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    I used the white house from red ketchup in this city, so the name for the map was easy. only thing wich is imported on this map is tequila....the billboard did the job I used the upgraded version of the boarding house and coverings to make something that had to look like a train station in a city
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    Version v16


    This requires Banished 1.0.7 to use. This gives all the various storage buildings in The Forge Awakens a very high storage volume (5 times the capacity). Place above CC on the mod list. V2 Includes the Specialized Storage Yards that weren't working in V1. V3 Updated to include Excellent Adventure storage buildings. V4 Updated to include Golden Llama storage buildings. V5 Updated to fix a bug where Materials couldn't be stored in the generic stockpile. Also tweaked some incorrect storage capacities. V6 Updated to include the CC:GL Market Carts that got left out in the cold. V7 Updated to include NMT 1.1 storage buildings. Also bumped up Stockpile storage by popular demand. V8 Updated to include CC:NF buildings. V9 Updated to include CC 1.6 buildings V10 Updated to include NMT 2.01 buildings. V11 Updated for CC 1.61 V12 Updated to include Fuel Market Cart V13 Updated for C 1.72 and MegaMod 0.07 V14 Fix Fuel storage bug.
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    Sneak Peek 6b As promised, here's an update on the berry bushes, as well as the reveal of a new wild resource as a little extra . A while ago, we showed the first new berry bush variant, which was the Northern Highbush Blueberry. The second variant that will be added, is a slightly smaller species, the Black Huckleberry. To refresh the memory, or to create a new one if you haven't read the earlier post; these bushes drop berries on the ground, which can be harvested by the vanilla gatherer. The bushes themselves can be harvested for a small amount of firewood when in dire need. Falling leaves We concider the work on these bushes as somewhat of a test, before we start on their larger cousins in an overhaul of the trees. As part of this, I've played around with a longstanding wish of mine regarding the seasonal behaviour. In the vanilla situation, when the deciduous trees lose their leaves, these simply disappear. As you may observe in the video below, the leaves that fall from these bushes will stay on the ground at their base, and get snowed over as winter comes. They then disappear again when spring arrives and the bushes make new leaves. https://webmshare.com/play/AdYxQ Falling branches Another addition that we did in preparation for when we head into the forest, are these branches that will occasionally spawn below the trees. The can be gathered manually for a small amount of firewood too, but will not have a specific gatherer associated with them. Our aim is to have these, together with the bushes, compensate for the smaller amount of trees on the map with our mod. At the same time, we do not want to make it too easy to build a supply of fuel, so these will not spawn very frequently. The balance we want to create is one where it's simply not worth it to have a worker permanently roaming the forests in search of firewood, but where sending some out to harvest in a time of need can just make the difference between surviving the winter cold or finding a frosty grave.
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    @Banished&Used try this, as a quick fix. Some notes (if you're using my screenshots): - Where you don't have a mod (say, the Flax & New Flora mods, ignore them - the other mods, NatDiv & Maritimes, still are in that same order) - Disregard version numbers, these are screenshots from last month, the version numbers are outdated, however, the load order is still correct. - Make sure that the files are downloaded completely - check the file size - Once you have got the mods in the order that you would like, then make sure you press OK, let the game reload itself, but then you EXIT completely, then load again. ------------- - Beginning of 'game editing mods' - mods that change the way the game looks (UI) or handles - Banished UI: Mod - RK Minimized Status for 1.0.7 - Busy Pastures - Bigger Wheelbarrows for 1.0.7 - FastRoad75 - Better Stock Piles - Blacksmith Tools - Increased CC ** Insert the Rain mods here (as a test) - Quiet CC ------------- - Beginning of 'map start' mods - NatDiv, Pine etc (any in the NatDiv, NewFlora, Pine - would go here, in the order nominated by the modder) - Pine Set - Natural Diversity v1.0.1 ------------- - Beginning of 'game play' mods - themes, buildings, general etc These are only in the remaining copy/paste by modder list, no real order otherwise. Check each modder for special notes. Sometimes Necora, Kid, Embx & Red have notes on which mod needs to be higher due to icons etc, if you have odd icons showing, just changing your load order, put one of their other mods higher than another will help etc, you won't need to alter the whole mod list!! Just 1 or 2 in each modder group. - Maritimes Riffle - Maritimes Storage Collection v100 - Sherbrooke Village - Maritimes Dock Set - Maritimes PEI Shore - NS Inshore Fisheries - Crystal Cliffs - EB Natural Irrigation System - Kid - House Boat V1.3 - Kid - Alotofseeds Trader 1.4 - Kid - Broadway Tower V1.1 - Forest Deep V3 - Tree House V3 - RK StoneWalls Kit1 for 1.0.7 - NMT3.0Series: LittleHousing - NMT3.1Series: Canal Set 1.0.7 - NMT3.0Series: Clay Chain 1.0.7 - Garden Walls: Utility for 1.0.7 - I See Fire v1.0 for 1.0.7 - Inedible (Beef, Bison Meat, Charge, Cheval, Milk, Mutton, Pork, Venison, Rye, Wheat) (just bundled them here for convenience, they are listed in that order from top to bottom) * You could put these up the top, I normally do, before the regular mods, between the - Beginning of 'game editing mods' - mods that change the way the game looks (UI) or handles and the - Beginning of 'map start' mods - NatDiv, Pine etc mods. It makes sure it covers all mods that may otherwise alter the foods, this is an 'umbrella', I'd move them up ----- - 1.0.7 Compaibility - CC: 1.75 Journey - MegaMod 0.07 - MegaMod DecoPack 0.07 ------ - Below, only if they stipulate Below CC- I think only a couple do. If you don't get answers, then save the mods with them above CC, and try the game, see if it works - Cathedral - CC: Light Rain (check, I thought that was above CC for some reason, the quieter mods need to be above, so I thought this did too) - Better Rain sound (again, check if it needs to be above) -- I think you need to put these 2 above the CC/MM chain - Grass Guardian - Time Is Money (Alternative) Remember to help stop crashing: 1) Load Banished 2) Navigate to mods screen 3) Arrange mods into required order 4) Press OK 5) Wait for game to 'enable' the new order 6) Back to main screen 7) EXIT game entirely 8) Load Banished 9) Check mod load order, make sure all is ok 10) Load a new map If you are loading into an existing map, go through 1-9, then for 10: 10) Load existing map 11) Go to mods menu, scroll down until you find the new mod, enable it 12) Go to main menu - SAVE the map, in a new save space 13) Personal preference: I will EXIT & LOAD Banished again, just to be sure, others have said they don't need to - this comes down to personal preference. There you go. I hope this information help you. Please let me know if you have any problems.
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    another new part is made NMT3.0Series: LittleHousing for 1.0.6 and 1.0.7 This is a mod that adds a NMT Little Housing Set to your game that will match the textures of your NMT3.0Series Canal system. 5 different models "F" alternate. 8 different textures, same as NMT3.0Series: Canal system (Classic, Old Stones, Red Bricks, Sand Bricks, Fire Set Bricks, Old Church Stones, Dark Stones Foundations, Old Wood). The houses are 4x4 +1 road and will cost or 24stones+8wood, or 24bricks+8wood, or 24wood+8stones depending the texture chosen. These new houses use the new " Transparency Glass Technology" ™ from Bartender. the heat fuel is slightly better than vanilla counterparts. Wood one has 70 (instead of 60), stone and bricks ones have 98 (instead of 90) The difference between version 1.0.7 and 1.0.6 is : in 1.0.7 bricks is "custom5 flag", while in 1.0.6 it use "stone flag". 1.0.6 : http://worldofbanished.com/index.php?topic=1851.0 1.0.7 : http://worldofbanished.com/index.php?topic=1850.0 Enjoy !!
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    Loving the smuggler's cave so much! It is absolutely glorious! Best used right next to a bunch of taverns, to make a loop. Pirates smuggle ale, i.e. for pear, brewers make ale from pears. Brewers use 30 fruit for 10 ale, pirates use 7 ale (21 fruit) to smuggle for 65 fruit. So a loop uses 21 fruits and yields 44 fruit extra. 200% return.
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    Natural Diversity 1.1 Beta release (for Banished 1.0.7) After months of work, several weeks of testing, some more days of adjusting things, and a few hours of wondering how we should start this sentence, our work has finally come to an end! @despo20 and @Bartender proudly present the Natural Diversity update 1.1 Beta. As it is a beta version, bugs will be likely to occur. If you encounter any, please kindly let us know in this thread or through a PM to either of us, preferably including screenshots. Sightings of real life bugs are unfortunately not of any relevance, and we would not appreciate receiving pictures of those. The file can be downloaded here. Below is a summary of the content of this update. A detailed explanation of each feature will be provided upon full release. Thatch Production Chain The production of thatch is now a two step production chain, introducing four new materials and five completely new buildings. The old thatcher building has been removed from the mod. The reed farm and fish trap can be placed on small rivers, introducing a new utility for these. Natural Resources Two new resources are added into the game, Reeds and Branches. Reeds spawn on the waters edge and give reed bundles (CC compatible), while branches occasionally fall from trees and give firewood. The Blueberries recieved an overhaul, now occurring as bushes that drop harvestable berries in summer. The bushes themselves give firewood when cut. Lastly, the rocks received new meshes and new textures, greatly increasing their diversity. Rebellious Crops All vanilla crops and orchard trees have a small chance of spawning seedlings outside their fields. This functionality was requested by @QueryEverything and is based on the currently obsolete Pesky Produce mod by OwlChemist. Aesthetics Rocks have been added to the rivers, to give them a more natural look. These rocks are purely cosmetic; the cannot be harvested, nor will they block construction over the water. Harvest wild foods & herbs Toolbar Buttons Along with new toolbar buttons for the introduced buildings and resources, toolbar buttons have been added for the collection of wild foods and herbs. Start Conditions The vanilla start conditions have recieved a [NatDiv] prefix, to signify that these include the resources introduced in this mod. Furthermore, the easy condition has 100 Thatch added to the stockpile on start. Updates to existing content All natural resources included in version 1.0 have received a visual update. Parts of the models will sway in the wind, and the winter behaviour has been changed to provide a more accurate winter landscape.
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    Wow, that's a lot of things to reply to ! Thank you for I'm sorry that we haven't been that active currently. @despo20 is having a very busy time at his job, and I'm spending my summer trying to find a new one. Essentialy we're both a bit caught up in this game called Real Life. Ultimately it's the one that beats all other games, so please forgive us for neglecting the modding a tiny bit these days. I'm sure we'll be back in full strength soon, though probably after the summer . This is an issue I'm aware of, and unfortunately, it's the best I could do given the circumstances. The problem is that the grass needs to be detailed enough at the closest zoom level in order to look good. If you zoom out however, it becomes smaller and ultimately dissappears. This was the case in v1.0 of the mod. From a visual perspective this wasn't that bad, you wouldn't be able to see every single blade of grass when looking from an aeroplane either. Gameplay wise I found it a problem however, since it's quite important to see what resources are available in a certain area without having to zoom in. *This next paragraph gets a bit technical, my apologies.* My solution was to create several detail levels for the grass textures. There is only one way in which this 'MipMap' type of solution can be made to work in Banished as far as I am aware, which is to assign them to specific LOD (Limit of Detail) models. This is what you see when the grass suddenly reappears: at that point it transitions to a new LOD model with a less detailed texture so that it shows again in the game. Ideally, I would make enough LODs so that these transitions would go smoothly and unnoticable. However, Banished only supports a maximum of three detail levels. If you look closely, you will see that the grass goes through a transition twice, from one to two and from two to three. I tried to make these transitions go a bit more smoothly by making different instances of the grass that shift at different zoom distances, so that the change is not too abrupt. Unfortunately, there isn't really any perfect solution that I see at the moment. I chose for the current approach because I feel that gameplay quality should be more important than visual quality. If the general opinion however would be that the grass fading out after some distance is not a problem, then I wouldn't mind changing it back. Another possibility would be a complete redesign of the grass, for example in the way that Red made his grasses. This would add a lot of polygons to the models however, and would probably make the already existing performance issues much, much bigger. As Query correctly pointed out, there is no link between the berries and the rebellious crops mechanic. We've already determined before that the Berries are caused by a conflict with Necora's Pine mod (the berry bushes you see in his screenshots are from that mod, not from NatDiv). This will be fixed in the final release of NatDiv.
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    The clerics life is full of dangers!
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    Another screenshot of Rebellious Crops in action. Valiant Wilding Pumpkins Prepare to Defend Poyens from the Blueberry Invaders! Yep, all those little bushes at the top of the picture are blueberries I'll admit that by now it's quite obvious that the Rebellious Crops part of NatDiv2 is working properly but I saw this in game and it looks to me like the pumpkins are gathering their forces to make a sortie against the blueberry invaders
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    I am new here. Just joined.I am Going to try to see if i can do some modding.Wish me luck
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    Hello, I'm new here. Long time strategy game player and Steam has been advertising Banished to me for a long time now. I wish I'd known about this game sooner. It's sooo addictive!
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    Hello to everyone. I live in Texas with my husband. He just looks amused and shakes his head at me when I tell him I'm building towns! lol I've been playing Banished for a couple of months now. I was about to give up the original game when I stumbled on this amazing thing called "mods"! So, looked up what mods were (not much of a gamer I guess!) and now the game is so much more entertaining! Love the Colonial Charter.
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    RE: Lack of charcoal in homes. @BuildHappy Some of the mods you listed DO alter the way charcoal is accounted for: namely whether it shows up as "fuel" or "furnace fuel". Under CC, charcoal falls under the "fuel" limit, but with Sherbrooke Village and the Pine Set by @Necora, charcoal is tied to the furnace fuel limit. (Incidentally, the Unified Mod by embx61 (from WOB) also does this, so there may be others too.) If Bannies can use "fuel" but not "furnace fuel" to heat their homes then this could be a problem. (Disclaimer: I don't understand the whole flags vs. limits thing, so maybe I should stop right here, but hey... ) CC - Charcoal and firewood quantities together total the displayed fuel limit. Sherbrooke Village has a blacksmith that uses charcoal to craft steel tools. In this mod Charcoal is netted against the furnace fuel limit. Notice how the CC stacks burner info panel is now "wrong" as it lists the fuel limit it was intended to use and not the limit charcoal is actually using here. Pine Set has a pine pitch kiln that creates charcoal and, as you can see, attaches it to "Industrial [Fuel] Limit". The CC stacks burner's charcoal, despite it "Fuel Limit" spinner, adds the charcoal it produces to the furnace fuel limit too. EB Unified Mod, like the Pine Set, produces charcoal from a charburner that feeds the "Industrial Fuel Limit". The CC stacks burner is again along for the ride. I'm sure others with far more insight can give a yea or nay on this, but it might explain your issue. I have precious little charcoal in my current map (with all these mods active) so I know I have none in homes at the moment -- or perhaps never will with this setup... Good luck in your quest.
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    I had never used the Terraforming tool before. Now I know why. Things like that are dangerous in my hands. I had people walking through the river, stuck in the river , and the same with the animals. My poor Trader all you could see was his head as he rowed through the ground I had created. When you have a lake/pond like that that has the traders river flowing trough it, it is quite difficult to see where the traders river actually runs. Which made it hard to determine what to terraform and what not to. I ended up creating a path that I thought would have been the right path. But apparently Luke didn't agree with me, because clearly it wasn't. I was extremely sleepy by then and created a damaging mess and had to delete the map and start all over from scratch on it again.
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    I thought it might be a mod feature, and it's certainly not a deal breaker. Considering how much grass is on the map, higher polygons might make the mod unusable for those with lower end systems and make large/huge maps impossible in bigger cities. Your mod makes for much more challenge in an early game-coming up with the thatch-so it's definitely a keeper for me.
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    Hi folks. Posted previously to the boards because I thought the long load time of CC meant I'd broken my game. Fortunately not the case, as board posters were able to tell me. Now I'm addicted to CC like so many others here. Nice to meet you all.
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    it is . maybe a typo ? i have the exact same files from [CC] provided to me by Kralyerg i gone back to edit the strawberries and watermelon, they both are fruit
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    Had these two deaths in the last couple of days. I found them amusing because like the earlier one I posted about Arling the Physician taking the wrong medicine, these two deaths are also by people who died as a result of screwing up something in their particular profession. You would think that they would be more aware of the dangers of their job! Ignore the first one, death due to old age is kind of expected... And again, death due to old age is to be expected but seriously Olli, a Gatherer not knowing which berries are safe to eat, shame on you!
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    More like a general thing, but there seems to be some medium zoom level, where the grass disappears. From zoomed out, to zoomed in. Initially there is grass visible, it becomes less and less, then it gets more visible again. Is this intentional? @KevinTheCynic How did you get that massive amount of blueberries? Could use some food boost, as well Using Necoras Pine Set & RKs Garden Wall Utility, too. Maybe they prevent a blueberry invasion by spawning other stuff? Here are two screenies with storage and landscape 14 years into a new game. (not even 400 blueberries )
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    @QueryEverything The blueberry issue I'm having is still a big problem but I'm starting to think that it's a quirk of my particular mod collection because nobody else appears to be having the same rampaging berry-marauders that I have! At some point I will have to start a new map to check if it occurs again but for the moment I am quite taken with how Poyens is growing so I don't have any particular desire to start a new town just yet. I'll have to get some screenshots of Poyens cluttered lakefront, it's a mix of the over-water buildings/structures from CC, Discrepancy and Necora And speaking of screenshots, I was a little worried about how they would look on other computers - my monitor died recently so I'm making do with a small TV screen until I get the replacement. It does the job but it doesn't have the screen resolution and subsequent clarity that a proper computer monitor has. While I know I have a good graphics card and that will be taking care of everything, the TV makes everything look slightly washed out and a tiny bit blurry so it's good to hear that they don't look as dull as they appear to me because of my bad screen! As can be seen from the screenie with all the NatDiv buildings, I tend to favour the organic, eclectic (some would say chaotic ) approach to town growth rather than having everything planned! @catty-cb I agree, it's quite a good reflection of what happens in real life and it's something else that makes NatDiv such a great mod - these little touches are a really interesting but also enjoyable enhancement to the normal gameplay. I am quite in awe of these little touches to the game and the cleverness of the modders who create them. It's really easy to get blown away by all the big things in a mod - new buildings, new crops and so on, I'm guilty of wanting to collect them all and have them in my settlements - but it's these little touches that keep me looking around in game rather than just "playing" it, you just never know what you might see.
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    Thank you so much. It's crazy. The game doesn't crash anymore with that mod order
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    It makes sense, with crop seeds, the seed has obviously been blown away or something when the farmer was planting them, but with fruit trees a ripe fruit that's been missed and fallen from the tree could start to grow anytime so them being different sizes would reflect real life PS: It looks real good ... thanks I really do appreciate the work you guys are doing even if I don't say it as much as I should
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    And just as some confirmation that Rebellious Crops is working for orchards, the following picture shows some cherry trees that have spread beyond the orchard. It's interesting to see that the wilding orchard trees (I am totally stealing the New Zealand term for these plants as mentioned by @catty-cb) seem to have different growth rates to those trees being tended in the orchard i.e. it's not particularly obvious in the image but the wilding trees seem to take much longer to grow to full size and they appear to have individually different rates of growth. The wilding cherry trees, except the smallest one visible, all appeared around the same time but seem to have grown at different speeds (although that could entirely be me mis-remembering when they initially sprouted). And just for @QueryEverything, some gratitious NatDiv screenshots... These NatDiv buildings have been in place since the earliest years of the Poyens settlement because I needed the thatch and also because the food resources were a very useful compliment to the limited production I had (I'm using the Vegetable Garden Start mod which limits me to one crop type at the start).
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    So I've been pondering this question, whether it would be possible to build a village on water with no land connection. Using CC, Mega Mod and Maritime Sets, food, basic clothing, lumber, herbs & fuel can be made solely on water. which should covers most of the basics. The main production buildings will be fisheries (for food), chicken breeders (for food&feathers), reed farms, rice farms & ale brewer Some Problems: Graveyard cant be imported, or rather dead bannies can't be exported, so an exception will be made. Graveyards will be built on those smaller central islands. Lumber can be made, however the building requires iron. Iron needs to be made from iron ore on land or traded. The dock workshop only makes rough tools and survival coat. Low durability! Feathers for survival coat can be produced at the chicken breeder, however, how to get the 12 required chicken early? Hunting ducks is unreliable, too The idea was to build only on water, while initially harvesting resources on land, before I could overproduce for trade with tools, reeds, rice & ale to import missing goods. However, before the dock could be finished, iron ore ran out. And with the amount of items in the game, it can take many years for the trader to deliver useful goods. Then all nearby trees were cut and the driftwood finder doesn't nearly produce enough wood to fuel a wooden village growth. And so on. With the land barren, people starving, without tools and the trader delivering year after year useless items, a change in plan was required. So until the production is further advanced on water, some supportive buildings have been built near the cost. Currently, the following buildings are on land: dense tree shack iron shack iron ore shack coal shack boarding house nomad well (needed to replace starved & frozen bannies) old castle (from Old Castle - Hard starting condition) small fuel refinery small iron smelter wild shepherd (for early goods to trade) Any feedback, comments, on how to best proceed? Are there any other mods with contains buildings that are buildable on water? And here's the currently not sustainable village Edit: Officially broke contact to all land in winter 18. Turns out the building set is designed to be almost selfsustaining. It can produce all required materials & goods to survive&expand, except for iron ore. One does need to acquire once 100 rice and 12 eggs though to get started. The only buildings on land were two graveyards on two small islands and the village was growing quite nicely, until... a disease spread. With no waterbuildable hospitals and the dense population, it spread like wildfire. Well damn, so much for this attempt:
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    Welcome @mistibreault to the site and to "Banished reimagined". The mods add so much extra content that I found it was like playing an entirely different game. I tried to go back and play it without any mods... I didn't last long!
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    Hello to all the new members (and lurkers who decided to come in out of the cold!)
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    the horror, the horror i remember the starvation and freezing how's it been for you so far...?
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    He is very clever and talented man. I use a lot of mods @ Redketchup, are well developed and make the players a lot of fun. My heart rejoices greatly for each new mod release fantastic @ RedKetchup. Thank you for the beautiful mods
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    @Bartender thank you very much for your answer I know I appreciated it, it makes sense, and am relieved it's not a bug Don't be in too much of a rush fix the Blueberries, we may never find out who wins the Battle of the Poyens, then what will @KevinTheCynic be able to regale us with, and what will his pumpkins do? The suspense... the drama ... we must know that battle ... !!
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    I'd just like to say once again, that while the abundance of blueberries is due to the interaction of a few mods that includes Natural Diversity and appears to be unique to my specific mod collection/load order, this is not because of Natural Diversity. The root cause seems to be with the Pine mod and Natural Diversity has simply allowed a dormant problem within the Pine mod to became noticeable. If I ran my game without the Pine mod, the blueberry problem would probably not exist. @Bartender is being very generous & considerate of us, the players, by offering to fix a problem that is not even in his mod.
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    @QueryEverything Sorry, I don't have access to my pc right now. But the settings are 1920x1080, DX11, full screen, vsync and everything else at max. Graphics card is Radeon R9 380X.
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    Very much so, indeed. 50 years, 1000 pop into a new map and still the running beautifully. Just wishing my pc was better, as 10x ain't no more fun
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    As an afterthought, it's worth mentioning that if you have crop fields or orchards with no open land around them, you won't get any wilding plants from those fields/orchards. For example I have a crop field that is bordered by other fields and by a river and a stream and none of the plants from that particular field have been able to "cross the border" and take advantage of the Rebellious Crops mechanic and escape into the wild - because there is no open land for them to escape to!
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    Hiya & welcome to all the new members It's a pleasure to see you all here. I'm @QueryEverything, Query, QE - I will answer to most things, and whilst I am not your hostess, I am someone you can ask information from. I check the boards on a regular basis and help out where I can. Sometimes I don't know an answer, but I will say so - other times, I'll happily troubleshoot with you. I'm not a member of the BL team, but I am avid gamer, and I love the MM & CC mods that BL have produced, so I spend a lot of my time here and on 1 other Banished based forum, so you will see quite a few posts from me - feel free to tag me, to do so, it's easy: @ QueryEverything, but no space. As soon as you start typing the @ a little drop down box will happen, so as you start typing the @ Qu etc the name will just pop up, click on that, and voila, I am tagged and I get a notification I'm needed. Please post screenshots - not an official request, just a general curiosity - the players here love seeing other villages, I know I do, and if you take screenshots of your village, please post them, don't be shy There are so many different ways players play the game, and we learn so much from each other, and screenshots show that. Or - lurk. That's ok too We have quite a few people here that are 'long time lurkers', or, as a lot of them say when they post: "First-time post, long time lurker", and that's quite ok too @Shigakuru_Z have you managed to get anywhere with your modding? There are quite a few excellent modders around, and they are all exceptional and have an abundance of patience if you have questions. If you have, and you've already posted, I'm sorry. I'll catch up, hahaha! Enjoy the forums all & again, welcome!!
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    Hi Dalcyone, welcome to the site. Yeah the long load times were a source of concern for a few of us as we added more and more mods to the load order, particularly with all the extra material that CC was adding. Glad to see you've found the workaround because it makes such a difference to the loading time. I just wish I could use the Alt+Tab trick on Cities: Skylines to get that to load faster (unfortunately it seems to load every mod one after the other or something like that so the load time can be 20=30 minutes if you have too many mods... which, of course, I do!)
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    Hiya everyone. In regards to my Poyens album, it was essentially created to allow QueryEveryone to take a peek at my town so I had no concerns for including stats or even the usual info bars available from the UI. It was to highlight the over-water buildings more than anything else although I did wander off into other areas for screenshots. I have every intention of adding tags and descriptions to the images but I am relying on good weather before attempting that - it's winter here in Australia and in my part of the country we are getting a lot of rain... which happens to collect in the underground telephone cable box at the bottom of my front yard... which happens to screw up the old cabling... which is due to be replaced in the next year or two... so rain = poor net connection. My first attempt to post the album was lost when my connection had a major slow down while I was trying to upload the album and download some software updates. Anyway... ah I just love using "..." so in regards to the blueberry problem... (or overusing it as the case may be... ) In regards to the blueberry problem - it's a problem with MY setup and NOT a problem with NatDiv2 & Rebellious Crops. I can say this with confidence because a lot of other people are using NatDiv2 and are not having the problem that I am having. After viewing the feedback/bug report comments on both WoB and BlackLiquid, it seems I am the ONLY person with this problem. All the plants that I have observed spreading into the wlld as a result of Rebellious Crops have been plants that I had to place into a crop field or an orchard first. At the time of the blueberry invasion I didn't have blueberries as a crop seed. None of the crop seeds I did have, spread into the wild in the early years. None of them have spread with anything approaching the rate that the blueberries spread and the blueberries started spawning in areas away from the settlement in the early years of the map so it would seem to me that they were running on some script that influences wild plant grow and not crop plants. Rebellious Crops doesn't influence wild plant growth in that manner, it causes crop/orchard plants to spread beyond the field they are planted in. So for example, I do not have wilding pumpkins growing in other areas of the map, they are only growing in areas right next to the cropfield they were initially planted in. I have two cropfields with pumpkins and only one of them has wilding pumpkins growing. The other thing to keep in mind is that I have not yet attempted to replicate the problem (because I am too devoted to Poyens to try another map) and so far nobody else has been able to replicate my blueberry problem. That all indicates that the problem is most likely unique to my mod setup. In scientific/technical methodology, you need to be able to replicate a certain result to be able to prove that it is indeed occurring. So far the evidence (circumstantial although some of it may be) indicates that my blueberry problem is a unique result. Unless other people can replicate the same problem with a different mod setup to mine, then there is no support for the theory that Rebellious Crops by itself is causing the problem that I am having.
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    @KevinTheCynic thank you for those screenshots, I love the Poyens story In a few days I hope to be able to leave some comments on your screenshots, but for now, please know, I have seen them, I love your village, I love that battle that you are winning via your pumpkins, I thank you for your sharing and your valiant pumpkins service! Salute!
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    @Ketchup - Just wondering: should Watermelon be a fruit not a veggie?
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    I know what you mean. It can be hard to find a youtuber who plays the game you want to watch, plays it well (watching them play badly can be painful), and doesn't annoy you with their voice or other antics. Some of them can be very entertaining. Some of them... not so much.
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    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q8ir8rVl2Z4 The Last Goodbye from the Hobbit. Maybe @Ketchup might become inspired one day to again tackle his Hobbit project
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    Cie Les Meneurs de Loups - Musique médiévale
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    @QueryEverything Good job on fixing the mod list. I'm impressed!
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    Okay so I've been wandering around YouTube far too much... I've found something that makes an interesting soundtrack while I'm playing Banished.
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    @KevinTheCynic I would like (love) to see those screenshots, gimme those Poyens!!
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    Those screenshots look fab @KevinTheCynic As for the marauding berries, after my experiences with real life Blackberries, I can say that your Blueberries are probably closely related to my blackberries I had bushes there, and there, and there, and there - and still got a huge one over there. The sheep love them, so that's ok. In game, I've found that as long as I clear an area completely I don't get regrowth, but if there's anything, anything at all - the little creepers start coming back, whether it's blueberries, grasses, mushrooms, etc - it doesn't matter - and that's how it's supposed to be, and I like it, that after ignoring an area for a time, I come back and there's wild growth happening, it's quite a nice little 'thing'. I did an experiment once, a few weeks back. - Small, Valleys map. - Laid out 4 large stock piles + 1 large barn, placing 1 in each Nth/Sth/East/West quadrant, - Flatten tool, went nuts. Just flattened everything, cleared the entire map, letting all the resources be gathered into the stockpiles and the barns. Nothing, not a thing grew back until I started planting foresters again. Map 2, as above - though this time, created nodes. Would flatten in the natural round sections of the mountains, but leave the flats areas. Within a couple of years the nodes would be starting to show regrowth, creeping inwards from the growth that I hadn't cut back from outside the node. I don't have the Blueberry rampage that you've had, but I've definitely had some overgrowth, but I didn't mind it as I just treated it like free food
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    While I don't have screenshots of NatDiv buildings for @QueryEverything, I do have another example of Rebellious Crops to offer. This time it's the potatoes that decided to escape the confines of the crop field!
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    Suggestion: One harvest button, which will start harvesting on all farms. (for harvesting during tough winters on large maps with many farms)
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    I have no doubt that at all that when development is planned out that all our favourite modders will be asked to submit new work to the project If there are ones you are passionate about, definitely keep a list, and if (when the time comes), the BL team announce they may work on a new release, you can let them know what mods you love and why I'm sure though that they will be keeping a close eye on all the modders, and speak with the ones that they have added before, not just Red. It may be a long while though - patience good pal, patience It's a huge project. A new Banished platform, new modders, new mods, new developments, old modders, old mods getting updates, old players adding new insights .... and of course the developers have been so busy with planning and doing, and things. And @ShockPuppet being unwell, 2017 has been a monster of a year. So, in time, we will hope for news, but for now, let's play!