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    Maybe this may be one of my next buildings
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    i love llamas, i always think of sims 3 when i get llamas as the default animal at start... *sigh* their goofy little stick legs move so funny, when you watch them closely for a bit. and... stop biting your buddy's butt
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    I greet all the moderators and it's a comfort for the effort
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    well glad you guys are figuring it out. Well, it probably needs to be done anyway. There have been so many changes lately that it is hard to keep up and I can't remember what I used for the earlier sets. It will probably all change again when the game comes out of Beta! @QueryEverything I have no idea how that was done, so I might not be the best person to ask for that! @Bartender I have a question for you. What does CullMode do? I know it determines if you can see the faces even from behind, but what do I set it to? I want to make sure that if you rotate around an object (a fallen tree) then you can still see the textures from behind (branches). Do I set it to " CullMode _cullMode = None; " for this to happen?
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    @Bartendre. water and flowers
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    Thanks @Paeng, they actually gave me some new ideas The little storage was born to patch a mistake of my first house (it's too short for half a module on one side). Maybe I could make another variant of the storage a bit longer. There's a lot of possibility and so little time In what mod is this home?
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    Hi Despo, I'm known to "abuse" mods in sometimes strange ways... here are some shots that may give you more ideas how to set up your snap-on storages This is probably a fluke, being able to slip the storage 1 tile in, making a pseudo gate... But it even works on some other buildings... While here it leaves an undesirable gap... You may want to exploit that on your own, so we can attach those snap-ons to any bare wall we find... Looking forward to your next release!
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    Wow @Bartender!!! Your work is really amazing! I can't wait to try the version 1.1 !!! I agree with the new production chain (I like complex chains with multiple possibilities ) and I want to use your thatch in the next versions of my mod
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    Hi @BuildHappy no, you don't need them both. The new trees are included in the Pine Set and will spawn on start up in replace of the vanilla trees. The difference between the two sets is that the 'Maritimes Trees' set is visual only. All it does is change the trees from vanilla models to new models. The Pine Set adds a load of new natural resources such as beaver lodges, chanterelles, blueberries, cranberries, fiddleheads that are also spawned on start up.
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    From the album Busy town market

    Teaser image for my town exhibition video and album. Coming soon!

    © Slavepetrich

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    Well, then, variants variants variants! To infinity and beyond!
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    Ok ok, just a few buildings
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    There are two mods (as far as I know) that produce fur. The training camp mod by Ketchup produces it from the hunting towers, and my Pine Set produces it (and pelts) through a trapping chain.
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    Alas, it is definitely Pesky Produce by @Owlchemist, and unless @Kralyerg knows of a way to update it, I will have to delete it. I disabled all other mods and only enabled it, and it did it. (In other news, I don't know how to play Vanilla Banished any more, ROFLMAO) If all else fails, I wonder if someone else could make a similar mod, for 107+ that does what their mod did. You would get random crops growing over the map, little tufts of wheat would pop up, or little corn stems etc ... I thought it was adorable Hahaha Pesky Produce, please
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    Ok, Problem solved, the game is back to normal. After installing both patch0 and patch1, it showed the cursor and full cursorwindows, but the Trader still crashed the game when I clicked on it. Then I was asking myself what exactly could have gotten wrong only by deleting the shortcut of the application exe. I then went searching for other Banished files that I have stached away as copies etc, I found a back-up folder of different files from the game years old, including these two zipfiles below. While I was certain that I will have to re-install the game and loose my personal way to play Banished, here goes nothing or everything, and I re-installed and overode both these files in my gamefolder with the contents of the two zipfiles and.....guess what.....everything is normal since it was for the last 3 or 4 years. Yahoo! Can't figure out why that is so and what it has to do with the shortcut, but I don't care anymore, I will be able to continue to play as before.< Thank You everyone, you all have been a lot of help. Greetings Fred
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    Ouch! Three hours and then I come along and ruin it all by saying "It works for me..." I really wish I could contribute something better than that to help fix the problem
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    I spent the better part of 3 hours last night figuring it was the Pesky mod. Now, today I'm going to disable all the mods, and starting working out if it is Pesky by itself, or when it's paired with another. will update in I don't know ... a year ... hahahaha
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    @Paeng what a great little coincidence Now I need to go see and what I can attach it to!! I love those images, and I love that little storage solution you made! If @despo20 could do something like that, deliberately, that would be excellent. The amount of fun that could be had. !! Despo, you may have guessed, I'm never one to say 'no more storage', so, go nuts! F-variant 'up the waazzoooo' as crass as that may be And only ask, if you ever really want to know, my ideas on storage, and how different limits & resources should work together ... hahahaha
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    Please, not all of the buildings @despo20 just some, so we can play around with different building requirements @Bartender they look fantastic! My only request (in case you may have forgotten), is that the reeds are compatible with the CC version, just so the existing production chains are intact with their version. (The work around is building their reed farm, but then you end up with 2 different 'reeds' ingame, and it could be like my omelette disaster the other day, odd eggs, hahaha) @Necora I saw the picture below and immediately thought of you and the river & water effect ... it's sweet isn't it?? (I was just referring to the watermill, then I scrolled back and this little pond called to me as well.) ( @taniu thank you for the inspiration )
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    new one: Ward the Joiner fell on his hammer and saw. ouch!
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    Thank you @Bartender for Natural Diversity. I am enjoying the richly improved plants and herbs. I like the thatcher's shed, and the profession, and the seasonality. The little bundles of harvested thatch look great! Meadows are lovely, although I do tend to lay off the staff before they completely eliminate all trees in their area. (A treeless circle is too odd-looking to me.) I am struggling to get used to start conditions now, with new construction requirements (mostly pastures). Even with CCJ 1.75 and MM 0.07 I had a pretty good success rate with my starts, getting food supplies going, tool and clothing making started, and enough firewood to make it through the first 4-5 years, without any deaths... Until thatch... I like a lot of the CC start conditions, and apologize if this question has already been asked, but any chance in the future this will spawn naturally in starts other than the vanilla 'easy,' 'medium,' and 'hard'? Thanks again for all your work, and generosity - sharing with us!
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    Hi @Necora, while these troubles for me do have the PEI set as an important factor, rearranging the load order sorted it out and after I had reread Bartenders instructions for Natural Diversity for the third time I finally "registered" the section where he specifically states that Natural Diversity needs to be below any mods the change forest resource conditions - these are specifically my problems with load order, not problems by you or @Bartender So in short, I don't think your PEI set is the root cause of the problems and I really hate the idea of making you go back over the mod again to try and bugfix something that can be sorted out by having a good mod order, something we are all familiar with (and only becomes a problem when you're someone like me, greedy for the mods, and have dozens of them installed). @QueryEverything seems to be having a problem unique to her in that we can't seem to replicate it - and if anyone should be able to replicate it's probably someone like me who's crammed so many mods in from different game builds, it still amuses and surprises me that the game runs at all. I really have abused it terribly but if anything good comes from that, I suppose that it is the proof that many of these mods will work together if installed properly and placed in a good load order.
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    @Bartender.I am happy that Banished is getting more beautiful. You have great talent, I do not, I do not know about modeling, but I can spiritually support you, I thank you for working hard on models. I'm glad to help you @Necora and @Ketchup and thank you too.I am sending you new photos about reeds, water and flowers, maybe something will help. you
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    @QueryEverything and @KevinTheCynic What a conundrum you guys have. I have no idea why these crashes would occur, nor do I have any idea why the maritimes needs to be above any other mods that also have all the new things associated with them. I had a look through the code for the PEI Shore and there is nothing in there that stands out as something that could cause a crash, it is all unique to those buildings (i.e. no links to other template files). Maybe something deep inside the code is from an old version or something, it is possible that with all the updates to the game lately something hasn't followed along. I guess the only thing I can really do is re-build all mods and make sure everything is up to date. @Bartender nope I didn't try again, I will do though. That sounds like an interesting idea. It would be cool to get a nice ice texture to show up on water during the winter. Oh and those reeds are pretty cool, mind mixing up the heights of them for decorations so we can have them go down a river bank? So we can place them at lower levels and they are low to the ground.
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    Yes @KevinTheCynic, it's a possibility My idea is to create a series of buildings that can be combined together in different ways, so the player can experience and create varied medieval quarters. @Ketchup I'm really really jealous of your New Medieval Town!!! Your job is of great inspiration
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    @Necora did you manage to get the seasonMaterial to work in the end? I just had an interesting idea that could make parts of meshes only show up at 0C or below. I haven't tested it yet, but I think it could work. The idea would be to make the default texture for this part of the mesh transparent. Then you give it a material that does transparency, and also does snow mapping (I think the foliageMaterial is the only one that does both, but I'm not sure). Then the trick is, instead of referring to the default snow texture in the 'snow' part of the .rsc, you refer to another texture file that contains the actual image you want that part of the mesh to have. I'll see if I can test this if I have the time somewhere this week, but I just wanted to share it before I forget it again .
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    As roughly a week has passed since my last update, here's v1.1 sneak peek #2! I'll try to do these once a week, to give some insight into the development proces and to gather some feedback while I'm working. Currently I'm doing some exploration into several new directions, just to see where the ideas take me. I will use the results of this exploration to decide what the scope of the next update is going to be, after which I can work out those ideas in more detail. Where last week was a week of berry bushes, this week my main focus was on another plant that is high on my wishlist: Reeds. As you can see in the pictures, these reeds will grow on the waters edge naturally. I don't intend to have them grow along all the riverbanks; there will be some with reeds and some without. I'm still fiddling a bit with the spawning behaviour, but I'm already pretty happy with how natural it looks. As for all my resources, I intend to make several different species, for a nicely varied environment. Thatch changes? I'm currently in a heated debate with myself about how to deal with the resource for reeds. One of their main uses in the real world ofcourse is for thatching as well, but I feel that both grasses and reeds giving the 'thatch' resource directly would make it even more difficult to attain a healthy balance. One idea I have is to create a production chain for the thatch: Instead of directly receiving thatch from harvesting grasses or reeds, you would receive 'grass bundles' or 'reed bundles'. These would then need to be processed by a new building into 'thatch', that can be used for construction. A nice advantage of this change would be that these 'grass bundles' and 'reed bundles' could also serve as a basic resource for other new production chains (for example paper or wild cereals from grasses, or fishing equipment from reeds). A disadvantage could be that it becomes harder at the start of the game to obtain thatch and start building. Updates to old models The last thing I've been working on this week is to do experiment with some improvements on the models of v1.0. @Necora and @Ketchup kindly suggested and explained to me the concept of multi-materials, which enables a whole new range of possibilities to make their behaviour even more natural. This means for example that on top of losing their flowers in winter, my herbs will also be able to have swaying leaves, and to get snowed under in winter. I'm not sure yet how exactly I am going to make use of this new technique, as I am still trying to figure out some new tricks with the Material files, but I'm pretty confident that I will manage to improve the old models conciderably for v1.1.
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    Ahh, but how did you go with orchards? I had the produce peskying everywhere, but come trying to use an orchard, nope, cannot do
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    Not sure, brainy is a little fuzzy. Now that I have played with riffles, I will disable it on the next map and see what happens. Report: Found it! @KevinTheCynic It's not a fault or clash with @Necora or Discrepancy's mods. After hours & hours of testing, I found the single mod that was causing the problem! It certainly lived up to its name. I remember now, when I added in the last couple of mods from here over Easter I also enabled a couple of the other mods that I'd had disabled for testing other mods ... I had completely forgotten that this mod hadn't been enabled since 107 update!! Gah ... Shame it's this mod, lol, I enjoyed seeing random wheat & corn popping up around my map!! I supposed I could enable it and just not use the orchards, and just buy in my fruit & nuts. I present to you, the Pesky Produce, pesky mod ... By @Owlchemist
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    A small preview of the v1.1 Large accessory storage
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    Here some more with this new technique...
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    Don't leave in a huff... It's not so much that there is no interest, you do raise some valid points... but you may have underestimated the uncomfortable limitations our modders have to work with. The ModKit is a nasty "tool" - actually there is no tool... changing one bit in a mod means riding through thousands of lines of code, then recompile the whole thing... so the tiniest tweak turns into a major chore. Innovation within Banished means breaking out of the tight modkit, bending, nay - twisting the "rules" in order to "work around" limitations.. so yeah, sometimes at the cost of "balancing". It's rather natural that modding goes off in different directions - some want it harder, some want it more beautiful, some more efficient, some more streamlined, some want cowboys and indians, some want pyramids and sphinx... and so on - immersion takes all kinds, and modders are hard put to cater to all.
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    If I might interject ... the different variations make it interesting to me. Those inconsistencies are fun to explore and suss out. The sooner we figure everything out, the sooner we'll get bored with the game.
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    Whoa! How many things to read! In principle, I agree with @Ketchup. It doesn't seem right to change the soul of the mod in the collection. Anyway, in the real world things can be achieved in different ways, with different procedures and different waste of resources. Then Megamod is realistic in its own way.
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    @SamuraiWindu I am not a modder, I am not a coder, I am a very happy gamer, and that's where my thoughts will come from, and the tone I hope to convey in the following. Simply put - no. Sorry, but I can't see any of the above working, or being at all healthy for the game, or the community. I for one don't want to play in a cookie-cutter world, nor, do I want to play in a world where it becomes 'by the numbers', with balancing etc. Many of us gamers play at different levels of intensity, some of like to build and explore, others like to starve and fight, fight, fight in the harsh hard elements, so, balance won't be suitable in this regard, or, at least a 'standardise balance', some of us pick and choose our buildings and game design because some are easier to access and build, some choose them because of their harder, less forgiving outputs. There is often a conversation when a mod is published by the original author as to the 'numbers', the balance, the work flow, and many voices speak and are heard, and then the mod gets published. Some players are happy, some are not, some of us will get over it and adapt. Not to mention, in some cases different mods with different criteria will work with different maps. Some maps won't have as much access to X resource, so not all buildings will be able to be built until a trader arrives, but, in other maps there will be an abundance of items. The whole point of MM (in my mind) is to bring together an amazing amount of mods by extremely talented modders, to work with each other, but not to be 'the same as each other'. Here's the thing, I also don't want to be forced into using 1 set of building tools, I want to explore other building options, tiles, bricks, lighting, candles etc. I don't want to load up my map and just always have to build the 'same ole same ole'. Sure, for some, it makes the game easier, you don't need to build 4 windmills before you find the one you need for the grain you have, but, then, where's the fun of exploration? I use 1 mod that alters all the tailors so that all the tailors will use the same items (feathers & reeds in my water worlds), but, I certainly don't want ALL the building mods to have that "same same" value to it. And as much as I love CC and certainly won't criticise it, why should all the modders work to the CC values, or the CC devs work to the other modders? A community should be diverse, and celebrated, and that's what MM does, and as players we either learn to adapt to the differences, or, simply, just don't use it.
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    Glad you like the trees, it's a little project that I started with Kralyerg quite a while ago. I don't know why he took them out of megamod. The mod isn't finished and hasn't been released yet. Currently I am revising some of the textures (some are too bright and some just look bad) and last I heard Kral is making ghost versions of all of the different plants, but CC1.7 and megamod and the new beta release/new limits and also the new modding menu system are all probably higher on his list of priorities. ETA for release is unknown. Until then you can play with my test file. You can find it here: http://worldofbanished.com/index.php?topic=652.150 Look for reply 153.
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    Version 100 BETA


    Maritimes Sherbrooke Beta Inspired by Sherbrooke Historic Village, Nova Scotia. This set is a beta release. Please test the saw mill in particular and give me feedback on how easy it is to place! Contents Church, School, Blacksmith, Tailor, Market, Saw Mill for placement on small streams. Compiled using Banished Mod Kit 107 Beta including the new resource flags and limits. Compiled using the new Community Mod Tool Bar. Compatibility Fully compatible with all mods. AcknowledgementsNone of my mods would be possible without the help, support, and general amazing nature of the Black Liquid Crew.This includes especially @ShockPuppet for modeling help and @kralyerg for super coding magic. Thanks also go to @Discrepancy for his awesome intro to modding tutorial, and @RedKetchup for modeling and coding help throughout, and of course the toolbar!Thanks also go out to all who have participated in the development thread with comments, suggestions, and beta testing. There are too many to name individually, and I'm worried about missing people out. So here's to you!
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    The saw mill is wonderful, it's working just fine as a bridge and I didn't have trouble placing it correctly. The interface is a little messed up for it though. See screenshot. I'm so hoping you'll do some houses to match this set, with the stained glass windows from the Chapel. It's my favourite set of yours so far and it looks amazing in game. Thinking about this: maybe another mod I'm using is causing the interface problem, wouldn't know which though. Still had no problems with the lumber mill and it's been working all day in my game.