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    Hello friends. I've just gotten over being a bit unwell so apologies for not being around the last week or 2. Those of you who were members on our old forums will remember we were developing a new game. It's still going ahead. Recently we added a dedicated programmer to our team, who basically pointed out that there's a much better way to do things than we had been developing. Well, I mean to say we teamed up our teams together. Yes I think that's more accurate lol. So, from learning unity engine we have now shifted to using unreal engine as a base. We have a lot of ideas for code and a rather large feature list but essentially we want to make something awesome. Initially I can share that we are extremely interested in optional multiplayer Co op. We will have animated buildings. We aim to allow modding to be very modular and we want to encourage it long term. By that I mean we hope this is an ongoing project for many years that can keep growing and being interesting. Other than this, I don't have much to share right now. Oh, im designing a full new set of 3d content customised to the new game. This will be done with a passion that I never put into CC, not because I didn't want to, but because cc has always been a hobby and not something we fully own, relying so much on Banished... So that's it for now. In the future we'll be looking for suggestions and such but for now we have colonial charter modular version to do and I have some new ideas for some themed sets
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    Colonial Charter 1.75 is available for download. Rearrage Refined Production toolbar to better reflect the new resource flags and limits. Fix general markets that should not be storing Luxuries Allow Trading Posts to set autopurchase for new resource flags Add new subtoolbars for Market Stalls, Market Carts, Specialized Storage Barns No real big changes. Just some minor updates. Unless there's some big bugs that are found, this should be the last update to the 1.7x line.
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    NEW GAME SETTINGS TERRAIN TYPES Valleys original Banished Mountains original Banished Flat Plains CC Lake Waters CC Marsh CC 1.6 Swamp Valleys CC Bleak Mountains CC Verdant Plains CC Sand Lakes CC Desert CC Red Desert CC Swamp Lakes CC 1.7 Water World CC 1.6 Jungle Rivers CC 1.7 Cold Valleys CC 1.7 Note: If choosing a sand or desert terrain, you may also want to choose the Antilles (Palms only) start as well as a no snow / low rain climate. CLIMATE TEMPERATURE Fahrenheit Celsius High Low Tolerance* Variance* High Low Very Mild CC 80 20 1 10 27 -7 Mild Original Banished 80 20 2 20 27 -7 Fair Original Banished 80 20 5 40 27 -7 Harsh Original Banished 80 20 15 50 27 -7 Very Harsh CC 60 -5 15 25 16 -21 Mediterranean (No Snow) CC 90 40 5 20 32 4 Marine CC 83 27 5 5 28 -3 Tropical (No Snow) CC 100 60 5 20 38 16 Warm Arid (No Snow – Low Rain) CC 110 50 5 20 43 10 Harsh Arid (Very Hot & Cold) CC 110 20 10 20 43 -7 Note: some crops don’t grow well in extreme climates. * These parameters are included in the game code; however, the exact purpose is unknown. J TERRAIN SIZE Small Original Banished Medium Original Banished Large Original Banished Very Large CC STARTING CONDITIONS STANDARD STARTING CONDITIONS - All of these starts use only the trees found in original Banished. Easy (original Banished): Start with six families. A large amount of clothing, food, tools, firewood, and building materials are provided. Homes and storage areas have already been built. Seeds for crops and orchards are available (usually 2 of each) as well as a herd of livestock. Medium (original Banished): Begins with five families. Clothing, food, tools, firewood, and building materials are provided. A storage barn has already been built. Seeds for crops and orchards are available (usually 1 of each). Medium+ (CC): Begins the same as a Medium game, except a herd of livestock is included. It starts with five families. Clothing, food, tools, firewood, and building materials are provided. A storage barn has already been built. Seeds for crops and orchards are available (usually 1 of each). Hard (original Banished): Begins with four families. A small amount of food, clothing, firewood and tools are provided in a small storage cart. No homes have been built and no seeds or livestock are initially available. Adam & Eve (CC): Like a Hard start, but with only one couple. A small amount of food, clothing, firewood and tools are provided in a small storage cart. No homes have been built and no seeds or livestock are initially available. SPECIAL STARTING CONDITIONS Missionary (CC): Start with three families – two of them are uneducated. The fenced compound includes a Parish House and two homes. Some basic supplies are provided in a small storage cart and a stockpile (firewood, clothing, tools and building materials). Some seeds for crops and orchards are available (usually 1 of each) and a small herd of livestock. New Frontier (CC 1.5): Start with three families living in a small frontier outpost next to a friendly Native American village. Two log cabins have been built in the fort. A small storage cart and a stockpile contain an initial supply of firewood, building materials, coats, tools and food. A herd of livestock has been provided. In exchange of goods and treasures found at the ceremonial ground, the natives will let you convert their buildings to homes or other uses. Native Village (CC 1.5): Start next to a Native American village with a Ceremonial Ground. In exchange of goods and treasures found at the ceremonial ground, the natives will let you convert their buildings to homes or other uses. Native Village – Hard: Start with three families. A small storage cart contains an initial supply of firewood, coats, tools and food Native Village – Adam & Eve: Start with one couple. A small storage cart contains an initial supply of firewood, coats, tools and food. Silk Road (CC): All Silk Road games starts with the ability to feed and harvest Silkworms for their precious silk. A Silkworm Hut and Weavers have been build. A Dense Orchard has been built and White Mulberry seeds have been provided. Silk Road – Easy: Start with six families. Six homes have already been built. A large amount of clothing, food, tools, firewood, and building materials are provided in a Storage Barn and Stockpile. Crop seeds are also provided (usually 2). No livestock is provided. Silk Road – Medium: Start with five families. An initial amount of clothing, food, tools, firewood, and building materials are provided in a Storage Barn and Stockpile. One type of crop seed is provided Silk Road – Hard: Start with four families. A small amount of clothing, food, tools, and firewood are provided in a small Storage Cart. El Dorado – Easy, Medium, Hard or Adam & Eve (CC): Standard starts with new trees only. Nuevo Arbol – Easy, Medium, Hard and Adam & Eve (CC): Standard starts with new trees only, excluding Palms Nuevo Arbol Lite – Easy, Medium, Hard and Adam & Eve (CC): Lite version of Nuevo Arbol for improved performance. Antilles – Easy, Medium, Hard and Adam & Eve (CC): Standard starts with Palm and Tropical Trees Only Antilles Sparse – Hard (CC): Same as Antilles Hard but harder because there are fewer trees. Zhu Zhi Forest – Easy, Medium, Hard and Adam & Eve (CC): Standard Starts with Bamboo Trees only. Matacapan Jungle – Easy, Medium, Hard and Adam & Eve (CC): Standard starts with all the trees in original Banished and CC. Appalachian Forest – Easy, Medium, Hard and Adam & Eve (CC 1.6): Easy, Medium and Hard starts are standard except you are given Rice and Eggs as your initial quantity of food, allowing you to build a Rice Planter and/or Dock Chicken Breeder unless your citizens eat all the food first. (Adam & Eve gives you Apples as your initial supply of food.) Easy starts begin with a small flock of Chickens or Leghorns as your initial livestock; build a Reed Farm and you’re ready to make Survival Coats! Includes all the trees in Banished and CC except tropical trees and palms. Curse of the Golden Llama – Easy, Medium, Hard and Adam & Eve (CC 1.4): Curse of the Golden Llama is the closest thing to a mystery in the world of Banished. Towns start near the Golden Llama Monument which provides the option of adventure for the chance of treasure. Includes all the new trees. Other than that, these are standard starts. Bayou – Easy (CC 1.6): Comes with everything needed to get a Dock town up and running: Dock Large Storage, 5 homes (2 Dock Homes and 4 Dock Shanties). Food includes Rice and Eggs, allowing you to build a Rice Planter and/or Dock Chicken Breeder – if your people don’t eat all the food first. As with other easy starts, tools, clothing, firewood and some building supplies are provided. You will receive either Chickens or Leghorns as your initial livestock. Old Castle – Hard (CC 1.6): A standard Hard start; however, the small Storage Cart has been replaced with an Old Castle, offering a huge amount of storage. Some preserved food is included in addition to a small number of tools, coats and firewood. All the Wild Things – Easy and Adam & Eve (CC 1.6): Standard Starts on an extremely easy map. The land is covered in all manner of edible plants and animals – ready to be gathered from the wild using the Collect Wild Foods tool located under Removal and Destruction tools. Stone and Iron Ore respawn. Note that livestock cannot be captured and put into pastures. Shipwreck (CC 1.7): Shipwrecked in an unknown land, your people have only their wits and what they can salvage from the wreck. Shipwreck – Hard: Standard Hard start. Map does not include any Tropical trees. Shipwreck – El Dorado – Hard: Standard Hard start. Map includes only new trees. Shipwreck – Jungle – Hard: Standard Hard start. Map includes only tropical trees and palms. Shipwreck – Northern Pines – Hard: Standard Hard start. Map includes only new and old pine trees. Shipwreck – Medium+: Standard Medium+ start. Shipwreck – El Dorado Medium+: Standard Medium+ start. Map includes only new trees. Shipwreck – Jungle Medium+: Standard Medium+ start. Map includes only tropical trees and palms. Northern Pines – Easy, Medium, Hard and Adam & Eve Starts (CC 1.73): Standard starts on maps with new and old pine trees. Abandoned Village (CC 1.7): Deep in the wilds your people come across the remains of a previous settlement which has fallen on hard times and is now abandoned. You have the same amount of resources that are available in a standard Hard start, however an Old Barn and some houses are already built or partly built Abandoned Village – Northern Pines – Hard: Standard Hard start with a map that only includes old and new pine trees. Abandoned Village – Jungle – Hard: Standard Hard start with a map that only includes tropical trees and palms.
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    View File MegaMod 8.01 MegaMod 8.01 The download is a single 1.49 GB .RAR file, but you need to extract the .PKM files into your games WinData folder. There are 3 (three) pkm files that you need. If you don't have all 3, many things will be missing. Remember, the maximum file size of a single PKM file is 2 GB, so splitting it in 3 parts is the only way to get everything. I can't guarantee that saves made with this version will be compatible with future updates. Feel free to post bug reports. Depending on the volume, I may not respond to every single post, but I will read them all. If you do post a bug report, please make a note of any other mods that you are using, with special care paid to the ones that you load above MM. I have attempted to include every mod that I can. I'm still waiting on a few modders to get back to me, but I wanted to post this in the meantime. So just because your favorite mod isn't included doesn't mean that it won't be in the future. That being said, this mod doesn't, and won't, include certain optional mods that change the way the game looks or behaves. Aging mods; Storage mods; Texture changing mods; Inedible food mods. Mods like this won't be included because those kinds of mods are best left up to individual player discretion. A list of mods that are included in MM8 can be found HERE. A copy of the pdf is also included in the download. Do not run any of the mods in the above list alongside MM. They are fully included. Disable CC before using MM. Changelog: Fixed the darker looking trees that people didn't like. Fixed the EB Village Storage Yard toolbar from crashing. Updated mods. Probably a few things I forgot to write down. Submitter Kralyerg Submitted 07/26/2018 Category MegaMod  
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    Things are happening. The wheels of progress turn slowly but they do turn.
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    Sandbox map creation video:
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    Spent time trying to find a song on YouTube that represents where our daughter is in life. She's currently working 3 jobs and finishing her masters in school counseling. She chose the old Tennessee Ernie Ford song "16 Tons" sung by ZZ Top and Jeff Beck: Here
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    Love the new Site... It's Purrrrrrty I voted via the Home page. But would love an adventure/exploration type feel with 1.7. Like our people actually landing on a jungle island with ruins (Mayan or such type), tons and tons or stone and trees we have to cut down in order to make our way to another area with more ruins there. Something along those lines. I should have been an Archaeologist in real life, me thinks, I definitely love a good mystery
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    Hello all. Here from Orlando, FL. 45 years old. Been a gamer since Pong. PC gamer since King's Quest I. Registered here in order to understand Megamod. I have lots of annoying questions to ask
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    Lol best ive seen so far
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    Hi. New to banished. Still playing the vanilla version. But loved the diversity in this mod seen in some YouTube videos. Will download this mod soon.
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    Hello everybody. I live in Alabama, USA. I enjoy city building and turn based strategy games. I have been in Banished for a few years and thanks to many great modders am still enjoying the game. Would like to take a moment to say thanks to all of the people that take time to create mods for game so we all can enjoy them more.
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    To increase your population, you need to provide "adult-kids" with new homes, as they won't have children while living in their parents houses. Where you're going "wrong" is that you kick out an entire family (parents + kids) by destroying a house before building another one. The kicked out family will then move in as a group to use that new house. If you have adult-kids elsewhere in town who need a home to start their own family, they still don't have any place to go. By destroying houses before building new ones, your number of available homes remains the same, so you will not see new couples move out from their parents' home to start families, meaning those young adults will not have children. If you do not add housing, the only time new couples will form will be when a house is freed by the death of the people who live there. By that time, the kids who because adults will be too old to have children. Basically, at the start you need to keep an eye on the age of the kids inside the parents' houses, and when you see both a male and a female become "adult" (aka get a job), you should provide a new house for them to move in. Once you can build a Town Hall, you have some helpful statistics: the number of houses and the number of "families". That second number is the number of potential families, counting all the couples that could form if there were enough houses, based on the ages of people around your town. It's usually a good thing to have the number of houses/families to stand at 2/3 or 3/4. Always a few more families than houses, so you don't accidentally split couples.
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    how long did you run the game? did you kill some in the process of messing with those houses? what sometimes happens when you build too quick is half the family moves to the new house.they can still have babies even when not living together. on vanilla game aging ,you should have at least 2 children per couple each year. that until the couple ages past the child bearing age. i use the proper time mod and my bannies age 1 year per game year. i find it to be a better balance. churches and hospitals have nothing to do with having babies it is all about having a male and female of child bearing ages. if you didn't build houses early enough,what happens is the young age past the child bearing age. in vanilla game the bannies can become laborers and move out from parents at a much younger age. a school will delay this since they will have to finish school before becoming laborers.i build a house for every 2 adult workers. but as i said my bannies age at a different rate.usually this works out to the females being at least 16 yrs old.if you have a lot of young single adults then delay building houses.they will pair up once they are old enough. not sure what all is in the MM,but did you build a small house that only allows 1 child? there are a few mods out there that are designed that way to slow the population growth.
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    @Vrayna OK, it worked. Removing Bigger Wheelbarrows allows stuff to go in to the Taverns. Thanks! -Johntodd
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    this is normal in my original mod the list is shorter, i dont "add" things from the other mod like CC or else because some people use this mod so when Kralyerg added choochoo to megamod, he had to add all CC things and stuff from other modders. maybe perhaps he forgot some resources. there are thousands of buildings in this megamod, people need to give a break to this poor Kralyerg! he is not a robot ^^. he is human. the best, your finding need to be put on a to do list. and personally, myself, one day, i need to update my original Choo Choo mod with my own things i did in the famous RK Editor Choice mod to it.
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    Hi there Welcome to the forums. A couple of things: About Mega Mod, when you load a map, the menu etc will look a lot like the Vanilla Banished, the sub-menus are where the magic is really at. You will see sub-menus where things like: Storage & Markets, Stockpiles, etc - are in their own little menus - they will have green borders, other creators will have red, orange etc In the food sub-menu - raw producers (gatherers, hunters etc); secondary producers; butchers etc In the Town Services - again sub-menus etc If you don't see the green (& other colour) framed sub-menus, then a little helpdesk question time may help you out. Still having problems? - Are you running Banished 1.0.7? - Are you running it in Steam, or from another downloaded site? Do you have the full MM download - sometimes the files can be cut off when being downloaded. This is what should be in your Banished\WinData Folder: If you are running Banished 1.0.7 then you will need the Compatibility mod as well, and you will need to load it in the following order: - 1.0.7 Compatibility For MegaMod 0.07 v2 - MegaMod 0.07 ( MM) - MegaMod DecoPack 0.07 - if you are using it ----- When you've made sure you have all the files correct, load Banished. Load Banished Enable both MM & MM Deco mods Press Ok Wait for the game to go to the main menu Exit the game completely (this is very important, it stops game crashes later) Load Banished Check the mods Once you've done that, then start a new map, you should then see the sub-menu and new buildings available. If there are still having problems, please let us know - and what steps you took, and what the problem is? If you have a screenshot, that's important too!
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    i bought too forest village...but i asked refund immediately :-D. I was lucky, now it sucks
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    It's working now And I am gonna use your Debug @Ketchup 1 because you were nice enough to send it to me to help me out. 2 because I like it Thanks Ketchup
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    try this one: my own personal debug : https://drive.google.com/file/d/1YWnAJnL29fz_5qK3TyERrWJV_nYQCPBy/view?usp=sharing it will be placed directly on the main bar
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    Thank You and it's nice to be back. And Thank You for setting me straight. I have been gone too long it seems LoL But I have just started getting things back in order and I will, thanks to this wonderful community. <3
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    game speed can be affected by computer power and how many mods you have installed.i play at 10X but my game runs much slower,more like a 2x.but i also do a lot of pausing and planning in spring. when i asked how long, i was referring to game time in years.LOL glad you are getting the game figured out. we need new players with new ideas. ave you checked out WOB? world of banished
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    How nice to see you again! MegaMod 8.01 uses the new flags so you need Banished 1.0.7 which added those. MM 7 doesn't use the new flags and should still work with Banished 1.0.6. The Compatibility Mod was created so MM7 would work with the newer version of Banished.
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    Thanks for your help. I had built a hunter, a gatherer and a fishing dock and had 2 births in the wooden houses, I think I would have been playing for about 45 mins(I'm not sure about that) and I deleted the wooden house as soon as winter was over to give some good weather while they built the stone house. I play the game in 1 or 2 speed, I'm too old and slow to play at the 5 or 10 speed, I have started a new game on medium start and things are going well. Thanks again for your help and I think this game is the best I have played ever, you people deserve a medal. Kind regards. grizz
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    To increase the number of babies born, each male/female couple needs their own house. They will stop having kids when any of their kids become adults and don't leave home or when they grow too old. Stiles also points out an important point - some houses only allow 3 people such as the Colonial Charter shack - couples in them will only have 1 child. I usually build houses that allow a family of 5 when I'm starting out. By the way, if you build too many houses, couples will split up and not have kids. People don't usually have kids if they are living in a Boarding House and having babies has nothing to do with Hospitals and Churches. To slow the number of babies being born, you can limit the number of house built to a few per year.
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    Using 7Zip to open the correct version might give you a single MegaMod Folder, with the 3 .pkm files in it.
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    Well, something bizarre happened. The coffee house works now, but I don't know why. A few days ago I wiped out all my mods, installed their latest versions, got CC 1.76 and put it above everything else except the mountain-less mines, unlimited mines/quarries, and improved herbalist/woodcutter etc., then started a new game. I had the same problem with my coffee house. Then I looked at my mods list so I could write it down and report it here and noticed I had two incompatible mods (decorative plants everything seasonal except trees AND decorative plants everything seasonal) turned on, so I turned one off and re-loaded my game (NOTE: I don't think these two incompatible mods were the problem, because before wiping my mod list clean I had only one turned on and the coffee house still malfunctioned). After re-loading the game the coffee house still appeared not to function right (alcohol being consumed, but not coffee or tobacco). Finally I tried putting in a different tavern (small tavern) to see if any of the luxury consuming buildings worked. The small tavern took alcohol and tobacco from the coffee house, and suddenly BOTH the small tavern and the coffee house are working (though the tavern steals all the coffee house's non-coffee inventory!). All luxuries are now being consumed. Weird.
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    Think I figured it out. Apparently when my game crashes it turns on Colonial Charter for some reason(possibly the game is coded to bring it back to the last known good config?) and turns off Megamod 8.01 Fixed it by turning everything off. It restarts. Turn on only the megamod and moved the order around so that part1 loads first, then part2, part3. Restart again. Seems to have fixed it.
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    Hi estherhb and stiles Sorry I'm a bit late getting back to you but the game played ok when I loaded the mods but I had no sound so I downloaded the old directX( 2010 ) and installed that, it seemed to load a lot of stuff but like magic everything works great. Thanks again for your help. Regards grizz
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    Then it's really an issue with worker's carrying capacity being higher than the building's storage capacity I think.
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    Taverns etc have a pretty limited storage space (400 if I remember right?). It's quite possible that by using Bigger Wheelbarrows, your workers pick up more stuff than the buildings can handle, so once the workers reach the tavern with say 700 booze, they decide "Nopes, no space" and just dump everything out. You could try building a large luxury storage, or adding Kralyerg's Ridiculous Storage mod above MM (I think it affects storage in luxury buildings) and see if that helps.
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    The string tables for CC 1.75 are here: There might be just a few tiny changes in 1.76, but these should be mostly correct.
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    Oh, I was not trying to "rush a fix" or was impatient..at least i did not mean for my post to be taken that way. Just posting that the list seems to be missing things like Tallow, whale blubber, feathers to sell out for coin. If it seemed that way, my apologies. Also, I wasnt sure if it was a bug or a change in the mod which is why i put it on questions forum. =) Thanks!!
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    the first picture is Material Export and you compare it with Utility Export... and the other buildings ? because there are 3 or 4 of these and they dont export the same things...
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    The #1 issue here is that you are using an old version of Colonial Charter - one that was not updated for use with Banished 1.0.7 which added a number of new flags (think "categories"). The current version of CC is 1.76 (not 1.71). The #2 (and #3, #4, etc.) issue is that you are using a lot of older mods. Anything that was made prior to 9/2017 when Banished 1.0.7 was released may no longer work IF they can't use the new flags. For example, mods that just add homes are usually OK because the flags used by homes didn't change. If I'm not playing with MegaMod 8.01, I use CC 1.76 with about 40 other mods. I usually download those from here and from WorldofBanished.com - using the mods listed as mods specific to 1.0.7. I have seldom found an actual conflict by doing this. (BTW I also use Discrepancy's Pick & Hen Tavern v 1.1 and haven't had an issue with it.) Hope that helps.
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    that mean nothing they "conflict" or "turn red" thats normal. that only mean they share data between them. thats all. thats totally normal. https://old.reddit.com/r/Banished/comments/9q21pw/banished_megamod_8_question/
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    How do I keep my coffee house from taking all my honey? The brewers would like to use the honey to make mead. EDIT: I needed to hire an ale wench. A coffee house without staff will end up with non-luxuries (honey, berries, etc.) stacking up inside.
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    Excellent! Thank you very much, works like a charm.
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    The ColonialCharterJ.pkm file needs to be in your Banished > WinData folder and not in a subfolder. Banished won't read anything that's in a subfolder.
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    Thanks very much I will try that and report back.
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    really ? i didnt know this. i thought they were still functional by their own
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    To play MegaMod 8.01, you must enable all three files - each one is just 1/3 of the code needed and aren't designed to be used separately. I know it's confusing, but when mods turn red it doesn't mean they conflict; it just means they contain code that affects the same thing.
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    How does anything I have suggested have to do with this? I don't play Farmville, so please enlighten me