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    Version 1.1


    Despo20 Medieval - D20 Medieval Houses "Large and nice medieval houses with optional accessory buildings" The Mod includes: - New 2 story Medieval House that accommodates one family of six. 2 F key variants; - New 3 story Medieval House that accommodates one family of seven; - New Accessory Storage with 2 F key variants; - New Large Accessory Storage; - Compiled using the new Community Mod Tool Bar. Coming soon: - Other types of accessory buildings; - More F key variants. The Accessory Storage is designed to be integrated with the 2 story house, but it was modeled to be used also alone. In the same way the Accessory Storage Large can be integrated with the 3 story house. Acknowledgements I would not be able to realize this Mod without the help of this magnificent community! Thanks @Discrepancy, @Ketchup, @Kralyerg, @Necora for sharing your knowledge with me. Thanks also go out to all who have supported me during the development of this first Mod (I hope this will be the first of many ).
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    I was working on trying to make a nice looking native village to go near my colony, so I made a small test. I really like how it looked in winter so I took a screenshot. Also got one in spring for good measure.
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    Medieval Thrillseekers At Kawarau Bridge
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    In late 2014 and early 2015, I made a town named Navanthiers. I was already using CC. But I can't remember the version number. Back in that time, I shared the pictures with some descriptions on the old forum. I want to share again with you all the screenshots of that town that have stayed on my website. I made a script to display thumbnails of the images, but you can click on each one to display it in full size, direct link. ( Best on Chrome, feel free to notify me of any bug. ) The town started with only Adam and Eve. Visit: Navanthiers Takit.
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    This changed the look of the game world completely for me; I like a lot of open spaces and wilderness with copses(?) of trees in my village maps and this makes them so much better to look at. They've gotten a little thick in the attached image, but it's an example.
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    Yeah, that would be grand * thought of leaving this as a small rocky inspiration to Bartender...
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    Hi @Stoker_akuma Welcome. When running any new mods, you need to do it in a certain way, or you will get crash errors. Exit the game entirely Drop the mods you want to use in the WinData folder Load Banished Navigate to the mod menu Enable the mods you want to use Load them in their proper order (as below) -->> Important: Exit the game completely Load Banished Play on Mega Mod (MM) & CC load orders - these must be done in this order When running Banished 1.06 the load order for MM & CC is: CC 1.7+ (any CC 1.7 & over is covered in this point) MM 0.07 MM 0.07 Deco Pack When (if you do decide) to update to Banished 1.0.7 then the load order is: 1.0.7 Compatibility ( http://blackliquidsoftware.com/index.php?/files/file/167-107-compatibility-for-megamod-007/ ) You will need the compatibility mod as it changes the way some MM items act in game from Banished 1.0.6 to 1.0.7 CC 1.7+ (any CC 1.7 & over is covered in this point) MM 0.07 MM 0.07 Deco Pack It is extremely important that you Exit the game completely after enabling and moving the mods around - they will cause crashes if you do not follow these steps. If you are still having problems after you've followed these steps exactly, then please post what steps you are also perhaps doing, and what (if any) other mods you are using. Please let us know how you get on.
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    Ok, no problem Thanks for your quick answer
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    Hi @MrFestis It depends on how @Kralyerg / @ShockPuppet coded the original mod - they may have coded the mod to affect an internal list of the buildings available (at the time) in MM etc. It may be that they had a list of X buildings, so the mod affects those that are in the list. If the mod affects a code string in buildings (say - "this building generates happiness / unhappiness") then that may be different as well, some buildings may not have a happiness/unhappiness radius. If it is looking for code in the buildings themselves, it may be that those buildings do not have a radius. I noticed some do, some don't. Yeah, sorry, I know it's not a definitive answer, sorry - but I don't know how the mod was coded initially. I've tagged the devs, see if they can check it when they have some time.