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  1. I used to build hospital around the crowd for the sake of accessibility, but if backfired me instead. I lost half of my citizens. Now I left my hospital alone and laid some decorations (fountain, benches, signs, flower beds, etc - mods required -) around it, so it wouldn't look so lonely. And well, accepting nomads will also raise up the possibility of getting an outbreak, sadly. Disabling sickness from debug menu, having a full health bar, and having a massive amount of herbs will not totally stop the possibility of getting it. Those doctors are your real heroes.... and those farmers...
  2. Will do the uploads. But once you see it, don't get surprised because my town looks like a warfare zone. Today I redesign my town after reading your thread, to be honest, and it's not done yet. How is your town going? I'm curious of your town design. (maybe I can copy the idea a bit )
  3. Also, don't forget to pay attention to how many the babies are born each year because they eat the same amount of food. And use the trader to exchange any excess items for food. People usually produce massive fuel (firewood) because they worth a lot compared to most food and are easy to produce. To me, food shortage is the most hated part of this game. I hate hoarders who stack a lot of food in their houses.
  4. Hi Governor, Thank you for letting me know, I can't wait to get my mod on the Workshop updated. Cheers!
  5. Seems like a huge plan ahead. Sadly I had no thought of making "wide-open areas with fast roads" (as you said) at the first place, now I'm stuck with around 1.200 citizens in two big islands (each island is focused on farming and mining area and another one is the residential area). And now it's too late to rebuild the road. I still have 4 other big islands and may have to do some planning. I mostly pause the game before starting to build something. I love to build mining area surrounded by forest and some gatherer and forester hut, then followed by little residential area after the forest. I had to avoid the happiness penalty made by the mines. And... I also forgot to leave the gaps between buildings, now everything is hard to decorate which is sad. But hey, I still have 4 more islands to develop, this time with a plan. Just reminders: - Avoid building hospital too close to the residential or crowded area (e.g. markets) if possible. So once a citizen gets sick, it won't spread out a lot while he is being healed in the hospital. - And avoid saving the game while there is an unfinished road (the road that is semi-transparent). Saving the game while there is unfinished road may cause a glitch, making the road unremovable. - Citizen travelling distance capability may vary, especially during winter which is shorten the distance.
  6. Hello, I'm sorry if I put this topic in the wrong section. Is there anyone know how to upload mod onto Steam Workshop? Apparently, since the last few updates, every modder has to have the raw data before uploading the mod, so the upload button will appear in the game. I do have the raw data, but I can't see the upload button still. Any idea? Thanks a million!