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  1. I also use the dock pieces on land, but I know there's a house, market, storage, etc, from that set, so I go to house, then find the dock. But I see what you're saying. Instead of having a themed tab, if we need a modders tab, (I don't remember who made what, so that's not going to get used. Lol. ) couldn't we have the sets under the modder instead of a themed set button? So they'd be in two places, the regular tab and the modder. Change the Themed tab to a Misc tab like the last CC for modders who only have one-two things. Like the row houses for example; they're one of my favorites. But couldn't the houses just be put into the houses tab because they have their own sub tab? The 'supporting' buildings could have a tab when you open up the industry tab. I'm almost tempted to go back to the CC 7 and just add in stuff from here. But that's a pain to add in all the stuff and then try to keep it all updated. First I'd have to play enough to learn the new stuff, figure out what's it is / called, and then find out who made it and where to get it. And every mod makes it longer to load. Wish I knew how to just change the menu tabs myself. All things considered, two complaints with the whole set up isn't bad. It's just that the one complaint is what the whole gameplay is set up around. Lol. I figured even if these guys are too busy, no ones going to make one if no one knows it's wanted, right? Maybe someone else will.
  2. Can you please put all the housing, food items, etc, etc, back in their proper tabs? Instead of having to go to that themed set to find it. Most of the time I'm: "hey, I need a food thing here, lets see what my options are". Now I have to click through all the sets to see the different options, then plan my area. Instead of planning my area then seeing what will fit, or seeing at a glance what there is. It takes forever. Plus, most of the stuff in the main tabs (housing for example), I never use and will never use. So now it's almost useless to me. Or the greenhouses. There's 3-4 sets that have greenhouses. So to find a greenhouse, I need to either remember what set it is, or else click through them all. If most people don't want them all in the main tabs, then can we have an extra optional file we can download for this? I understand having some separated, like the old outdated mods, but there's more in that one tab than not... Also, there's two entries in the themed sets tab for the tiny row houses. They're on their own, plus they're in with the other row houses. Do we need a mod collection tab? Aren't they already in the proper tabs? (Actually asking what the difference is) Not trying to sound demanding or ungrateful. I love you guys and your brilliance. Just confused. And a little frustrated. I expect a little relearning/ getting used to a new build, but this one is yo-yo-ing between 'I LOVE THIS' and "Whyyy does it take so much work to demand a tiny thing from my pretend little ant people!???". Lol.
  3. A space themed DLC. To make an off world colony. Air as a required resource (Like food). Themed buildings. Etc.
  4. Or even just add trees that grow logs to the greenhouse? That would be okay too.
  5. This is the type of thing I was thinking of for the orchard. You could tweak it to drop less logs to balance though? The idea I had is that you would have a bit of a bonus as opposed to a forester, because the trees are managed and cared for by the farmer so the size and growth (water, fertilizer, etc needs) are cared for and managed. Instead of nature where it's random. But not enough of a boost that it becomes a cheat. The other bonus is that if you have a 3x3 area, you can harvest logs, and if you have a 30x30 area you can harvest logs. You don't need a min size and you could place them side by side, as opposed to a round forester that either has to be overlapped (sacrificing production), or placed apart. I do have both the mini one and the smaller one. But the forester seems to take more time to put out less resources than if you were to grow an orchard and cut them all at the same time. I'll have to do some tests on that. Also, an orchard of 20+ trees can be managed by 1 person. It seems to take at least 2 foresters to bring in a decent amount of logs. But It's not so much the output I'm really concerned with, I would just like something more convenient and easier to design around. Plus, I have an industrial area with no signs of nature, then a "park" right in the middle of it of wild trees, it looks kind of silly. (I know, I'm nitpicky. ) P.S. - The building I mentioned above as an example was the "White Mulberry Grove" found in the Old Buildings tab. (MM) This type of building would have the same benefits as the orchard. Side by side and slight boost / same output as forester in size comparison.
  6. Is there a way to make an orchard that automatically triggers them to cut down some or all of the trees every 3-5 years? So there would be an orchard that you place (either with set 'wild' trees or you could select from the seeds you have). It would take up much less room than a forester, and could fit in a nice square area so I could sit it right inside my industrial area. Or even if it was a building like the white mulberry grove, but it produced logs instead of mulberry leaves. I realize I could do this with regular orchards, but that would require me remembering to go back and order them to be cut down every few years, and then I forget and they're producing fruit so I don't want to... It would be easier if it was automatic. So basically, I want an automated tree farm... OR, if the existing orchards were tweaked so that when one of the old trees falls down and has to be replanted, it drops logs instead of just disappearing? I'd be really happy with that too. I mean, in real life they would probably cut the tree down when production dropped, not let it die of old age. Even if it did die on it's own, they'd still have to cut it up to remove it. It wouldn't just disappear.
  7. Just in case this helps at all... I've been having this problem. I'm running with Megamod enabled, and 10 other mods in the mod list (but not enabled). The problem has only started since I installed Megamod. I don't know if the mod has to "play nice" with other mods that aren't enabled, or if MM just doesn't like Steam, or what, but I figured it wasn't coincidence. I had most of the mods in MM already before I switched to MM, so I don't think it's the amount of mods... BUT, I will admit I'm playing on a much weaker machine than usual while my main rig gets repairs. But again, even on the weaker machine, it was fine until I switched to MM. It does it on different size maps. It doesn't always happen while saving, but does seem to have a higher chance of happening while saving. And it may just be coincidence, but if you save your game then load the save game (without exiting the game), it seems to delay the crash. I've noticed this a few times, but without knowing what's causing the crash, it's hard to say if it's actually the loading or if the loading is just recalculating the variables (one of which may be the cause of the crash). I'm playing with all the audio muted (in game settings) and do not have any audio mods installed. I'm not saying there's something wrong with MM itself, but my suspicion is that something else; either in the game files, other (not enabled) mods, or Steam itself; isn't playing nice with it. Either that or just the few extra mods I didn't have before in the MM pushed my game over the edge of too many. Lol. Edit: There was a message saying the same as above, but now I'm getting a "Fatal Access Violation from an unknown Module". So maybe it's a different issue after all? Edit: Yep. Got another error again. This one blamed Steam. No idea what's going on...
  8. There are lots of house sets that increase housing with less footprints. But they all flatten the ground (or you have to flatten the ground before placing them) and it looks silly. I'd like more sets that are built into the mountain in the sense they don't flatten the ground and look like they were actually made to be built into / on a slope. Something to transition from all my flat places to the mountain side, if you will. Personally it really bugs me when I have a realistic looking setup and then all of a sudden very unnatural ugly looking 'cliffs' or sudden dips where my civilization starts.
  9. I would love to have fur. It's just that if there's a choice between having the rabbits with no fur and not having them at all because they DO have fur, I'd rather take the animal and pretend. Then they could always add the fur in later on if they wanted, or if someone else was willing to take on the resources. As for the difference between fur trapping and domesticated rabbits, did you know that domesticated rabbits were bred out of wild caught stock? They managed to catch some live and kept them in makeshift cages until they were ready to eat them. Being stereotypical rabbits, they started breeding and somebody's lightbulb went off. So it wouldn't be out of the question or the time frame to have them in hutches or buildings instead of only from the hunters. The biggest difference would be that the hunters would be on a much larger scale than in hutches. But then you don't have the guarantee of the hunters catching them either, so I'd say they even themselves out... (Not saying you have an issue with that. Just thought it was interesting. )
  10. It's not that I wouldn't like to see fur. It's that if I had to choose between having rabbits with no fur or not having them because there IS fur, I'd rather have the animal. My understanding is that they haven't been added because of the headache of adding in the new fur resources, as well as the animated animals. There was an issue with getting feathers with leather and they don't want a repeat, plus all the tweaking to the tailor and stuff. If they gave us the rabbits in a building I'd be happy cause I could pretend. If they added fur later by tweaking the rabbit resources, so much the better! After all, domestic rabbits were originally bred out of wild hares that were captured live and constrained. It wouldn't be out of the time period to have hutches. P.S. - Interesting fact, if you use the modern way of tanning, it takes more work to leave the fur on! Because you have to soak the hide and when you take it out to stretch the hide, the fur 'slips' or falls out, so you have to be really careful. The original way, it took more work to make leather, because they scraped the fur off with knives. Then they simply rubbed the fur with brains, worked it (stretching), and smoked it.
  11. You could add a duplicate model of the silk worm farm (so an insect farm and a silk worm farm but they look the same) so that there was either a drop down or it created random types of insects (like the apiary produces honey or beeswax). The latter method would also open up possibilities like ink (luxury), medicines, etc. OR, you could make another tiny building like the coop in the dock building set that raised bugs. Another good protein source other than clams and fish? Maybe both a land and a water option?
  12. I suppose if getting the fruit for 'free' really bothered you, you could mod the hut to require those fruit to be built. Like the decorative trees need fruit. They would be your 'seed stock'.
  13. Even "steppe" type buildings would be great! Like the rice fields of china, or the housing in Brazil or Monte Cristo. But yeah, pretty much anything that would help utilize my almost useless slopes would be awesome. I only need so many mines, and fields only work so much. Pastures work better, but then sometimes you get a glitch were the items and animals spawn across the map...
  14. Every time I see a request for rabbits, they assume we would need a new resource - fur. Why not just make the rabbits drop leather? The same as cows or deer? I personally would love to see a tiny "hutch" building (Discrepancy's Beehive with a remodeled front for example), that produces rabbit meat and has a small chance of producing a leather. It takes 10 - 20 rabbit furs to make a coat, so the hutch would produce much less leather than a cow. Making it a building would also mean you wouldn't have to animate any new animals. To me it's about variety and realism. Not necessarily about new chains. P.S. - I do appreciate the animal pens, they are great for space savers... But I'd personally like some that are more personalized for each animal. Right now there are three and by putting the chicken coop in the middle, they look good. I don't think I'd like 5-6+ of them in a row (Which I always do) that look pretty much the same. It would be nice for everything to have it's own sort of building. Like a rabbit hutch or mini aviary or something.
  15. Every time I see a request for rabbits, they assume we would need a new resource - fur. Why not just make the rabbits drop leather? The same as cows or deer? I personally would love to see a tiny "hutch" building (Discrepancy's Beehive with a remodeled front for example), that produces rabbit meat and has a small chance of producing a leather. It takes 10 - 20 rabbit furs to make a coat, so the hutch would produce much less leather than a cow. Making it a building would also mean you wouldn't have to animate any new animals. To me it's about variety and realism. Not necessarily about new chains.