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  1. Yeah ! Sounds amazing, good job !
  2. Hey everyone ! I just registered, sorry if my message is awkward in any way. I read that what you have in mind for the next Colonial Charter version is to improve the atmostphere of the game, to bring some life. I don't know why but the original ambient sounds are barely bearable to me, it's very repetitive, very heavy, sometimes noisy... I'd like more shades and diversity, to feel I'm really in the forests, the mountains, next to water, etc. Am I the only one to have this opinion ? It would be great to improve that part of the game... Btw thanks again (a lot), your mods are amazing !
  3. Hey, I'm Thomas (french) and I really like Banished so here I am ! :). Thanks a lot for all the work you've done on this game, it's really amazing.