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  1. Looks very interesting. Thanks for giving us a sneak peak!
  2. This looks great. It's wonderful to hear that the game is progressing. Having seen everything you've done with Banished, with all the limitations, I can't wait to see (and pre-order!) your own game.
  3. I was just thinking about starting a new town today. Awesome work. Can't to try it out.
  4. Hi there, the problem seems to have been fixed with the latest version on the mod (the standalone Vegetable Mod - I forget the exact name. Sorry!).
  5. I am using the Compatibility Mod. I forgot to mention it. Sorry. While I'm here, I've also noticed a couple of other odd bugs: The Village Home says that it houses 5 people, but in fact only houses 4. Also, the Trade Horses won't go into their pasture; or rather, they appear to remain in the trading post but they do actually go into their pasture, breed, can be sold, etc.
  6. Just wanted to report a bug with this Garden Workplace that turns the 'vegetables' crop into different types of vegetables. The Garden Workplace accept all kinds of items, and ends up being filled with diverse foods, fuels and even things like wood and stone. As a result the workers spend most of their time removing these items rather than processing vegetables. I'm running CC1.75 Megamod 0.07 Megamod Deco Pack 1 year is 1 year Cold Realism Garden Walls
  7. Wow, this town is amazing. Your work is really inspiring, Paeng.
  8. Great work. Thank you very much.