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  1. Indeed I had not opted into the beta on Steam - I just thought 1.0.7 was the latest update anyway. Downloading now. Thank you so much.
  2. Hey. Longtime lurker here, first time posting, so: thank you for all your great work. CC makes Banished an even more brilliant game. Now for the first time really, with the new update I have experienced a sort of bug that kills my save state. First of all, I built a saw mill. When I first produced lumber (which I reckon goes towards the new "Construction" production limit), everything went well. I then primarily used the sawmill for firewood. When I then tried to change production to lumber again, the "limit reached" symbol appeared, even though I had the limit for "Construction" up to 5000 and had no other items in stock. I tried most everything including playing around with all limits, yet the sawmill simply wouldn't produce any lumber. Then I built a saw pit just to try whether that would produce any lumber and once it was finished building, the game just crashed. Nothing else worked from there. Does anybody know what might be the issue here or do I simply have to wait for another update? Thanks for your help and once again for the great work!