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  1. Does update 1.76 have any new features over 1.75? Havent played in a month or so would be nice to have a few new buildings to play with.
  2. No still didnt work with my current game
  3. will try this. thanks
  4. is it only compatiable with the mega mod then? only mods i have are cc 1.75 and two quarrys.
  5. I built a bakery from the food refinging tab and it came up with nothing? Do i need to start a new game?
  6. Hi, Downloaded this as i was desperate for the bakery to produce more varied food items. But i cant find it in game? Its enabled in the mods tab.
  7. Lovely looking settlement!!
  8. Thanks very much. If i have any further problems ill b sure to ask !!!!
  9. Thanks for the quick response. My game via steam is set to auto update so i should assume i am running 1.07? So i will turn off the Beta option. I deleted all my mods including the steam version of Journey and placed the one i downloaded from this site into the WinData folder but nothing appeared in the Mod section on the load screen. It was downloaded as a .rar file as oppossed to a .pkg file. Could this be my issue? Really want to play the latest version. Many thanks
  10. So I tried to download the new version of the Journey today, should i delete the version i downloaded thru steam? Do i need to set the game so that i am in the Beta for Banished version 1.07? Followed the video in the download section but nothing came up in the game? Please Help!!!!!! Thanks
  11. Thanks, i didnt see these at first. I am assuming these are compatiable with the version of colonial charter I am currently running?
  12. Hi Everyone, I have been playing The Journey version of Colonial Charter since it arrived on Steam at the start of the year and after playing various games i have a few questions i would like to ask regarding future or current updates to the 1.7.01 i am currently playing (i think this is the version where Domesticated animals are overpowered). There is the option to buy Jade and Marble at a high price to make statues but it would be great if there was a mine option for these materials, is this avaliable in any new updates? Also clay and sand mines/pits? I have seen clay and sand pits in the megamod verison but i am dubious about getting the megamod as i feel it has a lot of buildings and decorations that i would not use in my builds. Is any updated version of the mod avaliable on steam? Im not very good when it comes to placing mods in folders (i always worry im gonna delete something) so i find steam a good way of doing mods. If this is not possible are they easy to install? Any help and advice will be greatly appriciated. Thanks