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  1. Thank you :)! I posted a short tutorial on how to use the water texture over at WOB. I'm very curious to see what great things are going to come out of this .
  2. Thanks! @Necora Actually the water doesn't appear by itself, only if you would lower the ground very close to an existing river or lake. I had to adapt the RiverMaterial.srsl to be able to create it manually, the mesh is just a plane. For the sloping bank I used a floor mesh like the quarry does. Then I used the decal to make it show the right terrain under the water.
  3. Another week has passed, so it's time for sneak peek #3! This week I have worked on quite a few different things, mainly consisting of bits and pieces for several ideas. Coincidentally there is a recurring theme though.. water! I guess @Necora inspired me with his wonderful riffle mod! Firstly, the reeds of last week received an upgrade (they now have leaves), and I started work on the first variant. This one is a Phragmites australis, a widespread species which is commonly used for thatching. Secondly, I have been looking at other ways to improve the natural look of the rivers. I am currently testing the automatic spawning of rocks on the riverbed. These are decorative only, the bannies can't reach them, and they don't block the construction of bridges or semi-aquatic buildings. The current meshes were not intended to be water rocks, so if you think they look a bit weird then we are in agreement. Just see these screens as a 'proof of concept' ;). I intend to make other meshes that are flatter, as the erroding power of the water would make them. Thirdly, the plans for the thatch production chain are taking shape nicely, and it's definitely going to be included in the next version of the mod. I will share more information on how the chain is going to work exactly once there is something to show . And then, last but most certainly not least, I have made a very exciting discovery yesterday evening. While I was testing an idea for one of the buildings of the production chain, I created something that I didn't even think would actually be possible. I made a little video of it being placed, just to prove that this is not a late April fools joke . https://webmshare.com/play/rZw9D Indeed, it is a placeable pool of water! It looks exactly like the normal water, though ofcourse it is entirely decorational. I have not yet tested if this could be used to make custom rivers and such, but theoretically it should be possible. I will have to play around a bit to see if I can make connecting pieces. If I manage to create such a 'custom water tool' it will not be a part of Natural Diversity though, as it wouldn't fit within the focus of this mod. I'm thinking about adding it to the decoration pack that I promised, or just making it a separate mod all together. That's it for this week, please share any thoughts or ideas !
  4. Looks great indeed ! I also love how well it fits together with @Necora's riffle!
  5. The Netherlands here! Don't worry about living on a drowned continent @catty-cb, I'm currently residing at 0.8m below sea level, and everything's fine .
  6. I've just uploaded v1.0.1. This one guarantees that there will still be trees and grasses growing in your map at 50+ years, and most likely untill the end of time (though I haven't tested that ). Other than that I've included a few optimizations that reduce the filesize by almost a third. It should be completely compatible with the old version, you can just place this file over the old one. There should be no need to start a new game either, although unfortunately it's not clever enough to magically make trees reappear in maps where they've been lost.
  7. I have concidered that indeed @KevinTheCynic, though at the same time I'm a bit reluctant to start a collaboration on this. I'm a rather extreme perfectionist, so I would likely end up driving the other person crazy fuzzing about tiny little details in their work . @QueryEverything Haha, thanks! I guess I should start thinking about monetizing this project then ..
  8. Yes it would, if I remember correctly this is exactly why that mod was made. The problem arises because there are more trees dying than regrowing. In my mod the problem apparently gets worse, because the grasses respawn slightly faster than they die. They then start overgrowing the places where the trees used to be, and I suspect even block the trees from respawning by taking up all the space.
  9. oh dear, that's quite an unfortunate error that you've found there! I know that without mods, the trees eventually disappear by themselves if you'd play very long, but I guess the potency of the grasses is speeding up that process. Thank you for reporting this, I will try to find a solution for it as soon as possible!
  10. Thank you for the compliment ! I understand that the start of the game is made significantly harder if you use one of the CC starting conditions. Unfortunately there is no way for me to change those, but I will think about other ways to make life a bit easier in future updates .
  11. Ah yes, decorations don't adapt to the height of the terrain like natural resources do right? Thanks for the tip, I will do that. I haven't done any tests on how it affects performance, but I haven't really noticed any differences in that respect. As for the visual effects, the only noticable change I've found for meshes where the back faces (or front faces) are not visible anyway is that for some materials it seems to make the shadow a bit stronger.
  12. The sentiments towards the thatch production chain seem to be universally positive, so I'll get working on that . You are absolutely welcome to use it ofcourse! You will need some files from my mod to get the thatch to work, so let me know when you're ready for it . I will make sure that they are compatible ! I quite like the fact that Banished doesn't have any of these 'artificial' progression steps indeed. I also agree with you that there needs to be some solution for housing in the early game. Some cheap housing options that do not require thatch is a good idea, and so far I haven't been able to think of any other way to solve this. I'm not sure if my skills in designing houses will be good enough for this, but I will make an attempt. Thanks for the inspiration again! Those pictures of reeds will serve me well .
  13. CullMode basically decides which side of a face does not get drawn. I think it's some kind of optimization, so that the game doesn't waste time on faces that are not visible anyway. The options I've seen so far for this are 'FrontFaces' (only backfaces get drawn), 'BackFaces' (only frontfaces get drawn) and 'None' (both back and frontfaces get drawn). I would expect that these are the only three options available. For anything with flat surfaces that need to be seen from both sides, 'None' is the one to go for indeed.
  14. It's lovely again despo! This is going to be such a nice set! I also like the suggestion of having the possibility to make this one into a separate storage building.
  15. @Necora did you manage to get the seasonMaterial to work in the end? I just had an interesting idea that could make parts of meshes only show up at 0C or below. I haven't tested it yet, but I think it could work. The idea would be to make the default texture for this part of the mesh transparent. Then you give it a material that does transparency, and also does snow mapping (I think the foliageMaterial is the only one that does both, but I'm not sure). Then the trick is, instead of referring to the default snow texture in the 'snow' part of the .rsc, you refer to another texture file that contains the actual image you want that part of the mesh to have. I'll see if I can test this if I have the time somewhere this week, but I just wanted to share it before I forget it again .