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  1. You don't have to be sorry ! Your grasses are beautiful, and for your mod they work perfectly. It's just that NatDiv spawns so many grasses, that using a similar model would result in way too many polygons .
  2. Wow, that's a lot of things to reply to ! Thank you for I'm sorry that we haven't been that active currently. @despo20 is having a very busy time at his job, and I'm spending my summer trying to find a new one. Essentialy we're both a bit caught up in this game called Real Life. Ultimately it's the one that beats all other games, so please forgive us for neglecting the modding a tiny bit these days. I'm sure we'll be back in full strength soon, though probably after the summer . This is an issue I'm aware of, and unfortunately, it's the best I could do given the circumstances. The problem is that the grass needs to be detailed enough at the closest zoom level in order to look good. If you zoom out however, it becomes smaller and ultimately dissappears. This was the case in v1.0 of the mod. From a visual perspective this wasn't that bad, you wouldn't be able to see every single blade of grass when looking from an aeroplane either. Gameplay wise I found it a problem however, since it's quite important to see what resources are available in a certain area without having to zoom in. *This next paragraph gets a bit technical, my apologies.* My solution was to create several detail levels for the grass textures. There is only one way in which this 'MipMap' type of solution can be made to work in Banished as far as I am aware, which is to assign them to specific LOD (Limit of Detail) models. This is what you see when the grass suddenly reappears: at that point it transitions to a new LOD model with a less detailed texture so that it shows again in the game. Ideally, I would make enough LODs so that these transitions would go smoothly and unnoticable. However, Banished only supports a maximum of three detail levels. If you look closely, you will see that the grass goes through a transition twice, from one to two and from two to three. I tried to make these transitions go a bit more smoothly by making different instances of the grass that shift at different zoom distances, so that the change is not too abrupt. Unfortunately, there isn't really any perfect solution that I see at the moment. I chose for the current approach because I feel that gameplay quality should be more important than visual quality. If the general opinion however would be that the grass fading out after some distance is not a problem, then I wouldn't mind changing it back. Another possibility would be a complete redesign of the grass, for example in the way that Red made his grasses. This would add a lot of polygons to the models however, and would probably make the already existing performance issues much, much bigger. As Query correctly pointed out, there is no link between the berries and the rebellious crops mechanic. We've already determined before that the Berries are caused by a conflict with Necora's Pine mod (the berry bushes you see in his screenshots are from that mod, not from NatDiv). This will be fixed in the final release of NatDiv.
  3. It would be a very nice idea indeed, but unfortunately it's not possible. A forester-type building can only cut and replant one type of resource. The way the different types of buildings work is also hardcoded in the game itself, so it's inaccessible for us modders. Thank you for the suggestion though . It's always nice to share ideas like this, even if sometimes it turns out not to be possible .
  4. One of the reasons I agreed to including this effect is because it is indeed something that happens often in reality . As the article describes, it's often very harmful. Our crops usually come from other places in the world, so if they start occupying space in the new area they might disrupt the balance in the native ecosystems. Now the crops in Banished all die in winter, so you won't be having that problem . The fruit trees on the other hand would be able to spread if you don't cut them, though it would take them quite some time.
  5. That's great , thank you for all the testing Kevin!
  6. Judging from the picture, those are the blueberries that are part of the Pine Set. Ours look a bit different, and are probably much less abundant . I've found a way to fix their unstopable spread by the way, so the real release version should work better in combination with the pine set. Because of this, the bug with the building menu is probably not related to NatDiv, but I'll still run some tests with it just to be sure.
  7. If you keep Necora's Pine mod loaded above NatDiv then those should just be spawned, if you have NatDiv above the pine mod they would indeed be taken out. This is the same as it was with the previous version.
  8. Thanks for your expansive testing Kevin! This is very helpful . The blueberry problem: I've given this some thought and done some testing, and I've figured out what the problem is. It's actually an interaction with @Necora's Pine mod, and it's not going to be very easy to fix until he comes back from his Robinson Crusoë trip. Essentially what happens is that both our mods are editing the original blueberry template, which creates a rather lethal combination. We can change ours, so that his blueberries won't spawn in such crazy amounts anymore, but it won't be possible to only have one of the two spawning I'm afraid. Herbs: I expect that as you say, the blueberries are to blame here. Nothing has been changed to the herb spawnrates at least. Reeds: I've checked it against CC, and I've identified the problem to be a copying error on my part. I named our file RawMaterialReeds.rsc while the one in CC is named RawMaterialReed.rsc, and that single s makes all the difference . Rebellious Crops: As I mentioned above the blueberry problem is related to something else, so this seems to be working as intended. We'll still need to check if it is indeed causing the problems with certain CC spawns.
  9. Thank you all for the kind words and the thorough testing ! We will make a list of all the bugs and try to fix them if possible. It will work, mostly . It definitely shouldn't give any errors, the only thing that probably won't happen is the spawning of the branches in the forest. I'm afraid that a modlist of 132 is going to take us weeks to sift through trying all the combinations, so I kindly decline on that offer .. It's most likely an interaction with CC that's causing the problem anyway, so we'll test that . The ridiculous storage will unfortunately not function with the default storage yard in the easy condition indeed, as I had to do some tricks with the code to be able to add the thatch. As you mentioned in a later post, rebuilding the storage yard will indeed solve this problem . Hmm, this is not as it was intended! The reeds should be merged together as one material, I will look into that. Just out of curiosity; is it possible to use the CC reeds for the NatDiv buildings? Hmm.. this would be a shame if it were the case.. It's well possible that the changes to the crops created this problem, as no other big changes that affect the starting conditions have been made between this NatDiv version and the last. We will test it to be sure. Again, thank you all very much for testing this, you're being a great help to us !
  10. Natural Diversity 1.1 Beta release (for Banished 1.0.7) After months of work, several weeks of testing, some more days of adjusting things, and a few hours of wondering how we should start this sentence, our work has finally come to an end! @despo20 and @Bartender proudly present the Natural Diversity update 1.1 Beta. As it is a beta version, bugs will be likely to occur. If you encounter any, please kindly let us know in this thread or through a PM to either of us, preferably including screenshots. Sightings of real life bugs are unfortunately not of any relevance, and we would not appreciate receiving pictures of those. The file can be downloaded here. Below is a summary of the content of this update. A detailed explanation of each feature will be provided upon full release. Thatch Production Chain The production of thatch is now a two step production chain, introducing four new materials and five completely new buildings. The old thatcher building has been removed from the mod. The reed farm and fish trap can be placed on small rivers, introducing a new utility for these. Natural Resources Two new resources are added into the game, Reeds and Branches. Reeds spawn on the waters edge and give reed bundles (CC compatible), while branches occasionally fall from trees and give firewood. The Blueberries recieved an overhaul, now occurring as bushes that drop harvestable berries in summer. The bushes themselves give firewood when cut. Lastly, the rocks received new meshes and new textures, greatly increasing their diversity. Rebellious Crops All vanilla crops and orchard trees have a small chance of spawning seedlings outside their fields. This functionality was requested by @QueryEverything and is based on the currently obsolete Pesky Produce mod by OwlChemist. Aesthetics Rocks have been added to the rivers, to give them a more natural look. These rocks are purely cosmetic; the cannot be harvested, nor will they block construction over the water. Harvest wild foods & herbs Toolbar Buttons Along with new toolbar buttons for the introduced buildings and resources, toolbar buttons have been added for the collection of wild foods and herbs. Start Conditions The vanilla start conditions have recieved a [NatDiv] prefix, to signify that these include the resources introduced in this mod. Furthermore, the easy condition has 100 Thatch added to the stockpile on start. Updates to existing content All natural resources included in version 1.0 have received a visual update. Parts of the models will sway in the wind, and the winter behaviour has been changed to provide a more accurate winter landscape.
  11. Thank you for the kind words @KevinTheCynic ! I hope that you will like the next version as much as the current one, or even more
  12. I'm aware of the fact that the current version of NatDiv might be a bit heavy for older systems. The next update will include quite some optimizations, so hopefully that will solve any lag issues for most of you. At the same time, it is a mod that aims to add more diversity and realism, so it's bound to still be a bit heavier than vanilla banished.
  13. Sneak Peek 6b As promised, here's an update on the berry bushes, as well as the reveal of a new wild resource as a little extra . A while ago, we showed the first new berry bush variant, which was the Northern Highbush Blueberry. The second variant that will be added, is a slightly smaller species, the Black Huckleberry. To refresh the memory, or to create a new one if you haven't read the earlier post; these bushes drop berries on the ground, which can be harvested by the vanilla gatherer. The bushes themselves can be harvested for a small amount of firewood when in dire need. Falling leaves We concider the work on these bushes as somewhat of a test, before we start on their larger cousins in an overhaul of the trees. As part of this, I've played around with a longstanding wish of mine regarding the seasonal behaviour. In the vanilla situation, when the deciduous trees lose their leaves, these simply disappear. As you may observe in the video below, the leaves that fall from these bushes will stay on the ground at their base, and get snowed over as winter comes. They then disappear again when spring arrives and the bushes make new leaves. https://webmshare.com/play/AdYxQ Falling branches Another addition that we did in preparation for when we head into the forest, are these branches that will occasionally spawn below the trees. The can be gathered manually for a small amount of firewood too, but will not have a specific gatherer associated with them. Our aim is to have these, together with the bushes, compensate for the smaller amount of trees on the map with our mod. At the same time, we do not want to make it too easy to build a supply of fuel, so these will not spawn very frequently. The balance we want to create is one where it's simply not worth it to have a worker permanently roaming the forests in search of firewood, but where sending some out to harvest in a time of need can just make the difference between surviving the winter cold or finding a frosty grave.
  14. A decoration pack is definitely coming, as promised . I think we'll first finish the regular mod, and then work on the other versions (light and deco-pack). I did read your comment about the thatcher, but I think I forgot to reply to it in that thread, sorry about that! We're definitely going to reassess the productivity of the reaper, to make its fields as dense as the natural meadows. As for the fuel, we've probably found a solution that we'll share soon, once we've done some testing. Our main goal is to compensate for the lower abundance of trees, without making it too easy to obtain large amounts of fuel either. The use of thatch as a fuel source directly is something we'll definitely remove. With the introduction of the two-step chain (grasses->grass bales->thatch) we feel that it's no longer necessary, as the player can simply turn of the thatch production and use the grasses for other goals. I'll let @despo20 reply to your question about the models, as that's his turf . I personally love the medieval influence in his models, but I understand that it might not fit in that well with the North American building styles.
  15. Thanks for the kind words everyone ! I wholeheartedly agree! @despo20 completely blows me away every time he sends me screenshots of something new . This is amazing ! Thank you for taking the time to make our mods work together like that, I'm definitely going to play with it .