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  1. thanks for replying shockpuppet I recognise the elevation views and think I understand what you said. If the mesh attachments are looked for first, then these sub objects are defined in a separate earlier process - the model design, (within the model fbx / points files I guess). I didn't fully realise that every RT aspect is also a sort of f variant. If there are four cardinal rotations for each model then there would be four sets of points files for each model within the these files? If just one set, (that the RT keys manipulate) then that would be where I thought a coefficient on the x or y coordinate to mirror the model may be applied at the time of user placement and orientation. I wondered if the RT keys could re-orientate a predesigned model then maybe they could also, with tweaking, do a reflection. Sorry for taking your time away from the most fine, it truly is!, cc work you're doing. Great site and members you've got!
  2. Not to keep flogging a dead llama but... If making a building notes where you place on the map (1) and its orientation (2) from rt keys, then goes about creating the building (3), is it possible to give an option to reflect the orientation function (2) along a coordinate axis started from your placement (1), letting the building creation (3) then take place in what it sees as a normal, yet mirrored to the viewer, fashion? In other words the reflection option is seen by (3) as part of (2)s instructions. If so, then I think no building blueprint changes - wayhay!, just (ha!) a new function (y or g key?) that would enable all buildings to then have 8 and not 4 basic aspects. I suppose if rt selections change each buildings interact points in ways other than grid coordinates then ... Any thoughts, ie I'm daft, appreciated.
  3. Thanks but don't get me started or you'll be busy replying and never have time for those wonderful landscapes you do!
  4. Thanks Necora. Sometimes simple ideas are just not that simple after all!! I really thought that, excuse this poor wording, mirroring a data file along one axis would be a case of multiplying the reference locations by eg minus one and all would follow seamlessly thereafter! Ha, the fool I am! I would never ask for specific file for myself - thought this could be a small tweak that many could benefit from. I will look at your "learning to create mods discussions" for maritimes again and I will try to remember that "coding", or programming as I knew it, is never as easy as the use of the finished product makes it look.
  5. Thanks for the feedback folks Pilgrim said it very concisely, eg gardenHOUSE|ESUOHnedrag if that makes sense! Lots of semi detached houses where I am, and many buildings do share a common wall. And paeng, yes for the decoration part, I was trying to see if there was a potential option to avoid the "spinning star" type look with your pic above, even though I know it will have a deserving place in some landscapes. Necora - you've put me in my place, ha! - I hadn't fully caught on to the amount of different function nodes, and thus specific locations, each building blueprint may have. I doubt there are many "centred create and use point" or "each side good" buildings that my idea could be used on. It may be possible on a few smaller houses or any that don't have specific create / use points such as, (and im sure i'll be wrong again here, oh well...), the town hall or cemetery. For bannies to avoid ghosting walls to get to their use points on other type buildings, I thought my idea of a coefficient would reverse both visual and in pc reference areas, (sorry computer lingo is not my strong point as im sure you all realise), thus directing both the bannie feet and the visual graphics to the left rather than the right. Though I am trying to contribute, albeit clumsily, paeng's "seems like a lot of work" sums my idea up rather well. I'll try for a better one next time!
  6. Whilst thinking (wrongly! thank you paeng) that certain builings like pastures couldn't be rotated, wondered if buildings could be reflected. For example a pasture, with south facing shelter in north east corner, could be reflected to one with a south facing shelter in north west corner. This then allows you to have two / four adjacent pastures with a collection of shelters all together. You often see farm buildings and gates collected around singular access points - saves time and money in construction and also frees up more land for other uses. This reflection tool could be applied to plenty of other buildings too. As to modding this, (sorry but i dont have the know how yet!), would it just be a "simple" case of adding a coefficient relative to the local building placement coordinates, or a complete, and therefore unfeasible, redraw of the building? A new toolbar selection or keyboard input whilst positioning would also be required. I have used a similar tool elsewhere to great effect and have not found one, if it exists, for banished. Pipe dream or not?
  7. thanks for the speedy reply. Yah, it works! I had tried on previous setups, 1.04 and NF, and probably been stupidly pressing wrong key or letting go the held mouse button too early! I had not recently tried in late game, post 1.06 TFA update, when I had stock - I always play hard adam & eve starts, not trying the free placement / debug yet. Am very glad to know that its movable thank you kindly. And huge thanks for your inspiring images - you have a very good eye (or two!) Could you create a question answered tick please - I am a totally new, ie 5th post ever!, (this my fourth), to any forum, so apologies for poor internet etiquette!
  8. Great work on the update, it looks rather splendid. A query regarding the deer on those castle walls - if they can walk up there, can the wall top be used as a foundation for building placement and not just feet or hooves?
  9. Hello Thought this was slightly different to pasture problems so... When placing and stretching out pastures I can not change the orientation of the little shelter. I have tried dragging from each different corner and using the r, t and f keys, and also changing the camera view. All to no avail! Am I not doing this correctly or is it just that it is not possible to do so? Any input appreciated.
  10. hello all and g'day! Looks like this is a welcoming and helpful place to be so thought I'd say well done and thanks in advance for all the work, advice and oodles of inspiration I find here. I'm from Scotland and been playing a variety of games since zx81 (with tape recorder file loaders!). I've played all the Civs extensively since the very early 90s and always wished they would allow building placements so started SimCity, stronghold and others to get my fix! Played 1000s of hours of very heavily modded skyrim and managed to get some medievally looking villages together - lots of winding alleys, nooks and crannies! Banished is a delightful game and the mods are like icing on the cake for it. I see many more an hour playing and hopefully creating new mods for others to use once I get my head around the tutorials. Well done again down under, up over or inside outside. You contribute fantastic additions and have my gratitude.