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    Things are happening. The wheels of progress turn slowly but they do turn.
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    The % on the Nomad sign is based on your total population. So, if you have 300 citizens, 5% brings 15 nomads and 10% would be 30 nomads. The % you choose is up to you. Make sure you have a hospital in case they bring a disease with them, and plenty of tools, clothing and food. You should also have enough temporary housing (boarding houses) - in MM there are a lot of nice ones to choose from . When you take in a lot of Nomads at one time, keep in mind they are free, but uneducated laborers. They can cause a population spike which later becomes and education spike, and even later, there's a death spike. If you really need more Nomads, you can start with a high % and later destroy that sign and put in one with a lower %. By "swamp bundles", do you mean "Firebundles" produced at the Dock Workshop or the Bundling Shed? Note that it takes 25 Reeds to make 10 Firebundles with educated workers. The info screen for that building should show the # of Firebundles produced during the current and previous years. If you are really low on Firewood, the bundles might be used fairly quickly. No idea why your Tiny House is storing a lot of Firewood. I don't have any Tiny Houses on my map, but I did notice that one of my Wooden Houses has 147 Firewood, while all of the others have much less. It could be that Firewood became scarce at some point so the Tiny House family rushed out and stocked up on Firewood at some point (I know this happens when Food becomes scarce). Just an FYI, I find the most efficient way to produce fuel for homes is to use a Stacks Burner which produces 11 Charcoal from each long. The Woodcutter only makes 4 Firewood from a log.
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    Yeah just discovered it and was going to post it here. My bad. The increase resource actually works just fine in mine, the problem is MM Deco. Thanks for the help!
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    After a little more than a year, Luke Hodorowicz has finally posted a new message on his website, ShiningRockSoftware,com. Looks like he has finally decided what his new game is going to be and started designing in that direction! There's not much info provided, but any progress is good news in my book. Here's a LINK TO SHININGROCKSOFTWARE.COM.
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    they are brought,produced, by the quartermaster whcih you need building supplies to build.it will need to be on a river or lake to be built. with the military supplies, you build a blockhouse that will use the military supplies to gain silver and gold to pay the others.
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    thats because we can get alot more trees, grass and animals moving in a very large map to compare the large one. we are providing very large map because people ask for it... but i think we shouldnt. thats not a good service to give to people ^^