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  1. Done all the steps. Tried to open it with DirectX 11 now. Used 9 before. Maybe it just crashed randomly. But it seems to work atm. Will post another one if it crashes while ingame :-) Thanks for ur help until now. And I think I dont got the steam version.
  2. Oh... Using the newst version (1.0.5 beta - build) I think its the steam one..? Only got MM as mod When the map is generating it crashes.
  3. The headline tells pretty much everything. Heres my crash.dmp :-) THX crash.dmp
  4. Does CC work with MM?



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    2. AtP


      Oh nice, so the new 1.62 CC is in MM?

    3. ShockPuppet


      Yes that's right 

      Soon cc 1.7 will come, maybe a few weeks :)


    4. AtP


      Glad to hear! Thanks for the fast replies!

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