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  1. Ostriv?
  2. The new dairy barn looks fabulous, and the detail on the Choo Choo mod are amazing!
  3. Red Ketchup just created fire, and it is hot!

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    2. Ketchup


      Hahaha dont say that or i will make a Huge Ragnaros !!! ROFLMAO

    3. Ketchup


      Posted on World of Banished :

      I See Fire v1.0 


      I See Fire v1.0

      This mod is about real animated campfires and bonfires.


      This mod adds :

      1 Animated Bonfire 3x3
      1 Animated Bonfire 2x2
      1 Animated Firecamp 1x1
      1 Animated Firecamp with pot 1x1
      1 Animated Torch on a stand (Ghosted)
      1 Animated Wall Torch with 9 diff positions (Ghosted)

      1 new profession : Fireworker. Fireworkers take care of the Bonfires and Campfires and make sure they are always burning. Fires bring joy to your citizens.

      Enjoy !!!

    4. Paeng


      Burn, baby, burn!  xD

  4. The large port has storage of 320,000 and max of 10 workers. Found here.
  5. A nice shot of thunder once or twice while raining would be nice, just once or twice, not to the point its annoying or anything. I always love a good thunderstorm.
  6. Unfortunately, I have to do that at some point in every game I play. Usually its the builders, and sometimes laborers themselves, that stop doing what they should. I have to move them out of their profession and back again, and look there, they magically work again. I find who is assigned to positions and follow them for a little bit, if nothing seems wrong other then them being stupid, I try reassigning. What about the fences? Have you tried to take down the fences. Yes, they were farming before ok but I find sometimes I have to demolish something and rebuild it. Unless they are ghost pieces, then shouldn't be an issue, but its Banished, its kind of screwy.
  7. I had something similar happen once before, only I was playing with the quarry and a mountain. Never seen anything to this extent though. Just had to go back to an earlier save and all was well again. Looks like the use of some canal pieces, cant even guess what the brown lego steps were.
  8. very nice, love the horse track, great idea
  9. I never bothered to pay to much attention to it other then , I know it happens. But when starvation icons show up I never know who was first and how long they can go without before they kick. Obviously, freezing to death depends on the climate you choose as well, even in a desert I have had them freeze to death at 50, it just took longer for them to get that point. Curious what the actual time is to get more food/firewood before meeting the golden llama. Definitely gotta be some numbers out there.
  10. Staying on topic of temperature but shifting it to the Bannies themselves, when does the game decide its time for a Banny to freeze or stave to death? Based off of seasons or a years time?
  11. Look at the little dog houses
  12. Forge or Foundry
  13. Thanks! I am loving this Infinifactory. Played it for 9 hours yesterday. Some of these puzzles get a bit tricky. Its my new addiction.
  14. That ground looks really good. That's a keeper!