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  1. Just attempted it on Harsh setting, the storage cart that you get at the beginning only holds food and tools, so there is no initial firewood on 3 starts every Bannni froze to death before I could get a tent up and mini woodcutter working. At the moment the moment the load order is 1.07 compatibililty Adam and Eve+ seed Journey 1.74 Mega Mod Mega Mod décor Pack No other modes running, going to try moving the Adam and Eve Mod above 1.07 compatability but unsure if that will affect anything else EDIT: No, no difference cart still only has tools and potatoes- oh well my favourite start just got a lot lot harder
  2. Will the Adam and Eve plus Seed mod start work with 1.74? I am guessing not as it comes with a cart that wont have been updated for the new flags?
  3. Your English is far better than my French :), The mods are CC Journey, Mega Mod and Deco pack, Ridiculous storage and Adam and Eve start- I got bored with Honeyville but started another map with similar buildings, up to 1300 citizens so far and still playable as long as I don't try to run the game at 10X -
  4. Following 3 vendors as they take a walk around probably the ugliest town I have ever built - no text or audio just a glimpse of life in Banished Apologies for the lousy quality - its my first go at video capture and pretty sure I need a better programme than this free one ps at about 1.43 look out for the kid hitching a ride on the wheelbarrow at one point looks like she is riding it like a bike
  5. The new generation went straight to work, creating a small hamlet, However not enough builders meant soon the ageing population outnumbered the children born and the communities numbers fell swiftly- the need for new homes meant that aesthetics went by the wayside, cheap housing had to be built- and quickly
  6. Winter year 16, Adam and Eve and their offspring are no longer with us. The settlement of Hopgoodhouse has outgrown its tented camp. The Young folk want to cross the creek and establish agriculture, the elders want to stay true to the ideals of seclusion from the outside world . A compromise is reached: the island where Adam and Eve created the first settlement in this strange land will remain untouched, undeveloped and a few hardy souls will live there as the founders did foraging and hunting off the land . A crypt will be built to house the founders remains and the bodies of the first children in a founders memorial graveyard. no other new development will ever be allowed on the island. The new generation will cross the creek, away from the river so as not to attract attention from any passing travellers. Be allowed to farm and develop education. As part of this compromise the young ones accept the ideals of our community, total isolation, no contact with the outside world, to live or to die by our own labours alone - this new world our new world is ours for the making and we will let no outsider contaminate it.
  7. I always play on an Adam and Eve + seed start- in harsh conditions the new rustic houses and storage allows me to create my utopia early where everyone is housed the same- no posh houses for the fat cats .. 30 years in and everyones happy healthy and fed
  8. sorry for the delay I have uploaded a saved game, 500 citizens so far.. but food, clothes and tools stable- 97% educated its not pretty but a good basis to grow. building plans designed for max production rather than beauty- although most folks have their own privy There is no industry or chains, apart from bakery and diary just the basics food and clothes- Using renewable resources for stone and iron ore. to load you probably need to have the same mods this map has Adam + Eve + Seed Journey 1.7 Mega Mod Ridiculous storage Disasters disabled - although you may want to trigger a cholerea out break every 10 years or so to stop population running away as I said its not pretty but hope its what you want. Auto.sav