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    I used the white house from red ketchup in this city, so the name for the map was easy. only thing wich is imported on this map is tequila....the billboard did the job I used the upgraded version of the boarding house and coverings to make something that had to look like a train station in a city
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    CC 1.74 is now available for download. Little Changelog: Fix Edibles Market storage bug Fix Precious Mine limit bug Added Market Carts for Construction, Minerals, Raw Materials, Industrial Fuel Added Market Stalls for Crafted, Forged, Fabrics, Misc, Precious Added Storage Cellars for all new Limits Added Materials Warehouse for Construction, Minerals, Raw Materials, Industrial Fuel Added Small Barn specialized storage for Crafted, Forged, Fabrics, Misc, Precious Fix Stable to use Misc Limit Fix Wild Shepherd to use Misc Limit Allow Clear Tree to remove Hardwood Trees Just so everything is clear, because there's bound to be questions: There should be a Storage Cellar for every limit. Luxuries, Clothing, Construction, Crafted, Fabrics, Food, Forged, Fuel, Health, Industrial Fuel, Minerals, Misc, Precious, Textiles, Raw Materials, Tools. There should be some kind of market for all the limits. Generally, if it normally goes in a stockpile, it should now have a Market Cart. If it normally goes in a barn, it should have a Market Stall. There should be a specialized storage for the new flags. Crafted, Fabrics, Forged, Misc, Precious. These all use the Small Barn model. Eventually, these will probably be changed, but I thought it was best to have *something* rather than wait to make new models for each one. There should be special warehouses for the flags: Construction, Industrial Fuel, Minerals, Raw Materials, in addition to the Iron, Fuel, Stone, Wood ones that are already there. These new flag warehouses use copies of the models of the existing ones. The bigger warehouse, which was called the "Materials Warehouse" is now called the "General Warehouse" and is flagged for all 8 of these flags (everything that normally gets stockpiles)
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    Colonial Charter 1.75 is available for download. Rearrage Refined Production toolbar to better reflect the new resource flags and limits. Fix general markets that should not be storing Luxuries Allow Trading Posts to set autopurchase for new resource flags Add new subtoolbars for Market Stalls, Market Carts, Specialized Storage Barns No real big changes. Just some minor updates. Unless there's some big bugs that are found, this should be the last update to the 1.7x line.
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    Enjoy! Map Old Redoubt, Native Village Silent Brothers Monastery Old Ferry Landing, Distillers Village, Millers Point Nomad Settlement and Market New Farms, Stables, Ketchup- and Fodder Production, Fishmarket Fuel Village Old Central Markets Small Trader Overview Some Data...
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    I can understand why a modder would like all of their mods kept together. However, for those of us who aren't familiar with many of the 100+ mods included in MegaMod, keeping them separate would make it harder to find what I'm looking for. When I want to build a school, bakery, blacksmith, etc., I want to see all of those types of buildings in one group. I don't want to have to scan through multiple mods to find the different options. That's one of the major advantages to using MegaMod. (I don't want to go back to using the vanilla toolbar either; for me, who hasn't played vanilla Banished in an awfully long time, the Colonial Charter toolbar is the default toolbar.)
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    Since I registered on the site, a few days ago, it has grown in me the desire to create mods. Obviously the first mod is a house And obviously again I'm following the Discrepancy's tutorial on WoB (thank you very much @Discrepancy ) I'm still trying to understand how to position in the right way the model over the placeBitArray and the placeBits, and I want to perfect the textures, but this is the result for now. I'm quite satisfied I have a question about AO: I used "Smart UV Project", like suggested by @Necora, I made the bake render and I've inverted the Image Colors, like suggested by @Discrepancy. Everything works fine, but in game there are a few white stripes between the faces, especially between wooden beams and the plaster facades. Did I do something wrong? I rely on you experienced modders
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    As was said in another thread, I don't know when MegaMod will be updated for Banished 1.0.7. It may be a little while. But I did make a small compatibility patch mod. 1.0.7 Compatiblity for MegaMod 0.07 It should allow you to use MM and the new CC with 1.0.7. It's very very beta. It shouldn't crash anything, but things might not work as expected. Let me know when you find the bugs.
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    Now we also have blue and yellow. Once I got the pointy bit figured out, manipulating it for variation was pretty simple. Seeing as though the white and green house is meant to seamlessly go side by side with the tailor, it was build with absolutely no overlap on the left or right, just a bit of roof overhang on the front and back. I did the same with all other houses, because I hope to add a bit more 'shop front' industry like seamstress/weaver/butcher/baker etc as I really like the row house type feel. As I did that, I realised that it also means all of the houses will fit together really well in a row! So these can be used stand alone with a nice little garden, or placed in a row if you like.
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    That's funny, I was just thinking the same thing. I'm not sure how the game will register a doubly linked toolbar, if it will understand or if will somehow double the building, and double the filesize. But it's an option worth exploring.
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    Only after you buy the Patience Seeds from your trading boat.
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    While I'm in the process of learning how to make mods for Banished, I've embarked on a project to increase the diversity in the game's natural environment. As a biologist, I feel that this is a department in which the game is lacking. Most natural resources have only one mesh, even if in reality they would come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. For now, I would like to showcase the first part of this adventure, which I have dubbed Fungiversity. It incorporates 3 new types of mushrooms, and a replacement for the original fungus. All 4 types come in a one, two and three shroom variant, adding up to a total of 12 meshes. As they are simply variants, they all give the same 'mushroom' raw material when harvested. My goal for this project is to add the same kind of diversity to other natural resources, and ultimately perhaps even to other parts of the game such as the villagers or animals (though for the moment I am absolutely clueless on how to do animations). Any feedback or suggestions would be much appreciated!
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    Alternatively, there should be a link at the top of the page that says "Downloads". This page has the latest updates, with CC and MM at the top. I'm not sure when the next update of MM will be. With everyone updating the individual mods for 1.0.7 and the new community toolbar, it's going to take a bit of work to update MM. There has always been a desire amongst players for a CC Lite version. A version of CC without the crazy production chains. I've been thinking about it. In the next version of CC I'm going to attempt to rebuild things in a more orderly fashion behind the scenes. It won't affect game play much, but it will make things easier to work with under the hood. At the same time I'm doing that, it might just be possible to concurrently make a CC Lite without too much trouble. Maybe.
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    Time for another sneak peek! Thanks to Necora's excellent explanation of how the BillboardMaterial works, and after some fiddling with the code by myself, I have managed to add a neat little feature. The flowers will now emerge from the ground in spring, and will wilt and wither again in autumn. https://webmshare.com/play/OVDWn Next to this, I have some more herbs to present. Their names are Camomile, Echinacea and Oregano.
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    Here's a little sneak peek at what I've been working on so far concerning the Herbiversity: So far I've got dandelions (flowering and seedbearing), Mint (non-flowering) and a fern. Main additions still on my list are more Lamiaceae (Thyme, Oregano, lavender) and Asteraceae (Chamomile, Echinacea), but I'm also open to suggestions. I will probably make a whole bunch of different medicinal plants and then see which combination works best. I feel that it's important that there is no confusion as to what meshes might give what resource, which could become a problem if I also do a Rootiversity and don't make a clear distinction between the meshes for both. I'm thinking I might go for flowering plants only for the herbs.
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    Thanks for the super sleuthing @Necora I think the real problem lies with the fact that many of the CC filenames don't match with the strings. So when Discrepancy made his hemp, he gave it the logical name, but it doesn't match the CC unlogical name, so you end up with 2. I hope to fix all these weird filenames in the next major release of CC. (Not in the 1.7x bug fixes, but the next major increment)
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    Great! I'm glad to have helped. I love this community. Very creative and collaborative
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    Just for future reference, if other people see this. Hardwood foresters will take several years to actually produce any hardwood. They have to remove all the "regular" trees from their circle and then plant the "hardwood" trees. Then the hardwood trees have to mature and then they can be harvested for hardwood. So it will look like they're producing Logs for a while, but that's just because they're still clearing out the non-hardwood trees that they don't want in their circle.
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    alright , i guess i ll do that just finished what i ve been asked : Japanese cheery trees in 3 different models (1 normal, 1 in a umbrella shape, and 1 in between), in 3 different colors (white, rose original, and red) now i need to make a bamboo forest
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    Thanks @Ketchup. but my experience ends where yours experience starts. Blender is totally new for me (I like to learn new software); UV mapping and Ambient Occlusion are used in a different way in game design. Not to mention the code!!! I've a lot to learn from you. For the timing... I do not know exactly how much time I spent on it. I started Monday I just completed this week the final design of an airport terminal on the job, all in 3D modelling... I work on this small house in the breaks to relax @Necora I don't use the alpha channel. I simply painted on a new upper layer with multiply overlay. In summer it seems just a little dirty or worn. Probably on a white or light colored surface it can be much evident. I used RGB 50,50,50. 100% black is excessive. You can use also the alpha channel, but don't use a 100% black.
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    It's quite easy and fast to do and add a bit of realism
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    That moment when you start a new game to play with 1.0.7 and CC7.2 ... and you realise how many mods in MegaMod were part of your usual playstyle ... and you only have CC at the moment. @.@ my marble! my minibuildings! my dense tree shack! ... why won't that storage patch go away? What resource is salt part of now!? Which mod that I tried to put back just crashed the game!? ;_; can I grow patience? I think I might need some. What things are so much a part of your game play you get confused when they aren't there?
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    @Ketchup don't delete! More trees! Plus I'm looking forward to your berries bushes and grasses. I still want one of those grasses as seaweed though So I realized I never take pics or test with shadows turned on, because I don't like them. Horrible diagonal lines on EVERYTHING. But, they do make for some good pictures. So I decided for some eye candy, i'd load up a few things and make some scenes. Unfortunately, it is using the mod kit because Steam is stuck downloading the update and my internet is too slow to handle it. So I couldn't use any of the ghost decorative fences and goats oh well... Here is Crystal Cliffs, Sherbrooke, and NS Inshore with the new trees as starting trees in winter and summer... (the trees might be a little big...)
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    'm not drinking with NECORA if he adds mushrooms to his cider. yukk
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    Hello friends. I've just gotten over being a bit unwell so apologies for not being around the last week or 2. Those of you who were members on our old forums will remember we were developing a new game. It's still going ahead. Recently we added a dedicated programmer to our team, who basically pointed out that there's a much better way to do things than we had been developing. Well, I mean to say we teamed up our teams together. Yes I think that's more accurate lol. So, from learning unity engine we have now shifted to using unreal engine as a base. We have a lot of ideas for code and a rather large feature list but essentially we want to make something awesome. Initially I can share that we are extremely interested in optional multiplayer Co op. We will have animated buildings. We aim to allow modding to be very modular and we want to encourage it long term. By that I mean we hope this is an ongoing project for many years that can keep growing and being interesting. Other than this, I don't have much to share right now. Oh, im designing a full new set of 3d content customised to the new game. This will be done with a passion that I never put into CC, not because I didn't want to, but because cc has always been a hobby and not something we fully own, relying so much on Banished... So that's it for now. In the future we'll be looking for suggestions and such but for now we have colonial charter modular version to do and I have some new ideas for some themed sets
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    @grammycat @taniu @josito Red and white eh?
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    That depends on what you want to get out of the game. Personally I always have disasters off because I'm more focused on building and designing my city, with the actual survival of my people being more of a shaping force than a desire for challenge. That being said, I wouldn't mind factors that limit or change what resources you have access to. Maybe have something like a geology setting when you make a map that determines what kind and what quantities of minerals are generated for the map. Forget steel, if the only metal you have in the region is copper, you better start either importing iron, or get used to copper housewares and importing tin.
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    regarding this issue, there was already a post about it and a reply from the Team. Just to let you know.
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    A rugged frontier town... Fishing, hunting, deep forest logging, some gold- and silver panning, a salt mine - and not much more... Winter Overview Seed: 166 526 837, med, marine, northern pines, hard ----- My Journals & Movies -----
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    Congratulations everyone in this thread. You win! Immediately after I posted above that I couldn't find any bug, guess what? I found a bug. It's not the Tool Limit, though. Everyone once in a while it's checking the Textile Limit. The code for the Precious Mine is a little bit weird in order to make it so that you don't get too many gemstones, so I missed it at first. And you guys were right, it works most of the time, but them suddenly it stops working.
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    but keep in mind, even if i voted for the community toolbar (great feature) and the modder toolbars... and explained my opinion... because it has been asked in this topic... and i think my opinion worth anyone else's opinion ^^ i will still always accept what will BlackLiquid will decide whatever they decide i always always supported them since Day 1 and i will always support them
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    He's doing okay.
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    And lastly a row of rose bushes at the village market. Most of my plants come in several colour variants so you can do things like this without it looking monotonous. There are a couple of clumps of mixed flowers in there too. They were a gamble. Before I saw them in game I though they might turn out horrible, but they aren't too bad at all.
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    @Ketchup so I turned shadows on. I have to have them at high quality otherwise you get those horrible horizontal lines everywhere. And low resolution just makes them look like squares everywhere. Any hints on making shadows less system intensive? Unfortunately, on high res/high quality, I can barely scroll! It does look good for pictures though... Trees as natural trees, without shadows... And with shadows...
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    I think I've tree'd myself out for the day.
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    I'll have a look into it and see what can be done On a more natural note, all this talk about bushes and berries has inspired me to improve the natural components of the Pine Set. So far, I have re-modeled the Spruce, White Pine, and Maple trees. I think they all still need some tinkering, and am not sure if the foliage on the maples is perhaps a little too much. Spruce... White Pine... Red and Green Maple... All together... So wintry and white!
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    They came out pretty nice in game if I don't say so myself. I think I might make the tailor only 2 tiles wide, perhaps it will make for a less huge building when build side by side.
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    @josito yup, it is taking some time though because some of the buildings have odd shapes I've not made before. I'm working from pictures I took while walking around the village IRL, at midnight (to see the christmas lights), so I spend a while staring at my models and the pictures trying to figure out how to translate them from one to another. I can't do everything with them, it would make for some very high poly models with far too much detail for Banished (you won't even see half of it due to the zoom and resolution of the game) so I'm trying to replicate the larger structures that will hopefully stand out. Here are two finished houses, the white one is designed to sit next to the tailor because it has the same colouring, and the red one is a cool house IRL that took quite a bit of work! Mainly that pointed middle section. I am planning a couple more like this, IRL there is a yellow one and another red one which I will probably make blue for variation. These will have a family of 5. There are smaller ones too which I like, for family of 4, and some larger more ornate houses ones for family of 6 perhaps, if I can do them, they look very complicated.
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    If you are having large die-offs, it's because you are building too many houses at one time. That results in a bunch of kids being born at one time, then a spike in kids going to school, then a bunch of graduates needing houses again. Try building just 3 or so houses a year - or at least just a few each season. If you are accepting Nomads, leave them in the Boarding House as you add just a few houses at a time. When you see a bunch of old people are getting up there in age, stop building more houses since you know some will soon be available. All those old people are still productive workers. More kids isn't the only thing a town needs.
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    Those chickens are really good to have! With the Chickens, you get feathers. If you build a Dock Reed Farm you can make Survival Coats at a Dock Workshop (can go on land if you prefer). At the Workshop, you can also switch to making Rough Tools. Saves you from having to build a Tailor and Blacksmith right away. Also, with Appalachian and Bayou Easy Starts you get Eggs and Rice as your starting foods. Be sure to build a Dock Rice Planter before your people eat up all the rice (costs 100 rice). The Rice Planter produces rice all year long instead of one big harvest (over 1000 rice per year total!).
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    Snort ... funniest post i've seen all day +1 for good sense of humour & don't feel stupid, we've all done things like that.
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    thats mostly the problem ^^ half of the things inside megamod is not CC things, but me, kid, ds, nec, ts.... and nobody knows us by making the toolbars by moddler, it give the opportunity to people to know that CC is not the only team / mod that exist on the planet but there is plenty very talented people who worked as hard as CC crew ^^ did you know @Johntodd and others that right from the begining of colonial charter , first edition, i gave them all the work i did, and they included almost everything i did (except my 2-story 3-story houses i gave them too) inside CC which represented a good 20% maybe more in the first release ? of course today it represent less % in CC (and more % in MM), but it gave them a very nice thumbs up to make them starting with tons of content and nobody knows there are some talents ^^
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    The update for Colonial Charter 1.72 is available HERE It's a small update as far as content goes. It does fix a few bugs, but the main difference is that it now utilizes the new flags and limits introduced in Banished 1.0.7. This update does require you to update your game to the 1.0.7 beta in order to use it. I don't know if this will be savegame compatible with CC 1.71. It probably won't crash your game, but weird things may happen, because almost every buildings has been slightly changed. You can probably use CC 1.72 and MegaMod 0.07 together, if you put CC 1.72 on top. Just be aware that MM 0.07 has not been updated for 1.0.7 yet, so weird things will probably happen. New Flags and Limits: After discussions between RedKetchup, Discrepancy, Kid1293, Necora here is some info on the new flags and limits that we have come up with. In order to maintain maximum compatibility, we're all going to attempt to use the same basic categories for the new groups.
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    Basically as a long time fan of city builders and a real resource fanatic, I've long been considering how best to implement resources in a hypothetical city builder. I have no experience in coding so I have no idea how these ideas would work from a practical side. But I thought I would lay it out for anyone who might be interested. Most of this is based on my past experiences with city builders and on some of the questions and problems that have come out with trying to implement basic goods in banished. Basically the idea would work something like the current system in Banished, with resources having specific properties that denominate its use. For example, you might have porcelain which would be classified as a houseware, and a luxury. Or something like ginger, which might be classified as a food, a vegetable, a medicine, a cuisine good, and a comfort good. The system would kind of break down like this. First you would have your necessities, the things your people cannot live without. This would be water, fuel, food, and tools. (Tools would not be strictly a necessity, but their need would certainly be universal enough.) A household would gather water from the nearest source, be it a lake, stream, reservoir, well, or fountain. (The same for industries and buisnesses that need a constant supply of water like tanneries or farms.) Fuel is what they need to heat their house and cook their food, and different fuels would have say a different heat rating which is basically how effective they are. (Some industries for example might demand fuel with a high heat rating.) A lack of tools will not cause your citizens to die, but will severely reduce their efficiency in whatever they do. (You try planting a garden with just your hands.) Food for it's part would be divided into several sub categories for the purpose of determining nutritional health. For simplicity's sake say starches, vegetables, fruit, and protein. If you have all four types of food you're in good shape. Then you would have the goods your citizens use in daily life. My current thinking is to have goods classified in two ways. The first is the good's quality (common, comfort, and luxury.) The second is the good's classification, which would basically describe how the good is used by your citizens. Common goods would basically be the goods people use in day to day living. The clothes on their backs, the bowls they eat out of, etc. Comfort goods would be those goods that are not necessary for day to day life, but which make life more bearable. Salt or pepper to put on food, nice furniture, or some simple perfume so you don't offend your neighbors with your stench. Luxuries would be those goods which are both expensive and opulent, good for showing off, but not necessarily good for anything else. Things like gold and diamond jewellery, silk coats dyed royal purple, marble statues and so on. For simplicity's sake, it might be better to classify them as lower, middle, and upper class goods. Classifications I am imagining would just denominate how the good is generally used. The idea being that citizens will then have the ability to demand a wide range of goods, and not just consider themselves satisfied because their house is filled with carpets and nothing else. The way I am imagining it, you'd have the following categories. -Housewares: Pottery, glassware, iron cookware... the things you'd use for cooking, eating and/or storing food and liquids. -Textiles: Wool cloth, leather, dyed silk... the things you would use for clothing, bedding, tapestries, or rugs. - Cuisine: Spices, herbs, salt, oil, sauce... things you would use to enhance or accompany food, but would not provide vital nutrition on their own. -`Furniture: Baskets, Wooden furniture, lacquered chests, mirrors... basically furniture you would bring into your house to sit on, lay down on, eat off of, or store things in. - Intoxicants: Beer, wine, tobacco, coffee... basically things that are consumed by your people for their chemical effects, not their nutritional value. - Aromatics: Incense, perfume, soap... things that smell nice and help to cover up or eliminate unpleasant odors. -Illumination: Candles, oil, gas lanterns... used to provide light during the night-time. - Decoration: Jewelry, Statues, Decorative urns, oil paintings... Things that are mostly useful for looking good and showing off I also had the idea to have a category for medicines, which would tell doctors what to stock in their clinics. Basically the system would work is that each house has certain quality and category needs that must be fulfilled for it to be happy. (Ideally there would be many different ways of fulfilling these needs so that no two cities have to rely on the same goods, resources, or infrastructure to stay happy.) For example one house could be satisfied with date wine, stoneware pottery, linen cloth, cedar chests, and salt. While another house could be satisfied with barley beer, earthenware pottery, wool cloth, reed baskets, and lavender perfume. This could also expand to other buildings like industries, or even public buildings like temples that can be set to consume different categories of goods. For example a temple consuming incense and candles.
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    I know it's been a while that this was posted, but I finally figured out the problem for this. It will be fixed in the next update.
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    I don't think I've posted here before so let me take this opportunity to say Hello from the other side. I must have called a thousand times.
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    At this point I feel what's most needed are rowboats, barges, canal boats etc... of different sizes, shapes and colors
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    Limits: What they are, and what they aren't. There's 3 topics that are going to be discussed here: 1) The resource limit that a building uses. 2) The resource limit that is displayed on the buildings UI box. 3) The flag that is given to a produced resource. These are 3 separate and distinct things. They only interact in the tiniest of ways. Each production building has a resource limit that it looks to when deciding whether or not to produce a resource. If that resource limit is reached, then work will stop. Seems fairly straight-forward, right? But what happens when the resource being produced is different than the resource limit being used? Take the Plantation for example. It uses the Dry Goods Limit, but can produce regular food. But when you mismatch limits with resource flags, strange behavior can occur. The Plantation will look at the Dry Goods limit to decide whether or not to work, but then you harvest regular edible food, and nothing is counted toward your limit. So as long as your Dry Goods Limit is not at it's max, it will continue to grow food past your Food Limit, because the Plantation doesn't care about your Food Limit. On the other hand, if your Dry Goods is maxed out, then it will stop producing food, even if you are starving, because, again, it doesn't care about the Food Limit, it only cares about the Dry Goods. Just because something is grown in the Plantation has zero impact on what the resource is flagged as. Foods grown in the Plantation are exactly the same as food grown in the Crop Field. The only difference between a Crop Field and a Plantation is the limit it looks at to decide whether or not to continue to produce, that's all. The thing that decides the flag of the produced resource is the resource itself, not the building that it comes from. All versions of the resource are exactly the same, no matter the source. The other thing that people are mistaken about, sometimes, is the actual resource limit spinner (that thing with the little up/down arrows) that is displayed in the buildings window when you click on it. This actually has nothing at all to do with the actual real limit that the building is using. It's more a cosmetic helper tool. It's there to aid you, but it doesn't really affect the building itself. If you made a Bakery that displayed the Stone Limit, that wouldn't matter at all, because the real limit that it is using is hidden in the code and never displayed to the user. I wanted to post this now, because, with the Banished 1.0.7, and the new limits and new flags, there's bound to be some confusion.
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    There wont be a running Blog about the new game for quite a while, but heres a look at people that was created: We wanted very low poly and matching styles. These were created in 3dsMax and zbrush with substance painter (and I rendered with nvidia mental ray).