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  1. That new chart looks good! Now the information and/or pictures I was looking for were for the terrain types. (I just tested the waterworld, it really is a water world. Very challenging but also interesting). Minimap pictures as examples would be extremely convenient, as it would give an idea to how the terrain features are formed.
  2. Sorry, in this case Starting Conditions then. It would be useful information.
  3. So I finally gave in and downloaded CC. And have been loving this so much! However, I haven't been able to find any information on all the terrain types. Sure the names are somewhat descriptive (waterworld = lots of water) but it would still be very useful to have minimap examples with descriptions. So far I have been unable to locate such. Testing each one out individually is labor intensive, and includes a lot of loading screen waiting.
  4. Hi, decided to join in here! I'm from Finland, accompanied by two cats. I bought Banished on a whim as it was on sale, and now I'm hooked.