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  1. sorry, yes, it is that mod, i'm still trying to find my way round all this putting mods into Banished was a bit of a shock for me!
  2. i use Discrepancy's DS Roads inincluded in MegaMod, because i like the look of tiled plazas there is a slight problem and i'm reporting it as a bug but i've got no idea how to contact Discrepancy directly. mixed roads use 1 wood and 1 stone. putting down mixed roads has no cost in stone, and will be made up even when i have no stone stockpiled. i don't think this is working as intended. any help in sending this to the modmaker would be really appreciated, thanks. tracey
  3. this version of the brickworks does not make the rooftiles needed for the medieval 2 and 3 tier building set included in MegaMod, you will still need the medieval kiln (and its horrible unhappiness radius!) to complete upgrades in the medieval set.