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    I used the white house from red ketchup in this city, so the name for the map was easy. only thing wich is imported on this map is tequila....the billboard did the job I used the upgraded version of the boarding house and coverings to make something that had to look like a train station in a city
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    There wont be a running Blog about the new game for quite a while, but heres a look at people that was created: We wanted very low poly and matching styles. These were created in 3dsMax and zbrush with substance painter (and I rendered with nvidia mental ray).
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    Here some more with this new technique...
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    Have you ever wanted to use just a single aspect of Colonial Charter alongside your other mods, without the enormity of other options that comes with it? Soon, this may become a reality. If you head over to the Downloads area, there's a new section called "Colonial Charter Modular". This will house the different pieces of CC that are created as standalone mods. Right now there's only a few things, but more will come.
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    Lovely Scenery Campsite at Night
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    Enjoy! Map Old Redoubt, Native Village Silent Brothers Monastery Old Ferry Landing, Distillers Village, Millers Point Nomad Settlement and Market New Farms, Stables, Ketchup- and Fodder Production, Fishmarket Fuel Village Old Central Markets Small Trader Overview Some Data...
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    Here is an unpainted terrain island generated exclusively from code. It represents a size of up to 20 kilometers x 20 kilometers (our game is being created in a 3d scale of 1:1 with real life). It generates very quickly and is high performance, showing the cap of 120fps. This is not the standard unreal engine terrain system, we are not using that. We use C++ code to manipulate polygons into a terrain 3d mesh that will give us control of terraforming tools in game, such as flatten.
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    The MegaMod v0.07 is available here: http://blackliquidsoftware.com/index.php?/files/file/72-megamod/ The MegaMod Deco Pack for v0.07 is available here: http://blackliquidsoftware.com/index.php?/files/file/160-megamod-deco-pack/ To get *everything* you need both. But each file will run perfectly fine on it's own. (Although in the Deco Pack alone you may not have some of the buildings required to produce required resources.) These downloads are .RAR files. You will need a program like 7zip or WinRar to open them. Don't put the .RAR file into your WinData folder. You need to extract the .PKM and put it in WinData. Why is there a separate download? As I was building this version of MegaMod, I came across a little problem. Whenever I would compile a mod that was larger than 2GB, the game wouldn't load. I could load several mods that, combined, are more than 2GB, but it would never load a single pkm file that was larger than 2GB. It would give a memory allocation error during the game load every time. So, it needed to be split up somehow. The general idea behind MegaMod was to have it all combined, so this wasn't an easy decision. But until Luke can address this (which he may be working on already), a split version will have to suffice. What is in the second mod? The entire MegaMod Decorations Toolbar is included in this mod. It is not in the mod titled MegaMod. To get everything, you need both of these MegaMod mods. Oh, and a little changelog: Changelog 0.07 Added Smuggler's Cave v1.0 by RedKetchup Added Plymouth House v1.0 by RedKetchup Added Christmas Mod v1.0 by Kid & Discrepancy (this mod includes Christmas Tree by Discrepancy) Added Styth Tower v2.1 by Discrepancy Added Red Looking Creamery v1.1 by RedKetchup Added Washing Mod v1.0 by Kid Added Vegetable Garden v1.0 by Kid Added Mexican Fantasy v1.0 by Kid Added Decorative Crates v1.0 by Kid Added Gift Shop v1.0 by Kid Added Violet Crop 1.0 by Idle Work Team Added Camellia Crop 1.0 by Idle Work Team Added Jatropha Integerrima Crop 1.0 by Idle Work Team Added Rose Crop 1.0 by Idle Work Team Added Wood Butcher v1.0 by RedKetchup Added Wild Bees 1.0 by tanypredator Added iSeeFire 1.0 by RedKetchup Added Storage Crates 1.0 by Kid Added Small Port 1.0 by Kid Added Large Port 1.0 by Kid Added Plimoth Plantation 1.0 by Kid Added Mother Tree 1.0 by Kid Added Decoration Wreaths 1.0 by Kid Added Decorative Plants v4.1 by Kid Added Narrow Row Houses 1.0 by AzemOcram Added Firewood Storage v1.0 by RedKetchup Added Water And Other Decorations v1 by tanypredator Added Training Camp v1.0 by RedKetchup Added Wood Butcher v1.0 by RedKetchup Added Work Place v1.0 by Kid Added Creepy Cemetery v1.0 by RedKetchup Updated DS Tunnel Mine to v2.1 Updated Exotic Plants to v2 Updated Tiny to v1.1 Updated DS Small Village to "pre_v2_beta11" Updated Colonial Houses to v5.3 Updated MarketBBQ to v3.1 Updated MarketSoup to v1.1 Updated Choo Choo to v2.0
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    That's funny, I was just thinking the same thing. I'm not sure how the game will register a doubly linked toolbar, if it will understand or if will somehow double the building, and double the filesize. But it's an option worth exploring.
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    Just an old idea I'm reviving for the forums. Basically, make the starting conditions be tied to specific biomes, rather than new trees and old trees. For example you could have. Boreal Forest, Temperate Forest, Cactus Desert Palm Desert Tropical Rainforest Temperate Swamp Or something along those lines. Each biome has a specific combination of trees that spawn and its own unique animals. (Though I realize those take time to make.) You then of course have specific foresters for each biome. What you then do, is have each tree spawn its own array of unique wild resources. Oaks provide acorns, pine trees provide pine nuts, date palms provide dates, banana trees provide bananas, etc. Plus maybe other wild resources that would be appropriate for the environment the tree is in. Like berry bushes, mushrooms, roots, wild grains, wild honey, frogs and turtles, birds nests, and even insects. It would take a lot of work to make all this, but the beauty of it would be that you could make your own biomes just by using a different mix of trees. Heck make your own scenario, and customize the biome while your at it to be exactly to your desires.
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    since now more than 3 resources for construction of buildings can be required:
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    Don't leave in a huff... It's not so much that there is no interest, you do raise some valid points... but you may have underestimated the uncomfortable limitations our modders have to work with. The ModKit is a nasty "tool" - actually there is no tool... changing one bit in a mod means riding through thousands of lines of code, then recompile the whole thing... so the tiniest tweak turns into a major chore. Innovation within Banished means breaking out of the tight modkit, bending, nay - twisting the "rules" in order to "work around" limitations.. so yeah, sometimes at the cost of "balancing". It's rather natural that modding goes off in different directions - some want it harder, some want it more beautiful, some more efficient, some more streamlined, some want cowboys and indians, some want pyramids and sphinx... and so on - immersion takes all kinds, and modders are hard put to cater to all.
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    yeah but part of the problem is have all of us "active moddlers" 100% adherate to the way CC they decided to do things like : Charcoal, Furnace Fuel, Building Supplies, Homewares, and Fancy Homeware..... you call my "roof tiles" as obscure material. why it is "obscur ??" roof tiles have been used since thousands of years. so why obscur ? because CC hasnt made it first before i did ? why isnt the supplies, homewares and fancies arent THE obscure materials ? this is because you set, from the start, that CC is THE only and unique "rule" and everyone that doesnt go the way CC did (with their own obscure decisions), it automatically make them "THE" obscure moddlers. all of us , "obscure" and "unknown" moddlers we are making our best to make it "compatible" with CC because we know more than half players use that mod. we know it. and now, Do we need to "100% accept" all the "obscure chains" they [CC] decided and not want to make our own way ? and denied all our own visions of things , of chains ? Megamod is a huge project lead by @Kralyerg. and it is the most huge task ever made in this game. it is already extremly hard to deal with all the billions of files, of things... yes "billions" !!!! a huge mess of billion files put all together and he tries his best to make all these work together. (only him could do that!!) and following your mind, and what you've been asked, he needs to "delete" all the entities these mods have and redo all the templates these mods have and make them 100% assimilated like if they never existed outside "CC" , deleting their "souls" and "their way to do things" because whatever hasnt been done first in "CC" are obscure and need to be deleted. A good part of the goal of this Megamod, was to integrate all the "other" visions the "other moddlers" had when they created their mods and SHARE it with people in one and unique MOD, the Mother Mod of all the mods Part of the goal was to SHARE all the "Entities" and "Souls" all these mods have, and this is what is the most important. but all i always says to @Kralyerg : he has everything and he can do whatever he wants with these. i always 100% supported him.
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    View File The Forge Awakens A complete gameplay expansion. After countless hours of development and testing, we are proud to bring you Colonial Charter 1.6 - The Forge Awakens Download: After clicking Download you will be redirected to google drive files and see this icon at the top right corner of a new page. Click it to download. Installing: Disable/Delete any previous version of Colonial Charter, enable Colonial Charter The Forge Awakens in the mod menu. NEW GAMES ONLY: CC: The Forge Awakens does require a new game. Introduction: New content is everywhere in this release, almost doubling in size from New Frontier. We expanded the mining and industry options considerably, provide new and beautiful options for your town/village whilst enhancing and optimising the decorations and existing trees from past versions. We also provide a range of new crops whilst splitting the old duplicate crops off into their own addon pack. In CC: The Forge Awakens you'll mine for tin and copper, build an array of new and beautiful homes and get family and industry set up right on top of the lakes and rivers. An all new quay wall construction system will allow you to create seamless designs of any style. Farming inedible crops gets a whole lot easier, build a plantation for your cotton/flax/tobacco/etc and adjust your dry goods limits accordingly. There is a whole host of new buildings and options, and we've tweaked existing buildings to be more crisp without sacrificing performance. A lot of features have been simplified whilst at the same time becoming more complex, allowing for a large number of options. Constructing new buildings for the most part no longer requires large chains of bricks, glass, joists etc. Whilst we havent removed any of these resources from the game, they are now used to create generic Building Supplies - essential for any advanced construction project. We hope you'll enjoy playing Colonial Charter 1.6 - it was a lot of hard work involving many hours of creation and testing. Easily our most challenging mod to date. Friends and family were ignored for prolonged periods of "One... More... Turn..." as well as "I think this would look good... what happens if we add this new feature?". We hope to put the same amount of distance between you and your loved ones this holidays, for all the right reasons of course! Special Thanks in no particular order to the following people: Mystitsu, Paeng, Vrayna, Denis de la Rive, Mizana, RedKetchup, OwlChemist, kica, Rageingnonsense, Delver, MrFlopsie, Maal (any names missed, not on purpose!) Submitter ShockPuppet Submitted 11/26/2016 Category Current Version  
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    The latest version of CC is 1.75. The latest version of MM is 0.07 and CC 1.71 is included in this. I'm currently working on MM 0.08 which will include CC 1.75 and dozens and of new mods. There isn't a time frame on this, but hopefully relatively soon.
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    Today our terrain programmer submitted the new "endless water" code. Good for staring out longingly from shore. We are starting a discussion of fire. Besides the internal lighting on buildings, and the sun, we need to have a full fire with firelight system. I've promised to make a campfire with pot in 3d for the programmers to test the FX.
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    When thinking about food decay, it comes to mind that there is only 1 solution. The problem with having food decay as a percentage over time is how to present that information to the player. 100 old beans go into a barn, the beans are decayed to %50. The barn already holds 100 fresh beans (%100). It would be lazy to assume there are now 200 beans at %75 combined freshness. But, we can't make a slot for every percentage of beans, its bad for performance, its bad visually. My idea now is to allow 3 states of decay, Fresh, Stale, & Rotten. Different foods will have different amounts of storage time before fully rotten. Rotten food will be edible, with less nutrition and a risk of poor health. It should be converted to compost, or ideally preserved before rotting fully. There should be storage options that greatly extend the life of foods. Food kept at home should never go rotten, because the people should be smart about how they manage their pantry at home. We assume they take steps to live their lives in their best interest. This includes getting their own wood before freezing to death, or gathering wild food.
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    I agree that balancing does need to happen in my own individual mods, but as far as being able to balance all the mods in the MegaMod to work cohesively... whoa! Who has time for this? It would require a huge amount of time testing and altering a lot of different files. I don't envy Kralyerg as it is now when I send him updates to my mods that contain 1000's of files that he must sort through to update the megamod. And every update we do means the same for kralyerg. For us as modders to all conform to the same set of standards isn't as easy as it might seem. Not all of us play with CC, so introducing Building Supplies or such to our own individual mods could be counter-productive and instead we are just unnecessarily making it more complicated than it needs to be, plus we might all have different views on where our mods would like to go in the future, adopting a single approach is likely to kill creativity. To be honest, I'd like to see more of you take up modding - it really isn't that hard, just time-consuming. if you yourself would like to try and make this mod, I can point you in the right direction on how to do it. In terms of the happiness effect of buildings, there was a conversation and testing done regarding this on the WOB website and as far as we can tell the whole happiness code doesn't seem to have any significant effect on gameplay.
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    That depends on what you want to get out of the game. Personally I always have disasters off because I'm more focused on building and designing my city, with the actual survival of my people being more of a shaping force than a desire for challenge. That being said, I wouldn't mind factors that limit or change what resources you have access to. Maybe have something like a geology setting when you make a map that determines what kind and what quantities of minerals are generated for the map. Forget steel, if the only metal you have in the region is copper, you better start either importing iron, or get used to copper housewares and importing tin.
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    A rugged frontier town... Fishing, hunting, deep forest logging, some gold- and silver panning, a salt mine - and not much more... Winter Overview Seed: 166 526 837, med, marine, northern pines, hard ----- My Journals & Movies -----
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    Firstly, let me say, I'm genuinely keen to see how this unfolds I have possibly a time consuming request ... That the clothes become dynamic? Gatherer - red & purple, yellow staining around cuffs & front, and, if possible, a pinafore or apron (apron for men), because they get stained etc when harvesting all the berries Miners (all) - leather apron, large gloves, dirtied with coal & stone stain, iron flecks etc Farmers - similar to gatherers, etc; women with hats or hankerchief head coverings etc Doctors - white coats Teachers & Officials - the base setup (as your pic). That sort of thing, so when their profession changes, that triggers a texture change to their outfit. You could create a production line based around for each item, or just have the clothes as a 'texture change', design rather than function.
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    This does sound both awesome and like a lot of work. New meshes for each new food would be needed. New types of cacti or new types of tree would each need new meshes. Also, new animated animals are the hardest thing to make. It might be a tad odd to have trees that spawn frogs and turtles, but I think it would work out pretty cool. I don't know what the pile of dead frogs/turtles the shore house creates looks like, so a new mesh might be needed for that as well. And whatever trees provided such marsh/swamp resources would have to be separate from the regular trees in the file (so that normal trees aren't just spawning frogs). I wonder if the chicken nest mesh could be used as a wild bird nest resulting in eggs and feathers when gathered? There are already a handful of animals in pastures that could exist naturally in the wild, like horses and buffalo.The wild ducks would fit in well in a number of those places and llamas might work for some conditions too. The brown chickens don't look too bad, but the white leghorns really look strange to me in the wild. It probably isn't possible to have a wild animal that turns white in the winter and is brown the rest of the year (like some wild ground nesting birds do in cold areas). But many of those climates really call for animals we don't have yet. And animated animals are apparently a pain in the butt to do. However, I will still dream of camels and crocodiles/alligators that would make deserts and swamps so much cooler. While I'm dreaming, wolves and bears would be cool (not that they could attack citizens, but hunters could kill them for bear meat and wolf meat, and maybe furs too). But the amount of time it takes to make new animals is immense and could likely be spent in more productive ways on the mod.
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    MODS INCLUDED IN MEGAMOD 0.07 Black Liquid’s Mods Colonial Charter 1.71: Colonial Charter 1.71 - Journey. Bakery Plus v3: Bakery produces more variations. Blacksmith Tools v5: Allows Blacksmiths to produce a wider array of tools. Build Monuments v1: Gives you the option to build the Golden Llama or Ceremonial Grounds. Color Roads v3: A set of fancy colored roads. Covering v2: Decorative basic covering structures. Can be used over stockpiles or as separate structures. Debug v1: Provides access to the Debug Menu built into the base game. Allows you to build freely, as well as add resources, citizens, and more. Firebundler Firewood v3: Allows your Firebundler to also create Firewood. Grassy Roads v2: Provides various types of grass roads. Gridlines v2 beta: Lets you make a 25x25 grid to help plan layout of structures. Grow Ginger v1: Adds Ginger seeds so you can grow it as a crop. Grow Rice v1: Adds Rice seeds so you can grow Rice as a crop. Grow Roots v1: Adds Root seeds so you can grow them as a crop. Happiness Radius v2: Gives all buildings that produce happiness have a purple radius circling it. Legalized Marijuana v3: Lets you cure Hemp at the Curing Barn to produce Marijuana. Livestock for Trade v1: Adds separate "Trade" versions of all of the livestock. When a pasture is full, these animals are not slaughtered so no meat or hides are produced; instead the animals are taken to a barn and can be added to inventory at a Trader. Mini Buildings v7: Adds a set of mini versions of basic buildings; includes: Wood Cutter, Hunters Lodge, Gatherers Hut, Forester, Mini Fisherman, Workshop, School (5 Students), Herbalist, Trading Post, Town Hall, Market , Hospital (5 patients), Mini House, Storage, Chapel (10 members). Mission Bell Tower v2.0: A standalone brick church bell tower based on the one at Mission San Miguel in California. Thanks to kid1293 for recreating the lost code. Renewable Resources v2 beta: Adds small shacks that grow Stone, Iron or Coal. Soup Kitchen v2: Adds a building where you can make various soups and stews. Stable v1: Adds a stable where you can produce your own Domesticated Animals. Ghost animals will fit in the stalls. Statue Plus v1: Lets you build the existing decorative statues using many variations; includes statues from RedKetchup's Decorative Items mod. Terraform v0 beta: Raise and lower terrain. Use with caution. Tropical Greenhouse v1: Adds a greenhouse where various tropical foods can be grown. Unhappiness Radius v1: Gives all buildings that produce unhappiness a red radius circling it. Discrepancy's Mods Brussel Sprouts: Adds seeds for Brussel Sprouts so you can grow them as a crop. Carrots: This mod adds Carrots to crop fields, and Carrot seeds to the trader. Seeds cost 2500. (MegaMod uses these carrots instead of the Colonial Charter carrots.) DS Christmas Tree v2: Build a decorated Christmas Pine/Conifer Tree in your town. It will give happiness (like a Chapel) to all citizens. Use the “F” key to choose the one you want to use. DS Fences and Decorations v1.2: Includes Log Fences, Horse Fences (both with several color variations), and several other types of fences and walls. Decorations include: Crates, Barrels, Wagons, Ladders, Lanterns, and Posts. DS Roads v4: These roads remain visible under snow. Includes the following: 3 grass roads, 8 dirt roads, 2 wood chip roads, 5 gravel roads, 7 faster stone roads (+11 variations) requiring 1 stone per section, 3 faster wood roads (+3 variations) requiring 1 log per section, and 1 garden patch road (a work in progress). DS Small Village pre v2 beta 11: A small village which includes homes for families of 4, 5, and 6 (10 variations), 2 cellars, small and large barns, warehouses markets, blacksmith, apiary/bee shelter, firewood yard, blacksmith, mead brewer, 3 wells, chapel, cemetery, modular bridges, dock pieces. Adds comb honey, royal jelly and mulled mead. DS Storage beta 4: Adds several new barns and storage areas, including a Tudor Town Barn that can be upgraded to a home for 6 occupants, small cellars, Town Tithe Barn and others. DS Tunnel Mine v2.1:Adds a small mine that can be built into a hillside or small mountain. Extracts Stone, Coal and Iron simultaneously (Stone is highest output; Iron the lowest). Cannot be removed when depleted. DS Wagon Vendor v1: A small "Travelling Wagon Vendor" designed to meet the demands of your expanding colonial empire, or, your quaint peaceful retreat amongst the wilderness. Sells tools, clothing, food, fuel, health and dry goods. Pick & Hen Tavern v1.1: Includes the Pick & Hen Brewery and Alehouse, extension buildings, brewer's house, storage cellar and decorative signs and tables. Small Town Home: Adds a small home that was originally made for a tutorial to inspire others to mod Banished. Styth Tower v.2.1 UI Improvements for Banished: Makes several changes to the UI windows including allowing longer toolbar width. UI Improvements: Maps: Adds a medium and large map to the reports toolbar (does not replace vanilla map). embx61's Mods EB Apothecary: Adds an herbalist that fits more into town scenes so ciitizens don't have to walk to the woods where the vanilla herbalist resides. 2 variations; use 'F' key. EB Barn (Storage Shed) V3: A small barn/storage shed with a footprint of 3 by 4 (including road); has a storage capacity of 3000. EB Church: Adds a beautiful new church with multiple stained glass windows. EB Farmstand v5: A small 4 by 3 market (including the road). Supplies edibles, clothing, health, dry goods, fuel, tools. The radius is set at 30. EB Oil Press v1.3: Adds an Oil Press that produces Seed Oil from Pecans, Flax, Kernels (Sunflower), or Walnuts. EB Turis Farmhouses v3: Three farmhouses; select using the 'F' key. Footprints are 5x6 including the road. A family of 6 can live in these houses. EB Windmill v2: Adds an attractive windmill that makes flour from a variety of grains. EB Winery v1.1: Adds a Winery that produces Wine from Grapes, Cherries, or Plums. kid1293's Mods Barn Storage v1: Adds a red barn to store inedible food like Agave used to make tequila. Christmas Mod v1: Everything you need to bring Christmas to your village: snowman, wreaths, Santa’s Workshop, Ginger Baker who uses new Spice crop and Discrepancy’s Christmas Tree mod. Coal Furnace v1: Adds a small furnace for making coal. Colonial Houses v1.53: Adds a number of Colonial buildings including small and large homes, tavern, meeting house, welcoming statue, lodging house, hardware store, sugar refinery, jam shop, mill, bakery, tailor, school, church, and chapel. Decorative Crates v1: A variety of decorative crates, barrels and sacks. Decorative Plants v4.1: A variety of flowers, bushes and trees to decorate your town. Decorative Wreaths v1: A variety of wreaths to decorate your village. Exotic Plants v2: Adds a selection of exotic plants that can be used as decorations, including bromeliads, vanilla, stargazer lilies, elephant ears and more. Fantasy Castle v1: Adds a castle that can be used as a town hall. Fenceless Pastures v3: Adds two new fenceless pastures: one with a new shelter and the other with bushes and troughs in a corner. Forest Outpost v1.03: Adds a collection of small buildings that are perfect to begin a game with. Includes 3x3 wood houses, barn and workshop, and 2x2 Forester, Gatherer, Hunter and Herbalist. Garden Shed v1: Adds a small garden shed to make your town more green. It's basically a forester with a small radius who fits nicely within a town. Gay Head Lighthouse v1: Adds a lighthouse for a family of up to 8 to live in. Design inspired by the Gay Head Lighthouse on Martha's Vineyard. Market BBQ v3: Adds a BBQ. Add potato or sweet potato to your meat and grill on the wood fire, increasing number of portions. Market Puzzle v1: Adds a set of small, medium and large market stalls that specialize in herbs, tools, clothing, firewood, and/or various types of food. Market Soup v1: This soup kitchen is a great way to stretch food. It's a complementary building to the Market BBQ. Uses a max of 2 workers and requires firewood. Choose from meat or vegetable soup recipes. The Mission v1.2: Based on the San Buenaventura Mission in California, this mod contains all of the pieces needed to create a complete mission complex: church which serves 200 people, houses, hostel, school, infirmary, quiet garden, passageways, storage, walls, distillery, kitchen, blacksmith and tailor. Nilla's Tiny Rowhouses v1: Adds small rowhouses for families of 3. Great when you want to stop the population from growing uncontrolled. Includes three buildings (left-middle-right). Nordic Houses v1.2: Adds a set of houses plus a school in classic Nordic red with white trim. Originally made to compliment Tom Sawyer's 'Nordic Landscape' mod. Plimoth Plantation v1: Based on Plimoth Plantation – a living history museum in Plymouth, Massachusetts of the original Plymouth Colony established in the 17th century. Includes: 6 Plantation Houses, Plantation Chapel, Plantation School, Plantation Storage (12000 units), Plantation Supplies (makes tools and clothes), and a Plantation Well. Small Town Row Houses v1.12: Adds sets of one and two-story row houses and angled row houses! Includes smaller sized professions and town services such as traders, fisherman, school, health center, chapel, tavern and more. Small Port v1: A small town port 9x9+1 - 60000 storage - all the vanilla traders. Storage Crates v1: Same models as Decorative Crates mod but with storage! Sweet Potato v1: Adds Sweet Potato seeds so you can grow them as a crop. Tequila Mod v3 (with Tom Sawyer): Adds all the buildings and resources needed to make and sell Tequila. All buildings come in 3 different styles Vanilla, Industrial and Mexican. Tiny: Tiny structures: town hall, market, mine, quarry, and trader. Tiny Chopper v1: A small 1x1 (plus road) woodchopper; 20% slower than the vanilla woodchopper. Tiny Town Hall with Nomad Well: Adds a town hall that's perfect for small places. It provides all the stats but does not draw Nomads. However, the Nomad Well draws nomads every year. Vegetable Garden v1: contains Vegetables Seeds, generic “Vegetable” Crop, Workplace and Storage for Vegetables. Washing Mod v1: Decorative washing items: Washtub, Watertub, Long Washing Line, Short Washing Line, Laundry - 12 “F”-key versions and 2 buckets (“F”-key) WorkPlace v1: A house with storage add-on and very small workplaces: Dairyman, Flour Grinder, Baker, Tailor and Toolsmith, plus a fence to match. House/fence/storage with different textures on f-key. House can have 4 persons living there. Storage shed = 1200 RedKetchup's Mods Medieval Town v2.04: A large mod that adds everything needed to create beautiful and functional Medieval town centers. Includes 1-3 story homes designed to fit together; each floor houses a family of 5. Also adds various professional and commercial buildings, new resources, a canal system, and much more. Adriana's College v1.03 Adds a bigger and very cool looking new school. Up to 100 students can study in this building. Needs 3 teachers to completely fill this school. Adriana's Library v1.03: Adds a library that sells Books to your citizens (even if there isn't a new resource created); increases the happiness of your citizens. Choo Choo v1.03: Adds everything you need to build a railroad (sorry, no animation). Includes train stations, trains and wagons (train cars), tracks, bridges and tunnels and the ability to exchange goods for coins and then buy things with those coins. City Roads v1.1: Adds realistic ""3D"" city roads with sidewalks at ground level and roads just a little below the ground level. Colorful 2-Floors Little Houses v1: Adds little houses with colorful roofs. You can build just the 1st floor or add a second floor where another family can live. Roofs come in 6 colors (black, brown, red, orange, blue and green). Colorful Boston Houses v1: Adds another set of colorful houses similar to those found in Boston. They come in 6 different colors: Green, Yellow, Red, Blue, Fuchsia and Grey. Fit together as row houses or use individually. Country Little House v1: A country house with three parts: the main house for a family of 6, a storage area that holds fuel, tools, and logs plus a small pantry for edible/inedible food. Creepy Cemetery v1: A cemetery with a wrought iron/stone fence or can choose a fenceless cemetery. Includes pieces to build just the fence, including diagonals. Also includes a decorative crypt (ghosted). Decorative Items v1.3: Includes various decorative items. Important Note: The Greenhouse produces the Seedlings that are now needed to plant decorative trees, bushes and flowers. Druidic (no link): Adds a set of Druidic structures, including a church, school, herbalist, and more. Firewood Storage v1: 3 sizes of firewood storage places (ghosted): Small: 1x1 tile (500 weight/125 firewood), Medium: 1x2 tiles (1000 weight/250 firewood) and Large: 1x3 tiles (2000 weight/500 firewood. “Keep in mind they are ghosted so kinda very OP ^^ Please! use with wisdom Cheating too much is no fun!” I See Fire v1: This mod adds: Animated Bonfire 3x3 or 2x2, Animated Firecamp 1x1 – with or without pot, Animated Torch on a stand (ghosted), and Animated Wall Torch with 9 diff positions (Ghosted). Includes new profession, Fireworker, who takes care of the Bonfires and Campfires and make sure they are always burning. Fires bring joy to your citizens. Jaime's Monastery v1: Adds a monastery where the monks produce handmade books. Because they are made by hand, not many are produced in a year, but each one has a trade value of 400. Ketchup, Inc. v1.1: Adds a Ketchup factory; takes 20 tomatoes and makes 40 bottles of ketchup; trade value=2. Little Chapel v2: Adds a small wooden chapel which can have up to 80 members. Brings happiness to your citizens. New Medieval Castle: Adds the pieces needed to create a custom-built castle, including walls and towers. Old Bakery with House v1: Adds back the older Bakery model with a House that can be built above. Old Blacksmith & House v1.03: Adds back the older Blacksmith model with a House that can be built above. Old Hunter & House v1: Adds back the older Hunting Lodge model with a House that can be attached. Old Tailor & House v1: Adds back the older Tailor model with a House that can be built above. Plymouth House v1: Adds a little 4x4 cheap wood house similar to those we can see in the old Plymouth Colony of 17th-century near Plymouth Harbor. It is same stats of the vanilla wood house and it cost 24 Logs to build. Red Looking Creamery v1.1: Adds: creamery which produces cream, cheese, butter and yoghurt from Milk. 9x8(+1 road) tiles; costs 48 Logs and 12 Stones to build. New profession: Dairyman. New cows that produce milk but ½ the beef of the regular Cattle. Settler Tents: Adds a tent home similar to the type the early settlers made from extra ship sails when they established their first settlements. Smuggler's Cave v1: Adds a new building: Smuggler's Cave, and a new profession: Pirates. Pirates love ale and will give you everything to get ale. Costs 12 Logs and 12 Stones to build and can only be placed in a mountain near water. Training Camp v1: Adds: modular palisade set, many decorative items, including archer targets, combat dummies, weapon racks, tables with weapons, banners (all ghosted), ghosted log piles to store small amounts of firewood/ logs, ghosted barrels to store small amount of ale/grain, housing tents, field hospital, watch towers, tent butcher, tailor house, medium barn, and ghosted covers to keep stockpiles dry. Warehouse Inc. v1.0: Adds a warehouse staffed by stockers. Tell them how much of each item you want stored (tools, clothing, food, etc.) and they will find those items and put them in storage until you release those items. Use multiple Warehouses to move items to various map locations. Wonderful Townhall (White House) v1.1: Adds a town hall inspired by the very popular American White House. Wood Butcher v1: Retextured NMT Butcher using wood instead of bricks with a thatched roof. Uses Beef to make Steaks, Mutton to make Lamb Chops and Venison to make Roasts. tanypreditor's Mods New Flora update 4: Adds various plants that grow in the wild, including oats, flax and roses (rose hips). Tent with Fire V2: Adds a tent made of deer skin with a campfire in front of it. Houses a family of four. Perfect for early settlements and camping in the forest. Village School: Adds a new school building suitable for a small villages. 12 students can be taught there. Water and Other Decorations (Arbors and Water Lillies) v1: Contains 3 types of arbors with “F” variants - on water level (must be used with some jetties) and on ground level, ghosted water lilies with “F”, Iris Flowers. Wild Bees: Adds wild bees producing honey in the forest. Their hives look like stumps with bees flying around. They hide at winter, but honey still may be gathered. Others’ Mods Canal by Maal V3: Adds a set of irrigation canal pieces. End of Roads by Wintin: Adds a total of 45 different road types, including 15 variations each of Dirt, Stone and Mix roads. Idle Work Team: 4 mods which add seeds that can be purchased from merchants to produce the following flowering “food” crops: · Camellia Crop v1 · Jatropha Integerrima Crop v1 · Rose Crop v1 · Violet Crop v1 Narrow Row Houses (no link) by Azem Ocram with help from RedKetchup, Necora and Kralyerg: A collection of various sized row houses. Smaller Vendor Buildings by Elfecutioner: Includes three smaller vendor buildings, called Hardware Store, General Store, and Farm Stand. The Hardware Store doesn't carry food or medicine. White Picket Fence by Tom Sawyer v1: A white picket fence from Tom Sawyer's Nordic Landscape mod.
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    any news ? it is been 2 full months since last update
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    Hey ShockPuppet, I'm a fan Banished is only what it is because of CC. It was just a skeleton, which was fleshed out into the rich game I have now and dumped hundreds of hours in. There is NOTHING else like it. Banished may go, but I believe that the BlackLiquid team is on to something here. Make your own robust banished game, put it on Steam early access and I will buy it. Use the proceeds to develop the core game and release it. Then use the proceeds to finance the development of tons of DLC crap, and I will probably buy them too. With each new DLC release, put the core game on 30% off to attract attention. Now you are basically printing money. You want marketing guys, let me know. How old is Crusader Kings 2 now? How much more money have I spent on DLC vs the core game? Some will always complain about the DLC model but I believe Paradox has the right formula. They get a lot of my gaming budget and I'm still a happy customer. This is your chance guys, I'm pulling for you but time is always against you.
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    thats mostly the problem ^^ half of the things inside megamod is not CC things, but me, kid, ds, nec, ts.... and nobody knows us by making the toolbars by moddler, it give the opportunity to people to know that CC is not the only team / mod that exist on the planet but there is plenty very talented people who worked as hard as CC crew ^^ did you know @Johntodd and others that right from the begining of colonial charter , first edition, i gave them all the work i did, and they included almost everything i did (except my 2-story 3-story houses i gave them too) inside CC which represented a good 20% maybe more in the first release ? of course today it represent less % in CC (and more % in MM), but it gave them a very nice thumbs up to make them starting with tons of content and nobody knows there are some talents ^^
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    personally , i would love to see the vanilla toolbar totally free , untouched. and have everything inside MM icon. inside the MM icon we can maybe have icons for CC,Red,Kid,DS,NC,TS,..... not classed by mod but by moddler.
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    My first "decorative town." Quite a different experience playing for me. I am so used to cramming as much as possible into such a small area that leaving space to beautify was a great new way to play the game. Still have a lot to learn but I loved trying to think ahead and plan out the town as I went.
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    Here are my notes on starting conditions... far from complete, but it's a start
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    Well, it's true that different trees can spawn different things. At this exact moment, they all spawn the same thing, but it could be differentiated, with different starting conditions giving you different trees, and hence, different wild growing resources.
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    Since I also look for large maps with lakes, I'm going to post some seed numbers in here: Lake Waters - Very Large - 610724488 Lake Waters - Very Large - 217535411 Lake Waters - Large - 577451853 Lake Waters - Large - 39831256 Sand Lakes - Large - 243106443 I hope you don't mind, I didn't want to start a new thread for the exact same thing. *grin* I don't have any pictures, but I'll try to remember to take some.
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    So before the holidays I started playing Banished again after over a year of not playing. I updated CC but didn't do much exploring after that and started a town. Then I found Maritime's dock system and added that mod, then I found the Sherbrooke and then the Pinetree set and added that. (First image) then I found a whole slew of "modular" mods I didn't know about and before corrupted my save completely I decided to start over from scratch. I have a 2 toned town going here. A wild pinetreeing, mushroom house living rustic side across the bridge is the spread out big country land folk and then by the canals a colorful mix of the two in townhomes. It has been a fun town to make but it can pretty much run without my intervention now so I am getting bored of it. Is that bad? Do you guys do that too and then start over? I am thinking of starting over with a new theme or different challenge. This challenge was how much I could fill out the map and our stores and people without being tremendously behind on one thing. I didn't fill out the map quite enough but ya bored.
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    I'll confess to being a Serial Restarter too... My towns almost never go over 500 citizens... Oops!
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    Hello all and thank you for having me here. I'm pretty new to Banished. I found about it by chance a couple of weeks ago, while browsing videos on Cities Skyline. Banished was mentioned in a comment, bought it and bamm I fell in love with it immediately! I live in England but I was born in a country way way warmer... When I see my poor citizens endure the horrid weather I feel like one of them I always had a preference for moddable games, I truly enjoy to see the creativity at work.
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    This looks great. It's wonderful to hear that the game is progressing. Having seen everything you've done with Banished, with all the limitations, I can't wait to see (and pre-order!) your own game.
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    The town of Beagleville's Humble beginnings...
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    Glass, candles, and even furniture (the pews and alter). Making some buildings harder to build would really make them more of a meaningful achievement. A bit like a wonder. But of course basic buildings need to be easy to build otherwise things just get too complicated and hard. It would be good to see some of the production chains already in CC put to more use by being needed in building production. A hospital for example could require furniture (beds), bedding, and maybe even a bunch of healing potions. A tavern could also require furniture and maybe even glassware or pottery. A boarding house (or at least the upgraded version) could need furniture and bedding.
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    Yeah - I could see that. Your majestic Cathedral is a good example. Would be nice to require Candles too which IMO are under utilized. The additional building requirements are especially useful for standalone mods.
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    The extra building resource option is a great addition. I do hope CC is updated to take advantage of this. Feel a bit sorry for the team though... so much work to change everything.
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    If I might interject ... the different variations make it interesting to me. Those inconsistencies are fun to explore and suss out. The sooner we figure everything out, the sooner we'll get bored with the game.
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    Yeah, that would be me same... Seems like a long time in the past already... Thanks for your kind words, glad you enjoy(ed) my stuff
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    Must it be either-or? Is there a reason that both can't be done? Personally, I prefer to find things via function; I cannot ever remember who modded what. However, I can understand the need for accessing buildings, etc. via modder/collection when one wants consistency in style or has a themed town. I wouldn't be mad if, say, the same bakery could be found by clicking its creator's icon in the toolbar and also via the generic "processed" food category. I'm not a modder, so I don't even know if accommodating both ways is even practical, much less possible in this game.
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    Oh no, not on the scale you are thinking about. I'm thinking more about organizing the trees at the start of the game in a more geographical manner. The way I understand it, wild resources are spawned by the trees themselves. Change the trees and you change the resources that spawn. That was how the Tree of Life mod worked. As a side effect, you can create a simulated biome by making certain trees spawn certain wild resources, and then making starting condition that spawned a certain mix of trees.
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    Well, for the frogs and the turtles, you'd have them spawn from trees that would naturally be in a swamp. Mangroves maybe. And yeah, I know the animals are not realistic to expect and deer are pretty much found everywhere. But it's still something to dream about.
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    OMG.... how about a Fairy Forest Like this Complete with treehouses, unicorns, pegasus and ofc fairies
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    that is one of the great things about banished.there is no right or wrong way and everyone can make their own game and rules. i've heard of players taking an adam and eve start and run without nomads a long ways. i know IRRELEVANT has the longest map ever and he still plays it.there is a player who made a bakery for each different bakery item using the bakery plus mod.so many options makes the game fun and different. though i don't use the MM,i do have over 115 mods and adding to it constantly.each time i try to weed my files and clear my registry and old saves. i have played different ways over the years. i think everyone's playstyle developes and changes over time. lately i have been doing a"settling of america series". i started with some mods and built a landing fort area as a base to send out other settlers from. went on to build other towns or maps. been almost a month since i blogged any towns. i've been sick since before the holidays. finally i am feeling better and hope to continue the series soon. you can check it out at WOB: http://worldofbanished.com/index.php?topic=1730.0
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    Hi all. I'm an American living in Finland for the last 10 years. My husband just introduced me to Banished and I am utterly hooked. While the kids are at school, I'm playing Banished. I usually only play RPGs and The Sims so this is a new kind of game for me. Loving it. The CC mod really brought it to life. I just need to stop getting ahead of myself and expanding my city before it's ready. I keep sending poor builders to their deaths.
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    Hi, I live in England in an area called The Quantocks in Somerset. I have been playing all sorts of games over the years but since I discovered Banished it’s become one of my firm favourites. Looking forward to trying out all the various mods
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    Well, that's not new or unusual... Simcity has ~40.000+ published mods, and the vast majority are single units. Sure, we're far from that number, however they are rising here as well. Sooner or later players will need to break down their collections, away from an all-in-one huge mod... else the toolbar icons will just cover every bit of screen real estate Anyway, you have the MM for now, that's pretty cool for those who like it. Personally, I go for the modular sets where I can pick and choose what I want to use. This discussion will always end up 50/50... more or less