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  1. Sabouma: Only from an Americo-centric point of view. Outside the US, "burnt" in correct and acceptable usage. See here for more details. Regards, Seona the Grammar Geek
  2. Oh, I definitely know the logic and real-world analogues behind the decision. It still feels a little skeevy to watch though. I do feel that I ought to point out, though, that the idea of most people only living until they were 40 is largely a misconception. Yes, the average life expectancy was about 35-40, but this is substantially skewed downward by the extremely high infant mortality rate. The fact is that the majority of children died before they were 5. If you made it past your 5th birthday, however, then you had just as much chance of living into your 80s or longer as we do (not counting death by misadventure - I'll grant that the higher rate of hard manual labour did increase this substantially from what we see today). Of course, you probably wouldn't reach that age as hale and hearty as we do because health care and preventative measures were somewhat rough and ready by our standards, but you could still reach it.
  3. Ehehe, yeah, it can be a little weird. These days I usually play with a mod that, while it doesn't change when they're considered "adult" for work purposes, does at least delay when they can get married and breed.
  4. And, not as ridiculous but it made me laugh: Worthmoor - Because we are!
  5. Hobgoodridgefieldsboro - The town where we hedge our bets!
  6. I just missed getting the school built before my first child grew up. When I hired a teacher, guess who got the job?? Apparently there is nothing wrong with my teacher being 10 years old and uneducated...
  7. Ah, fair enough. Well, as a sign of my devotion to a cause I've signed up to reddit and left my own (wordy) vote.
  8. I know about pausing the production in other buildings by turning them off - that's what I mean by micromanaging. There's so many things that fall under the "materials" category that in a reasonably established town it becomes a bit of a mess. Plus the fact that I'm pretty sure some are turning up from places I don't quite expect or understand... I guess I was hoping that someone would have some suggestions of better ways to go about managing the town-wide production flow amongst the multiple undustries that all use/produce materials.
  9. So I'm hoping one of you more-experienced folks has a solution to this that I just haven't thought of, because it's doing my head in. "Materials" seems to cover a whole heap of things. I'm not even sure what, exactly. This is making it really difficult to manage the limit/cap, and also results in a lot of micromanaging of my industry - just because I've put the cap up because I want more of product A doesn't mean I want that cap absorbed by extra production of products X, Y, and Z. Is there a sane way to deal with this? (Alternatively, should I just give up now and let myself go insane?)
  10. Ah, okay. So it does make sense to load both of them, then. Thanks.
  11. Hi folks! I'm Seona, which is pronounced SHOW-nah rather than as the spelling suggests. I live in Melbourne, Australia with my mum and two cats. When gaming, I divide my time between city-builders and RPGs. I also role-play with some real-world groups a couple of times a week, because I am just that geeky.
  12. I'm a little bit confusd. There's Colonial Charter, and there's the MegaMod. Should I be running both of them? Is one included in the other? How does this work?