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    Colonial Charter 1.75 is available for download. Rearrage Refined Production toolbar to better reflect the new resource flags and limits. Fix general markets that should not be storing Luxuries Allow Trading Posts to set autopurchase for new resource flags Add new subtoolbars for Market Stalls, Market Carts, Specialized Storage Barns No real big changes. Just some minor updates. Unless there's some big bugs that are found, this should be the last update to the 1.7x line.
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    * Housing by Despo, Turbulence is a WiP by Necora
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    Since I registered on the site, a few days ago, it has grown in me the desire to create mods. Obviously the first mod is a house And obviously again I'm following the Discrepancy's tutorial on WoB (thank you very much @Discrepancy ) I'm still trying to understand how to position in the right way the model over the placeBitArray and the placeBits, and I want to perfect the textures, but this is the result for now. I'm quite satisfied I have a question about AO: I used "Smart UV Project", like suggested by @Necora, I made the bake render and I've inverted the Image Colors, like suggested by @Discrepancy. Everything works fine, but in game there are a few white stripes between the faces, especially between wooden beams and the plaster facades. Did I do something wrong? I rely on you experienced modders
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    He sure is! Meanwhile it's time for another sneak peek! Probably one of the last ones before beta release, as I am finishing up the last bits and pieces before I can deliver a well polished first version. I still have many things on my list that I want to add or improve, but I have to draw a line for myself somewhere . If not I would well be capable of working to infinity and beyond, without ever releasing anything because I never quite feel that it's finished. Anyway, on to the content! The first thing I have plunged myself into this week is designing a building for the Thatcher. After several failed attemps, my conclusion is that buildings are hard. For the moment I have chosen to use the apiary example as a template, and adapt it to my wishes. This is going ok for now, but it's not in a showable state yet. What I can show are the final two resource overhauls (for now). The first is Oniovation, consisting of two onion colour variants. The second is the Root of All-ternation (another reason why I should finish up; I'm running out of puns). This one consists of a turnip, two carrot variants and three radish variants. The radishes will be annual roots, while the carrots and turnip are perennial.
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    Ok. Now the second house satisfies me!
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    Here some more with this new technique...
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    A little update and a question: - I've realized the first accessory building: a small courtyard with a little vegetable garden. It works like a storage, the garden is just a decoration. - And here came the question! I set it as a generic storage with the five vanilla flags, but I would also include the new flags. What should I do? Simply add the flags at the code below, or are there more files to add/edit ? And what is the exact name of the flags to use to be compatible with CC? @Kralyerg, I need your help! Be patient with a newbie StorageDescription storage { RawMaterialFlags _storageFlags = Edible | Tool | Health | Clothing | Textile; bool _areaBasedLimit = false; bool _available = false; int _volumeLimit = 1000; } A pair of pictures of my new creation All my things together
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    Some images of the two houses together
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    Below is a link to a .pdf file listing everything as shown in CC 1.75's Toolbars. This is a 6-page, 2-column document and it is current as of today (3/28/17). Here's the LINK.
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    A small preview of the v1.1 Large accessory storage
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    Enjoy! Map Old Redoubt, Native Village Silent Brothers Monastery Old Ferry Landing, Distillers Village, Millers Point Nomad Settlement and Market New Farms, Stables, Ketchup- and Fodder Production, Fishmarket Fuel Village Old Central Markets Small Trader Overview Some Data...
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    I have started to play around with some more decorations. This time I've made a 'paintable' water square, to make a pond on land. There are currently 3 F-variants of a center piece, corner piece, and edge piece (which will be turned into individual buttons because it is annoying). I need to play around with the edges, they are rather harsh. But, the water does 'move' slightly (like the trees to in the wind) so this gives the pond a nice, but subtle, bit of movement to it. I plan to make some at a couple of sunken stages so you can ultimately build a stream through your town to the river. I'll also make some rapids and turbulence sections for this. And some diagonal pieces too. I will probably work on this while listening to the hockey tonight, then share it tomorrow. But for now, thanks to the decorations included in CC and a few of my own, we have a nice, custom DIY reflection pond
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    Don't leave in a huff... It's not so much that there is no interest, you do raise some valid points... but you may have underestimated the uncomfortable limitations our modders have to work with. The ModKit is a nasty "tool" - actually there is no tool... changing one bit in a mod means riding through thousands of lines of code, then recompile the whole thing... so the tiniest tweak turns into a major chore. Innovation within Banished means breaking out of the tight modkit, bending, nay - twisting the "rules" in order to "work around" limitations.. so yeah, sometimes at the cost of "balancing". It's rather natural that modding goes off in different directions - some want it harder, some want it more beautiful, some more efficient, some more streamlined, some want cowboys and indians, some want pyramids and sphinx... and so on - immersion takes all kinds, and modders are hard put to cater to all.
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    Zoom hack is trippy...
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    Just a new town I'm working on, not totally keen on the town name so may change later, its a decent "working title" for now tho Ok, so this is "downtown", this is were the original settlement started and has grown to support the overall infrastructure, tool production, food, clothes etc Still relying on low tech food production, fields, pastures, fish, I have a few productions lines set up but they only produce a fraction of the overall food per year Planning to add Tinned food production lines soon as my overall populous increased dramatically in the last 25 years, currently at total 782 breaks down to 517/46/219 And this is a peak at the main project, another working title, "Fort Kickass"? hahaha
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    The independent state of Timbledo - no trade post, no "traditional" foresters... Homestead Woodcamp Market Shaman Stronghold Farm Winter Data Production Population Seed: 767 639 289, Lake Waters, med, Marine, Northern Pines med Mods used: ColonialCharterJ.pkm DSBridgeCrossing.pkm DSCelticHouse.pkm DSCrestBlacksmith.pkm DSSmallVillageHomes.pkm DSSmallVillageServices.pkm DSStoneHovels.pkm DSStorage.pkm elfStorageCarts4v104b.pkm ForestDeep.pkm ForestOutpost.pkm HouseSmall.pkm iSeeFire.pkm RKFirewoodStorage.pkm RKGardenWallsUtility.pkm TinySmallBarns.pkm TrainingCampDeco.pkm TrainingCampMain.pkm TrainingCampStorage.pkm WorkPlace.pkm ----- My Journals & Movies -----
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    I've updated the Production, Construction and Storage spreadsheets for CC 1.75.
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    Thanks! I'll try to build on yours tips! For now I made it in this way:
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    Alternatively, there should be a link at the top of the page that says "Downloads". This page has the latest updates, with CC and MM at the top. I'm not sure when the next update of MM will be. With everyone updating the individual mods for 1.0.7 and the new community toolbar, it's going to take a bit of work to update MM. There has always been a desire amongst players for a CC Lite version. A version of CC without the crazy production chains. I've been thinking about it. In the next version of CC I'm going to attempt to rebuild things in a more orderly fashion behind the scenes. It won't affect game play much, but it will make things easier to work with under the hood. At the same time I'm doing that, it might just be possible to concurrently make a CC Lite without too much trouble. Maybe.
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    @KevinTheCynic that's odd. I've not noticed any problems with them. I have no idea what would lead to an auto save error, I don't know what would effect that of the things I mod, @Kralyerg do you know why this might be? Is it just the fishing shacks or the trade post? The fishing shacks are basic buildings, nothing special about the coding in them so I have no idea why they would crash out. The trader however might be an error somewhere in the new limits/code or something, but again I don't see why because it was a straight copy of what people had out there. Odd that moving it above other mods resolved the issue. I wonder if it is because it was compiled with the first 1.0.7 mod kit and stuff, and something changed since then? I have to update the texture names and food resources in that mod anyway to prevent odd compatibility issues, so perhaps I'll do an update of it some time soon with the newest mod kit. I also want to make the food output more similar between species. I like the variation, but it is too much atm when you get a couple of hundred of 1 and double another with the same work effort and value out etc. As for a general update to what I am doing atm, well, not a lot! I've been playing around with this and that lately, but as the day light hours are getting longer my modding time is getting shorter. I seem to be working on a couple of avenues, and flipping between them each time I fire up blender. Some Sherbrooke here, decorations there, a bit of storage, and some Port Royal rarely in between. Also, I have got involved in a couple of projects at work that are taking up more time, and threatening to take up most time. I might be incognito for a couple of months during the summer due to some field work. So that is why I have slowed down a bit on getting the teasers I've been sharing lately actually released! So we'll see what I can get done over the next couple of months. I hope at least to get the Sherbrooke set done and bug fix/balance everything out there now. So after saying that, here are some things I have managed to play with. First, some little riffle decorations to be placed by the river, that will hopefully liven up the river banks with some steam, foam, and turbulence. More (including a test download) can be found >HERE<. Below we see them with @Discrepancy 's bridge and boat and some CC reeds and willows. And also I had a bit of time to clean up some buildings in the storage add on. I've given them some more detail, made them look better, and added a tool shed. I plan to add a couple of different small storage options to this, a dry/textiles storage, some materials storage.
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    yeah but part of the problem is have all of us "active moddlers" 100% adherate to the way CC they decided to do things like : Charcoal, Furnace Fuel, Building Supplies, Homewares, and Fancy Homeware..... you call my "roof tiles" as obscure material. why it is "obscur ??" roof tiles have been used since thousands of years. so why obscur ? because CC hasnt made it first before i did ? why isnt the supplies, homewares and fancies arent THE obscure materials ? this is because you set, from the start, that CC is THE only and unique "rule" and everyone that doesnt go the way CC did (with their own obscure decisions), it automatically make them "THE" obscure moddlers. all of us , "obscure" and "unknown" moddlers we are making our best to make it "compatible" with CC because we know more than half players use that mod. we know it. and now, Do we need to "100% accept" all the "obscure chains" they [CC] decided and not want to make our own way ? and denied all our own visions of things , of chains ? Megamod is a huge project lead by @Kralyerg. and it is the most huge task ever made in this game. it is already extremly hard to deal with all the billions of files, of things... yes "billions" !!!! a huge mess of billion files put all together and he tries his best to make all these work together. (only him could do that!!) and following your mind, and what you've been asked, he needs to "delete" all the entities these mods have and redo all the templates these mods have and make them 100% assimilated like if they never existed outside "CC" , deleting their "souls" and "their way to do things" because whatever hasnt been done first in "CC" are obscure and need to be deleted. A good part of the goal of this Megamod, was to integrate all the "other" visions the "other moddlers" had when they created their mods and SHARE it with people in one and unique MOD, the Mother Mod of all the mods Part of the goal was to SHARE all the "Entities" and "Souls" all these mods have, and this is what is the most important. but all i always says to @Kralyerg : he has everything and he can do whatever he wants with these. i always 100% supported him.
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    An inn is on the list The next style of housing for this set has begun to take shape...
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    I made a trade boat passable piece, and also some corners and more stairs to make it all neater. Now there are 11 bridge parts, a dam, and the mill. And I decided I absolutely hate how Bannies cut corners.
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    Thanks @KevinTheCynic! Ok guys! The time has come! In the download section you can find "D20 Medieval Houses" v1.0 Report to me any problems
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    As a follow up the the last post, I have had a start at the Port Royal set. So far, the blacksmith and bakery have been re-built. I have also been playing with the two level houses to smarten them up a bit and stop overlapping textures from coming out funky in game. Now they fit the tiles exactly from left to right, and only overhang on the front and back.
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    Hiya...yup I have those withdrawals lol....its strange to look back and the very original vanilla game and wonder just how I played it...there was literally not a lot to it..then came the talented modders and a whole new game was born!
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    The second medieval house is ready! (or almost ready, at least ) I have to remove the snow under the roof and fix a couple of details. I managed to put both buildings in the same mod, and that makes me happy (thanks again @Discrepancy and @Ketchup!!! )
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    It's quite easy and fast to do and add a bit of realism
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    Glad you like it. I've attached the zip to this message so you can test out Version 2 of the Riffle WIP. By the way, in case anyone was wondering, riffle is a term for fast moving stretch of river, also rapids if you like. I chose riffle though because it sounds funnier. In this next version, you'll find... 1x ghost water steam particle. 1x ghost water foam particle. 4x ghost turbulence textures, all below water level, each with three different angles. These textures have the foliage material so they have a pronounced movement when placed. 4x digging tools = 0m, -0.25m, -0.50m, and -0.75m. 3x ground level (0m) water squares = a corner, an edge, and a center piece. These all have a foliage material on the center of them, to give some nice ripple like movement. 3x lower level water squares = -0.25m, -0.50m, and -0.75m. 3x sloping water squares = from 0m to -0.25m, from -0.25m to -0.50m, and from -0.50m to -0.75m. These have a turbulence texture overlaid on top that has the foliage material and gives them some movement. All pieces are ghosted and free to build, apart from the digging tools which are free but not ghosted... they need to be deleted to work. Known bugs - for some reason, the foam particle 'breaks' at some point. It does nothing bad to the game, it just freezes and becomes a star in the water. I have no idea why this happens, so need to dig into the particle system a bit more. No ghosted items here change terrain height, so you need to use the digging tools to make a sloping river. These (in combination with CC and other maritimes mods in these screen shots) should allow you to make something along the lines of this... MaritimesRiffleWIPv2.zip
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    congratulations Despo !! beautiful work !!
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    Alright @Bartender *cracks knuckles* lets give this a go! So... as noticed over at WOB, the mod crashes when used above the Pine Set in the load order. Pine Set needs to be 1st, with Natural Diversity 2nd and it seems to run OK (in my limited testing so far). Things are beautiful... I need to try the zoom hack to get the real beauty of it all though. I didn't think I would, but I do like the requirement of thatch for the vanilla buildings. I wasn't sure about altering those, but it does make them more interesting and it is rather easy to come by so it is not like you suddenly can't build a gatherer straight away because of lack of thatch. So bonus points for extra realism. A couple of things... did you intend for anything to sway in the wind? If you could make the grass sway in the wind, it would be really cool. It looks quite static right now next to the trees. It should be just a case of adding another UV channel to the grass, depending on what material you use for it. You could also do it for the flowers, that would be cool. Also, in the thatch building, do you know you can change the icon for the resource limit? At the moment it is the standard bricks, but you can customize it to be the small icon for thatch. Some might like the standard limit icon there, but I really like customizing the limit icon in each building UI to the main output of that building. If you want, here is the code from the lobster boat that makes lobster the icon... it is the labelDescription labelLimit part of the UI code at the bottom of the template file. Change the last two lines, linking to your sprite sheet rather than the new limits one. LabelDescription labelLimit { Alignment _alignment = MidLeft; Font _font = "Font\FontSmall.rsc"; int _imageWidth = 20; int _imageHeight = 20; int _spacing = 4; LabelPosition _labelPosition = TextRight; Alignment _textAlignment = MidLeft; StringTable _stringTable = "Dialog/NewLimitStringTable.rsc:gameDialogs"; String _text = "FoodLimit"; SpriteSheet _spriteSheet = "UI/NSInshoreSpriteSheet.rsc"; String _spriteName = "Lobster"; } One of my forest blueberry bushes made its way into your meadow, along with a couple of apple trees... I love that my chanterelles look like they oould be from the same pack as your mushrooms! And the fiddlehead and apple trees go nicely on the forest/meadow edge (if you can make it out in the shadows). That is all I got for now, I'll do some more playing! Looking fantastic.
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    Thanks Kevin! I'm at work on a pair of F key variants, after which I will release the v1.0
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    I'll just pretend that it's two likes ! Here's the very very last sneek peak (or sneak peek if you will), introducting the thatcher's shed: I'm not overly proud of it, but it will do for the time being. As you can see I kept the style as close to vanilla as possible, as I was afraid of creating a visual dissonance if I were to experiment with new textures. I might update this one day, but for now I feel like returning to natural things. With this building, I have completed all meshes that are going to be in v1.0! I am currently testing the spawnrates (balancing them is turning out to be difficult), after which I will release this into the wild!
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    I'm a little late to this, but I can shed a little light on the WeakComponentDescription problem. The CC "Wild Things" map has like 30 things listed there, so there's no actual cap. The game won't compile things that are *only* listed in the WeakComponentDescription list. Normally, if you have, say, a building that you list in your mods Resources file, when it's compiling, it sees that your building is referencing the things its producing and it compiles those as well. So you don't have to list every single item in your Resources file. But, for some reason, it kind of ignores the things listed in WeakComponentDescription. So when you try and load that starting condition, it's looking for something that isn't there. But then, when you added it to the Rock spawn, it does see it, because it does go through the Rocks file and sees the other files it references. So, to fix this, all you need to do is to add your NaturalResourceGrass.rsc to the list in your mods Resources file. Then it will be compiled correctly and you won't get that error when you load the map. Did that make any sense at all?
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    Last night I made some in game screenshots to take inspiration for my mod from the splendid works of Discrepancy, and I noticed that your trees @Necora are very nice also in the foreground!!! I like these trees!
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    Thanks for clarifying @Ketchup! While it's a shame that we can't have edibles and herbs be grown by a forester type of building, it makes sense concidering the fact that we have gatherers and herbalists for those. @stiles Basically, the 'gathering items' normally get spawned by the trees. This is why they only grow in forests, they simply don't spawn in places where there are no trees. A big downside of this is indeed that they are barely visible, which is one of the main reasons why I wanted more open fields. What I did is to have the grasses spread through the map similarly to the trees, creating patches of forest and patches of grasses. Then I set the herbs, roots, and onions and the like to be spawned by the grass instead of by the forest (the forest still spawns mushrooms, herbs and blueberries, otherwise the forests would be empty). You can see this in the screenshot below: all the flowering plants you see have been naturally spawned by the grass. You raise a good point that having the thatch only as a construction material is a bit meager. I am thinking about other ways to use it, for example as food for animals, or perhaps to make paper. Any suggestions are welcome!
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    Hi all haven't been around in a while. My computer is not doing well with the new banished 1.7 so I haven't been able to play for a while. (since mid February when I went on vacation and came back to the new update) Mostly my fault because I know I need a new computer and haven't got one yet. Needless to say Ive been going through strong banished withdrawals (lol) and ease the situation by looking up all the new content that's coming out. There are so many awesome mods that come out almost daily it seems. Any way there really isn't a point to this other than to say I love you guys @BlackLiquidTeam for making the mega mod and taking the time to put all these things together. I'm patiently waiting for the next one to come out and hopefully by then I will have a new computer to play it on.
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    Below are links to the Production, Construction and Storage spreadsheets for CC 1.75. To print, make sure you specify Landscape and Fit Columns on One Page. (Best to print preview before printing so there are no surprises.) CC 1.75 Construction Spreadsheet: HERE CC 1.75 Production Spreadsheet: HERE CC 1.75 Storage Spreadsheet: HERE
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    There's a great many other things that have priority over modding in general I'm afraid , though I have been spending a conciderable amount of my free time on this. Concidering Natural Diversity, I have made big progress on something that has been on my mind for quite a while: One issue I had with vanilla Banished is that it has only one habitat type: forest. Many of my new herb meshes are actually meadow plants, that need lots of sunlight and would not be found in a forest at all. What's more is that some of the resources, namely roots and onions, tend to grow in meadows rather than in forests as well. In conclusion, I wanted to add meadows to the natural world of Banished. Today, in some kind of freak accident of messing around with the code (I still don't quite know how and why it works, but it does), I have managed to do exactly that. I'm still fiddling with the spawnrates, but the idea is that the world will have patches of meadows, forest and intermediate zones. meadows will then spawn herbs (meadow meshes), onions and roots, while the forest will spawn herbs (forest meshes), mushrooms and blueberries. Other than an increase in diversity of the landscape, this also gives some opportunities for interesting game mechanics. For gathering huts, which resources they can gather depends on wether there is forest or meadow in their influence zone. For herbalists, which areas are best for them to gather herbs in will depend on the season, as annual herbs grow only in meadows (in summer the meadows will give higher yield, in winter the forest will give more). Lastly, the grasses that populate the meadows give me the chance to solve another tiny thing that annoyed me in vanilla Banished: many of the basic buildings have thatched roofs, but thatch as a resource does not exist. When harvested, these new grasses will give the 'thatch' material, which is used for construction of all buildings with thatched roofs.
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    I finally understood how to accurately position the model in game! Now the road fits perfectly with the building. Maybe I can add a road tile in point (1) and a toolshed or something like that in point (2).
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    Great! I'm glad to have helped. I love this community. Very creative and collaborative
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    It worked! Thanks again @despo20! left is before, right is after. Photoshop is amazing indeed. I have been messing around with it for quite a while, but I'm still discovering new things every time.
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    Just for future reference, if other people see this. Hardwood foresters will take several years to actually produce any hardwood. They have to remove all the "regular" trees from their circle and then plant the "hardwood" trees. Then the hardwood trees have to mature and then they can be harvested for hardwood. So it will look like they're producing Logs for a while, but that's just because they're still clearing out the non-hardwood trees that they don't want in their circle.
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    alright , i guess i ll do that just finished what i ve been asked : Japanese cheery trees in 3 different models (1 normal, 1 in a umbrella shape, and 1 in between), in 3 different colors (white, rose original, and red) now i need to make a bamboo forest
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    Thanks @Ketchup. but my experience ends where yours experience starts. Blender is totally new for me (I like to learn new software); UV mapping and Ambient Occlusion are used in a different way in game design. Not to mention the code!!! I've a lot to learn from you. For the timing... I do not know exactly how much time I spent on it. I started Monday I just completed this week the final design of an airport terminal on the job, all in 3D modelling... I work on this small house in the breaks to relax @Necora I don't use the alpha channel. I simply painted on a new upper layer with multiply overlay. In summer it seems just a little dirty or worn. Probably on a white or light colored surface it can be much evident. I used RGB 50,50,50. 100% black is excessive. You can use also the alpha channel, but don't use a 100% black.
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    Very clear, very helpful and many many thanks @Necora!!! Thank you very much for the compliments everybody! I want to model a lot of medieval buildings full of odd angles, nooks and crannies! And now that the AO is perfect (thank you again Necora), I have to solve a little problem with the normals of the stone walls in the building phases
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    Thank you guys! A quick test with the default AO. It seems better. Maybe a little too dark... I need to run more tests! Yes, I know
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    ^ I couldn't have said it better myself. All indeed depends on what your reason is to play the game. One option I'm concidering is to create two separate versions of the mod; one that is only a visual update without any gameplay changes, and one that would include new resources and the likes. To steer the discussion back to Natural Diversity (I have enjoyed the conversation so far, though perhaps if we want it to continue it would deserve it's own thread), I have finished the Herbiversity part of the mod (for now at least, new ideas might pop up like flowers in spring). These are the herbs that made the final cut. Each again with three meshes, and the ones with flowers will have those wilt in winter. I'm not yet sure what the next part of the mod is going to be. I have been playing around a bit with some Alternative Rocks, but the recent discussion has also given me ideas for some Berryation. I'm also not sure on when to release the first version of the mod. Is it common to release partial mods and update them regularly, or would people find it annoying to have to redownload it every few weeks?