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    View File MegaMod 8.01 MegaMod 8.01 The download is a single 1.49 GB .RAR file, but you need to extract the .PKM files into your games WinData folder. There are 3 (three) pkm files that you need. If you don't have all 3, many things will be missing. Remember, the maximum file size of a single PKM file is 2 GB, so splitting it in 3 parts is the only way to get everything. I can't guarantee that saves made with this version will be compatible with future updates. Feel free to post bug reports. Depending on the volume, I may not respond to every single post, but I will read them all. If you do post a bug report, please make a note of any other mods that you are using, with special care paid to the ones that you load above MM. I have attempted to include every mod that I can. I'm still waiting on a few modders to get back to me, but I wanted to post this in the meantime. So just because your favorite mod isn't included doesn't mean that it won't be in the future. That being said, this mod doesn't, and won't, include certain optional mods that change the way the game looks or behaves. Aging mods; Storage mods; Texture changing mods; Inedible food mods. Mods like this won't be included because those kinds of mods are best left up to individual player discretion. A list of mods that are included in MM8 can be found HERE. A copy of the pdf is also included in the download. Do not run any of the mods in the above list alongside MM. They are fully included. Disable CC before using MM. Changelog: Fixed the darker looking trees that people didn't like. Fixed the EB Village Storage Yard toolbar from crashing. Updated mods. Probably a few things I forgot to write down. Submitter Kralyerg Submitted 07/26/2018 Category MegaMod  
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    starting to get some nice details, better lighting and forests
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    use debug. set it at no cost at all, take the remove resource tool and delete that tree. and then uncheck the no cost at all, and take out the debug mod
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    Then you're pretty much doomed I fear. That tunnel-trick is pretty much the only way to get rid of trees too high on hills for people to get there. Well, you could hope it dies of old age and falls on its own I guess.
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    Try placing a tunnel under the moutain where that tree is, it might help. Just make sure it doesn't actually get built. Safer to do that without a builder employed.
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    Grass and foliage now removes itself when place a building.
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    Means there should be a fade in colours between 1 edge and another, as opposed to just 1 uniform colour between Also, got some change in weather:
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    No need really. Everything has multiple level of details for various distances, culling, fading, etc. The above screenshot would be considered "Ultra" in settings. Weve already discussed detail settings, using Low would create an extremely optimised environment. We deliberately want to have an Ultra detail preset for people who can run it, but we dont expect it to be the usual setting. Things like grass and water reflections will be able to turn off completely, etc. Textures for many things are by default in full 4k, because thats thinking ahead for the future. I would expect using the 2k setting to be quite standard though (Banished was 1k for example, and that was a long time ago). However, i can assure you even on the other lower settings we have a very beautiful game indeed.. Edit: Just to add on this, for anyone who may be interested and works with textures and 3d. We are using primarily 1 texture per mesh, not multiple materials. This has a massive impact on performance (draw calls primarily). Again, how the UV's are laid out is also important. Having hard edges in the UV space for example would increase the performance drag by a factor of x4 per mesh, so thats something being avoided. Aligning lightmaps to a grid is also helping (the AO texture in banished).
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    More testing. 16 square kilometers (10 miles) of landscape to build on. Its got pretty good performance too. Those mountains in the background arent just for show. They exist on the island. heres a rather lengthy video to give an idea of scale. low quality as its recorded in an editor then stretched to fit: password: scale
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    Thank you to the admin who took the time out of their day to manually add me.
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    It looks stunning Shock! It kind of reminds me about Black & White 2, the god game.
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    Good to see some work in progress !