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  1. How time flies... It's actually been YEARS since I last played CC Banished or posted in a BL forum. I still remember my joy when Shock revealed the (back then) new flowerbeds and half grass hedges... I mean my little clan could not see out their windows with the high hedges, I was extremely relieved.... It's amazing how far you guys have come. Sooo... I'm from Johannesburg, South Africa. Betcha that's a first around here. My games addiction started about 34 years ago at the age of 10 when I discovered a pacman arcade coin machine in the local corner shop and has never relented since that day.... I play absolutely everything except sports and racing games... being a woman and all... and anything that feels like a "girl-game" bores me to death. My favs are RPGs (BIG two handed swords), city building games and lately survival games has ruined my social life. Let me not forget to mention the 4 months I only left the house to go to work... because.... Skyrim (again, BIG two handed swords).... I'm starting to spot a trend. Anyhoo there's the 14 year old cat named Tequila, master of the universe. Since I felt a major city building craze for the first time in years and just discovered the update Journey, I'll be off then.