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  1. Haha, thank you ! I wouldn't concider myself much of a poet, especially not in english, but I do enjoy writing a lot. One day I'll be good enough to publish some things . I like that one, at least no animals are harmed that way !
  2. It's tuesday already, so we're starting to run a bit behind schedule.. here's Sneak Peek #5! This past week has been a week of a variety of things, and yet of nothing in particular. It was a week of bushes, boats, bridges, brainstorms about biofuels, and branches. There were other things, such as rocks, reeds and raw materials, but their names did not fit well into the last sentence. Other than arranging the words according to their first letter, we are afraid that there is not much of a theme to discover in this week’s sneak peek. In absence of such a common denominator, we will resort to simply showing you whatever is close enough to completion to be shared. The reed farm My honourable colleague @despo20 has spent most of this week working on the next part of the reeds and grasses chain; the as of yet unnamed reed farm. Due to limitations in the game code regarding the spawning of resources on the river banks, we spent a long time testing various possibilities for this building. In the end, we decided that the most realistic and historically accurate approach was to go for a boat on the small river, with a bridge connecting the two shores. The building functions similarly to a forester, planting and harvesting reeds in an influence area along the river banks. The associated profession will be a reaper, similarly to the reaper’s shed that gathers grasses. The gathered reeds can be processed by the thatcher or be used for the construction of fish traps. They will also be compatible with the reeds introduced in CC. Alternative Rocks A few weeks ago I have shown some images of rocks in the rivers. This week, we have worked to create suitable meshes and textures for these water rocks. In the process, we have decided to kill two birds with one stone (or two flies in one slap as we say in Dutch), and start an overhaul of the rocks on land as well. The state of diversity in the original rocks is rather appaling; there are only three meshes and they all have a bland, low-quality grey texture. To improve this, we have done several things; I have created (and am still creating) many different meshes, currently a total of 8, to allow for more diversity. Meanwhile, Despo has created several new rock textures with increasing amounts of moss/algal growth on them, for some colour variation. Lastly, a trick in the coding allows us to spawn each mesh at several different sizes, multiplying the number of variants we can create. The result of this is that with just these 8 meshes, we have managed to create 12 unique variants for the water rocks (flat meshes with heavy algal growth textures only), and 36 unique variants for the land rocks (all meshes, with low and medium moss growth textures), a selection of which is shown in the second screenshot. That concludes this week’s preview! We’ve been working on many other things in the past weeks, including the things we mentioned at the start of this post but didn’t show. We are not quite ready to share those, but they will be shown in subsequent sneak peeks!
  3. I completely agree with this. In the end we're all trying to shape the game in our own way, and we shouldn't be scared of doing so if we're shaping it into something else than another modder did. I agree that cross-over versions and mod collections are perhaps the best way to overcome these differences, as the original mod can stay 'pure' in that way. For the moment I personally don't really feel like there would be much to gain from redoing Red's work, so if anything it would be something like an add-on or a cross-over version indeed . The idea of an old growth forest is definitely an interesting one, it adds realism and even more diversity to the environment. I have thought about it before, since OwlChemist is no longer actively modding we can't expect him to update his mods to work with everything that's coming out now, but there's some good ideas and it would be a shame to lose them. For the moment I didn't try my luck on trees yet, but it's something I definitely want to do at some point. Making things spawn lower is done simply by changing the range with the minHeight and maxHeight, but there's a catch.. It only works for resources that are spawned through the StartConditions.rsc, and only for their initial spawning behaviour. The problem is that for reseeding or for secondary spawning (through another resource) the game seems to completely ignore the min and maxheight settings; it just places them between 0.0 and 1.0 by default. This is really a big flaw in the coding if you ask me. For the reeds, we had to turn off reseeding and make them everliving. We also had lots of problems finding a way to make a reed farm in a realistic way, though we did find something in the end. Another issue that you have to take into account is that all tiles below 0.0 are marked as 'water' or 'deepwater'. If you set the minheight too low, the resource may be spawned in places that are unreachable for the bannies. For the reeds, I set minHeight to -0.7 and maxHeight to -0.1, which seems to be fine.
  4. I've heard plenty a tale in the short time that I have been here. They spoke of His legendary deeds, and of His omniscience in the fine art of modding. At first I was an unbeliever, thought the stories were just myths from a time long gone. For I had not yet seen His true form. Now, I have found my faith. The Lord ShockPuppet be praised! I'm glad to hear that you have made a full recovery ShockPuppet , and spending time with a pet sounds like the best possible way to rehabilitate.
  5. @taniu I think ponds would be an excellent addition to our planned decoration pack . @QueryEverything Being a highschool teacher, I know from experience that it never hurts to explain something twice . Or thrice for some students. And frice(?).. fourice(?).. four times for the extremely forgetful ones. To get to the content of your post, I completely agree. Duplication of similar items is something we will avoid at all costs; it's unnecessary and only leads to a frustrating gameplay experience. The 'hooking on' to chains created by other modders that I was referring to, is a bit of a different case. What I meant is that it's sometimes difficult to make something compatible with a chain that was designed from a different philosophy. For example, it would make sense for us to make a link with Red's fodder in his Garden Walls mod, as fodder is produced from grasses. The problem however, is that his chain works completely different from ours; the grasses in GW produce fodder directly, where ours produce grass bales which first need to be processed. Now to make the mods compatible, we could make a building that produces fodder from grass bales. However, this building would be completely useless if the player doesn't have GW active as well. It would also create two very different ways of producing fodder, making for an unintuitive gameplay experience and a chain that is difficult to balance. Another option would be to make one of our resources, for example the grass bales, directly useable as fodder in GW. That would create problems with inconsistent names however, and the balance of our resource would have to be adapted to the pre-existing one. In a case like this, I personally don't see any adequate solution to make the chains work together in an acceptable way. I guess I've been rambling a bit as well here, but I always feel that these kind of things also help us to make sense of our own thoughs
  6. Guardians of the Galaxy 2 was quite enjoyable indeed . I normally don't like the 'superhero' type of movies, but this one doesn't take itself too seriously in that respect. I liked the odd combination of eighties music and super futuristic space settings as well, that first scene with Groot dancing to Mr. Blue Sky by ELO was great .
  7. Thanks everyone ! Yes, we will adapt the yields to create a healthy balance for the new chain. We have been thinking about a way to make this compatible with Red's fodder, but we haven't reached a conclusion yet. When I was doing research for the thatcher building, I once made the mistake of doing a google image search for 'Thatcher'. Didn't quite get the result I expected . The fuel seems to be a much appreciated option, so we'll definitely look into that . We'll also dive a bit deeper into all the possibilities of 'hooking on' to existing chains in other mods. We do have many ideas ourselves though, so we might also decide to do everything our own way . I haven't worked on the bushes recently, but my original intentention was to add more variants indeed. They will come in time I guess . Just like the original version, v1.1 will be completely stand alone . It won't require any other mods to use it. I'm not sure if it would be completely compatible with the North, we'll test that.
  8. A new week has started, which means that it is time to look back on the last in Sneak Peek #4! As the fourth week of development on Natural Diversity v1.1 has passed by, the main body of the update is slowly starting to take shape. So far you have seen the new berry bushes (to finish the gathering resources overhaul), and a beautification of the natural waters with reeds and rocks. This past week, we have worked hard on laying the foundation for a production chain for grasses and reeds. I say we, and that is not me referring to myself in majestic plural. It implies that the development of this mod is no longer in my hands alone. Some time ago the wonderfully talented Mr. @despo20 has kindly offered to aid me by designing the buildings required for this production chain, and I have accepted his offer gratefully. His architectural skills are far beyond my capabilities, and are already proving to be of great value for the quality of this mod. Though the rough division is that I will remain responsible for improvements to the natural environment and that Despo will take responsibility for the buildings, decisions on either are taken in mutual agreement. What you see of this mod may thus from now on be considered a team effort . The grasses and reeds production chain While developing the production chain, our main goal was to lay a foundation that would provide enough use for the introduced resources on one hand, and enough space for future expansion on the other. Currently the chain has two levels, shown vertically. The first level consists of the two production buildings, the Reaper’s Shed for harvesting grasses, and a Reed Farm to harvest reeds. Harvesting grasses produces ‘grass bales’, a raw material that can be processed by buildings of the second level. Harvesting reeds produces ‘reed bundles’, which can be either processed or used as a construction material directly. These will also be compatible with the reeds introduced in CC. The second level includes two processing buildings and another production building. The first processing building is the Thresher, where wild cereals and other edible plant parts are separated from the grass bales. It will produce ‘Wild Cereals’ and ‘Wild Salad’, both foods. The second building in this level is the familiar Thatcher, which produces ‘Thatch’ from grass bales or reeds. This thatch can then be used as a construction material for buildings with thatched roofs. The third and final building of the basic chain is the fish trap. It will require reeds to be built, and will be placeable on small rivers. As the name suggests, it produces fish. This offers a way to gather food with a building that does not require thatch, while also introducing a use for the small rivers on the map. That's it for this week! As always any feedback and suggestions are more than welcome ! To conclude, we would like to share some screenshots of the first two buildings; the Reaper’s Shed and the Thresher. Both buildings were made by the amazing @despo20!
  9. Just for figuring out the water though .. Those wonderful canal walls and buildings are what made this mod great already! I'm happy that I could enable you to make it even better .
  10. Thank you :)! I posted a short tutorial on how to use the water texture over at WOB. I'm very curious to see what great things are going to come out of this .
  11. Thanks! @Necora Actually the water doesn't appear by itself, only if you would lower the ground very close to an existing river or lake. I had to adapt the RiverMaterial.srsl to be able to create it manually, the mesh is just a plane. For the sloping bank I used a floor mesh like the quarry does. Then I used the decal to make it show the right terrain under the water.
  12. Another week has passed, so it's time for sneak peek #3! This week I have worked on quite a few different things, mainly consisting of bits and pieces for several ideas. Coincidentally there is a recurring theme though.. water! I guess @Necora inspired me with his wonderful riffle mod! Firstly, the reeds of last week received an upgrade (they now have leaves), and I started work on the first variant. This one is a Phragmites australis, a widespread species which is commonly used for thatching. Secondly, I have been looking at other ways to improve the natural look of the rivers. I am currently testing the automatic spawning of rocks on the riverbed. These are decorative only, the bannies can't reach them, and they don't block the construction of bridges or semi-aquatic buildings. The current meshes were not intended to be water rocks, so if you think they look a bit weird then we are in agreement. Just see these screens as a 'proof of concept' ;). I intend to make other meshes that are flatter, as the erroding power of the water would make them. Thirdly, the plans for the thatch production chain are taking shape nicely, and it's definitely going to be included in the next version of the mod. I will share more information on how the chain is going to work exactly once there is something to show . And then, last but most certainly not least, I have made a very exciting discovery yesterday evening. While I was testing an idea for one of the buildings of the production chain, I created something that I didn't even think would actually be possible. I made a little video of it being placed, just to prove that this is not a late April fools joke . https://webmshare.com/play/rZw9D Indeed, it is a placeable pool of water! It looks exactly like the normal water, though ofcourse it is entirely decorational. I have not yet tested if this could be used to make custom rivers and such, but theoretically it should be possible. I will have to play around a bit to see if I can make connecting pieces. If I manage to create such a 'custom water tool' it will not be a part of Natural Diversity though, as it wouldn't fit within the focus of this mod. I'm thinking about adding it to the decoration pack that I promised, or just making it a separate mod all together. That's it for this week, please share any thoughts or ideas !
  13. Looks great indeed ! I also love how well it fits together with @Necora's riffle!
  14. The Netherlands here! Don't worry about living on a drowned continent @catty-cb, I'm currently residing at 0.8m below sea level, and everything's fine .
  15. I've just uploaded v1.0.1. This one guarantees that there will still be trees and grasses growing in your map at 50+ years, and most likely untill the end of time (though I haven't tested that ). Other than that I've included a few optimizations that reduce the filesize by almost a third. It should be completely compatible with the old version, you can just place this file over the old one. There should be no need to start a new game either, although unfortunately it's not clever enough to magically make trees reappear in maps where they've been lost.