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  1. Red Ketchup just created fire, and it is hot!

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    2. Ketchup


      Hahaha dont say that or i will make a Huge Ragnaros !!! ROFLMAO

    3. Ketchup


      Posted on World of Banished :

      I See Fire v1.0 


      I See Fire v1.0

      This mod is about real animated campfires and bonfires.


      This mod adds :

      1 Animated Bonfire 3x3
      1 Animated Bonfire 2x2
      1 Animated Firecamp 1x1
      1 Animated Firecamp with pot 1x1
      1 Animated Torch on a stand (Ghosted)
      1 Animated Wall Torch with 9 diff positions (Ghosted)

      1 new profession : Fireworker. Fireworkers take care of the Bonfires and Campfires and make sure they are always burning. Fires bring joy to your citizens.

      Enjoy !!!

    4. Paeng


      Burn, baby, burn!  xD