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  1. It worked! Thanks again @despo20! left is before, right is after. Photoshop is amazing indeed. I have been messing around with it for quite a while, but I'm still discovering new things every time.
  2. Thanks for the great explanation @despo20! I'll try this and let you know the results
  3. I'm working on it ;)! This building is looking better and better! I have a little question: how do you guys change the colour of the alpha channel of an AO or texture? I feel that it's messing up some things for me with semi-transparent textures getting white edges, but I don't understand how to solve it.
  4. backfaces being invisible is a problem with the material you're using, most materials cull these. You can either solve this by creating faces on the inside for the build meshes, or by changing the code in your material.rsc (if you are using a custom one). Inside the material.rsc there is probably a line saying 'CullMode _cullMode = BackFaces;' If you want no culling to happen, change this to 'CullMode _cullMode = None'.
  5. Wow, this looks great! I love buildings with little nooks and crannies like that, it makes things look so much alive.
  6. I'm going to hop in on this discussion with a slightly related question: how do you add a resource as a naturally growing entity, without having it being spawned by trees? I have tried to add the template for a new resource to the "WeakComponentDescription _naturalResources []" part of the StartConditions.rsc, where the Rock, Ore and Tree template are called, but that doesn't seem to work.
  7. Thanks, I'll keep trying myself as well then. I noticed that blender doesn't seem to handle the animations from the fbx files very well, when I tried some things with the chicken example, importing and then exporting the file again completely messed up the animations in game.
  8. I will do some testing for the save game compatibility, but I don't expect any problems there. as @Ketchup correctly points out, the new herb meshes should just slowly replace the old one as they die and regrow. @elemental as for compatibility with the Cold Realism mod, I think that is very unlikely unfortunately. It also seems that the original developer of that mod has stopped working on it a long time ago, so asking him for help in making a compatible version would not be possible. One thing I could do however, is to add a similar mechanic to Natural Diversity (this is one of the reasons why I'm thinking about 2 versions of the mod). One thing I personally didn't like about the Cold Realism mod is that it kills all plants regardless of wether they would normally survive the winter or not (e.g. it's actually not that realistic). The herbs I've made so far are all perennials, meaning that they would survive most winters in real life. If I would add some annual herbs, which would die each winter, I think this could create a pretty interesting mechanic. The annual herbs would for example die as soon as the temperature goes below 0C, but the perennials would only die if the temperature drops below -10C. This would mean that in mosts winters you would be left with only half the herbs available, while a very cold winter would leave you with none at all. How often the latter occurs then ofcourse depends on your climate setting. I would then add a similar mechanic to all organic resources, depending on what's realistic. Mushrooms for example would always disappear in winter, while most berry bushes would only die under very extreme conditions.
  9. ^ I couldn't have said it better myself. All indeed depends on what your reason is to play the game. One option I'm concidering is to create two separate versions of the mod; one that is only a visual update without any gameplay changes, and one that would include new resources and the likes. To steer the discussion back to Natural Diversity (I have enjoyed the conversation so far, though perhaps if we want it to continue it would deserve it's own thread), I have finished the Herbiversity part of the mod (for now at least, new ideas might pop up like flowers in spring). These are the herbs that made the final cut. Each again with three meshes, and the ones with flowers will have those wilt in winter. I'm not yet sure what the next part of the mod is going to be. I have been playing around a bit with some Alternative Rocks, but the recent discussion has also given me ideas for some Berryation. I'm also not sure on when to release the first version of the mod. Is it common to release partial mods and update them regularly, or would people find it annoying to have to redownload it every few weeks?
  10. Not at all ;)! I do think recoding all the existing mods would be a terrible work.. As for my mod, I'll have a look at what the consensus is and try to not do anything potentially game-breaking.
  11. It's most certainly not just you @Paeng! I personally feel that adding possibilities to the game is nice as long as it also adds to the actual gameplay value. There is most certainly an optimum for this, after which it just becomes a cluttered mess where you can't find your way through all the options. I guess this optimum is different for everyone, but for me personally most mods tend to overshoot on this. I simply prefer a concise and well balanced game over a bloated one that lacks focus. With my mod(s), I will try to find the right balance for this based on my own perception, which will probably be on the conservative side when it comes to adding options.
  12. Hmm, cider with mushrooms does sound rather disgusting. You guys raise good points that compatibility with other mods would also be something to take into account. The plot thickens!
  13. Wow! This is exactly the kind of detail and diversity that I hoped to achieve with my mod. Guess now I won't need to worry about trees anymore ;).
  14. I'm just hopping in to crack open this old discussion. @Necora Did you manage to get the pine trees to work ingame (with the animations and all) using blender? I've looked a bit into the fig example, but I have no knowledge of animations and couldn't make any sense of it.
  15. It is true that other berry types would not be able to use the same recipes, they would need separate ones. And indeed, the coding seems a bit messy in some places from what I've seen so far. I guess Luke never really considered the possibility that other people were going to have a look at it.