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    Describes one of the problems, albeit not very well.
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    I'm not sure. It's going to be a lot of work either way. Even if I took exactly what is in .07 and updated everything with the new kit I would probably call it .08 anyway.
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    I love these houses especially for Foresters/gatherers/herbalists/hunters in the middle of the woods types because three families in a relatively small footprint vs putting down 3 of anything else.
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    Hmm that is a great question. My limits and flags are using those which a few of us decided on, including the CC team, so they should be all fully compatible with CC and those by Ketchup, Discrepancy, Kid, and others as and when they update the mods to the new build. So in short, yes, it will be fully compatible. Right now, however, I guess CC has not yet been updated to the new limits and flags? In that case, I guess for the time being it is incompatible because it will mess with things in CC. If you put any of mine above CC, than shared resources will run with the new flags and limits, and in some (most) cases will not work with CC buildings. Lumber, for example, will be 'Construction' rather than 'Materials' and will not be used in any CC chains. Likewise, with CC above mine, the lumber will be 'Materials' and not used in maritimes chains.
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    @QueryEverything hmm it did seem a bit quiet around here. The Pine Set is close. I have put the new limits and flags in. So much to change, I hope I got everything. I kept getting distracted building new things, but realized that exactly as you said people might not be using the new stuff because of not wanting to get rid of the other stuff. So I decided to stop building so much new stuff and just get things released, new stuff can wait for an update. I gotta test the pine set, then package up Crystal Cliffs and Sherbrooke, then they will all be loaded up this week. Then I can spend some time with new stuff and perhaps even start on the next set.
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    @Bro there is a limit of how deep you can go with optimizing efficiency cause of the games shortcomigs. Game and bannies sometimes act against human logic and theres a lot of aspects you either cant control or would take too much micromanaging. For example sometimes someone dies in a house you built for your forester/hunter/gatherer hub. Someone else takes his work but he could live on other side of map and your efficiency goes way down for some period of time. Theres a lot of examples like this, plus a game can make some very strange decisions sometimes so going too deep for efficiency could sometimes be ineficient itself As for your example with foresters bigger circle wouldnt be more eficient, as can be seen with smaller circle foresters from MM. Forester usualy just cuts old trees and leaves a log whitch then a laborer picks up so a big circle could mean that he has to travel a lot if a log is on far side of a circle which can be ineficient, especialy if he decides he is hungry or cold just before reaching that log
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    try the steps explained in this topic It's a bit of a hassle, but it might help you out
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    Well the silverware, bedding, furniture and so on are specifically required to build certain types of house in CC as well as for updating lower level houses to that standard so you have the situation that once you have enough of them to build the houses you want, you don't need to to keep producing them. But as you pointed out, they do come in somewhat useful for trading. Edit: I also meant to say that while the silverware, pewterware, bedding, furniture, fancy furniture, copper pipes and so on all go towards creating "building supplies" or "fancy homewares" and so on to allow you to create the higher tier buildings and houses, I have a feeling that the CC crew included so many of them so that you would have options in case a particular item in the production chain was not available and you needed to switch to another one.
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    I use a "stockpile conveyor" that I saw Skye Storme use in his Golden Llama YouTube series. You build 1 1x30 log stockpile from the Forester next to the road into the town and put professions that use a lot of logs right there. The Forester can put logs into the stockpile at his end and the Joiner can take logs out at his end. At first it felt like a cheat, but I got over it.
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    They're like cats - you leave food out and you can't keep them away!
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    I made the mistake of putting in the lighthouse, the nomad well AND the Mini Town Hall and I got nomads knocking on the door every late Spring and even got them at separate places at the same time. Nothing like getting 89 nomads one place and 75 another. It was a madhouse! I shut my eyes when I turn them down so I don't have to see the disappointment on their faces.
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    That's a new mod and is not included in MegaMod 0.07
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    Oh, my goodness, mods make it so completely different! More to do; more to make, huge variety of buildings, careers, crops, animals, etc. Folks say 'vanilla' when they refer to the base game without mods or custom content. And it really is like that: vanilla's vanilla, even french vanilla and vanilla bean are not much different (base game valleys vs. mountains). But mods - especially Colonial Charter by Black Liquid! - are like every flavor you've ever tried and many more you haven't, including exotic ones like Goat cheese marionberry habanero ice cream... Have fun! CBLily
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    I think that as long as the lean to additions still line up well, then I am quite OK with a bit of variation in height as standardization wasn't really a thing at the time.
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    Hello everyone ! Jon T. here from the northwest of UK I've had this game since it came out back in Feb. 2014, so I'm not sure why it's taken me around 3 years to find you guys, anyway I'm pleased that I finally have. I love this game and still play it quite a lot, it's very addictive and once I start I can be at it for many hours at a time, I've not added any mods to it before so I'm really looking forward to seeing what kind of difference can be made to the game. It's going to take me awhile to catch up with most of you guys but anyhow, I'm here now. Oh yea, and thanks to all you very clever people that have made so many interesting additions to Banished, I've had a quick check through some of the stuff that's going on here and it's amazing.
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    Thanks for mentioning it - it's already on the to-do list