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    Have you ever wanted to use just a single aspect of Colonial Charter alongside your other mods, without the enormity of other options that comes with it? Soon, this may become a reality. If you head over to the Downloads area, there's a new section called "Colonial Charter Modular". This will house the different pieces of CC that are created as standalone mods. Anything in this area is already included in the full CC mod, so you should not try and use them both. Right now there's only a few things, but more will come.
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    I've got lots of catching up to do
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    Version 1


    Welcome to life on the water! This is one of CC’s most popular features. Included is everything needed to expand your town along shores and across lakes. Also included are two watery terrains: 'Lake Waters' with multiple lakes and the more challenging 'Waterworld' which is one large lake. The first in a (hopefully) series of themed modpacks from Colonial Charter. And now using the new "Community Mod Toolbar" to centrally locate modded items.
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    @SamuraiWindu I am not a modder, I am not a coder, I am a very happy gamer, and that's where my thoughts will come from, and the tone I hope to convey in the following. Simply put - no. Sorry, but I can't see any of the above working, or being at all healthy for the game, or the community. I for one don't want to play in a cookie-cutter world, nor, do I want to play in a world where it becomes 'by the numbers', with balancing etc. Many of us gamers play at different levels of intensity, some of like to build and explore, others like to starve and fight, fight, fight in the harsh hard elements, so, balance won't be suitable in this regard, or, at least a 'standardise balance', some of us pick and choose our buildings and game design because some are easier to access and build, some choose them because of their harder, less forgiving outputs. There is often a conversation when a mod is published by the original author as to the 'numbers', the balance, the work flow, and many voices speak and are heard, and then the mod gets published. Some players are happy, some are not, some of us will get over it and adapt. Not to mention, in some cases different mods with different criteria will work with different maps. Some maps won't have as much access to X resource, so not all buildings will be able to be built until a trader arrives, but, in other maps there will be an abundance of items. The whole point of MM (in my mind) is to bring together an amazing amount of mods by extremely talented modders, to work with each other, but not to be 'the same as each other'. Here's the thing, I also don't want to be forced into using 1 set of building tools, I want to explore other building options, tiles, bricks, lighting, candles etc. I don't want to load up my map and just always have to build the 'same ole same ole'. Sure, for some, it makes the game easier, you don't need to build 4 windmills before you find the one you need for the grain you have, but, then, where's the fun of exploration? I use 1 mod that alters all the tailors so that all the tailors will use the same items (feathers & reeds in my water worlds), but, I certainly don't want ALL the building mods to have that "same same" value to it. And as much as I love CC and certainly won't criticise it, why should all the modders work to the CC values, or the CC devs work to the other modders? A community should be diverse, and celebrated, and that's what MM does, and as players we either learn to adapt to the differences, or, simply, just don't use it.
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    Hiya Everyone. I have finally made it back
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    The Jade Quarry is alive and well in this screenshot from this new game start using just these mods/load order: 1.07 Compatibility CC 1.75 Journey MegaMod 0.07 MegaMod DecoPack 0.07 The Jade quarry remains available even when I add back in the many many mods I normally have loaded above these. (Apparently even the leghorn chickens like jade )
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    I'm not 100% sure. My initial thought is that people who only want to use a single part of CC are deciding not to use full CC for a reason, so I shouldn't force them to use an aspect of CC that they didn't choose (within a single mod pack). In the Dock Set, for instance: in the Dock Workshop in CC, it uses Iron Ore to create Rough Tools. But in the standalone set, the Dock Workshop uses Iron to make Iron Tools. I didn't want to force someone using the Dock Set standalone to also use the Iron Ore aspect of CC. Except for some of the themed sets, I haven't figured out exactly what is going where and what things will look like. It's still all in a state of flux.
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    Yeah, many of them are on WoB... Jetty by Discrepancy, Village is a vanilla redux by Embx, some stuff by Kid1293... when there, check also the plenty new housing options by RedKetchup ;-)
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    certainly on worldofbanished.com
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    It should. The blacksmith tools mod is self contained, so it should override the dock set and give you the iron ore option.
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    I don't have the code to the My Precious. But since the jade and marble quarries are part of MM, I do have the code for those pieces. There's no plans to put them in CC proper, but I could be persuaded to make them standalone. I thought, for some reason, that I had made a jade quarry standalone mod, but I can't seem to find it anywhere, so my mind may be playing trick on me in my old age.
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    Hmm. Maybe I should add the compatibility mod and reload mega-mod. Thanks! Esther, I suspect it was lost, because I did run across a link to a mod called My Precious, but when I followed the link it went to a "this domain for sale" website.
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    I could see how shoes could have been introduced into the game but I'm not sure it is worth it. As @Ketchup and @Necora mention, shoes could be included in recipes for warmer clothing. Also, Military Supplies, instead of being delivered to the Quartermaster by a stealth submarine in the middle of the night (which isn't a bad thing at all) could have been made using a combination of items such as Boots, Uniforms, Muskets, Hardtack, etc. Here's one way Clothing could be expanded: Clothing - 1 item used wool, leather, cotton, linen, silk, buffalo hides (from Bison instead of Leather); reeds + feathers is the exception Warm Clothing: 2 items used, could include the above plus shoes, hats, etc. Uniforms: Counts as Warm Clothing (or is even a separate item. Mmade at Fort - replaces “Full Livery” at the Fort): boots + wool, leather + wool, etc. Fine Clothing: Can count as “Warm Clothing” but the real value is for trade. Reduce the profit margin on clothing and make these higher priced, higher profit items for trade. Buffalo Robes from Buffalo Hides + Cloth Fine Leather Jacket from Cured Leather + Silk Full Suit from Shoes + Coat + Hat Ball Gowns from Silk + Shoes + Hat
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    The developer told everyone the game was finished when he released it in 2013, so this recent announcement is really nothing new.
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    maybe rags + shoe = a winter cloth ?
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    We always wanted to do a shormaker, but there was never a good use for shoes, other than as a trade item. We could totally make them a clothing item, but then the people would think they were fully clothed after they put their shoes on, and nothing else.
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    Hello everyone. I've just gotten into banished a week ago and am now spicing up my games with mods especially CC. Thank you for a highly produced mod.