods are best left up to individual player discretion. A list of mods that are included in MM8 can be found HERE. A copy of the pdf is also included in the download. Do not run any of the mods in the above list alongside MM. They are fully included. Disable CC before using MM. Changelog: Fixed the darker looking trees that people didn't like. Fixed the EB Village Storage Yard toolbar from crashing. Updated mods. Probably a few things I forgot to write down. Submitter Kralyerg Submitted 07/26/2018 Category MegaMod  
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    Things are happening. The wheels of progress turn slowly but they do turn.
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    The domain of Castlerock... Some data... :-)
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    Just a little heads up. When I was creating the smaller modular pieces of CC, I added a few buildings here and there to more fully round out the individual themed sets. These were all included in the subsequent versions of MegaMod, but they were never put into their own complete package. So I added all of the new additions from the modular sets into the main CC code and then uploaded it as CC 1.76. There's nothing really groundbreakingly new. Just a few minor updates. You can head over to the downloads section to find it. My game is being annoying when I'm trying to upload it to Steam, but bear with me and it will be up soon(ish).
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    Hi I'm just getting started. I'm a 70 year young grandmother and love doing new things with my kids and husband. this seemed to be a fun game so here I am.
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    I did two test runs. To set it up I created a new hard game and then used Debug to create three 20x20 pastures. I added 10 out of the 25 sheep each pasture could hold. I placed mountains of food and firewood right next to the housing, which was right next to the pastures. First pasture 1 worker, second 2 workers, third 4 workers. Then I let it run on 10x speed and waited for the sheep to reproduce. Number of workers absolutely does not matter. In the first run, the pasture with 2 workers grew to the max population first. In the second run, the pasture with 1 worker got there first. It did appear that the pasture with 4 workers produced more wool, but that might just be chance. I'd want to do quite a few more test runs to be sure it wasn't a fluke. And, well, I don't want to do anymore test runs.
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    The % on the Nomad sign is based on your total population. So, if you have 300 citizens, 5% brings 15 nomads and 10% would be 30 nomads. The % you choose is up to you. Make sure you have a hospital in case they bring a disease with them, and plenty of tools, clothing and food. You should also have enough temporary housing (boarding houses) - in MM there are a lot of nice ones to choose from . When you take in a lot of Nomads at one time, keep in mind they are free, but uneducated laborers. They can cause a population spike which later becomes and education spike, and even later, there's a death spike. If you really need more Nomads, you can start with a high % and later destroy that sign and put in one with a lower %. By "swamp bundles", do you mean "Firebundles" produced at the Dock Workshop or the Bundling Shed? Note that it takes 25 Reeds to make 10 Firebundles with educated workers. The info screen for that building should show the # of Firebundles produced during the current and previous years. If you are really low on Firewood, the bundles might be used fairly quickly. No idea why your Tiny House is storing a lot of Firewood. I don't have any Tiny Houses on my map, but I did notice that one of my Wooden Houses has 147 Firewood, while all of the others have much less. It could be that Firewood became scarce at some point so the Tiny House family rushed out and stocked up on Firewood at some point (I know this happens when Food becomes scarce). Just an FYI, I find the most efficient way to produce fuel for homes is to use a Stacks Burner which produces 11 Charcoal from each long. The Woodcutter only makes 4 Firewood from a log.
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    Hello everyone, here from Spain, 36 years old. I love Banished, and I love megamod.
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    The latest Mega Mod makes all the difference. I've attached a file of how the flowers were before. Now they're perfect. I really appreciate all the work the modders do to make the game way more fun.
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    You download the file. This is a compressed .rar file. You need to extract the .pkm files (there are 3 in the folder). There are several programs that do that such as WinRAR and 7-Zip. 7-Ziip is free from the internet. You can extract the files directly to your Banished > WinData folder or move them there. Then go into Banished to the Mods screen and check all 3 - they will turn red because they all affect the same code in the game. To prevent crashes, be sure to exit Banished completely. Then go back in and you can start a new game. Let us know if you need more help. It's well worth the effort!
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    Yeah just discovered it and was going to post it here. My bad. The increase resource actually works just fine in mine, the problem is MM Deco. Thanks for the help!
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    After a little more than a year, Luke Hodorowicz has finally posted a new message on his website, ShiningRockSoftware,com. Looks like he has finally decided what his new game is going to be and started designing in that direction! There's not much info provided, but any progress is good news in my book. Here's a LINK TO SHININGROCKSOFTWARE.COM.
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    they are brought,produced, by the quartermaster whcih you need building supplies to build.it will need to be on a river or lake to be built. with the military supplies, you build a blockhouse that will use the military supplies to gain silver and gold to pay the others.
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    cotton has been adjusted to a reasonably numbers. it appeared in the past with the old numbers, with 1 field of cotton 15x15 , just 1 year of production, you could get enough coats for 58 game years population. that was making no sense. same with flax. or we could reduce the numbers of cotton crops, or we could ask to take 10X more cotton to make 1 cloth. we decided to go that way.
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    Hi, I live in Queensland, Australia, am new to banished but love city building games and resource collecting games eg Kingdom and Castles, Stronghold, RTS base building games eg starcraft, age of empires. I was wondering is there campaign or scenarios to banished; or is it like kingdom and castles where the aim is to build the largest town possible?
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    If you want to ask kid1293 to make you stairs, you should contact him at WorldofBanished.com. One suggestion: modding takes skill, effort and time. Don't ask him to "whip something up" if you don't want your head bitten off! LOL I like the idea of a fire station. Again, you should suggest this at WoB - there are several active modders there (including Red Ketchup, kid1293, Discrepancy and embx61) who might want to include such a model in one of their next sets. (Kralyerg, here, has been focusing on updating MegaMod these days.) Red Ketchup's Editor's Choice mod has several new animals and meats. You can download it from WoB (or the Steam Workshop). Unfortunately, new disasters can't be added to the game using mods. Kid1293s Animal Shed - Cheese makes, you guessed it, Cheese The Colonial Charter Dairy produces cheese and I think Red Ketchup's does too. (I would have given you links to the WoB mods, but you need to join WoB to log into the mod section. Please do - it is well worth it.) You may have lots of fires because you are building your towns with buildings touching and/or using models with high fire ratings. It's a pain houses catch fire, but more of a disaster if you lose a market or a barn. Good idea to leave a little more space around those. You could always turn disasters off. Here's some more info regarding fires: ABOUT FIRES
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    The flowers were overwhelming in the version of MegaMod you are using. Goblin Girl is right - you need to use the most recent version (MM 8.01) which has fixed that. The flowers can be used to make Perfume (you'll also need a manned water well) which is great for trade. When you add Ed.Choice, I don't know if it affects or increases the flowers that were already added to MegaMod - if you think that's the case, please let us know. Kralyerg is currently in the process of adding Ed. Choice to Megamod BTW. If you really don't want flowers, the best option is to play with just Colonial Charter and add only the mods you want the most. I often play with CC and 40 mods or so.
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    hello. first off, frances you forgot to tell us what you eat for breakfast. i eat lunch for breakfast. i'm 99% sure i bought banished the week of release. after a couple false starts, in the last week i've gotten 83% of the acheivements. just wanna finish up the hard ones before i dig in to colonial charter. i like to listen to otava yo, falkenbach, and skalmold while i play banished, hexcells infinite, they are billions, yadda yadda yadda. also, i'm dying to know where you pulled my avatar from. kinda happy i don't have to dig through old hard drives to find it again.
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    thats because we can get alot more trees, grass and animals moving in a very large map to compare the large one. we are providing very large map because people ask for it... but i think we shouldnt. thats not a good service to give to people ^^