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    Here's a list of the Mods in Kralyerg's Kave of Krazy Kontraptions. Also listed are those mods in Shocks Lab and Official CC Companion Mods. Clicking on the Name of the mod will take you to the download and additional information. Click on Name for Download Description Placement Notes USER INTERFACE & SETTINGS CC Beta Fix Fix weird crop & materials stuff that happens when mods vs game use mismatched versions Above CC Only use if still using CC 1.5x and Banished 1.0.5 together CC No Smoke Removes smoke from all buildings; may improve lag Above CC Requires Banished 1.0.5 Debug Men Enables the Debug toolbar built into game. Gridlines Use to make a 25x25 grid to help plan layout of structures Below CC Requires Banished 1.0.5 Happiness Radius If a building produces happiness, can see happiness radius as a purple circle Above CC or NMT Requires Banished 1.0.5 Icon Recolour Changes the status icons in Banished to a brown color. Above CC Immortal Your citizens will never die of old age (just accidents) Above CC Not compatible with other aging mods, or with Less/More Food mods Iron is Iron “Iron Ore” is replaced with “Iron” (as in vanilla Banished) Above CC Requires Banished 1.0.5 and CC 1.6x Light Rain Effect Replaces rain with a light occasional rain Above CC Quiet CC All pasture animals are quieter and talk less frequently Above CC Radius Recolor Changes the yellow circles to blue Above CC Restore Menu Music Restores the original music that plays in the main menu Above CC Seasons Down Under Changes season names to months and adapts them for the southern hemisphere weather Anywhere Requires Banished 1.0.5 Short Toolbar Makes toolbar shorter – good on smaller screens Above CC Toolbar Buttons Puts the Priority Tool, Remove Structures Tool, and Flatten Terrain Tool on the main toolbar Anywhere Requires Banished 1.0.5 Unhappiness Radius Gives a visible red circle to all buildings that produce unhappiness Above CC Requires Banished 1.0.5 ROADS, BRIDGES, TUNNELS AND TERRAFORMING Brick Tunnel Same looking tunnel – but takes bricks to build it Below CC Color Roads A colorful set of roads Anywhere Included in MegaMod. Requires Banished 1.0.5 Grassy Roads A set of 14 Different kinds of roads Anywhere Requires Banished 1.0.5 Terraform Raise and lower terrain. Very beta! Anywhere Requires Banished 1.0.5 TOWN SERVICES (Community, Worship & Health) 50-50 Nomads Both Town Hall buttons will say "Allow Nomads" but one Accepts them and one Denies Below CC Cathedral Large church building based on Red Ketchup’s Monastery Below CC Lost code in hard drive crash Many Town Arrival Lets you build more than one Town Arrival Above CC Requires Banished 1.0.5 Simple Tombstones Replaces head stones with simple white crosses Above CC Town Arrival Nomads Enables your Town Arrival to attract Nomads Above CC Requires Banished 1.0.5 RESOURCE GATHERING, HUNTING AND FORESTRY No Wild Ducks Removes Wild Ducks so only Deer are hunted Above CC Reqires Banished 1.0.5 Renewable Resources Little shacks that grow Stone, Iron, Coal and Trees Anywhere Requires Banished 1.0.5 CROPS, ORCHARDS, ANIMALS Busy Pastures Fit 2x animals in pastures; produce 2x more eggs, wool, etc.; not fully tested Above CC Requires Banished 1.0.5 Grow Ginger Adds seeds to purchase to grow Ginger as a crop Anywhere Requires Banished 1.0.5 Grow Herbs Adds seeds to purchase to grow Herbs as a crop Anywhere Incorporated into CC Grow Mushrooms Adds seeds to purchase to grow Mushrooms as a crop Anywhere Incorporated into CC. Grow Onions Adds seeds to purchase to grow Onions as a crop Anywhere Incorporated into CC. Grow Roots Adds seeds to purchase to grow Roots as a crop Anywhere Hot Crops Allows all crops to grow in all climates Above CC Requires Banished 1.0.5 Inedible Foods A set of mods that make individual foods not edible Above CC May Require Banished 1.0.5 Legalized Marijuana Cure Hemp at Curing Barn to make Marijuana Above CC Requires Banished 1.0.5 Less Food 50 Citizens only need to eat half the food they used to Anywhere Incompatible with aging or schooling mods Less Food 75 Citizens only need to eat 75% of the food they used to Anywhere Incompatible with aging or schooling mods Livestock for Trade Produce livestock that can be traded instead of meat; no eggs, wool or leather produced Above CC More Food 125 Citizens need 125% of the regular amount of food Anywhere More Food 150 Citizens need 150% of the regular amount of food Anywhere Rice Crop Let’s you buy Rice Seeds so you can grow Rice Below CC Requires Banished 1.0.5 Seed Diversity Adds additional models of crops Below CC Requires Banished 1.0.5 and CC 1.6x Stable Produce your own Domesticated Animals (required to build wool, milk & egg pens) Below CC Requires Banished 1.0.5 Steak Buy Steak Seeds and grow Steak in your Crop Field Anywhere Requires Banished 1.0.5 Tropical Greenhouse Grow tropical foods in this new building. Below CC Requires Banished 1.0.5 STORAGE, MARKETS & TRADE A Little Bit Ridiculous Storage Increases storage in storage places by 2.5X Old Market Override Return to the original market texture/colors Above CC Lost code in hard drive crash Ridiculous Storage Increases capacity in storage places 5X Above CC Requires Banished 1.0.5 Slightly Ridiculous Storage Increases storage capacity in storage places by 2X Super Easy Trading Every trader able to carry every item and will accept any item for trade Above CC Requires Banished 1.0.5 Traders Accept All Traders that carry different things, but they will all accept any item for trade Above CC FOOD & RESOURCE PRODUCTION BUILDINGS Bakery Plus Bakery produces a lot more products Above CC Affects CC and NMT Bakeries Basic Clothes Tailor and Clothier produces only “Clothes” or “Warm Clothes” Above CC Requires Banished 1.0.5 Blacksmith Tools Produces a wider array of tools Above CC Requires Banished 1.0.5 Build Monuments Allows you to build the Golden Llama or Ceremonial Grounds Below CC Fast Food Stand Create fast food items such as burgers and pizza Below CC Lost code in hard drive crash Firebundler Firewood Allows Firebundler to produce Firewood Above CC Fish Farm Edit Changes color of roof & water; citizens no longer idle there Above Fish Farm Mini Buildings Set of mini, 1 person, versions of basic buildings Anywhere Requires Banished 1.0.5 Pirate Cove Give the Pirates some alcohol and they might show you where their buried treasure is. Below CC Lost code in hard drive crash Soup Kitchen Makes various kinds of soups and stews. Below CC Requires CC to use. Lost code in hard drive crash DECORATIVE ITEMS Covering Ghost decorations designed to go over stockpiles but can go anywhere Anywhere Requires Banished 1.0.5 Impossible Trees A set of colorful trees not seen in nature Anywhere Lost code in hard drive crash Irrigate Decorative lowered-terrain canal Anywhere Lost code in hard drive crash Mission Bell Tower Decorative mission bell tower Below CC Thanks to kid1293 for recoding this Statue Plus Adds more variations for existing decorative statues; includes statues from RedKetchup's Decorative Items mod Above CC Requires Banished 1.0.5
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    About Donating: All donations are managed by PayPal. You will see the words BlackLiquid Mods (Colonial Charter) on the donation page. How are donations used?: Donations directly affect our ability to provide this website and offer new and interesting things inside our mods. How have past donations been used?: Website up-time. New complex assets including Animals and model sets to add flavour and flair to our mods (buildings, props). Membership with a 3d community to enhance our mods and expand our education. Click Here To Paypal Donate (via Secure HTTPS) Thank You! We give our sincere thanks to kind contributors. Without you, what we have achieved so far wouldn't have been possible.
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    Love the new Site... It's Purrrrrrty I voted via the Home page. But would love an adventure/exploration type feel with 1.7. Like our people actually landing on a jungle island with ruins (Mayan or such type), tons and tons or stone and trees we have to cut down in order to make our way to another area with more ruins there. Something along those lines. I should have been an Archaeologist in real life, me thinks, I definitely love a good mystery
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    Hello all. Here from Orlando, FL. 45 years old. Been a gamer since Pong. PC gamer since King's Quest I. Registered here in order to understand Megamod. I have lots of annoying questions to ask
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    Hi. New to banished. Still playing the vanilla version. But loved the diversity in this mod seen in some YouTube videos. Will download this mod soon.
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    Hi there Welcome to the forums. A couple of things: About Mega Mod, when you load a map, the menu etc will look a lot like the Vanilla Banished, the sub-menus are where the magic is really at. You will see sub-menus where things like: Storage & Markets, Stockpiles, etc - are in their own little menus - they will have green borders, other creators will have red, orange etc In the food sub-menu - raw producers (gatherers, hunters etc); secondary producers; butchers etc In the Town Services - again sub-menus etc If you don't see the green (& other colour) framed sub-menus, then a little helpdesk question time may help you out. Still having problems? - Are you running Banished 1.0.7? - Are you running it in Steam, or from another downloaded site? Do you have the full MM download - sometimes the files can be cut off when being downloaded. This is what should be in your Banished\WinData Folder: If you are running Banished 1.0.7 then you will need the Compatibility mod as well, and you will need to load it in the following order: - 1.0.7 Compatibility For MegaMod 0.07 v2 - MegaMod 0.07 ( MM) - MegaMod DecoPack 0.07 - if you are using it ----- When you've made sure you have all the files correct, load Banished. Load Banished Enable both MM & MM Deco mods Press Ok Wait for the game to go to the main menu Exit the game completely (this is very important, it stops game crashes later) Load Banished Check the mods Once you've done that, then start a new map, you should then see the sub-menu and new buildings available. If there are still having problems, please let us know - and what steps you took, and what the problem is? If you have a screenshot, that's important too!
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    got it had to copy them from the folder 7zip put them in back into windata very excited to try it out
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    Looks as this issue is due to trying to enable 2 different releases together. If you are loading MegaMod 1, MegaMod2, & MegaMod3, make sure you are unchecking previous MegaMod released including the Deco pack. Everything is in the 3 newest files.
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    i bought too forest village...but i asked refund immediately :-D. I was lucky, now it sucks
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    How does anything I have suggested have to do with this? I don't play Farmville, so please enlighten me