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  1. Like the idea of the buildings not having to be set in a NSEW direction like Banished. Having moving parts like the windmills are cool as well. Looks good.
  2. Hi Everyone I have used the site for a couple of months now and never introduced myself. Im Malc from the Midlands here in England. Love Banished, and similar ilk. Like it better than the likes of Cities Skylines as you can build the exact building you want, rather than just zoning. If I could take one thing from Cities and put it into Banished, it would be curving paths or at least angled paths. Would make the game more realistic than hrizontal/vertical paths.
  3. Hi Query. These are photos of load order and starting conditions. Any other way and I keep getting crashes
  4. Hi Query. The DSSV start conditions must be in the CC or Mod pack as they only came up since I used these. Ill try and take a photo to show you, be a bit later though
  5. Hi Query My loading of the mods doesnt work with DVSS starting conditions unless I have cc 1.75 last as doing it the way you suggested they dont show up. Any ideas?
  6. Thanks Query. I havent had any crashes either with the Nat Div since I swapped them so thanks again. I will also try the Pine Set as well. Thanks again. If you think up any other good ideas I would be interested to hear them. Another thing I mentioned in an earlier post was about paths either being able to curve them or at least at an angle. I noticed there are dock paths/decking at a 45 degree angle, do you think this could be modded to make a stone path?
  7. Hi Query. Yes I have Banished 1.07. I play the Banished plus for the one year is one year. I have the one year is one year mod as well but this one seems fairer as they dont live together before 16 or start work at 6 etc. I use the Wildlife as the Hunting, Gatherer areas are a lot larger. Ill swap the Maritimes and Nat Div over and try them again. Thanks. Another thing I was wondering was whether a forester could be modded so he could change plantation eg plant Maritime trees then we could swap him/them to plant the original trees, then perhaps plant a few apple trees etc. Or have a forester that just randomly plants all the trees.
  8. Hi Bartender I use these mods from the bottom to the top cc1.75, mega mod deco, 0.7 mega mod 0.7, 1.07 compatability, wildlife, Banished plus, Hi res terrain textures, Go huntig, Super easy trading, Maritime trees, NAT DIV, Better stock piles. Any help you can give me please
  9. I have played Banished with this mod and its crashed 3 times. Sadly had to disable it.
  10. This sounds good thanks for your hard work. Ill try this out. When you level mountains does this mean you can grow the meadow over the ground where the mountain has been so it looks exactly the same as the other ground?
  11. Comes up 404 not found
  12. Try to put realistic roads similar to cities skylines. By that I mean bendy roads/paths or at least 22.5, 45, 67.5 degree roads/paths as well as the 90 degree. Would also be cool to be by the seaside so a proper port and buildings could be built. Maybe have another settlement launch attacks so the guns armour towers etc have some purpose in the game. I know i'm rambling, but just throwing some ideas out there. Banished is a good game, but it can be improved, as the CC and mods testify, or a better game on the same principles could be made.
  13. Mines working perfectly thank you. I had an issue with 1.74 where the laourers where emptying the stockpile, putting the resources on the floor nearby and then restocking the stockpile over and over again. With the updaate so far this seems to have stopped, although have only played about 2 hours since. I also have to have the modpack above CC in the loading list, otherwise Jack & Jill and DVSS doesnt show up. PS another add on the Maritime trees, are excellent.
  14. I have an odd thing happening on some of the games Im playing with CC 1.74 and the modpack 0.7. When my stockpile has got quite a bit of Logs Stone etc, the labourers ignore their other duties and start taking the stock off the stockpile and put it on the floor nearby. When they have emptied the stockpile they put it all back, then start it all over again. This is spoiling the game. Once I spotted it early and went back to a previous autosave before they started to do it. They never did it then, which is even stranger! Does anyoe else have this problem?
  15. Hi I was wondering about whether there was any chance of having curved paths, or if not feasible 45 degree paths. The people in the game usually walk off path at a 45 degree angle if the place they are going is quite a way away. You can build jagged paths but dont look very real in the game. The other thing was when you flatten a mountain or fill in a lake. The ground looks terrible and was wondering if either the flat ground could 'grow' grass similat to trees and plants, or there was a way we could cover it with grass, similar to laying down a path or the stock piles but still build on it? What do you think?