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  1. Thanks for the explanation on the percentage! I was aware of how nomads otherwise work, just not what the % meant in the sign. Actually, I mean the themed swamp set, from KID. The building is Swamp Reed Bundler. I had a warehouse and Swamp reed bundler right next to each other, the warehouse containing a few hundred reeds. The worker was diligently gathering reeds from the warehourse, depleting that to less than 100 reeds, but the swamp reed bundler building never gained anything into it's inventory, and the worker never worked there. No bundles were made at all. The problem with the Tiny House was that they kept topping it up to nearly 300 firewood, depleting all available firewood. If they rushed because firewood was low... then why did no other household do that? The firewood was constantly 0 to 50 in storage because of that one household. After removing the Tiny House and replacing with something else, the problem stopped. Also, how are the transit stoages meant to work? I placed a Iron Transit storage next to my small smelter, and it never received any iron in it. I love the covered look. Thanks for the Stack burner tip! I'll be sure to make one soon. I usually go with Reed Bundles to save up on logs.
  2. Thanks again for your hard work! Here's a couple of things I've noticed: The swamp bundles seems to eat the reeds brought in. The worker keeps getting new reeds, yet none appear in the inventory and there is no bundles made. Tiny House stacks huge amounts of firewood. I was wondering why my firewood was always low, and this house had nearly 300 firewood stocked in. Edit: Also, how does the nomad signs work? The options are %, and that doesn't tell me anything, so I'm not sure which one to choose, if any.
  3. Oooh, nice! May I ask how the flowers will behave in the next release?
  4. Thanks! I really like how it looks, though sometimes cleaning space for building takes much longer than it would without that flowery goodness :'D And for some people, I suspect all those flowers may be causing performance issues.
  5. While the flowers aren't a problem to me (I have a monster rig compared to what Banished uses), but I understand why they could be problematic to some. This picture is showing the flower coverage around a wild area I never did anything at, and you can see it's fully covered. And this is going on everywhere where I don't actively cut them. One way to work around this could be giving the flowers a life span, much like trees have, although probably a shorter one.
  6. That's understandable. I know some of my problems arise from that I've been using the other Megamod version for so long looking for certain things in certain places is second nature now. I personally like having both the Fleur De Lis and "normal" toolbars. For the normal toolbars, I like that you can click, say, Homes, and then choose the modder/mod package you want. To me that's the most useful. I understand that sets like Docks, Quay and others stay only in the Fleur De Lis and the Modder specific toolbars. I will get used to this, it will just take a little bit time.
  7. Bug report: Roadbound Horse fence 1x1 uses 2x1 piece at the moment.
  8. I'm having trouble locating the red Barn storages. They were bright red, had two parts (main and expansion), and seemed to be in the North style. Question: is having some of the homes, barns etc. in the Fleur De Lis and Mod Collection toolbars only a decision? Ie what I mean is that is it a concious choice (if so, I assume for decluttering the main toolbars).
  9. After further testing, the resources produced started getting picked up. Don't know why the initial few years were not.
  10. Okay, I think I know why I had the crash problem earlier. Apparently my Banished didn't like me changing from one Megamod to another without first making sure no mods were active, and only after then activating the new ones. I noticed something else though. I'm still keeping an eye on it, but the Perfumer worker seems to idle excessively, and the Perfumes the worker makes don't seem to be picked up. As said, still keeping an eye on this.
  11. Okay, thank you!
  12. So I was wondering. The crop fields have lines, and I know they can be rotated so that the lines either point west-east, or north-south. But I don't know how. They don't respond to t or r to rotate. Thanks in advance!
  13. I tried dragging from every corner, but when the size was for example 11x11, the orientation was always the same. Maybe I'll just have to have a little less efficient fields to get visual interest.
  14. The actual draggable bride, as opposed to the pre-length pieces? I know the Docks pieces are under the Fleur De Lis, but I cannot locate the bridge itself. In the old version it was nested within the Roads -> Bridges, but it's not located there either. I know I can use the pre-lenth pieces, but I like using the actual bridge because the little people travel faster on it.
  15. Not exactly a bug report, but I can't seemt o be able to find the Docks bridge. Aka the bridge that takes the look of the docks set. Or I may be blind.
  16. Thanks, will do. Sorry for the trouble, and thanks for the help.
  17. I thought I had only those three files enabled. I don't really use Steam mods. These are the only mods chosen to be used. Note that this is after re-downloading Megamod again, in case something got corrupted. After redownloading the toolbar looks different, so I think it was a case of corrupted download or something similar.
  18. Alright. I just redownloaded the mod again, just to be sure. Thanks for letting me know it doesn't look right. I will try to ensure I'm using the right mods, I definitely thought I had the right ones in use.
  19. I used red to outline the two Toolbar tabs I used. The moment I click the DS Storage tab, my game crashes and I get aforementioned error.
  20. After a couple of tests with the DS Storage tab: Large Verdant Plains map with Fair weather and Appalachian forest crashes. Medium Vanilla Valleys with Mild weather and Easy setting crashes. I'm thinking it's not linked to the map or difficulty settings. I also made sure both times that I had the right mod files active. Verdant_crash.dmp Valleys_crash.dmp
  21. Made Yet Another Test with the same settings, this time I checked that I REALLY had just the newest Megamod and it's components running. Still crashes. attached the .dmp of this crash. Going to see if I can replicate this crash on other settings. crash.dmp
  22. Crash when selecting DS Storage button. Hard Appalachian Forest start on Large Waterworld, Marine weather. Only Megamod 8 components active. I was checking where everything was and klicking to see what everything looked like. Will see if problem duplicates. Edit: started a brand new game, exact same conditions. I get a "fatal access violation". Attaching the .dmp file to be looked at. crash.dmp
  23. So I finally gave in and downloaded CC. And have been loving this so much! However, I haven't been able to find any information on all the terrain types. Sure the names are somewhat descriptive (waterworld = lots of water) but it would still be very useful to have minimap examples with descriptions. So far I have been unable to locate such. Testing each one out individually is labor intensive, and includes a lot of loading screen waiting.
  24. That new chart looks good! Now the information and/or pictures I was looking for were for the terrain types. (I just tested the waterworld, it really is a water world. Very challenging but also interesting). Minimap pictures as examples would be extremely convenient, as it would give an idea to how the terrain features are formed.