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  1. Great mod, just one thing I use the dockset in a non CC game, but when I want to build the ricefarm for the docks, it needs sand, and I cannot find a building in which a worker can produce/acquire sand. Am I missing something?
  2. Can I use this mod in a regular game, I mean without CC?
  3. This mod is great, now in my modular game I 've added this at the top off my mods and everything has more storage room, even the market can hold much more, thanx for this.
  4. In two new games I noticed that my vendor did not pick up the soybeans from my close by barns, I had more than enough of them + 1000, but before I build the central market citizens would pick up the soybeans as food as supposed to, is this a bug or do I have to wait longer? In one game I was in year 6 and still the soybeans were not picked up from the barn, though other food types were picked up in those barns. edit: solved, I my second game the vendor is now picking up the soybeans, I guess I forgot to restart the game after installing the mods I used, stupid, nevermind its working now.