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  1. I would love to see a mod about the Netherlands in the 17-th century, the Golden Age of the country. Does this kind of mod exist already? Or would anyone like to work on it? Some ideas: In terms of architecture, there is a typical Dutch style for almost any building in the current game. There is also a difference between city houses (like inner city of modern Amsterdam, stone-based) and village houses (example is Volendam or Harderwijk as a port city, wood-based). Some example industries could be Having different types of fish, and different ways to process fish (e.g. herring with onion at the port market place), The spice trade (new food items like cinnamon, shipyards to 'produce' these), General trading support buildings (permits to trade with different parties, items required to package traded goods like barrels and crates), Art/painting guild (created from paper/oil/paint/wooden frames, art school), Flower industry (using compost from animals, greenhouses, new disaster 'the tulip crash' which destroys the economy), A banking industry with buildings like a stock exchange, and An auction house as a land-based alternative to the water traders, where prices can differ randomly. Using a watermill to create 'polders' within the game using the villagers, instead of using the flatten land tool, to make the process of reclaiming land more realistic. The watermill looks like a normal windmill but can have a circle or square like the forester building that over 2-3 years turns water into land. Flooding as a disaster, and dykes to prevent this from happening. Lakes that freeze over in winter? This would be applicable to any winter-based game.