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  1. It has also happened to me in many games I have tried with DSSV start conditions, the game would crash immediately following placement of a crop field, hopefully it gets fixed!
  2. It was happening regardless whether I had the inventory open or not, on a new map with hardly any inventory. I have also tried maps with less trees or atleast there seems to be less trees like the tropical and bamboo trees any it did improve slightly. I have tried both DirectX 9 and 11 the same happens with both, I have checked that it is using the dedicated graphics card and it is using the Nvidia, it can be frustrating when you seems to have exausted many possibilites and really takes away the enjoyment of the game! Anyway I believe that I had a virus which affected the pc because it crashed and it is at repair shop now where they are wiping it clean and I will have to reinstall the game from scratch, hopefully It makes the difference! Thanks for your tip, much appreciated!☺️
  3. If anyone can assist here would be immensely appreciated, I have the latest megamod running and even the one previous similar problem, doesn't matter which map size, be it a small or large map the game is running slow frame rate and very jerky. My laptop is not very old, a few years and have a reasonably good graphics NVidia card and my OS is Windows 10, I have played Banished since it came out and have had every single expansion that came out and have enjoyed my years playing, its all I mainly play besides a dabble here and there in other city building games, Not many other games hold my attention anything like Banished..I am not sure what is the problem..why the game is so jerky even on a new start with very little on the map, I remember playing maps with about 1000 population and wasn't too much of a problem, I would just run it at 2x or 5x but now even at 1x speed its just so slow and jerky! also while I am playing the windows its like it minimises or something like that and the screen goes to the page where you save your game..it is so weird and frustrating playing the game with these problems. I will never stop playing modded Banished, Vanilla I only played for a very short time, there really isn't much to it. To BlackLiquid and all the wonderful people that have made mods for this game and who might be reading this, Thank you ever so much! This game has been the only thing that has my undivided attention and is a total joy to play and saved me from the mundane an possible insanity of life's challenges.So if anyone has any idea what could be the problem I would love to hear from you. Thanks so much for taking the time to read this rather long post. Cheers, Julie