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  1. Yeah, it must just be something with the game not running natively. Decided to buy the game on Steam and subscribe to the mod on the workshop. Downloaded installed and the mod worked flawlessly on my windows machine. I then installed steam through Crossover on mac, downloaded the game, it ran perfectly. Went into the mods section it automatically downloaded Megamod perfectly, but upon enabling it and realoading the game, It sits at a never ending black screen. This time going on an hour and a half now. Clearly something else is causing it to hang up. Any help from the devs or anyone with knowledge on running the game in OS X is greatly appreciatied. Mark
  2. Welp. The Crossover version is still sitting at a black screen after almost 45 minutes, so I would assume it's fair to say it's not working..... Installed on my main PC just for the heck of it and I get a runtime fatal error when enabling megamod there as well. It must be something I'm doing wrong since I recreated a similar issue on Windows but I have no clue where I'm going wrong. Arggghhhh. Mark
  3. Installed v1.06 on Crossover and enabled megamod. Been sitting on the black screen for about 10 minutes and hasn't crashed...........Yet. Maybe we're on to something hehe (pls)
  4. Alright. I may give it a shot. I just bought Crossover actually, going to give it a whirl on that. I have a base model 2015 15inch retina MBP with an i7, 16gb of RAM and the IRIS Pro graphics. If I can't get it figured out natively, I'll either just play it without megamod, or try with parallels. Thanks!
  5. Yes, I do have steam on OS. Confused as to how that would help me though, as either way Banished is natively only for windows. According to Shining Rock, the best way to run banished on OS is through the GOG version, as its much easier to install using the GOG installer. Anyways, how is the performance in Parallels? I have it, but just figured it wouldn't perform well enough to be enjoyable. Thanks anyway. Mark
  6. Okay another update. Colonial Charter 1.62 also produces the same error after going to a black screen to presumably load all the content. Frustrating. I have a dedicated PC, but most of the time I have to play games such as Banished occurs when I only have my MacBook Pro. After watching playthroughs from people with megamod, the base game even with other mods just doesn't seem the same....
  7. And, I have tried just megamod with neither of those other two enabled..... Still goes to blackscreen and then gives me a fatal error after 30 seconds to a minute.
  8. Okay. Here is my mod list as requested. And here is the crash log from Banished if that helps anyone. Appears to have something to do with wineskin, maybe megamod and wineskin just don't get along. Kind of weird though, as every other mod I've tried has worked. Going to try Colonial Charter now and see if that gives me any issues. Crash Report: Unhandled exception: unimplemented function usp10.dll.ScriptBreak called in 32-bit code (0x7b82cda2). Register dump: CS:001b SS:0023 DS:0023 ES:0023 FS:100f GS:000f EIP:7b82cda2 ESP:006a6f34 EBP:006a6fa8 EFLAGS:00000206( - -- I - -P- ) EAX:7b8184f9 EBX:7b82cd2e ECX:00000000 EDX:00000000 ESI:00000002 EDI:4518139e Stack dump: 0x006a6f34: 006a6fe8 00000008 0000003c 80000100 0x006a6f44: 00000001 00000000 7b82cda2 00000002 0x006a6f54: 4518139e 45181437 7b830c80 7ffb0bf8 0x006a6f64: 006a6f88 00000000 00000000 00000003 0x006a6f74: 00000000 00140012 7ffb0c00 00000001 0x006a6f84: 7bc41b8e 006a6fb0 00000000 00000000 0201: sel=100f base=7ffb0000 limit=00000fff 32-bit rw- Backtrace: =>0 0x7b82cda2 in kernel32 (+0x1cda2) (0x006a6fa8) 1 0x7b848d19 in kernel32 (+0x38d18) (0x006a7008) 2 0x45166495 (0x006a7058) 3 0x450cbf60 in user32 (+0xbf5f) (0x006a7a28) 4 0x45149f1f (0x006a7aa8) 5 0x4512ebc5 (0x006a85c8) 6 0x451604ca (0x006a8608) 7 0x45160c91 (0x006a8668) 8 0x45163555 (0x006a86b8) 9 0x450e87e8 in user32 (+0x287e7) (0x006a8708) 10 0x451604ca (0x006a8748) 11 0x45160e0e (0x006a8788) 12 0x45163881 (0x006a87d8) 13 0x45122e80 (0x006a8848) 14 0x45128341 (0x006a88c8) 15 0x45128895 (0x006a8908) 16 0x450ef1e6 (0x006a8ce8) 17 0x450f096f (0x006a8d18) 18 0x450f09ea (0x006a8d68) 19 0x4512dd34 (0x006a8dd8) 20 0x4512dec8 (0x006a8e48) 21 0x4512df20 (0x006a8e98) 22 0x100cd54c in runtime-x32 (+0xcd54b) (0x006aced0) 23 0x100cd2bf in runtime-x32 (+0xcd2be) (0x006adee8) 24 0x7bc37358 (0x006adf68) 25 0x7bc6e2ab (0x006ae008) 26 0x7bc6fd05 (0x006ae638) 27 0x7bc6ff9b (0x006ae6a8) 28 0xdeadbabe (0x006aea50) 29 0x100f60fc in runtime-x32 (+0xf60fb) (0x006aea5c) 30 0x100f6aeb in runtime-x32 (+0xf6aea) (0x006aeab4) 31 0x100f6215 in runtime-x32 (+0xf6214) (0x006aeae4) 32 0x100c43ba in runtime-x32 (+0xc43b9) (0x006aeb90) 33 0x100c7277 in runtime-x32 (+0xc7276) (0x006aebe4) 34 0x10065387 in runtime-x32 (+0x65386) (0x006aec08) 35 0x10064ee4 in runtime-x32 (+0x64ee3) (0x006aec34) 36 0x100694e1 in runtime-x32 (+0x694e0) (0x006aec54) 37 0x10105660 in runtime-x32 (+0x10565f) (0x006aec84) 38 0x100c43ba in runtime-x32 (+0xc43b9) (0x006aed30) 39 0x100c7277 in runtime-x32 (+0xc7276) (0x006aed84) 40 0x10016657 in runtime-x32 (+0x16656) (0x006aeda8) 41 0x100652dd in runtime-x32 (+0x652dc) (0x006aedf4) 42 0x10065605 in runtime-x32 (+0x65604) (0x006aee14) 43 0x1010223f in runtime-x32 (+0x10223e) (0x006aee54) 44 0x100c43ba in runtime-x32 (+0xc43b9) (0x006aef00) 45 0x100c7277 in runtime-x32 (+0xc7276) (0x006aef54) 46 0x0041ee81 in application-x32 (+0x1ee80) (0x006aef9c) 47 0x0043bfc1 in application-x32 (+0x3bfc0) (0x006aefbc) 48 0x0050ae0c in application-x32 (+0x10ae0b) (0x006aefec) 49 0x100c43ba in runtime-x32 (+0xc43b9) (0x006af09c) 50 0x100c7277 in runtime-x32 (+0xc7276) (0x006af0f0) 51 0x0043765f in application-x32 (+0x3765e) (0x006af138) 52 0x004ffe89 in application-x32 (+0xffe88) (0x006af164) 53 0x100c43ba in runtime-x32 (+0xc43b9) (0x006af210) 54 0x100c7277 in runtime-x32 (+0xc7276) (0x006af264) 55 0x00402586 in application-x32 (+0x2585) (0x006af27c) 56 0x00402542 in application-x32 (+0x2541) (0x006af2a4) 57 0x004c6787 in application-x32 (+0xc6786) (0x006af2d4) 58 0x100c43ba in runtime-x32 (+0xc43b9) (0x006af380) 59 0x100c7277 in runtime-x32 (+0xc7276) (0x006af3d4) 60 0x100333f7 in runtime-x32 (+0x333f6) (0x006af3f8) 61 0x1003311d in runtime-x32 (+0x3311c) (0x006af444) 62 0x100c77d4 in runtime-x32 (+0xc77d3) (0x006af47c) 63 0x100c43ba in runtime-x32 (+0xc43b9) (0x006af52c) 64 0x100c7277 in runtime-x32 (+0xc7276) (0x006af580) 65 0x100443b7 in runtime-x32 (+0x443b6) (0x006af5a4) 66 0x100e3321 in runtime-x32 (+0xe3320) (0x006af618) 67 0x100e1b58 in runtime-x32 (+0xe1b57) (0x006af644) 68 0x10089479 in runtime-x32 (+0x89478) (0x006af67c) 69 0x100895a1 in runtime-x32 (+0x895a0) (0x006af688) 70 0x7bc6dfbc (0x006af698) 71 0x7bc6f06a (0x006af718) 72 0x7bc6df82 (0x006af738) 73 0x7bc7687c (0x006aff88) 74 0x9f76a11b (0x006affa8) 75 0x9f76a063 (0x006affc8) 76 0x9f76993e (0x006affec) 0x7b82cda2: subl $4,%esp Modules: Module Address Debug info Name (33 modules) PE 330000- 350000 Deferred videodx9-x32 PE 370000- 391000 Deferred videodx11-x32 PE 400000- 5b0000 Export application-x32 PE 1b70000- 1bfe000 Deferred xaudio2_7 PE 10000000-10273000 Export runtime-x32 PE 432f0000-432f4000 Deferred version PE 450c0000-450ee000 Export user32 PE 45210000-45214000 Deferred gdi32 PE 45330000-45334000 Deferred advapi32 PE 453a0000-454af000 Deferred shell32 PE 455a0000-455a4000 Deferred shlwapi PE 45620000-45628000 Deferred ole32 PE 45760000-45764000 Deferred rpcrt4 PE 457f0000-457f4000 Deferred dinput8 PE 45820000-45824000 Deferred dbghelp PE 458a0000-458a4000 Deferred psapi PE 45930000-45934000 Deferred winex11 PE 45d90000-45d94000 Deferred imm32 PE 45db0000-45db4000 Deferred d3d9 PE 45df0000-45df4000 Deferred wined3d PE 45f40000-45f44000 Deferred opengl32 PE 46060000-46064000 Deferred d3d11 PE 46070000-46074000 Deferred dxgi PE 477c0000-477c4000 Deferred mmdevapi PE 491d0000-491d3000 Deferred winecoreaudio PE 496c0000-496c4000 Deferred msvcrt PE 49770000-4977b000 Deferred winmm PE 4dd40000-4dd44000 Deferred dsound PE 4dd90000-4dd97000 Deferred oleaut32 PE 4dfb0000-4dfb4000 Deferred dinput PE 4e510000-4e530000 Deferred comctl32 PE 7b810000-7b866000 Export kernel32 PE 7bc10000-7bc14000 Deferred ntdll Threads: process tid prio (all id:s are in hex) 00000008 (D) C:\GOG Games\Banished\Win32\Application-x32.exe 00000028 0 00000027 15 00000026 15 00000024 0 00000023 0 00000022 0 0000001f 0 0000001e 0 <== 00000009 0 0000000c services.exe 0000001b 0 0000001a 0 00000012 0 0000000e 0 0000000d 0 00000010 winedevice.exe 00000019 0 00000016 0 00000015 0 00000011 0 00000017 plugplay.exe 0000001d 0 0000001c 0 00000018 0 00000020 explorer.exe 00000021 0 System information: Wine build: wine-CX14.0.0 Platform: i386 Host system: Darwin Host version: 16.0.0
  9. Okay, so maybe it's just not possible through the wineskin wrapper. Downloaded 1.06 and reinstalled entirely from GOG, and I got it to show up correctly, but after enabling it when it tried to load in the screen goes black (as expected) but then gives me a fatal error about 30 seconds later...... I guess bootcamp is the next option even though I only have a 256Gb hard drive :(.
  10. Yeah, I guess I can update. Just a hassle to update it through a wrapper on mac. Do you think that's the issue? If so it's worth a shot.
  11. I have attempted installing multiple versions of megamod into my GOG version of Banished that I have running through Wineskin on my mac. It shows up in game, but there's no description shown, modlist, and when enabled it does nothing. Confused as to why it's not working at all, as all other mods I've tried up to this point worked just fine. Any advice?