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  1. ok thanks for the info. I checked and was actually using the 1.07 version, but it was still listing as the beta version in Steam, so I deselected the "subscribe to beta test" button (on Steam) and reinstalled the 1.75 version of the mod after unsubscribing from the previous version of Journey (It had been deselected in the mods list, but I figured I would be sure it was gone just in case). So now, everything works fine - no crashes on specialized warehouses anymore (I started a new village to check). Wherever the issue was, it appears to have been resolved - thanks very much for your help. :-)
  2. yes to the first question, but I can try it again. As to the second, how can I check? My game is on Steam, where it should update automatically, shouldn't it? I know I had the beta test version of 1.07 at one point ...
  3. I have been trying to build a small specialized trading post after installing the CCJ 1.75 update: tried both a building supplies one and a livestock/seeds one, and whenever I select the building site the game crashes. CCJ 1.75 is the only mod I am running. Will try a vanilla trading post next, but it's a shame, as I do like the specialized ones ... I honestly think this is the first time that Banished has ever crashed for me while running the various CC mods over the years. Am I the only one with this issue? Whatever it is, I hope it is solvable. Thanks for any input!
  4. I am playing Banished 1.0.7 beta via Steam, so I would think that the latest version of the mods would automatically be uploaded there, wouldn't they? (As long as you continue to be subscribed?) It looks like only MM 0.06 is on Steam right now, though, so I will download the 0.07 patch as mentioned above and unclick the CC 1.7 mod next time I load the game. On second thought, I will just wait for a bit with the MM, as I am still not sure I fully understand how they are tied together. I will just continue playing with CC 1.0.7 beta for the time being. Thanks for the feedback! ST
  5. How do I get these to work together? I see on youtube that people have them both working, but I cannot seem to get them to load together. Yes, I am starting a new game, and have all other mods disabled. Is there something else in the settings I have to change? Thanks for any advice.