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    Changelog Some of the things listed here are available in MegaMod 0.06 (mostly the decorations toward the end), but here is the list of changes between CC 1.62 and 1.7. New Buildings Artisan House Gable House Captain House Captain Tower Journeyman House Journeyman Tower Old Church Seamstress Guild The Local Milking Barn Cow Parlour City Windmill Lumber Yard Large Water Tank Wild Shepherd New England Colonial Housing set Driftwood Scavenger Old Barn Barn Lean To Memorial Statue Seafarers Chapel Pine Forester Small Chapel Iron Finder Stone Finder Rustic Abode Old Boarding House City Blacksmith Stable Old Market Old Town Trading Post City Hospital Tailoring Company New Versions of Old Buildings Bakery Weavers Dairy Carver Edibles Market Updates to Food Trading Post Updates to Dry Goods Trading Post One Room Schoolhouse F variant with no fence New Roads/Bridges Gravel Road Soil Road Dock Road Covered Bridge Old Creek Bridge Rock Bridge Stone Bridge Split New Terrains/Starting Conditions Cold Valley Terrain Swamp Lakes Terrain Shipwreck Start Condition Northern Pines Starting Condition Abandoned Village Starting Condition New Decorations White Picket Fence set Tall Wood Fence set City Wall set Ground Cover Plants Cleaning Items decorations set 3 Ruin Monuments City Wall Doorway Decoration City Gallows Garden Beds set Jungle Plants Shore Rocks Dock Fence Dock Rail Deco/Ghost Windmill Deco/Ghost Playground Deco/Ghost Trough Verdant Plains Ground Square Deco Bamboo Tree Ghost Picket Fences Ghost Tall Wood Fences Ghost Flowerbeds Ghost Flowers Ghost Statues <- on corners Ghost Sign Posts Ghost Crops <- on corners Ghost Resource Piles <- on corners Ghost Hedges Ghost Fruit Trees <- Vanilla trees on corners Ghost Wild Trees <- Vanilla trees on corners Ghost New Trees Other Ghost Decorations Ghost Wood Fence set Ghost Edge Wood Fence set Sturdy Stone Wall Edge set Colonial Wall Diagonals Ghost Water Wheels Ghost Sturdy Stone Wall set Ghost Sturdy Stone Wall Edge set Ghost Wire Fence set Wire Fence Edge set Ghost Wire Fence Edge set Colonial Wall Edge set Ghost Colonial Wall set Ghost Colonial Wall Edge set Ghost Stone Wall set Ghost Stone Wall Edge set Palisade Towers Tall Ghost Garden Beds set Ghost Cleaning set 2 Wide Hedge Arch Colored Tulip decorations Ghost vanilla Stone and Iron 2 additional Decorative Crosses Other New Ambient Sounds Ghost Animals centered on squares (except vanilla) All Walls/Fences don't flatten terrain Most decorations don't flatten terrain Marble Statue F variant Old Oil Press added to the Old Buildings 2 New Loading Screens Increase livestock lifespan for reproductive purposes Separated Quay Wall Trim straight and diagonal pieces Crop Field/Pasture/Orchard/Plantation default to 1 Added Beans/Squash/Orange/Tulip to Tinneries Fixed Privy bug that would stop builders from buildings
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    Hello there! New members please take a moment to introduce yourself. If you're an existing member perhaps you can spare a moment to give us an update I live in Australia with my pet doggo Stevie. I enjoy city building and base building games. I also enjoy turn based strategy of all kinds.
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    Here is an unpainted terrain island generated exclusively from code. It represents a size of up to 20 kilometers x 20 kilometers (our game is being created in a 3d scale of 1:1 with real life). It generates very quickly and is high performance, showing the cap of 120fps. This is not the standard unreal engine terrain system, we are not using that. We use C++ code to manipulate polygons into a terrain 3d mesh that will give us control of terraforming tools in game, such as flatten.
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    I made this windmill to test the rotating animation in Unreal Engine. Once we get it into the engine fully, it will serve as an example to us for animating a wide range of buildings.
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    I don't always watch for deaths, once I get a stable population, but super wide comments in the event log catch my eye, and a couple of them so far have been hilarious. Shot attached here is for Alonzalo who was killed at work as a glassmaker. Then last night there was a message about someone who somehow got boxed up in a crate (HOW does that even happen?) but I did not get to him in time to take another screenshot, sorry. Anyone have other shots/stories of goofy ways banished folk die?
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    The village of Beagleville was unfortunately destroyed by marauding wild tigers (and a rumored walrus). The two lone survivors Adam and Eve Hound escaped by jumping on an Industry Supplier's passing boat and sailed upriver, spending many weeks on deck, grieving over their lost neighbors and lost reserves of fancy homewares . After giving the trader their last bucket of sand, they were forced to leave ship. Only with the clothes on their backs and 150 apples the Hounds started anew. Being a prideful sort, Adam Hound named the new settlement Houndtown. Eve Hound frets over the cumbersome size of the stockpile but with four children, one of them still 0 years old, she has more pressing matters on her mind as of late.
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    Not so much death ... just weird, haha.
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    Incest is starting to take it's toll Edit: More bannies lost their lives My bannies stand on both sides of the law. But no one could argue they don't take their job seriously. Edit 2: Gotta love some of these, especially the farmer getting keelhauled
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    I had one yesterday that just said "Tilly the child has died" There was no other explanation, the weather & temperature were good so it wasn't death from exposure. There was plenty of food so it wasn't starvation. Tilly just stopped being alive And then this one today was amusing...
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    Only had Central Markets in my town and both are storing the luxuries. I do have Ridiculous Storage and quite sure it is going to be v16 or older, but haven't had a chance to look. Issue doesn't actually bother me so probably will just leave it until I get around to it. Just was chiming in to support @eumelbear and make sure he knew he was not crazy. Or at least not any more crazy than the rest of us.
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    I did not see your post khemari, but guess what? I just figured this out for myself Color me stupid. I did not know I could just move the documents folder to another drive, but now I do! Solution to problem was so simple! And you're right, it does start up faster and I found out on Windows 10 in settings, storage, you can tell windows where to save each folder, which was a handy thing I overlooked...
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    Hi, you got me curious and I went googling and found this at http://www.dummies.com/computers/operating-systems/windows-10/how-to-change-the-location-of-user-folders-in-windows-10/ I had Banished already installed on an SSD C drive with it saving to Documents on C drive. So I tried relocating the Documents folder to an external drive and it works very well - Banished can both read old saves and write new ones!!!!!! First impression is that Banished gameplay is running much faster like this - which may be because the SSD is now less burdened. Hmmm ... think I might do the same with my Desktop and Downloads.
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    This looks great. It's wonderful to hear that the game is progressing. Having seen everything you've done with Banished, with all the limitations, I can't wait to see (and pre-order!) your own game.
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    After playing with this system (introduced at WoB) for a while now, I got to say it agrees with me very much... personally I find it easier to look for this house or that barn when the toolbar is sorted according to the modders, as RedK suggests. * Just my thoughts, even if I'm "out-of-competition" (no vote) for MM...
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    Gotcha. That's a shame, but I can work with that. EDIT: A few more little fun ones, then I'll get back to the main event. Skylights A cubby house A tool shed (colours are for textures of hanging tools I'm working on) And my favourite so far, an outdoor oven Now, back to work on the real stuff... doing Town Centers (slow going)
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    Yesterday I was shocked, 3 new ways for me came up ... 1 Farmer died: undescriptively 1 Fisherman died: drowning (never saw that before) And I can't remember the 3rd, lol, it was just odd!!
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    Just as khemari and I both figured out, you can very easily move your documents folder to the second hard drive. Works like a charm. I hope it works for you! Of course if not enough RAM is the problem, then that's another thing to tackle...
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    Hello everyone, I live in Canada. I've enjoyed Banished off and on for a few years now. It was exciting to see the latest version Journey was available and that got me playing again. Thanks to the Devs for your passion and hard work! Cheers!
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    Many of the drawings I see look like the red desert terrain and have rather smooth hills. Add red rocks. Maybe design some decorative spires and odd-looking large stones, some in oranges or even purples that people can add. Need different looking trees/plants. (Although re-coloring some of the current trees might do the trick). I don't think you can recolor the sky and water can you? Unfortunately, you can't modify the look of merchant boats to look like shuttle craft! But it's an interesting idea.
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    A space themed DLC. To make an off world colony. Air as a required resource (Like food). Themed buildings. Etc.
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    you can put red dirt texture to the ground.... but no way to make the mountains look like if they would be from mars, the shape of those i mean ....
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    Actually, I do remember a discussion along these lines. All that's needed is a modder (or 2 or 3) willing to give up all of his free time for the foreseeable future
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    hehe. first time i am seeing that one very original ^^
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    Hi there, Excellent! Thanks a million. Just tested it, works a treat. Thanks again! Best, Eumelbear
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    Found it, great thank you.
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    Not like it's your bank website. You think someone is going to hack your account here and post porn or something?
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    Mine is on my C: Drive - note that some people put games on the D or some other drive. For me this is where WinData is: This PC > Local Disk (C:) > Program Files (x86) > Steam > steamapps > common > Banished > WinData Hope this helps
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    I do believe it's not possible to mod, since there are no such mods around for years?
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    Hello all, been a long time banished player, CC was the first real MOD that made this game that much better. of course steam was a bit underwhelming with mods, and i have visited this site many times before. Finally decided to stop lurking and join up! Looking forward to trying all the new mods!
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    Here is a new picture. It's sunny, and you can see the "neighborhood" of the bootleggers and smugglers.
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    Greetings! I'm of the female persuasion and inhabit an insanely small realm located inside the territory of Ohio within the boarders of the kingdom Usa. *Snickers softly and grins* I enjoy a variety of games. My passion lies in RP, but I prefer to stream building and simulation games. I recently started streaming and it was obtaining our gaming rig that allowed me the ability to use Colonial Charter: Journey. I am in L--V-E! I'll have to try to remember to take some screen shots of my Banished town. I'm in year 92 with almost 400 citizens. I use CC and the Increased Resources Combined together. I'm gonna shut up now before I seriously fan girl myself into oblivion... *Bites her lower lip as if to force herself to remain quiet, then turns to run deeper into the labyrinth of the forum, blurting out one last thing before vanishing.* Happy Gaming!
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    yes, I did ask there and I got no help. Apparently it's not a steam thing anyway, it's up to the game on where it wants to store games. And this is a brand new computer and so I did find the instructions to install steam on my D drive, which I did, but banished still wants the saves on the C drive... thanks though...
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    You'll notice in your screenshot that the MegaMod.pkm file *almost* 2GB. For some reason, I could never get the game to play if a single mod was larger than 2GB. So I cut a large piece of the mod out and made it into a separate mod. http://blackliquidsoftware.com/index.php?/files/category/8-megamod/ There's the main MegaMod and then there's the MegaMod Deco Pack. You need both to get everything.
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    Do they let people pass even after a long time? There is a weird little thing in the game where the citizens will walk through newly built objects if they have already been assigned pathing by the ai. If they've already started their journey from point A to point B they ignore newly built fences in their path. But then, after things are built, they should route around it. Is this what you're seeing? Or are they ignoring fences even after they've been built for years?
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    Fences in the regular Decorations toolbar shouldn't let people walk through them. Fences in the Ghost Decorations toolbar will let people walk through them.
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    On the 'World of Banished' site is a neat little mod that can be used for invisible crowd control, An Empty Square V102 by: Necora Here is the link to the download : http://worldofbanished.com/index.php?action=downloads;sa=view;down=29 Great little mod.
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    I think it would be cool if there was an industrial hemp and a medicinal one.
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    I must admit I am intrigued now. If this is a Banished sequel, count me IN! If it's not, it is still very interesting. See this: The only software I've purchased since the year 2000 has been Windows, Age of Empires Gold, and Banished. If you can match anything like those aforementioned titles, then I will buy it. -John
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    We're working doing some fine tuning of the production numbers. In the next iteration, the current numbers may get changed.
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    @Takit Just wanted to say that the way you set up that bootlegger & smuggler outpost is great! And it's a nifty way to incorporate the Town Arrival piece. It looks really good and inspires me to try and copy it in one of my towns @Goblin Girl I'm still grinning from your comment!
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    Perhaps @Kralyerg would like to take a look at it when he has a chance?
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    The old and new chandlery do have the same size and footprints.