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  1. I think I see my problem. At least I'm guessing the problem is with the older mods not working with the beta version of the game. I'll put them on hold for now. Thank you
  2. CC 1.75 Japanese Facilities Japanese Houses Hunting (TS) Nordic Log Cabin(TS) Debug Menu I did switch over and try the Mega Mod, with the compatibility file and in the suggested order, and so far it seems like I'm not having any issues.
  3. It's not a huge hiccup, but it is odd. I have CC 1.75 (using beta version of Banished) and a handful of other misc. mods, that are all in the green. Recently the Trading Post and Town Arrival are showing all possible resources, not just ones I have or had. I wouldn't necessarily consider that a bug, except whenever I have the Town Arrival window open my game starts to lag big time. I'm not sure if the 2 things are related, but the lag stuff started at the same time I noticed the change in the inventory set up. I looked around, but I haven't seen anyone else have this problem yet. I'm still pretty novice, so any advice would be awesome. I love the town arrival, so I don't want to give it up, so far I've just paused it when I'm looking over my data, but I'm guessing that's not the most efficient route. Thanks