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  1. Hello ! I'm downloading the mod CC 1.73 (file ColonialCharterJ.1.73.rar, here). But I have two little problems : step 1 : when I click on "Download this file", a GoogleDrive page displays : "Small problem... A problem occured with the preview..." (I translate from French). After, I click on button Download of the small window (step 1), the download begins but my browser does'nt know the file size " Time remaining indeterminate " (I translate from French). Have other people had this problem? Thanks ! AdeJ P.S. Is it possible to indicate the file size next to link to download please ?
  2. Ok... But you can't modify UI, there is perhaps a solution to see items inventory with type sorting. I just thought about it. I don't if this idea is feasible but I prefer to share it if possible : creating building that presents inventory for one items type and so, creating as much building as types.
  3. Thank you ! Do you know when Banished 1.0.7 will be in stable version ? I have Banished v1.0.6 - Build 160521
  4. I think there is perhaps a solution for storage (n°3) : it exits a building in which we can choose stored item. But these items are blocked until the unblocking is ordered. Is it possible that items aren't blocked ? The storage is the same of normal storage but the possibility to choose items would be possible. For option "Sort by...", can't you add an sorting option with a request in Database ? I'm novice developper and I have never made programming mod (just xml in civ4)... Simple idea Thank you !
  5. Hello ! I saw that CC v1.72 requires Banished 1.0.7 update (in this page). But I read this is a beta version. I found an other version - CC v1.71 - in Steam (here). What version of Banished does this mod require? Thanks ! AdeJ
  6. I don't know if I explained very well. So, I'm going to reformulate with pictures (edited printscreens). 1. Trading Post In Inventory, I think that it's easier if the values are displayed (buy/sale). More sorts would be welcome too : by category, by value (buy), by value (sale). I edited this picture : In trade, the possibility of sorting items would be a bonus as in this picture : For orders, I think it's impossible to choose items with "never", others with "Juste Once" and others with "Every visit". If check boxes (one choice possible) are displayed, the choice of items frequency would be simplified : 2. Town Hall When I go to "Inventory" in Town Hall, it's to see how many items we have got. But, sometimes, I want to see a quantity of items of precise category (e.g. food) but I must see each item in the full list. Difficult when there is a lot of different items... Why not category sorting ? 3. Location storage Hard to organize the town when items are producted and used in the same district but stored at the other end of the city... If we can choose what items are stored in each Storage building ? With checkboxes. For the contents of the list, either in the full list (as in Town Hall) or in a list with item are already stored in the building. 4. Production Fot any products, the quantity of required items is indicated. But there are buildings where it's indicated (buildings of vanilla I think, I'm sure)... I like very much this game. I suggest this UI options because they are the important difficulties in city management for me... AdeJ
  7. Hello ! I have the same problem. More, I don't know type for some items: some items are cultivable in field or plantation. But according to choice, it's not the same limit option... AdeJ
  8. Hello ! When I play Banished, there are any details that make reading difficult. (numbers are themes, chip are ideas) 1. In Trading Post window, difficult to find interesting items. For inventory tab, prices are not displayed: to know the most expansive, I must go to the trade tab. But there is an other problem: I can't sort items... So, I must search in the integral list (with all items if I want to know their value)... So, I think 2 improvements in this window would be welcome: in inventory tab: display prices, with a third sorting option: "sort by value" in trade tab: add possibility to sort items (e.g. clicking on column name to sort with this criteria, a second click to change order; increasing/decreasing). 2. I often view there are a lot of items types in storage barns. If I want to stock items by buildings (food, tools, clothes, ...) I must to build the specific building but difficulty : there have not got a same size and locations conditions (e.g. hill for vegetables). why not have check boxes to choose which items are stored in storage building ? Thank you for reading ! AdeJ