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  1. I was picturing in my head a small building with a placard that had a flame on it... maybe two stories with a garage door on the main level. Or in place of the garage door, a cart with water tanks on it inside the garage opening. And as Paeng mentioned, a horse tethered nearby or beside the building. It could be a 3 wide building with the horse next to it for a total of 4 wide, and a door in the center. Maybe 4 deep as well. I wish I could build it myself.
  2. Would it be possible to create a building that acts as a well? A Firehouse/Fire Station building to be placed in areas where you want a well for fire prevention. And either has "Firemen" work there or simply be a place townsfolk go to for water in the event of a fire? Maybe even have a horse model with a water cart attached?
  3. Hey I'm Jibba73 from The Double E Show on Youtube. I have been lurking and reading articles for months here and at the original website and just figured out I never introduced myself! I'm a fan of the vanilla Banished, but like many others felt, it needed more.... just something more... Black Liquid and the mod community as a whole helped with that immensely. Thanks for the tremendous work from everyone. Cheers, Jibba
  4. I think it would be cool to add a paper mill building that uses logs to produce paper. Profession could be a "Miller". Then additional buildings that could make books with paper and charcoal, with a "Binder" Profession. Books could be sold for a mark up premium or used in the Medievel library or other buildings to increase education. Just a thought. Cheers, Jibba