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  1. For me game now work much better and faster then in RC 2 version im using old save. And new flowers are much much better now
  2. Nvidia GeForce 210 have 512 mb DDR2 and support max version of directx 10.1. So that means you cant run banished in directx11. try directx 9
  3. you can try to speed up loading time with alt+tab or windows button this don't work for everyone for me it speed up to 5-6 min with alt+tab from 30-40 min if I don't alt+tab.
  4. my firend play with megamod 8 rc 2 on single core cpu 3.0 and 2,5 gb of RAM he just wait a lot of time for game to load but when game is loaded works fine
  5. if you can run banished then you can run last version of megamod just need a lot of time to load
  6. i remember first time I run game with megamod game was loading 42 min
  7. yea There is many specific storage type buildings 2-3 for every type of goods (warehouses/cellars/barns) + general ones. alcohol and luxury are not stored in general barn they need specific storage. I use specific cellars for alcohol and luxury. better looking in my opinion.
  8. @Johntodd you can store alcohol/luxuries in alcohol/luxury warehouse
  9. I really like what megamod has become, first time I played with megamod was 0.0.6 version, since then it evolved into great collection of mods that add experience like game expansion. I always wanted to build my town fully across whole very large map so that's why I would really like new versions to be save compatible.
  10. Quick question will next version of megamod be playable with current save game or we will need to start new map? if no any release date for the next version
  11. This is really nice map what seed is it?
  12. yea they produce a lot of perfume per year, but you cant trade it for anything in my game I cant trade perfume for new seeds or livestock
  13. Flowers are Misc when you reach limit on misc florist stops collecting
  14. Windows 10 don't cause any problems I have it and all works fine. to make screenshoots you need to keybind it at second slot first one say it is on print screen but don't work. your boat problems are probably caused by some other mods interfering with MM8 I use MM8 rc2 only and everything work nice.